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    I realize BSR is an Evernote employee and has insights into the program we do not have. As mentioned already, and confirmed by BSR, there is a lot of confusion confirming whether Evernote has done the OCR. In several other forum posts, the suggestion for non-Premium users was to wait a few hours or days and then manually check using the search feature. With a Scanner doing the OCR, it takes a few extra seconds, but at least I am sure it is done almost instantly. Frankly, I take exactly the opposite position due to several reasons. I have 8,050 PDF notes in Evernote. It takes a bit longer to scan, but I always let ScanSnap do the OCR for me. I do not see any benefit in using Evernote to process my PDF's. Why? 1.) Exported PDFs:ScanSnap: The PDF document remains OCR'd if I export it from Evernote.Evernote: The PDF document loses its OCR if I export it from Evernote. 2.) Consistency:ScanSnap: The search results are consistent in Evernote, whether I view them from my desktop client or the Evernote web.Evernote: The search results are not consistent because Evernote uses different OCR software depending on the platform. 3.) 100% OCR:ScanSnap: Works on notes that are stored in my local non-sync'd Evernote notebooks.Evernote: Evernote cannot see my notes on my local non-sync'd notebooks, so the PDF's cannot be OCR'd. 4.) No complicated / confusing rules: ScanSnap: OCR's all my PDF's - no rules and I know it is done. Evernote: Evernote has 7 technical rules to follow and no warning if the document fails to meet any of the rules https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23169032
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    This is specific to the Windows app, but most of these apply to other OS versions of Evernote as well: Allow in-line title editing in notes list view - After using evernote daily for a year, I still constantly try to change titles by clicking on them in the list view. This is much more intuitive than modifying them only in note view. auto-resize PDFs/jpgs to fit whole image to window - In the current implementation, you have to do a lot of scrolling to see what a large image or PDF is all about. Although they are scaled within the window horizontally, they are not vertically. Result? I only see the top quarter of most images and pdfs. Simple solution? Default should be to fit-to-window any image in a note. Allow dynamic resizing of jpgs within notes - Cumbersome large images remain cumbersome and large with no recourse to shrink them. The ability to drag-and-resize is ubiquitous in windows apps now; feels antiquated that you can't do this in the windows evernote app. Easy toggle between jpeg and attachment views - Toggle between inline and attachment views of pdfs and jpegs is buried as a checkbox under the notes option dialogue. PDFs thankfully allow a right-click toggle. Need this same capability for jpegs and other images. Auto delete mistakenly-created tags - Mis-typed a tag? It's created and in your giant inventory of tags unless you go find it and manually delete it, even if you catch the mistake, delete the tag from the note immediately, and the tag is not linked with any other notes. Why not an optional dialogue box "you are deleting a tag that is not linked to any other notes. Do you want to delete the tag completely from evernote?" Display MS documents (word/Excel/powerpoint) inline in note - It's fascinating to me that this feature already works in non-Windows versions of the software, but doesn't work on the Microsoft platform version. BTW, as with the easy toggle above, once you allow Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents to appear inline in notes view, you'll need to make sure they auto resize to fit-to-window by default, allow easy resizing, and allow for easy toggling between in-line and attachment view. Allow control of default snippet image - It's neat to have a visual view using snippets, but it's not really valuable unless you give the user control of what image is displayed. I know there's a workaround, but it's impractical. The ideal solution is to be able to right click on any image in a note and set it as the default image for snippet view.
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    Hi @Tim Kowal, We released the 2016 Calendar templates in December of last year, but are working to release the 2017 templates a bit earlier this year. I do not have a specific timeframe I am able to provide, unfortunately. I hope that helps!
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    The new ones. It's funny how many people up in arms about our recent change in price assumed that we don't have new things in the pipeline. Boy are they wrong.
