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    Thanks @gazumped. That is what I was looking for, or rather, wasn't. I prefer not to pre-OCR my files unlike @GrumpyMonkey but it is out of laziness and I don't have an app on my Mac that can do that. I do on my PC, but it is dog slow. Not sure why there is a 100 page limit on a paid service. But I wouldn't expect you company-line toting lapdogs to know. (someone one day not familiar with the recent "guru" talk is going to wonder what the heck is going on in this thread)
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    Do you create and share notes with other people at your work? If so, we’d love to talk with you! What are we doing? We are seeking users of Evernote Business to participate in two independent research studies Study #1: Individual Interviews Study #2: Team Interviews Why are we doing this? Evernote is exploring ways to improve the way users of Evernote Business get their work done Our research team would like to learn from our users, gain a deeper understanding of your needs and get your feedback on new design ideas We will compensate all participants for their time! Read on for more details … then if you are interested please reply with the requested information to: Franci McFarland (fmcfarland@evernote.com) Also, feel free to forward this message to other Evernote Business users you think might like to participate! Thanks! Study #1: Individual Interviews What does this involve? We would like to talk about your personal experience using Evernote Business, and seek your feedback on some new design ideas Interviews generally take place via video conference so we can use screen sharing and try some things out together in Evernote Sessions last about 90 minutes Would you like to participate in an individual interview? If yes, please reply back with the following information What email address should we use to followup with you? What is the email address you use to login to Evernote Business (if different)? Where are you located (e.g. San Francisco Bay Area)? Study #2. Team Interviews What does this involve? We would like to talk about your team’s experience using Evernote Business together, and have you try out our prototype periodically over the course of a few days Who are we looking for? A small team of colleagues working on a project together and using Evernote Business Are you part of a small team (about 4 people) that fits this description? If so, please let us know! When would this take place? See below, and kindly indicate which of the following time periods might work for your team: ☐We might be available the week of July 5th ☐We might be available the week ofJuly 12th ☐We might be available the week of July 19th ☐We would like to hear about other future dates on which to participate! Is your team located in the SF Bay Area? This information will help us plan for research logistics, such as differences in timezone Choose one of the following: ☐Yes, the whole team ☐Yes, at least some of the team ☐No, none of the team List all relevant locations ________________________________________________________ If you are in the SF Bay Area, could we possibly conduct the interviews onsite at your office so we can better understand the context in which you work. Choose one of the following: ☐Yes, I think it will be fine to visit our office ☐Hmmm, I’m not sure, let’s discuss this further Thanks!
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    I would love the option to merge cells together within a table to create a header. I use tables to structure data. I know many will probably say I should just put the data in a spreadsheet and drag and drop that into the note. The problem is that it would over-complicate my existing workflow. I would now need to open something else to get access to data. Anything on the roadmap?
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    Greetings from an Evernote 7.9.3 Android user! Keyboard: Google Keyboard / Fleksy Keyboard, Current Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Android 5.1), ex Evernote-device: Samsung Note 3 neo A humble request to EN team go through issues (verified on both of my devices) and do the needful : *** While using Backspace on words in middle of the line, newly added checkbox (in the case when checkbox is auto-added due to newline) gets deleted. *** Backspacing sometimes deletes words randomly on the same line, and appends junk text (eg. Line 1 has 5 words. I attempt to erase word 5 and word 4 gets deleted, and/or some extra characters get appended after deleting the word) (demoed in video I've shared) ---- EDIT: Point 1 & 2 got some problem with the auto-correct feature of the keyboards. Scroll LAG even on High-end devices (Snapdragon 650, 3GB RAM); this happens in case of multiple 1 or 1.5MB+ sized images in that note. Copy-paste of text from a web-article retains Font size and color of the source text . In this case, newlines get randomly inserted between lines in that note (please refer to screenshot, the empty lines were added automatically every timed I edited the note) (demo-ed in video I've shared). *** Cursor, then itself freezes at times you try to edit this newly copied internet text. ----- EDIT: These notes then take forever to open #'Opening note'. Sometimes it takes 2 attempts to check a checkbox. slow to load long (offline) image notes. Clipping of Full web page is slow & fails sometimes (doesn't even notify if it's not clipped since a long time). If some big note doesn't get sync'd due to network failure, it mostly won't get sync'd even on good net connection later. (occasional). Web-Clipping is still awful. Eg: webpage components overlap, some junk text is only what gets clipped, zoomed text gets saved that ain't scroll-able/resizable. Widget, doesn't show all of the shortcuts on the 1st time after it reloads. It needs a re-scroll to load all (I have 20+ shortcuts). Video links for demo of bugs from point 1,2 and 4 (from my google-drive):- Video 1(link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3kDYn-4wtG9d3oyV2NfbzNNTkU/view?usp=sharing), you can see < 1>how text gets randomly deleted on the same line as the cursor <2>Checkbox gets deleted even though the cursor is away <3>Text of two different checkboxes mix etc. Video 2(link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3kDYn-4wtG9Q2psOU1NaTZ1RjQ/view?usp=sharing), you can see newline inserted without intent ! SUGGESTIONS: Please enable note-sharing externally (it hurts). UX. Badly needed! It takes almost 2X efforts, as compared to traditional apps, for making any note-changes. Improve clipping. Note-editor screen is too cluttered for small-screen phones. Let Handwriting and text be mixed in order of their addition, instead of all Handwriting pages being forced together. A 'save' option on the 'Discard changes' dialog or a quicker way to save and exit the edit mode, since the top-left and top-right Save Buttons aren't easily accessible on phablets, using one hand. Thanks, The curious EN Fan
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    Hi All, I’m pleased to announce the release of Evernote Web Clipper 6.9.2! This release fixes numerous bugs. Most notable fixes: Text highlighting didn't work in Article/Full-page modes Error message 'Cannot run web clipper...' after successful clipping Error message 'Cannot run web clipper...' when using ` keyboard shortcut Too fast scrolling inside notebook popup Safari: Installation didn't work for macOS Sierra users Thanks all for providing helpful info about problems, it helped us reproduce and fix many of the issues! Availablity: We submitted for all three browsers today: Chrome users can expect 6.9.2 in the next few hours. For Opera it'll take a few days. Safari users need to be a bit more patient as the review process may take a week or two. Cheers Ruben
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    I would love to see Buffer and Hootsuite integration in the share menu on the Mac version. I use Buffer and would love to be able to use it via EN to manage my social media.
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    Ok cool. But for me thats a working possible solution; Im mostly on a chromebook. I posed about this issue ages ago and nothing has changed. Im a premium user and contacted support. They asked me several times in a row to supply bug reports, logs and other info - All while providing zero answers or solutions in return, nevermind solving the actual issue. I ultimately got bored sending personal info and logs. This issue has been around for very long now, too long (8months+?). Its sad that its not been dealt with yet and it seriously tarnishes evernotes supposed quality stanadard.
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    Thanks. However the reason to use the WebClipper is that cleans up pages of ads etc. Another example from HBR: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s15/nl/418274871/5c5ed329-79c3-4416-a5a4-f9aee3bcfbfc/ - this is killing the WebClipper for me :-( Do we have enough examples to resolve the bug quickly? Thanks Mark
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    Hello all, The update for 7.9.4 is in the process of being rolled out through the Google Play Store, which will allow you to add the quick notes feature to your notification bar. If you run into any troubles, please let me know.
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    Hi @jk9000, welcome to the Forums! Thanks for reporting this, I am able to reproduce this on my end as well. Our development team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. Though I do not have an ETA I am able to provide, I can assure you we're working diligently to fix it. There are two work arounds at this time: Drag the image to the desktop, then drag it into the note. If you have Evernote's Web Clipper installed, right click on the image > Evernote Web Clipper > Clip Image I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns!
