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    Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and something simple like that would be a good start for Evernote. The name Evernote implies a product that takes notes -and collapsible/expandable outlines are a huge part of note taking.
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    Can I make a suggestion to Evernote employees about bug fixes? For the sake of transparency, make a list of all bugs that team is aware of and post progress in this forum. You could track all the bug fixing in something like the picture below. Lastly, you could implement a simple but strictly enforced rule: If any DRI (Directly Responsible Individual) has any unfixed bugs over 12 months old, then he/she spends 100% of their working hours on fixing that bug until it is fixed. Thoughts?
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    Hey everyone, This is P.J. from the Product Team at Evernote. I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a project that we've been working on for quite a while. As some of you may have noticed, the note editor changed in the Windows 5.9 release. Though it introduced a relatively small number of new features, it represents a larger body of work that will significantly improve note editing in Evernote. Years of writing the editors of our clients independently of one another has taken a toll on the the consistency and quality of Evernote’s editing experience. We recognize this and we’re fully committed to making it better. We’ve created a dedicated team focused on improving the note editor and we’re hoping you notice the difference. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll start to see the fruits of this labor appear in all of the things you do to create notes in Evernote—typing, bullets and lists, tables, images, copy and pasting are just a few of the things we’ll be working on to start. Bigger improvements will follow. For more on the thinking behind this project, check out this blog post. We can’t promise to get everything right the first time, but we can promise to listen to your feedback and work tirelessly to make every version of Evernote’s editor better than the last. If you have feedback on the editor, we’re here to listen. Feel free to comment on this thread or DM me. Thanks!
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    I love Evernote and I pay for premium and I have just noticed that on iphone/ipad/ipod versions you can use the presentation mode - We need this on Android too! (or cheaper rate for premium if we can't have all the features!!) The 'Apple-centric' approach is one thing that I don't like about Evernote... IMHO Android is better.
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    It seems to me that up until a few months ago, there was steady revolution, progress, updates, bug fixes, and forum traffic about Penultimate, most or all of which has suddenly stopped. In light of refocusing efforts by EN, I often wonder if Penultimate has been completely or largely abandoned. Personally, I have been forced to abandon Penultimate because of at least one bug (not returning to last page written), and have been spooked by EN integration where I deleted a notebook full of EN notes from within Penultimate. I realize this isn't a powerful threat if EN abandoned me before I abandoned Penultimate, but if so, I will find it very disappointing since I am a user that has been around since almost the birth of both products.
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    The old reminder date selector was great, loved the circle and time bar. The new, not so great. One big annoyance is that Sun is on the left and Sat is on the right, please change this so that it follows the system preferences, ie in my case, week starts on Monday.
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    @JMichael Thank you so much. I only have 5 notebooks, but inside these notebooks' notes total is about 95718. Thank you for let me know its limitation. I already file a support ticket you suggestion. Thanks again.
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    I have not found search for these longer notes to be much of an issue. A few times I have needed to use Ctrl F but I can usually scan the note pretty quick to find what I need. Notes do not need to be that long for this to be a useful feature. My main use case is for a development meeting that I run. I have one note per meeting that is projected to a group. It would be impractical, even with note links, to break this into smaller notes. Each note includes the history of the prior meetings and each entry is date coded. I would use this feature to collapse all sections of the note that do not pertain to the current meeting. It would allow us to better focus on what is most important that meeting. I would also use it in other notes to temporarily hide information that may not be of primary importance. Again, a way to focus on the main points. Workflowy is a great tool. I've used it as well but would still prefer to see the function built into Evernote. At least into the desktop clients. This post describes it better than I just did.
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    I prefer to stick with short notes. Long notes are more difficult to search. First I have to do a standard Evernote search for the term, then a 2nd search inside the long note using Ctrl F. Short notes are much more efficient and easier to use. If I need a collapsible format, I use WorkFlowy.com
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    Thanks @Tobbelin. I will look into this and follow up with what I find out.
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    I'm with @JMichaelTX on this one. @Burbank and @Tobbelin: do y'all have a link you can provide to the Onyx tool?
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    I agree with the importance of tagging. In fact, I was searching for untagged AT&T notes so that I could tag them!
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    @JMichaelTX perfect. If only I could double, triple like this whole chain -- so immensely helpful!
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    This article is inspirational... and it's from the nineties! Every company of every type should have a team whose sole mission is to find flaws.