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    Search text will also be highlighted in PDFs OCRd by ScanSnap or downloaded from a provider site, assuming works is words in the above. I'm with @jbenson2 on this one, my method as well is to let ScanSnap do the scanning OCRing. For all the reasons he gives. In my mission to become paperless I have accumulated 16k PDFs in EN. Thus far I have always been able to search and find what I need. One thing to watch out for are any downloaded PDFs that contain rendered text. I have found for those to be searchable in their entirety you first have to print to PDF, OCR, and replace the PDF in the note. A bit of a PITA for a few web sites, but it is what it is I'm afraid. FWIW.
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    We believe this issue will be fixed in the service release that will go out later today (usually ~5:30 PT). You can check on the status of the release here: http://status.evernote.com/
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    If Evernote has a halfway decent management information set-up they will already have looked at the number of conversions to paid from free for 1,2,3,4,5-year free users and based their strategies on that. Off the top of my head (ie I have no information at all on which to base this opinion, just my mature technical judgement - ) I'd guess that 1 & 2-year users top the polls on the basis that Evernote either clicks with you immediately and you want to get the added benefit of a paid subscription or you consider it worthwhile paying to support more development and continued existence, or - as with me - you try it out initially and then don't use it much for a year or so until the penny eventually drops. There may be later conversions in free years 3 and/ or 4, but Evernote can only see the long term free user as a drain on resources no matter how much of an evangelist s/he may proudly claim to be. A free account still syncs every 30 minutes or so for every device that is connected to it and uses as much time and bandwidth on the servers as a fully paid account, and generates just as much support traffic - though that's now dealt with through the forums. Unless those free users are all using the referral scheme, there's no record of whether they actually generate business through their activities - and if they are members of the referral scheme Evernote is paying them to get the better user experience. There's a possible marketing benefit in Evernote being able to claim "200M users", but if 150M of those are syncing 20+ times per day on an average of 3 devices (judging by comments here) without visible means of contributing actual dollar support that's a pretty steep overhead and a ridiculous number of transactions that Evernote's hardware has to be able to handle. Evernote doesn't share this sort of information, so who knows what sort of decision process they followed; but restricting access to two devices at the same time just reduced that overhead by 30%. Seems like a sensible move to me - and it's one they can always revue at any time.
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    Every few days somebody requests some new feature . And I think it is still the case that most people coming to this page don't really know how this works. I have been a member since October 2014. I remember how I began sending in information about problems with the old web version. They were received with a great deal of interest, it seemed. But curiously, none of those problems were ever fixed. One that I remember very well, and I think has still not been fixed is that if you have a long note, scroll down to a certain point and then leave the text there for a while without doing anything on the page, at a given moment the page springs back up to page 1. If you are presenting to 100 students at university, this can be just a little embarrassing. At Evernote they abundantly agreed with me: that really was a bad fault. 18 months later I went back for a while, till the same thing happened in class. Nothing had been done. As far as this new version is concerned, our major achievements have been to get nested tags and stacks . And I think the idea was that we would all be so happy with that that we would forget things like merging notes or resizing images or all the other things that members have requested over the past year or so. There was also one other improvement which I had been requesting for some time: that the size of the font did not change if you moved a piece of text (took for ever, incredible as it may sound). The other major improvement was the addition of the link to GDrive, which I think nobody had actually requested, and I think there has been some improvement in speed. That has been it. This page contains a very long list of requests (like a "dark" version for people with eye problems) that have never come to anything made by members who have rarely come back given the almost total lack of development of the Web version. That is the way things are. Requesting things here is almost a total waste of time. And don't be fooled by the term "Beta": this is just the previous "New" version with a different label on the bottle. As I have mentioned many times before, until Evernote sees that there is big money in the Web version (and that depends quite a lot on the fate of the Chromebooks, I guess), this will continue to be the poor relation of the Evernote family. You can request as many things as you like, but you may as well just put those requests in a bottle and throw it out to sea. That's the way I see it.