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    Using Evernote Premium (303244) on Windows 7 pro x64 and dealing with an Excel xlsx attachment: I am dealing with similar things here. The issues and reasoning behind the behavior is well described above. Thanks for everyone's input, it helped! Evernote seems to update the file saved within the note immediately when I do a save but, I have noticed that sometimes my system fails to close out the "EXCEL.EXE *32" process when I close the Excel application. The files get left behind in the attachments folder when this occurs. If I open the task manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc) and kill the process this triggers Evernote to release the file (Filename.xlsx) and the file is automatically deleted out of the attachments folder (Evernote does keep a backup of many of the files there as a .backup file, these can be deleted if all is well). My system is unpredictable as to when it will close the Excel application but not kill the EXCEL.EXE *32 process. There must be something residual that Excel is still trying to deal with? After I kill the process manually Things function properly again and I temporarily don't get the file duplication with the [1], [2], [3], numbering. Yay! The residual temp files in the attachment folder don't seem to affect the the file saved to the Evernote note, they just make a mess.
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    I just updated W7 Evernote on my PC. As is always the case, I used the admin account for the update to the latest version. Then I went back to ONE of the 'normal user" accouonts where I use Evernote. So far, my Evernote files have been moved TWICE, (from user to admin, then from admin back to user). HOW many times will this happen? Every that I use Evernot under a different user on my PC? This looks like a major FAIL in anticipating how your users behave.
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    My understanding is that your data is stored in the service for which you signed up for: Yinxiang Biji = China and Evernote = US. If a US person visits China, they still connect directly to the Evernote service in the US (where their notes are stored). The same is true for a Yinxiang Biji user who travels to the US. It shouldn't matter where you are. It matters which server holds your account. They are separate services using the same software (as far as I know). Presumably, you would install one app and switch between two accounts, one located in China and the other in the US. I don't know for sure, though, as I don't have a Yinxiang Biji account. As for sharing, the files would end up on both servers, wouldn't they. That makes sense to me, anyhow. The best people to ask are probably the Yinxiang Biji support staff. They surely have dealt with similar questions in the past.
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    You can reassign them, but AFAIK, you cannot turn them off. Have you considered making them really absurd, like CTRL-ALT-WIN-SHIFT-x where X would be some letters or numbers? no way you'd accidentally do that. I just sprained a finger trying to get a 5 key shortcut in there, but it stuck.
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    Whilst I wouldn't trust a single t-shirt prejudiced word any of us say, have a look around here - Tips for searching scanned PDFs - 100 pages is still quoted.
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    Gazumped, I checked my updates and sure enough there was Evernote waiting in the queue. Lucky timing for me I joined just as this was added.
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    One thing I really miss from Springpad was how they handled different Note Types. I wish Evernote would incorporate Checklist Notes, List Notes, etc. A Checklist Note, in Springpad, used to have very specific functions. Each line had a checkbox to the left. You could rearrange them. Completed ones dropped to the bottom (I think; if they didn't actually do that, it'd be cool if Evernote's did), stuff like that. OneNote on mobile also does a good job of this, mostly. The implementation is cumbersome but I like the attempt. EDIT: Another great example is Google Keep. Images added to show what I mean.
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    No I was using the X button. If I try with File > Exit it works.
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    Hi @kabela. At this time this is a known issue with the Windows application, and our development team is working on a fix. So that I can get a ticket created for you and get a copy of your log and other information, I'm going to convert this thread into a support ticket. I'll follow up with you shortly. Thanks!
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    I agree it is a tough job. And I also agree the "uninstall with Revo, then reinstall and sync for several hours" mantra is lame. In my 30+ years of computer experience, Evernote is the only software company that relies on the uninstall as an integral part of their first line of support. Because of this knee-jerk response, I seldom submit a support request anymore. Lurking in this forum is far more productive.
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    Yes, I noticed it yesterday! So that's great. The link in "Explore Evernote" still does nothing when I tap on it. But at least the actual functionality works. Thanks!
