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    Apologies if this is blatantly obvious, or if there is another question on this, but I couldn't find it. I am often getting a list of items from another source and want to put into Evernote as a checklist. It took me forever to figure out how to do this. Clean up your list in your source application. I use Excel for this alot, because I am an accountant, and when I am a hammer, everything looks like a nail to me. So there is little I cannot do with Excel. That's all I'll say about that. The list can have no blank rows, and needs to be in the order you want it in Evernote. Copy the list to a pure TEXT app, like Notepad. Create a new note in Evernote. Create 1 checkbox. Go back to Notepad. CTRL-A, CTRL-C (select all and copy) Go back to Evernote. With your cursor next to the checkbox, just to the right, right-click and select "Paste and Match Style" This should create a massive checklist for you. The trick is Notepad or other text editor. Copying straight from Excel always left me with one checkbox and an unusable grid. You're welcome. I'll try this at home tonight in Evernote for Mac. Not sure if it has the same Paste/Match Style option or not
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    Actually, as I recall, deleting data on Evernote will get rid of it and your note histories so that you cannot access it. However, it takes a few months for it all to get cycled out of the system. There are backups and so forth. I'm not sure if those are going over to Google or not. You might want to start a support ticket and ask them directly. I am probably a little more paranoid or security conscious than I need to be, but I do think we ought to be taking people's concerns seriously in this thread. We may not agree with them, but we should also respect them. I think there are reasons why people are leery of Google -- a company that has pioneered surveillance capitalism. Besides its regular policy of mining our data (many folks are thinking of that when they see Evernote's plan), which I think we all agree is against the rules in the case of hosting our data on its servers, Google's been hacked by a couple of governments (China and the US), it's handed over a lot of data to the US government (it complies something like 95% of the time -- the percentage is much less for Apple), and it's broken laws (German data protection laws). These are just the systemic, large-scale problems. They've had at least one employee abuse his access to user data to stalk kids. And, their CEO has infamously said about privacy that if you don't want people to know something, don't do it. These are facts. Some people look at them and draw the conclusion that Google is evil. I don't. I look at it and I see yet another company putting many, many things ahead of user privacy. Privacy isn't their first priority and the CEO does not value it as much as I would like. But, the truth is that there are all kinds of companies who have much worse track records. In fact, I think the hack of Evernote a couple years back was an especially bad one, even if it didn't ultimately result in the kind of damage we have seen with other companies. Evernote has the right attitude, most of the time, but that isn't enough. So, I'd say it is fair to at least be concerned about how your data is being handled by Evernote and Google, and I wouldn't dismiss the concerns of fellow users so quickly as tin-foil hat conspiracy theory nuttiness. After Snowden, I think we all realized that the reality is even worse than many of us imagined when it comes to how vulnerable we are. After the comments from Ben in this thread (I encourage people to read through them), I'm actually inclined to give them both the benefit of the doubt here, as I think Google has a lot riding on getting security / privacy right here, and Evernote has fully committed to its three laws. I still have my reservations, and I've taken appropriate steps with my own account just in case (erased much of the data, because it was of a semi-confidential nature), but I also don't plan on leaving Evernote anytime soon. It still has its uses -- I just want to keep less sensitive data in it from now on. Is this the paranoid ravings of a lunatic? After reading the stuff above, I hope no one thinks so, but for my use case, I'm just not ready to rely on "trust." I prefer zero-knowledge encryption and then "trust"
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    I couldn't agree more. And the lack of Evernote support's comments in this thread underlines the exact issue you're stating. Even if they can't solve the problem directly, where is the manager who says we should communicate to our users of our products they purchased from us that we will keep them updated and how.
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    Have you actually read the entire thread? Evernote staffers have answered pretty much every reasonable question, some of them more than once.
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    The workaround is to install a PDF print driver; that may seem like a bit of a cop-out on Evernote's part, but it also allows you to choose which one you want to use, as there are many. In any case, when printing from Evernote Windows, you should see an Options... button on print dialog. Click it, and you can remove any title, date, etc. display from the output.