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    I've been trying out Evernote and Onenote. One feature I like in Onenote is that it sets a printdriver which allows me to print a document directly into Onenote. Does Evernote have such a driver available? Right now I'm printing to PDF, then copying it into an appropriate Evernote file... it works, but eliminating a step would work even better. My workflow with Onenote is to print the document to a physical printer for distribution, then, by just changing the 'printer' I can print directly into an Onenote appropriate folder. Allen
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    This is a continuation of the previous price discussions and is a suggestion that Evernote implement a new price tier. This would have the same limits as the Basic tier, but not have the device limitation Please indicate your support using the voting buttons in the upper left corner of the discussion
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    Evernote on iOS desperately needs the option of adjusting the default font size. While the web and desktop versions are great, I use Evernote on an iPad Mini as my mobile device and the default font there is ludicrously small - to the point of making the app unusable. I know this has been an ongoing request from the user community for years and I'm somewhat baffled that such a fundamental usability issue hasn't been addressed already. I love Evernote as a service and am a paid subscriber, but this single issue would be enough for me to seriously consider not renewing. My hope is that default font size might get some attention if enough users chime in about it, hence my post.
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    Hi friends. I need someone to do a quick video recording themselves using and explaining my simply Evernote app. Can you help? When can you have it completed? How much? Message me please. Thanks! Lindsey
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    Hi, When I open webclipper the webclipper opens fine like normal, but my cursor had changed to the 'select text icon' that looks a but like a capital I, but with a yellow box next to it. And it won't let me click on anything. Tried reinstalling, got latest version. Tried taking a screenshot, but it is not appearing on the screenshot. Any help appreciated as this is very frustrating.
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    One of the few things that is keeping me tied to Evernote (and Evernote Premium) - the ability to search text inside of images. Any time I make a payment or get a cheque I take a picture with Skitch or my phone camera. When my bookkeeper has questions about what an item is I just turn to Spotlight and search on the amount. Only that doesn't seem to work with text in images. So now I have awkward clunky process. Search Spotlight and if not found search Evernote. Ugh. My Evernote version is current and it was downloaded directly from the Evernote site so this isn't a AppStore sandboxing problem. Is this preference problem (I hope), a bug (my thinking) or a feature request (my fear). I already noted last month in the long thread on pricing - Evernote is already on trial for me. This is another small annoyance that is making it harder to stick with Evernote. Cheers Mark
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    Fair enough! I went ahead and moved this to the Product Feedback thread as a feature request. We'll treat this as the primary thread for this topic from here on out.
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    I'm not sure I'm following, but will try anyway. In Windows, unlike the Mac, you cannot edit content while in Presentation Mode. You have to first edit the note as usual and then launch presentation mode. I'm not seeing the same icons in presentation mode that you show. This is what I see when I move the cursor to the right side of the screen.
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    I'd love to check it out. Just signed up for the beta and will look at it later. If it's something I have time to do a video on I'll reach out to see if you are still looking for someone.
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    I can confirm the bug with dashes is still there if you are running macOS Sierra (public beta)
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    Yes, I installed this morning and while the preference is there, it wasn't turned on, so the note is just a bit misleading.
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    This is exactly what i have been trying to get at. To resolve this, i scanned several documents into Evernote twice. Once with and once without the scanner software doing OCR. My scanner is an older Canon P-150 (Scantini). I then put them all in the same notebook, waited overnight to make sure Evernote had time to index (i am a premium user) and then did some searches for words i knew were in those documents. I found that: 1) Evernote was able to search and find words in pdf's that the scanner had OCR'd and also those which Evernote had indexed. 2) The documents which my scanner had OCR'd sometimes found more matches to the search than those indexed by Evernote 2) The Evernote indexed documents never had more hits than the same document OCR'd by my scanner. My conclusion: in my specific circumstances, doing all this on my iMac, using my Canon scanner and its CaptureOnTouch software, the resulting OCR'd pdf's are more searchable than those pdf's indexed by Evernote. Evernote really needs to address these concerns pointed out in this thread. I've been premium for more than 6 years, but my main reason has always been the ability to search pdf's and it seems that given the rules for Evernote to index, along with the inability to actually know if a particular document has actually been indexed or did not meet a rule, and now the demonstration that my local OCR is better than Evernote's indexing all means that i may well be wasting my money on premium instead of plus.