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    UPDATE: I just installed v. 7.9.4, now available in Google Play. This adds the capability of adding a quick note from the Android notification bar (In the Evernote app, Settings > Notifications > Add notes from notification bar). That's convenient in and of itself; but to my delight I found that when writing such a quick note, the S Pen works, not only in the title but in the note area itself! It's still not working in regular text notes, but this should be some relief.
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    That's pretty much what I said...for Outlining it's head and shoulders above most 'simple' apps. OmniOutliner would be another good comparison.
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    Hi, I use teXPand, native for Android. Cheers. G.
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    If you right-click on it in File Explorer, does the menu have a "Run as Administrator..." on it?
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    The database is stored on a per-Windows-user basis. There is no way to move all user databases at the same time. Windows does not allow that. (It would be a major security issue). So when you updated on the admin account, it did not move from user-to-admin - it moved the admins local copies from %LOCALAPPDATA%\Evernote to %USERPROFILE%\Evernote. So the database move will happen for each Windows user that you log in.
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    Well that took care of it - rebooting and D/L file again. Thanks for the advice!
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    Hello @KRUESS, Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. After pulling up the account I am seeing that you are correct about the points. I have gone ahead and made the changes for the referrals and you should now be all set. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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    Hi @aquadolphin, welcome to the Forums! If you open Evernote and select View > Customize toolbar, are you able to click and drag the "New note" button into the toolbar? Please let me know how this works out for you.
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    YOU ARE MY HERO. Thank you - that fixed it!
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    Hi Jeff, So now I understand why my attachments folder contains only a small part of all my Evernote attachments And even more important: Now I know that I can delete these files without being afraid of losing some info. Thanks a lot for clarifying this issue Oded.
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    Thanks for asking our opinions, but.... My answer to #14: You don't need a survey here. Just choose the most popular list-making apps (Wunderlist, Keep, Any.do?) and incorporate their features into Evernote if you want to satisfy customers -- it's been eight years now, and we still have bugs in the basic lists -- lists that aren't even remotely as capable as competitors' ones. Frankly, I'd be happy if basic bullet lists worked correctly. I'd like to see improvements, but I am seven years past expecting any, so I think rather than throwing even more money at the intractable problem (lists have been "fixed before" and I can live with the poorly performing bullets), you would be better off tackling more pressing issues such as developing better encryption options (encrypted notebooks) and adding selective sync to the desktop versions. These last two are critical, in my opinion, while the lists are not, especially at this point.
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    Thanks guys, Amanda from Evernote has personally messaged me through inbox to help me to resolve this. Great prompt response from Evernote team.
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    Hi Everyone, We experienced a service outage earlier today which affected the ability for some of our users to successfully sync or access their Evernote account. Our team has resolved the issue and all systems are back up and running. You can stay updated on any service disruptions by checking out the Evernote Status webpage If you're still having any issues with your Evernote application syncing, please us know.
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    Hello @parsh Thank you for taking the time to compile this and we will further look into this. Most of this is already being worked on. I will keep you posted.
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    @janesymtecHere's a comparison of Premium vs Business that might also help. With any subscription including Basic, you can move notes between shared notebooks as long as you have edit permissions to those notebooks. With Evernote business, everyone in the business will have the ability to create, use, and modify tags inside a business notebook as long as they have edit permissions to the notebook. An admin will be the only ones who can fully delete tags from the business account. It's possible to have both you and your boss as admins on the business account. Hope that helps!
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    Thank you for all the help; much appreciated.
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    The merge header feature is a bit difficult to find. Here are the steps needed to find it. >Tools >Options Click on the "Show advanced options" box at the bottom left >Note Scroll down to "Note merge options" My preference is: "Merge notes with rule separator"
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    Yes, all paths are the same. i tripled checked it. Please fix this as soon as possible. Meanwhile I will not be upgrading at all till this is fixed.
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    EN, what I have been telling for months and years, YOU DO NOT HAVE A QUALITY/TEST DEPT and simply use your customers for that. Not good at all. And in this case it is not beta, in the past some of your defenders here on the forums wanted to lecture me about the meaning of beta version...., really?