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    I love that you can convert a image/photo to a "document" in the mobile app - it cleans up the background, gets rid of glare, and makes it much more readable. Is there a way to run this conversion on pre-existing photos of notebooks, whiteboard, etc. that you add using the desktop app?
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    As a relative Evernote beginner, I'm trying to find an efficient way to add text to a Note in a different style (like in MS Word). Frequently, I would like to differentiate in a Note between my text and input from others. I have not found an easy, efficient and repeatable way to switch to different styles in Evernote. Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
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    [I submitted a support ticket on this but am also reporting this here for greater visibility and others' comments.] There are problems with Outlining that only 'Simplify formatting' has been able to (partially) fix. Those problems (which I've also previously submitted support tickets on) include issues of simple cut and paste in outlining. Replacing Simplify formatting with 'Make plain text' makes Outlining unusable. I have many thousands of notes with Outlining and will have to now move away from Evernote unless this is restored. Please restore Simplify formatting ASAP.
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    I´m using evernote in english and also in my profile the main language is english, but when I try to access the help site I´m always redirected to the german version which is useless for me e.g. when I´m searching for "Stack" I don´t get any result. It would be nice to have the option to set / choose the prefered language even when I´m using a browser where "german" is the main language set or when my location is in germany. Currently it works when entering the english help URL manually: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/
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    Still waiting for this important feature. What if everyone that has asked for this in the past (on this thread) responds again so we can impress upon the developers it is very important to us. It does not seem so compelling to those who have not used it - probably because they are not aware of it.
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    I just tested this out (I'm on a Samsung Note 4 Edge under Android 6), and it works OK. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that all Evernote's data goes to internal storage. Is that space getting low for you?
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    Jeff, this will teach me to read all the way through previous posts before opening my mouth! I had a vague memory that this was possible, but I didn't think to look there. Thanks, I learned something!
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    I use -reminderDoneTime:* instead of a Completed Tag I also use reminderTime:* so that I see all uncompleted tasks, not just the ones due today +1 on Cronofy Calendar Connector . It gives a visual view of your reminders, and my calendar app is much better at features like notifications
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    Simplify formatting is back in the current beta build, meaning that it'll also be in the next public release (barring some catastrophic bug, of course).
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    Are we talking about the discussion - started by Evernote to advise us of a problem afaik There's been no further news. What kind of comments are you looking for? We are all in wait mode
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    Pasted below is the email I received. I read through it again and failed to find the words "we are working on it" and "we will keep you apprised" -- or messages to that effect. It mostly refers to "they" (Fujitsu) and directs Evernote customers with any questions (or concerns!) to look to Fujitsu for answers and support. Maybe I should have signed up for a Fujitsu Premium Account instead. Dear valued SSEE user, This email is being sent to Evernote users who purchased our ScanSnap Evernote Edition (SSEE) scanner on our Evernote Market site. We would like to let you know about a known issue that affects SSEE users who use Apple's Macintosh computers on the MacOS Sierra platform (to be released Sep 21, 2016). If you are a Mac user using Sierra, or are planning to do so, please read on. Our partner and SSEE's manufacturer Fujitsu/PFU, have issued a notice warning all ScanSnap users that some pages on PDF files may be deleted when using MacOS Sierra. The details can be found on the Fujitsu/PFU site. Please also refer to the site for any updates and fixes on this issue. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Fujitsu/PFU through the support page. Regards, Evernote Team
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    There is a custom layout "hidden" in the registry, which at least merges the top and menu rows as well as making it thinner. I don't know if they plan to develop that further or make it public. My only problem with it is that it doesnt show when Evernote is "not responding" which is my regular hint that EN is still searching.
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    In order to sync in the background, Evernote needs to continue to run. So when you close it via the 'X', it simply hides the main window - and the tray icon stays (similar to Slack and Skype). If sync-in-background is not set, then 'X' behaves like "normal" windows apps and closes the program.
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    I would disagree. I'm not going to try and convince you. This is a political issue, however. Some people feel they "have nothing to hide" and others feel that Google, and/or the NSA pose a much larger threat to our society. To the former, those who disagree just look like people who are spreading FUD. To the latter the others look like people who are potentially dangerously naive. There are very smart people on both sides of this issue, we will not solve this in this forum. I would hope that EN would register the number of people who have had a problem with their new strategy, perhaps even enough to reconsider.