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    A bug was causing the HTML to not be properly converted to plain text. Fixed. New version posted to Github Gist that should fix both issues reported above: EN Mac Create Note from Text in Delimiters.applescript CHANGE LOG: 1.3 2016-06-13 BUG FIX: textutil now properly returns plain text ADDED: Found text that is only CR or LF is now excluded
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    Web clipper copies the content of the website into the note. So it's not required to have an account. To test it, clip the page, sync your Evernote client, disable your network and try to open the note while offline.
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    Some will never be fixed. That is the nature of software design. I know that is the conventional wisdom, but I don't accept it. In fact, I have observed since software updates via the Internet have become commonplace, the number of bugs in software has risen considerably. I believe this has resulted in programmers and QA teams becoming more relaxed in their due diligence. There doesn't seem to be any real penalty in producing and releasing software with bugs, even obvious bugs. There doesn't seem to be much pride of authorship in producing solid code with no bugs. Everyone seems to take the attitude of "don't worry about bugs, we can always fix them in the next update (next week)". If you the programmer, you the QA tester, you the product/project manager, believe bugs are the norm, then they will be. I would love for someone to prove me wrong.
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    I can't say I know a lot about software design. I can say this, though: If some bugs will never be fixed, Evernote ought to ensure that every user knows what those bugs are before committing much time or data to Evernote. Among the bugs discussed repeatedly in the forums over the years, can you name the ones that should never be fixed? It seems to me that the recurring threads are all about basic features (font size, copy/paste, bullet list alignment, etc.) and those should work, shouldn't they?
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    Someone ought to time the gap between when a bug is reported and when it is fixed. This one clocks in at around 3.5 years now.
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    I can't imagine any company ever doing this. I'm sure internally they have some type of tracking and prioritization mechanism but nothing positive would be gained by making this available external to the company. It would just result in endless and worthless debate over why bug #14 is not #1 or why Jim does not appear to be closing defects at the same rate as Mary.
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    On second thought, I think I might be experiencing a similar issue. It sometimes takes several minutes to sync even small notes.
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    This formatting issue is still a bug on Android. My entire day's logs have been messed up because I edited it on my Android phone after making them on desktop. How can this STILL be a bug when the original report on this was March 2014? That's over 2 years! This really isn't rocket science.
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    Since I installed 6.7 for Mac it now takes TEN MINUTES to sync one note of 4.6kb to the desktop!!! During this time one cannot access notes, add notes, delete notes etc. THIS IS TOTALLY UNWORKABLE!!!!!
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    I share exactly the same concerns as stated above. I do see wider value in EN beyond Penultimate but need to be confident that my note taking app will integrate effectively into EN without any need to pull the notes up into the EN. Think it's time to start exploring the alternatives.
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    Vertical note panel has gone - bring it back ASAP!
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    Dragging the scrollbar with the mouse on long notes that consist of many checkbox items (e.g. ToDo Lists) is extremely herky-jerky. This is in contrast to plain text notes that don't have checkboxes, where dragging the scrollbar is nice and smooth. Is there some optimization you can do to improve the situation?
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    I agree with you on that one. I take a lot of handwritten notes and Penultimate is the only reason that I was actually using Evernote for note taking and not just as a dump for all my stuff. It seems to me that they have just scrapped this awesome app, and if they don't prove otherwise I am jumping over to Notability or Onenote for handwritten notes full-time. Its a shame cause I wanted Evernote to be much more than what it is right now as far as handwritten notes are concerned. But I guess since nobody from the Evernote/Penultimate team is listening to our concerns, our complaining doesn't mean anything.
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    Good to know. Thank you. I assume when I reach 300+ complaints, I'll be a guru, too.
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    Okay. I hear you, Gustav. Please accept my apologies for my tone, then. I am so aggravated by Evernote's total lack of customer focus and absolutely asinine refusal to fix known problems in favor of rolling out useless, unwanted, or downright STUPID features that it's making me snarky. That probably has something to do also with the fact that I finally had four hours to actually WRITE today... and I spent THREE of them dicking around with bugs that should have been fixed weeks/months/years ago. You're not the problem. Evernote is. And Evernote needs to look very closely at their toilet paper, because it's not clean, and users are getting sick of it.
