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    Please support selectively sync notebooks! Our notebook becomes bigger and bigger especial if you are a premium user. However, our Mac hard drive is usually just 256GB or 512GB. iOS, Android version Evernote all supports. Alternote also supports this feature. This feature was asked over THREE years ago by other people. And then again and again. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21933-archived-howto-how-do-i-not-sync-certain-notebooks-apart-from-cancel-premium/https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39658-selective-notebook-syncing/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/61920-synchronize-selected-notebook-on-different-pc/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60643-stop-sync-of-folder/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60479-selective-sync-on-computer-roadmap/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67191-syncing-only-a-few-notebooks-to-from-my-home-account-to-my-work-computer/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/65599-request-sync-only-select-notebooks/ I was a premium user. I like Evernote so much. But my hard drive has limited storage, so I canceled my premium account. And my friends canceled their premium accounts because of the same reason. Please support selectively sync notebooks! Thanks!
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    Give users a choice either ads or limit a bandwidth. I use Evernote rarely, just to memorize some stuff I need to get back later. I currently have it on 5 devices. 2 laptops with dual OS Win/Mac and a desktop PC. It's gonna be fairly inconvenient to manage these. I think I'll have to switch to web-version or seek for alternative. If I understand it correctly free accounts are generating too much traffic. But you don't limit web-version to two devices? What if everybody starts using web version, won't this be even more traffic?
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    I'm getting incredibly tired of fighting with Evernote autocorrect on my Mac. Everytime I use Evernote in techy meetings, or heaven forbid, when I have to write down someones name or an street address I feel like I"m wrestling my computer to actually type WTF I want to type. So many of my notes are RUINED because you annoyingly replaced names or acronyms with stupid words that leave my notes meaningless. I can't find a place to turn off auto-correct. Sometimes I'm looking for the hidden webcam that will broadcast me correcting the same word 3-10 times, each time finding the word replaced when I hit the space bar. I'm demoming one note and hopefully it's better because I can't keep fighting my computer to say what I want to say.
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    I understand that Linux is a small platform with not that many people using it, but consider this: most Linux users are professionals, programmers, system administators, students, a group of people that NEED a good note taking platform. If the Evernote devs don't have time for a native version, at least figure out how to make it work with wine and publish a tutorial, I'm sure that the Linux users will be able to configure wine. I know, there's the web app, if it was like the real thing I wouldn't mind, but it's not... Any other Linux users here that would love a native version?
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    I've love to be able to easily use Evernote with a Chromecast, especially in presentation mode on Windows (and Android, ideally). Currently I need to hook up an HDMI cable. Not terrible, but being able to simply send it to the Chromecast would be really useful. I wouldn't be tied to being close to the wall jack, and nobody would be tripping over my cables. As a workaround, I'll use the web client in Chrome, use the Chromecast extension, and just go full-screen. Not perfect, but workable. I'd much rather be able to do it directly from the desktop client if possible.
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    Hi, I would like to create a new link with a custom text as I always have done in Evernote browser based, but recently I have noticed that it is not working as expected: I write a text and I highlight it I click on the insert link button, I type my url, then apply the url take the place of the text I have typed, so I cannot have a custom text for my url link Has something changed? Have I done something wrong? Best regards
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    I need to make a payment on a new account. Generally the quickest way to find account information generally is to look at my scanned receipts. Since I was already in my browser (and I plan to move to Linux where Internet Web is my only current option) I decided to give the new interface another try. In the brief period of time I tried the new interface, these were the issues I encountered. I love your product. I couldn't function without it. I hope these comments are seen as helpful. No dates are displayed (pretty much the most common and most important field I ever look at is the date. That field informs me of the pertinence of the record regardless of the kind of search I'm doing. Less information generally displayed. It is much more difficult to find a record if I can't see all tags, folder information, titles, attachment types, and most of all, dates (both created and modified) Slow and unresponsive to searches. While I realize that a slow response is not always under your control, failing to provide some kind of response to a user action can be confusing, and can cause the user to interrupt progress on a search. Just changing the background color of the text, while searching would be very helpful. Not as intuitive to use. I know how to use the Desktop interface. I expect to see the same options in approximately the same areas on the screen. Have you considered designing your web interface using swappable style sheets, so that one basic design can be viewed multiple ways? I have not tried using the new interface to create new records. That may be the area where your new product shines. If so, I'm not likely to notice as long as my main need relates to finding records quickly. My usual pattern is to drop records into Evernote from other sources, and then add tags, and adjust formatting so the records look OK in Evernote.
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    Evernote has a presence in China called Yinxiang. Depending on where you are located, we may auto-redirect you to our yinxiang site, which is exclusively in Chinese. There may be a banner that pops up that allows you do avoid this redirect - we're looking into it. I know we also allow you to switch to our "Evernote International" service on this page app.yinxiang.com/Login.action We'll look into this a little further and I'll update if I have more info. In the meantime, I know some browsers offer the user the option to translate pages (e.g. Chrome).