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    This thread is fun. So many conspiracies, guesses, half-truths and damn right nonsense. Well done everyone.
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    Seems everyone is concerned about data mining and Google trustworthy-ness. It would seem if data was encrypted to and from client before syncing would be a relatively simple fix. I sort of assumed this was already built into Evernote already, strange. I think Google has plenty of data to churn other than Evernote accounts if they really wanted too. But the feature of encryption/decryption before transfer over the internet is attractive to customers on it's own. Anyway with client encryption there would be nothing to data-mine on the servers but random data. . .
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    Everybody knows the Government/NSA has access to Google's data. What type of protection do we have from the Government or Google from snooping in our notes? They already snoop into cell phones, browsers, credit cards, banks etc.... Kinda spooky?
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    I don't care who hosts the backend servers for Evernote. If the news ever come out that Google was able to mine data from Evernote customers, I will be the first one to sue Evernote.
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    "My data is mine?" What does that even mean? Once Google harvests it... it is harvested. Thanks for selling my data to Google for me. Much Appreciated. Do I cut a percentage of the proceeds? Is the check in the mail?
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    This is not good news. You are announcing to the world that you will no longer be in control of your (our) data. Whatever you say from this point forward will require a qualification as another entity has control of the data and is responsible perhaps to you but certainly not to end users. You will not even be able to guarantee what laws will govern the data. If one does not care then the announcement is good, who for example would really want a deep thinker like TRUMP to have any say over their data? Exactly..... This is nothing but sad news, and I for one will reduce my usage to lists of trivia only.
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    A workaround for this. Copy your link. Paste it into your note. Move the cursor to the centre of the link and type in the text you want. Delete the text you don't want. And you have your custom link. It isn't elegant but it works.
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    So you lowered your infrastructure cost, your system and network administration cost, increased the ability to scale, decreased your bandwidth cost (a lot), and yet you doubled the cost of your premium account subscription. Usually I like a dinner and a movie before I get screwed over. With all these cost reductions, I expect to see a BIG reduction in subscription cost.
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    I full agree. No benefit to the users that we have seen. The cost of making or doing something is not the responsibility of the client. It is yours. If you can't justify it with value, don't mention it.
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    I have been a premium user since I started years ago. I have over 3k notes and I curate them and merge them etc on a weekly basis as part of my workflow. I have seen prices go up and up and up. I have seen slow adopting of features and technology quite frankly. I feel you guys recently hiked the prices to pay for this "supposed savings effort". The only one that is benefiting here is EN. Are you eventually selling to Google? Google has Keep that seem to be making it rounds and getting a second look. Like I said, you continue to increase the price and put our data in the hands of the people most everyone distrusts. I am 100% Apple as is my family. If there is an easy way to migrate to Apple notes, I may do that. They have come a long way since the old days. I am frustrated with your decisions because you are pawning it off like a great thing, but reality is, we are not getting a discount, we are not getting new features, we are not getting more storage, we ARE however going to get mined. Whats in it for us? Why should we remain loyal to EN when all we get is kicked in teeth? I will give it some time and see what EN is going to produce with this huge benefit and huge savings..... probably not much except for another price increase to fund the next "benefit" for EN.
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    It's hard to argue with the facts. So you think the US is not surveilling data from other countries. Thats a relief (I live in Canada), however I just assume anything I put in the cloud is being read by NSA and Chinese Agents. I encrypt my private data
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    "Assuming there's truth..."? Seriously? Have you been living in a cave for the last several years? US mass surveillance is fact. Forced cooperation of US based companies is fact. Gag orders are fact. The impact on foreign businesses willingness to trust their data to US Cloud services companies is fact. As for the reason it affects US data. You've clearly missed the point. The most egregious perpetrator of warrant-less mass surveillance is the US government and it's agencies. The US also has some of the worst privacy protection laws in the civilized world. Europe by contrast, has had increasingly stronger protections for individual privacy including data privacy. Some of these laws were even triggered by the revelations of the extent of US mass surveillance. Meanwhile, the US has been aggressively destroying data privacy every way it can. Yes, it has attempted to extend that reach outside it's borders, Fortunately other jurisdictions are pushing back against this. ( see http://www.businessworld.ie/news-from-ireland/Irish-High-Court-gives-US-authorities-a-platform-to-defend-their-surveillance-laws-565047.html ) In the end this means that for now, there is NO expectation of privacy for any data housed in or passing through US based companies. None. However, for now, there is at least some level of expectation of privacy in many G-20 countries. That means that your data is more at risk for exposure when in the hands of a US based company, despite anything their privacy policies may promise.