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    This is a logical feature and needed for a number of reasons. Having to include -!Archive to every search to exclude archived notes is a bit of jumping through hoops for something that should be fairly easy and obvious, and useful to many users in a number of use cases. If you use EverNote for Project Management at all, it's really a necessity for closed-out projects. I'd attribute the vote count being low because there are so many separate threads asking for an Archive Note and / or Archive Notebook feature.
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    “I‘ve forgotten who it was that said creation is memory. My own experiences and the various things I have read remain in my memory and become the basis upon which I create something new. I couldn’t do it out of nothing. For this reason, since the time I was a young man I have always kept a notebook handy when I read a book. I write down my reactions and what particularly moves me. I have stacks and stacks of these college notebooks, and when I go off to write a script, these are what I read. Somewhere they always provide me with a point of breakthrough. Even for single lines of dialogue I have taken hints from these notebooks. So what I want to say is, don’t read books while lying down in bed.” - Akira Kurosawa
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    When viewing a note in a separate window the Note>Move to Trash option is not currently listed with 5.9.9 or any of the V6 betas. As @michael.freidgeim mentioned, there have been recent changes with these options. I need to confirm if the removal of the Note>Move to Trash option was by design or not. @EFG, I have converted your post into a support ticket and will follow up with you via email. I will update here when I something to share.
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    I use the method outlined in David Allen’s guide and prefer it over The Secret Weapon (TSW). I find TSW needlessly complex and like the simplicity of the method DA’s PDF explains. As David Allen has said, "One of the keys to making GTD work is to keep it simple––because simple is more sustainable. I've seen many people overbuild their systems and processes to the point where it would take 5 cups of coffee, the perfect moment in the day, and totally clear head space to successfully work it. It's a set up for failure. GTD is your game to play. Set yourself up to win." This has never been the case for me with TSW. Too complicated, IMHO. I also am of the opinion TSW tries to do too much. You shouldn’t need “Now”, “Soon”, “Later” tags if you’re doing a proper Weekly Review. It’s my very humble opinion that TSW actually sabotages one’s weekly review - giving the user the false sense of security that the system is helping you prioritize. It never can - only you can. And the only way you can properly prioritize is by intimately knowing your task lists. And you can only intimately know your task lists by reading through them every day, and refining them during your Weekly Review. And it talks about sorting tasks by tag in the Note List view but that only works for the first tag that shows up... so needless to say, I never got TSW working. I got the setup in DA’s PDF working in twenty minutes. What DA’s PDF boils down to is creating a notebook for each context inside an Actions stack. Then add one note per task. Add any necessary info, files, etc. to this note so everything is in one place. In your Agendas notebook, add one note per person and keep a checklist inside it noting what you need to address with them. Same with the Errands notebook - a note per place with your shopping or errand list inside that note. That’s pretty much it. Here are some screenshots of mine to give you an example. I found the PDF worth the purchase, and I re-read it quarterly to make sure I’m greasing my wheels and keeping my system tuned and focused. One thing I do differently (or rather, one thing I do that’s not mentioned in the PDF) is use Evernote’s Reminders function for high-priority items. Paying bills, soft but important deadlines (like prepping lunch for the next day). That way I can click the Stack name in my sidebar and see my high priority items at the top. This often helps me figure out in which context I should plop myself to chug through some work. Hope this was what you were looking for! Happy to answer any other questions.
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    Hi. Losing your email address isn't immediately critical, except for the reception of reminder emails and other notifications; but why can't you change the premium account to use another email address? If you want to allocate the address currently in use for the basic account, change that one first to free up the address and then use it for the premium account. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004757
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    It sounds like our new Evernote Calendar Connector would give you what you need. It's recently been added to the App Center and it works behind the scenes to keep your Evernote reminders in sync with your calendar service. Thus you don't have to be using a special client to see them.
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    No, never. Except that it's coming "soon" (as of late 2009). I'd give more advice, but I don't use a mobile device, so I can't help there. On the desktop, I used Evernote for all my GTD until Metrodon recommended WorkFlowy, which is where all my tasks and projects are now.
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