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    Thanks! A bit weird (most softwares like Outlook and GMail use "Delete"), but once you know... Thanks again, Sylvain.
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    Please see screenshot. Printer on the far right. Taken from my Surface Pro 3 Win 10 64 bit
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    +1 from me (Oh, wait..) - I was trying to keep track of the voting threads and move relevant posts around, but there's just too much traffic and often a distinct lack of specificity (my word for the day). Being a Windows user I've moved a few requests into the Windows Feedback area - although the posters didn't actually give an OS - on the basis that any suggested improvement will get mirrored across the clients as far as it can be. It really would be better to have one feedback thread and concentrate on splitting that into areas like Editor / Tags / Searching... Maybe @gbarry could have another look at the system to see whether it's working satisfactorily from Evernote's perspective...
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    True for products with trial periods. Per @jbenson2 above, an infinite trial period was not working quite as well. But even within that, anyone can still have all the benefits of Basic EN forever, just with the two concurrent device limitation. Time will tell if this limitation increases the conversion rate.
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    Wow, are you off base! For 8 very long years, Evernote has patiently supported and encouraged free-users. The company hoped the "starting-pointers" would eventually pay for the service. Evernote realized their former CEO's assumption was wrong. The new CEO is working to correct the mistake. Based on the gnashing of teeth by a few of these vocal long-term free-users, the new plan is having the intended effect.
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    I have a ScanSnap and when I have a ton of stuff built up I use the Scan as Note feature which puts each page in it's own note. Now I do multiple page documents after all my single documents so I can just scan those in as a PDF.
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    I see Evernote templates here but no 2017 calendars I'm curious about your use for this. I'd think any of the cloud calendars would be a better solution. I use Apple Calendar, and I know Google Calendar is popular. I also use Cronofy Calendar Connector, so my notes with a reminder date appear in the calendar. This allows me to create a note for appointments etc
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    OK - here's the obligatory totally-unwanted work-around suggestion: ScanSnap (and I assume other scanners) offers the option of scanning multiple pages either to one PDF, or to one PDF per page. Use a desktop scanner and you shouldn't have a problem. The issue with mobile scanners may be that processing power / storage space may be insufficient to deal with the extra over head of multiple PDFs per scan. It's a valid suggestion though - lets see how many clicks you get on the top left counter...
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    Just my 2¢ here - don't do this for upgrades, just new installs. I think it is a good idea overall, but I personally prefer my machine to boot as soon as possible and EN launches so fast when i get around to it, I don't need it running at boot/login.
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    Hello @wbutchart, Thank you for posting. The Evernote application on Android offers the camera option, which houses the document scanner, business card scanner, Post-It scanner and standard image capture. You are able to toggle the mode of the capture or have it auto-capture. When you are in the note, it will have the paperclip icon up at the top of the note where the camera option is present to "Take a photo".