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    I have to agree, the whole point to having evernote was to keep sensitive notes away and seperate them from the big companies. I don't trust Google and I wouldn't be surprised if I saw some of my private notes appear on my Google Drive with a note reading "hey we thought we'd make it easier for you [and the world] to access your private and sensitive notes! :)"
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    Yes 100%. Google are only allowed to access the Evernote data for the purposes of providing the cloud services to Evernote and not for any other reason. Your data will not be 'mined' by Google or used to target ads etc. As a number of people have pointed out on this forum, there are two very different sides to Google these days. There is still a part who give you something for free i.e. Search but then use that data to target ads towards you etc. There is also the newer Cloud business, their model is very different. They charge customers for services and don't use their data in other ways. Hope this helps Ben
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    I mean no disrespect to anyone here. I'm sorry, but I don't like Google. I don't use Google Drive, Google Apps, their search engine or Gmail. I can't imagine using Gmail, sending out an ad in every email to people, or getting everything I've said mined for whatever ulterior purpose. I remember seeing Blade Runner when it first came out and I was struck that there was a tv everywhere and ads were all over. We have apparently made it to (at least part of) this future. Do people really want to send emails out with ads on them? Apparently they do. It's not for me. I don't like this move. There are apparently a lot of others who don't like it either, I did read the previous 7 pages of this thread before posting.
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    Will we read soon that Google bought out Evernote? If we had access to private financial accounts would we find that some Evernote officers and key folks have or will have deeper pockets because of this change? Just wondering. I love and appreciate many Google apps and services. Who doesnt? The world is probably a better place educationally and practically for Google's presence. But they seem to be as whim-led as strategically led. They start great services and drop them as soon as we followers adopt and their financial suggest it isnt profitable or some leader gets in another whim. Yes indeedy, Google's stock in trade is data which they mine brilliantly. As a sceptical old person who lived through Hitler's heyday - I avoid using Google storag services simply because they do mine some data now, because they appear whim led and because (the more history I live, the more) I distrust big business. Realistically, what is to keep Google from changing their mind as to keeping my information private in future? What is to keep them from dropping Evernote as an app or as a client? When/if Google buys out the Evernote we've come to count on - all agreements and promises made today could change drastically. This crusty old cynic will be looking for an alternative to Evernote, or keeping notes locally. Evernote is a good app but never more than 85%% thrilled me anyway, even after going Premium. I just find it never met all the hype it gets. I use it mainly from iOS devices so have wondered if that may be the contributing reason. The OCR for me has been very spotty and many clippings never get transfered at all. The title do but the selected content does not. Thats my two cents for what its worth. Thanks for letting me say my piece.
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    The bottom line is this--Google can make all the promises in the world about their contractual obligations to our privacy, but actions speak louder than words. The close connections between Google and our current administration in the White House remind me of another guarantee that was made--"if you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor...your insurance rates will decrease." So now we are hearing "your data is your data" because Google promised it. I don't trust them to keep their promises anymore than I do the ones who made all of the healthcare promises! A very bad decision by Evernote to trust the untrustworthy!
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    I abandoned the now/soon/later tags also and my workflow is completely date driven "Now" and "Soon" are saved searches using reminder date
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    The "fanboyism" is strong with these ones... Just two cents more from my pocket to say that I'll be finally canceling my Evernote plus account due the lack of a native Linux client and the pitiful usability of the web client. I got along well with Evernote while I was using OSX most of the time, but since I moved to Linux it's been a pain in the arse. If someone is interested, I'll be using "remember the milk" for my GTD things instead. Yet they haven't a native Linux client neither, only provide a packed version of their website, but its web interface is way better than Evernote's one. And I know they don't have the same features, but they have what I need even in the free version. Farewell!