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    Thank you DTlow and JMichadlTX. It seems searching for a word you know is in the pdf is the only way to know it is indexed. gazumped, thank you for the information which would be useful if my pdf docs have not bern indexed, but apparently they have. it would be nice if there were a check box or button or description item which would show that a document has been indexed. Indexing is the main reason i have bern paying for premium for the past 6 years and actually knowing that documents have been indexed (or not) would certainly comfort me in this tumultous time with Evernote. I looking for a sense of security that i'm getting value from my now higher fee.
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    Hola, @ArmyMan, Thanks for your feedback, Desktop app is becoming a burning question. When we were building Desktop app, we decided to use the following guidelines: It should work offline it should work without asking Evernote account it should be simple. it should not connect to any servers at all The most important criteria was simplicity. At that time the design was a good match - when you need to encrypt 2-3% of your notes, using notebooks like a inbox/outbox is a good choice with above conditions (Saferoom macOS works in sealed sandbox with access to only Evernote app, nothing else at all). And as you correctly mentioned - this simplicity breaks user workflow when you run daily encrypt/decrypt operations with big number of notes. I absolutely agree with that and we are building more sophisticated version of Saferoom Desktop for Windows and macOS. We are 80% ready on Windows to start Beta, and approximately 50% ready in macOS. Bottom line: I agree with you (and with many others) about Desktop, we are working on that as fast as we physically can. We can only ask for a little bit more patience. I hope this clarifies a bit, and thanks again for your message. Cheers, Ilia
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    Exactly. The blurb suggests you can edit the Google Doc from inside Evernote - that seems like true integration to me. But as you point out, it's only a link to the Google Doc. Perhaps the next iteration of EN will address this. I'm running 6.9 Beta 1.
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    Just reminded myself (via another thread) of one handy trick for creating multiple copies for templates etc. Export a note to an ENEX file and save that to your desktop, or attach it to a note. Each time you double-click that file, Evernote will add another copy of the note.
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    ...and something I just worked out - if you export the note to an ENEX file on your desktop, then attach that ENEX file to your 'Templates' note, clicking on the icon in your note will also generate a new blank note with teach click. Not sure if that will work on a mobile, but it fixes a problem of mine! - I griped about the slow process of using template notes recently...
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    I have the same probleme only since a couple of days. I hope Evernote will fix the bug soon.
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    You need to File - Exit, not x out to get the sort to take.
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    Far as "not enough Linux users". Linux users are usually people who are tech savvy and NEED to keep notes. I'm an I.T. professional and NEED notes. But being an I.T. professional I understand the benefits of using Linux as my primary workstation. Sure there are 100 million Windows users for every single Linux user. But how many out of that one million have needs for a paid subscription to Evernote? Linux users: professional I.T. people who are more computer scientists. As well students taking Computer Science. So... the majority of Linux users could use a paid subscription to Evernote. I'd love to incorporate Evernote into my I.T. process and share documented procedures with Sals and Customer Service people. But at work I use Linux as my primary desktop, running a VM for Windows administration. So my money is better spent on other solutions. I've slowly been phasing Evernote out of my needs, and working with other solutions. Mainly native Linux apps that can export to OneNote. :-) BTW - this is one of the biggest threads in these forums: 15 pages and counting. Also, all evernote would need to do is: - make subdomain linuxproject.evernote.com - sign up developers to work for FREE (that's what people who love linux do, make cool stuff) - start a project on GitHub - fork current stable to download at linuxproject.evernote.com in .debs, .rpm, and current source - watch I.T. professionals, C.S. professors and C.S. students give them credit cards to bill monthly. This is not difficult to do and make money. Maybe there is more here, like open source people scrutinizing security????
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    I understand there is a bug in the Windows client. The sort sequence isn't updated until you exit and restart the program.
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    I am also disappointed by this deadline being missed, believe or not this was the main reason I went ahead and updated to Win 10 Anniversary, really disappointing guys. Like the previous contributor said the email announcement you sent out was so confident , you should have followed this up with 2nd announcement keeping your loyal users informed, whats going on at Evernote???
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    The EN search function works well. Searches start from the beginning of the word, so no in the word searches. You can create your own hash tags if you like, though tags work very much the same way with better visibility of what tags/keywords you have created. A bit of advice, if you opt for hashtags, I would recommend preceding them with an underscore, _. Underscore is one of the few if not only special characters found by EN search. This will eliminate false positives.