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    I'd forgot about this post, it's over 2 years since I posted my reply! I'm using the following version now: Evernote for Windows (301769) Public Now I've upgraded to Windows 10 but still using the desktop application, I just found there's an Evernote Touch version in the Windows store but it's got a rating of 2.9 out of 5. Somehow I seriously doubt it will be any different to the desktop version at best and at worse it's probably get less features. As it happens, the original issue regarding the tables and "simplify formatting" appears to have been resolved. I just tested it and the table stays. If you've reduced the column sizes it does stretch them to fill the width of the note again though. Even though it's fixed I won't be coming back to Evernote for my online training note taking. For that I've moved to MS OneNote and I much prefer it. I still use Evernote for my day to day basic notes and the main note taking app on my Android phone but eventually I might try out OneNote for that too. Don't get me wrong, I imagine kshunterco is right, I bet there are still plenty of other issues. You never seem to get a big company that produces software like that that actually appears to really listen to its users.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I shared the suggestions with our Product Manager - some of these features are in the works. Currently I don't have a time frame or release schedule. J
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    Ughh - This is basically saying that one of the key reasons I pay for premium doesn't work. I pay for premium so that pictures and pdfs I add to evernote are searchable. On a Mac that means found through spotlight. At this stage I'm thinking that importing pdfs and images into Evernote was perhaps a mistake. Playing around my wife's Windows machine OneNote makes this somewhat easier. Please help want to stay as a premium user. By the time my next renewal rolls around I may just have moved :-( Grumpy in Ottawa Mark
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    Hola, @ArmyMan, Thanks for your feedback, Desktop app is becoming a burning question. When we were building Desktop app, we decided to use the following guidelines: It should work offline it should work without asking Evernote account it should be simple. it should not connect to any servers at all The most important criteria was simplicity. At that time the design was a good match - when you need to encrypt 2-3% of your notes, using notebooks like a inbox/outbox is a good choice with above conditions (Saferoom macOS works in sealed sandbox with access to only Evernote app, nothing else at all). And as you correctly mentioned - this simplicity breaks user workflow when you run daily encrypt/decrypt operations with big number of notes. I absolutely agree with that and we are building more sophisticated version of Saferoom Desktop for Windows and macOS. We are 80% ready on Windows to start Beta, and approximately 50% ready in macOS. Bottom line: I agree with you (and with many others) about Desktop, we are working on that as fast as we physically can. We can only ask for a little bit more patience. I hope this clarifies a bit, and thanks again for your message. Cheers, Ilia
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    The vast majority of non-paying users will never pay, but they're irrelevant when considering the possibility of a new price tier, which would be aimed at those non-paying users who are willing to pay (as long as the price is suitable for their level of usage).
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    I've been a Basic plan Evernote user for a few years and find it useful. However, I am not a heavy user and can sometimes go a few weeks without using it. I have it on more than two devices but due to low usage cannot justify spending $Aus. $50.00 a year for the Plus plan. I realize the company has to make money to be a viable business but surely they can come up with some lower priced plan for us occasional users. I'm not asking for an increase in the monthly storage limit as that seems adequate but the main complaint from the Basic users in this forum is in the two device limit. I'm sure a good percentage of them wouldn't mind paying a small price to see the limit removed or increased.
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    $1 per month for Basic without the device limit? Good for existing Basic users who do not need the advanced features and are not keen to switch to competitors. I would certainly consider such a plan, depending on the exchange rate, but reliability has to improve (constant freezing when I type in the Mac app is a huge disincentive to pay). To make such a plan more viable, they could consider: 1. Adding one or two Plus/Premium features (or commonly requested features) that would be relevant for casual users, to increase the difference between the free tier and new tier, so users feel they are getting value for their money. 2. Adding very limited trials for most Plus/Premium features. Some casual users may eventually become heavy users or find a Plus/Premium feature useful, but may want to test the Plus/Premium features before deciding whether to upgrade to Plus/Premium. Even with this new tier, new users (including those willing to pay) would probably dry up.
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    Allow for unlimited devices and put back the emailing function. Basic as it was a year ago, in other words. Suggested price: $10-$15/year, $1-1.50/month. If such a tier were added, I might reconsider leaving.
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    Since the new 'two account max' for free accounts was announced, I'm confused as what counts toward the limit. On my phone Evernote is installed, but on both my home computers I have installed Alternote. Does Alternate count as an Evernote installation?
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    Thanks for the message Scruggles. For me, this is the most important thing that you say: "However, we should be telling you where things land. I can make a commitment to be a presence on the forums going forward and will respond to requests as they come up." The silence from Evernote on what is in the pipeline and what isn't in the pipeline (and maybe why not) is what creates a feeling of frustration and futility for me. If that silence is really about to come to an end, for me that is a very big step forward.