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    Same Issue.. macOS Sierra Version 10.12 (16A322), Evernote Version 6.8 (453749 App Store)
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    I paid for Evernote expecting it would work like on the desktop with hot switching. Is this going to be implemented on IOS soon or not at all? Thanks.
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    I'm having this exact issue - I used to be able to rotate pages or add information to a PDF and now I have to save the PDF to my HD and re-upload it to Evernote. I'm on the final public beta and have Evernote 6.9
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    Same here, I'm becoming mad because of this.
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    I too am having the same problem in the "new" EN Web version, which I've started using just recently. Outside of EN, when I am pressing either Ctrl+click and Shift+click, I am able to select multiple items, regardless of whether the items are in a range or not. As a test, I reverted to the older version and I was able to merge notes without a problem. However, I'd like to use the new EN Web version. Should I submit a support ticket? Or this a known issue with a quick fix? Thanks in advance for any and all replies. Windows 10 Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m
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    Moved this to the Product Feedback thread.
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    I understand why Clearly was dropped, as it duplicated much of what the Clipper does. However, I really miss the ability to PRINT the Simplified version directly from the pop-up dialog/confirmation. Now I have to save the clip, go to Evernote (either local or web version) and print the new note. Often I don't even want to create a new note; I just want a printout. This applies to email clips and Selected clips as well.
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    This is the ultimate solution, which works superb for me: Firefox addon: Black background and white text https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/black-background-white-text/ with option: "Style sheet generator" it looks like: Watch and learn EverNote team.
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    I have had an Autohotkey version of this for a while now, and since I have learnt some Visual Basic, I have decided that it needs updating. ENRegEd is a small app that allows you to change some of Evernote's more useful, but hidden Regsitry settings. There are some cosmetic changes, functional changes, as well as the Autoresponse dialogs that you see in Evernote and can hide, but not re-show again. * Confirmation dialogs - Whenever Evernote asks you if you are sure, there can be a "Do not show again" option. This allows you to toggle those options. * Advanced options - Various options that I like to use, ranging from changing how quickly to search automatically, to changing the appearance of the Evernote window. * Restore the Send To Evernote option - Once removed, Evernote will not ever add the context menu option back. This allows a simple way to restore it if lost. I figured since this is something I use often with Evernote, other people who may not feel so comfortable messing with the registry, or who are as lazy as I am could find some use. It is attached to this note: http://www.evernote.com/l/ABraFLWMxANG4IXMtzSxlJba6IupBJb0anc/ Feedback and comments are welcome. Scott EDIT: Update - added Fix List View Height in Advanced. Allows you to reset the list view height when you position it so it cannot be moved. Currently a bug in EN Win.
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    Just to reinforce Wordsgood suggestion, I have a similar best practice: I have developed a habit that helps me avoid 99% of sync issues: Manually sync, and sync often. Don't rely on the autosync. Always manually sync after: Entry/Edit of an important Note The end of each session The end of each day You're finished with one device, and want to switch to another device You first start using another device For important work, view the Notes on the other device to make sure all Notes are sync'd Backup important and hard-to-replace Notes. Go to File > Export to export as an ENEX archive file. Make sure you have an active, frequent Backup system always running (at least once a day, hourly if possible) I use Time Machine on the Mac for hourly backups of changes A lot of people use the online backups like Carbonite and CrashPlan I know it may sound/look like a lot of work, but once you get into the habit of doing this stuff, it becomes automatic, second nature.
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    It amazes me as popular as Evernote is and how many users complain about the notes not starting in the title and how the auto-title sucks on the Android version they don't fix itl I too would like a new note to start in the title bar on ALL notes even the Android ones or at least make it an option or AT LEAST make it like the windows version so that the title becomes the first line of test. I get way too many notes that are "untitled". how useless is that?
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    Agreed. This issue is apparently annoying people on pretty much all platforms. The setting should at least be configurable, and my sense is that most people prefer the note title as default.
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