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    Noone is bending any knees for anyone here. If you read my post you saw that I too recognize both the bugs mentioned, but that I also know of other bugs as well. My point was that if people like yourself stay in spite of those bugs (maybe because they are only very annoying), there is really not enough incentive to put every priority on fixing those instead of pushing the software further. I am one of the first to say that 2012-2015 were terrible years for EN. But my reason for saying that isn't the lack of bug fixing. For me it was that there was really no effort put into making EN as a "second brain"-software better. It was all about expanding into close-by, but for me, irrelevant areas. The only thing I could see brake EN would be bad media concerning data loss/security, but they have already had those as well and survived. And like you said - listening to the customer is important. And if EN were to continue slacking when it comes to new RELEVANT features in the upcoming future, I am sure that the competition will come up with something that would make me consider moving.
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    You could not be more wrong. That is EXACTLY what breaks a company of ANY size. It's called IGNORING YOUR CUSTOMERS. Ever hear of a tiny little multi-million dollar company called Circuit City? Fascinating corporation. Died in four years after their CEO decided in 2008 to start laying off their front-end customer support folks and customer service vanished more or less overnight. Evernote is NOT TRUSTWORTHY. Period. It CANNOT BE TRUSTED. They have the same sense of customer focus as a blocked nostril. The development supervisors are IDIOTS. It can't keep formatting. It installs UNWANTED and UNNECESSARY executable files on your computer. The BASIC FUNCTIONS OF A TEXT EDITOR, such as linewrap, cut/paste, and even friggin' BACKSPACE work randomly or not at all. These forums are full of YEARS of complaining customers. Last year this thread began with an Evernote employee telling a baldfaced LIE that they "listen to customers." I call BS. Evernote doesn't listen, has never listened, and with a track record like that it is obvious that they WILL NEVER LISTEN to their customers. If anyone wants to try to claim that they DO listen, then why did it take them FIVE YEARS to fix the bug that was stripping spaces out of notes and jamming texttogether likethis? At one point there were TWELVE DIFFERENT THREADS complaining about that bug, and it was first reported in November of 2010 and not fixed until SEPTEMBER... of 2015! I started THREE of those threads MYSELF in 2012, 2014, and 2015! Yeah, you sure listened well. That's why you rolled out that stupid work chat that literally NO ONE who is not in the Evernote employ actually uses. That's why you have to use obnoxious popup advertising of your "new features" over the top of the client workflow. That's EXACTLY what customer service is. Let me be blunt because I'm sick of this, Gustavgi. I'm not interested in a flame war with you, but if all you want to do is bend a knee to a company that can't get out of their own way because they confuse innovation with actual working products, then I don't care even a little bit what you have to say. In fact, let me be even more blunt: If you are not an Evernote employee, I am NOT interested in ANYTHING you have to say in reply to this message. That goes for all "gurus" and fanboys and white knights who feel it necessary to defend the noble honor of this software company. If you ARE an Evernote employee, I'd be happy to talk to you. I'll even be polite, but I strongly doubt you're going to want to hear what I have to say. WeCanLearnAnything is absolutely correct. Evernote has NO BUSINESS rolling out a single new feature, changing a single color, redesigning a single button, or moving a single f*ing menu until the stuff they already have ACTUALLY WORKS! Evernote wants desperately to be business class software. You cannot even ACCURATELY PRINT OUT A GROCERY LIST with their flagship product. I'll be perfectly clear: the ONLY reason I'm still here is that I've written 250,000 words in Evernote and I don't really want to not only change my writing system, but have to transfer all that to some other software just because the main software I use is developed by morons. I don't even know why Evernote HAS customer forums. It's not like they listen to a frickin' thing that has EVER been posted in them.
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    Quick update: we've released v.1.7 for MacOs, solving some issues, including the ones mentioned by @mwang. However, due to a bug in Evernote MacOs app resources are added again to the note end. I don't know when Evernote will solve this, so I've decided to speed up development for Saferoom MacOS v2.0. It will mimic the functionality of mobile apps (decrypting in Saferoom app with export to Evernote if needed) instead of constant creation of note copies.
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    Hola, evernote-fan, Yep, we at final stages of the development (encryption works fine, user interface tweaks left) and soon we will start beta testing of Android client. You can follow us on twitter (@saferoom_app) where we post updated. I really hope we can release it this September, let's see how beta tests go. Kudos, Ilia
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