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    I have updated the script to Ver 1.0.1 to remove the unneeded date variable (left over from another script). It has been updated on the MacScripter.net site, and is also attached here as a zip file. This script is designed to work just like the Evernote "Add link" feature: Copy the actual URL to the clipboard Enter text in a EN Note (could be the URL) and select the that text Run the script -- it will prompt you for the URL, which you can paste from the clipboard. Script will create HTML hyperlink and replace the selected text in the EN Note.The script assumes you have selected the text to use as the display text for the URL. If nothing is selected, it should prompt you for both the display text and the URL. Please let me know if it is not working this way for you. Attachment: Create Hyperlink with Custom Protocol from Selected Text.scpt Ver 1.01.zip
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    And can we restore sticky notebooks, too? Having to reselect the same notebook every time I change tags is so painful...
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    And here's another vote. I just discovered this feature is gone, as I just finally upgraded to ios7. I'm almost wishing I hadn't, as I used this feature all the time. I just cannot imagine what could have been the reasoning behind completely removing this functionality, with no explanation. It's infuriating.
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    Is there any chance of this feature being added back? I really miss it on iOS, and it's a shame that such a basic feature has gone missing. In my opinion the iOS 7 version of the app has gotten really good -- and I was a vocal critic of previous versions -- but this feature omission is puzzling. Every time I forget that this feature is gone and go to add a link, I end up scratching my head, puzzled as to why it's missing. Surely no one at Evernote thinks it's a *bad* or useless feature, right? It just got deprioritized or something. Add one more vote for bringing it back.
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    The more I read in the discussion area, the often I find comments where people missing features which have been removed. The Evernote team must have motives to do this, but in my opinion it's not the work of professionals... In earlier days YOU must have found these features are good for us, the user. And I don't think there are users who said 'away with this'. Many people have decided to use Evernote exactly for the features Evernote offers. No one will use all features included but many will use a part of it, everyone for his own purpose. Therefore I think bring new features but keep the familiar one... It would be an important part of confidence into the software and my future work!
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    Maybe an oversight. Maybe a feature that has been removed. Maybe a feature that will be added later. I am afraid Evernote doesn't usually share their roadmap (the developers will occasionally hint or commit to some things, but it is uncommon), so we cannot know as users. This is a simple and basic feature and I do not understand why they would remove this. Bring it back please! I don't know how simple or basic it is, but I can say (as I always do with updates that remove features) that I recommend Evernote doesn't remove features arbitrarily like this, because it undermines confidence in the app, and it can have very unfortunate results for people who have come to depend on certain features. I sympathize with the developers, who (I imagine) have to balance all kinds of competing interests every update, but the more transparent this process is, the smoother it will go. This is especially important (in my opinion) when we have automatic updates on iOS, and a feature that was there one minute ago can disappear the next.
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    This was one of the options which makes Evernote so useful - please bring back the option to insert links. I will have to start now using again my netbook.... A little bit of topic but at the end related to this topic - with every new version of the Windows, Android, iOS or web version the capabilities and user interfaces become more and more different - I work currently with all 4 versions (Windows = Home PC / Web = Work PC / iOS = iPad for travelling and for meetings / Android = cell phone) and handling their different user interfaces is becoming more and more a nightmare if now in addition important features are streamlined this is neither acceptable nor understandable for me as a premium user...
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    I have a little feature request that I guess would be easy to introduce: I would love to have a keyboard shortcut to show Evernote main window, just as happens in many mac applications. I usually open Evernote, look for something and just close the window (⌘+W) but leave the app open. When I want to go back to Evernote I use the app navigator shortcut (⌘+TAB) to focus on Evernote app, but I am not able to bring the main window to front unless I click the Dock icon (so the ⌘+TAB becomes useless). It would be great to have an item in the "window" menu to "show Evernote window", and have a keyboard shortcut assigned to it (such as ⌘+1, which is used in other apps). This way I could see Evernote window just by selecting the app with ⌘+TAB and the hitting ⌘+1.
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