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    I delete nothing. My process is to use a generic !Archive tag, which I apply to my search scripts (-tag:!Archive) so archived notes are excluded
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    Hi! First of all, I think that not exist one way to do it. My organization in Evernote is a constant work in progress. Before telling you how I do it, I think you should write down an structure of notebooks and tags, and try link them as you can, and then find out which is the best way for you. Notebooks and tags are Free. I have a typical GTD structure, but I make some little changes that don't go against with the GTD method. For example, In my GTD, I have actions, projects and PROJECTS. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I understand the difference between " wash my teeth" ( one action ) , and " go to the doctor " make the phone call reservation, have the date, go to the doctor. ( more than one action, it's a Project ). But " get Married" , is not the same as going to the doctor. So that's a PROJECT. So inside my Project Notebook, I a Have Project Get married. And what's more, that project has a tag. Just in case I have some information that is related to the PROJECT but is not specifically of that project. In my life when a project Finishes I review if I want to keep something, and the delete Everything. The idea is getting things done, and find quickly related information, not being a librarian . Use the tags you want the times you want, the same for project notebooks. GTD is like customizing your second brain. I bet your " brain operating system" will always have an update once. If you need more information about how I specifically structure my mind, I think that you will learn somethings, but your Mind I think. I have copied others structures for months, and never worked at all. I recommend that you should use Evernote as a second brain. And the main difference between EN and your physical brain, is that scanning the EN is much more easier. You can see your thoughts organized, and that give you the chance to improve your organization. The final light probably you find that less is more, and you learn how to focus in a new way. Sorry for my English!
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    Thanks for the link @gazumped - it reads like a description of both what is happening and what not to do. Thanks for the update @dconnet. As you no doubt know, you have a lot of passionate users, who might not post in these forums, but eagerly await these updates. Personally I think Touch does not have the functionality of a desktop version and am eager to get away from it. By way of feedback for the business - your communication was so confident, I think it needed to be followed up with an update on the day. Nobody minds if it is delayed, as long as we know - and don't have to waste time yesterday trying to find something that didn't exist.
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    The 2nd has come and gone, Evernote Touch hasn't been replaced, and the Desktop app still isn't available in the Windows Store. What's going on? Could we get an update (preferably an ETA) please?
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    Evernote Premium should include a grown up Word Processor. There is no shortage of good cross platform ones. You need Find & Change +1 Additional functionality: - License Grammarian or another grammar checker - License Text Soap or another tool for stripping text - Hook up an API for letting BBEdit, LaTex, Nisus Writer, Word, Google Docs all be used as the front end text engine - Add more font support
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    Imagine the number of new onenote users thanks to this new 2 device plan. Talking about shooting yourself in the foot... best of luck...
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    Hi @amanda_h, I'm sory for restarting the discussion, but I need to reinforce the @antoni4040 arguments. I had tried to use Nevernote and/or the Evernote Web and, unfortunately, both are not so good to use as an Evernote native client. I like to use Linux to work and I also like to use Evernote to work, one without the other is an incomplete workstation and worse: an incomplete solution. I need to ask you, as an Evernote representative, to give us (Linux users) a Linux Evernote Client or at least a good support to emulate it via Wine. Please!
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    進入論壇頁面後,於畫面右上角點選「已有帳號?請登入」 您也可以在畫面最下方選擇介面語言 請登入您目前使用的 Evernote 帳戶,或是「建立帳戶」 首次登入時,請輸入您希望在論壇中使用的暱稱,這個暱稱將會被公開 中文討論區請由畫面最下方進入 開始發表您的第一篇文章跟大家分享吧
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    The 2 device limit is the reason I'm looking at migrating to OneNote too.
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    Pick a number, say 10, and create 10 copies of your template note within EN. Highlight the 10 notes and export them to an ENEX file on your Desktop. Then, whenever you double click that file, 10 template notes will appear in your default notebook from where you can highlight and move to another notebook if you like. A bit of brute force, but a fairly easy way to create a bunch of the same notes. FWIW.
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    Hi @antoni4040, While we appreciate and value the Linux community, we are a relatively small organization without sufficient resources to build and maintain a native Linux client for Evernote, particularly given the relatively small number of users of the platform in a desktop context. However, enterprising developers are able to build such a client themselves using our robust API. Nevernote, an open source Evernote client for Linux, is one example of a successful Linux implementation using our API. If you're looking for Evernote for Linux, this would be a good place to start!
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    Wow! If you do in fact speak for Evernote, thanks for telling a bunch of your concerned, probably dues-paying customers they just got Punk'd by the "reliability" of an internet comment board "up-vote" system. You should put this feature in because it's a good ***** idea and because it would be easy for you, not because of some inane internet popularity contest. Case closed.
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    hi. thanks for,this. it's difficult to overemphasize how important this is. my evernote account simply wouldn't fit in my computer without taking measures to radically shrink it in 2012. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/29245-how-to-optimize-your-evernote-experience/ as we head into 2016, four years later, i easily have several times as much data in my daily files, and it has even less chance of fitting onto my drive. it would be good for evernote and its users if it could scale better.
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