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    Tags View is coming back. Most Evernote users don't use tags, so refactoring Tags View for V6 standards did not make it into the first V6 release. Now it's prioritized due user's feedback. Please state tuned. Users reported this before, so we're planning to add an option to have shortcuts on a dedicated bar. Most users have none or < 5 shortcuts so wasting vertical screen estate just because some of you have dozens of shortcuts does not make much sense. For now you can see all your shortcuts in the left panel. I'm not sure what the problem is, please elaborate. This is a user's feedback forum, not customer support. Development team members who actually write specs and code have chosen to actively participate in it so we can feel your pain points firsthand. We respond to every post that helps us to make the product better, however if the problem is already known/confirmed, we don't respond again and again. Missing Tag View and Want Full Width Shortcuts Bar problems problems were reported more than once and are a priority now.
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    I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to display and edit the Created Date in the new version, only to discover (via this thread) that it is now permanently only in the Info box. That discovery has put a cold feeling in my stomach, because it's going to make Evernote almost completely unusable for my work! I'm an author that's working on a book set in the 1800's. I'm using the Created Date to keep track of hundreds of notes that are time stamped to the date the historical incident takes place. Just this morning I added about 100 new notes, and I was preparing to give them their dates (so I can sort them amongst my other hundreds of notes), only to discover that each time I need to edit it, I now have to open up the info dialog. This is a HORRIBLE design decision on the part of Evernote! I'm sure I'm not the only person out there that has built entire systems in the platform that relies on the editing of the create date in order to be able to stay organized and productive. Another example: I archive important e-mail to Evernote, about every six months. I then need to go in and change those dates to the dates of the actual e-mail. I had a macro that would do that, but it's clearly no longer going to work. I'm kind of freaked out that they would do this... Ugh.... {:{(}
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    I use this app for teaching on an iPad pro (ipad screen projected on the wall) and these are several issues with this app. Nonetheless, it is still the best app I found on the app store, so I am more than happy to provide feedback: [bug] the clip tool now has a bug and the clip stroke won't disappear [semi-bug, very annoying] the new zoom tool often is mistakenly triggered (terrible for live lectures). You should really allow to disable this new tool, as in a classroom environment this is VERY rarely needed (e.g. on a whiteboard you cannot zoom) there is no control on the eraser size (which is massive) like in the Apple note-taker move faster or tilt pen for a bigger eraser in class I find it very awkward to create a new page when I run out of space (sometime I just give up and create a new note insted). Further, when I move on to a new page I would often like to keep a bit of the context from the previous page... this is not possible at all. Having a continuous scroll (even as discrete events caused by a button) would be a huge improvement. there is no *live sharing* functionality. I use BaiBoard to share whiteboards live with colleagues, but the stroke quality of evernote is just plainly superior. almost impossible to draw points like you would on paper (small circular strokes interpreted as outliers?) snapping tool in thew new version is way too aggressive (and lengthy to turn on/off?). Why not use the ruler just like the Apple application? I found that quite amazingly well designed. there is no option to decide whether the toolbar should be on the left hand side or on the top side (there is a lot more real estate horizontally, when projecting you are essentially forced to use horizontal format otherwise the image is tiny, and your left hand would be a lot closer to the control toolbar so switches could be done a lot more efficiently) new zooming tool does not zoom about the center of the ping gesture (very counter intuitive) Feel free to ask me for clarifications if needed.
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    None of the auto note naming rules suit me. I don't want notes to be named after the place I'm in, or any event that is in my calendar. I would like the note to be autmatically named after the first line of the note. This is because I tend to write a title as the first line of the note, and it would be really convenient to have the note automatically named as per the title. MS Word works like this. When you save a new Word file, the default fgile name is the first line of the file. Could this be added as an option? Thanks - Rowan
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    The "created date" was previously available in the header of a note and therefore easy to change or update. At the moment in v6 I believe the only option to find it is by adding the "info" shortcut to the taskbar of a note and then selecting editing the "created date" from there. Am I missing the option to have the "created date" more easily accessible? Putting something several clicks away from where it previously was is a PAIN! Evernote at the moment appears to have an obsesssion with having a "clean" interface. I am all for this, however, not if this design obsession starts to undermine the ability to productively use the platform. By all means allow people to toggle off all of the clutter they want, but equally, allow the rest of us to keep that clutter toggled on if they want. To my mind a design dogma is undermining the ability of users to be able to customise the platform in their own way and we are in danger of Evernode starting to mandate how their platform is used rather than allow the user to make those decisions. Put simply, is it too much to ask that if you are in a note then shouldn't you be able to view all of the parameters or attributes of that note so that the user can quickly configure or alter those parameters at one time rather than have to navigate a series of sub-menus?
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    I like being able to sort some of my notebooks by title. I like being able to sort some of my notebooks by update date. I wish I could set my preferences per notebook rather than globally. Thanks for your consideration of this feature request.
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    Is it possible to customize the colors available when styling tags and notebooks? I'd like to be able to: Change the color swatches that are shown Select a color that isn't one of the swatches
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    I had an amazingly simple idea on how to manage recipes with evernote. What's wrong now? Well if you have more than one recipe in a notebook, you have to go through every single note to find out whether you need a certain ingredient and how much of it. But evernote is so close to being the perfect tool to manage recipes! All it needs is to have a small option to conglomerate list items automatically. And this is exactly what I'm proposing! So how would this play out? Copy recipe down into new evernote file (preferably on computer). Select ingredients and hit new list Option "Shopping List" - or something like that. On your smartphone, navigate to your recipe notebook. Then hit the bottom right corner and go into display settings for the notebook. There will be a new option besides "Snippets" and "Cards", which is "Shopping List". Hit it. What's happening now? Let's look behind closed doors: As soon as you choose this option, Evernote goes through every note in the notebook and looks for items that have been declared as "Shopping-List" items. It then tries to detect items that correspond to the same ingredient and lists them together. So suppose you need garlic in three of your recipes. After hitting the "Shopping-List" display option for the notebook, you get a list in which all three list items containing the word "garlic" are displayed after one another. ADDITIONAL REQUEST 1: Put checkboxes in front of each of the conglomerated items. You can then check off the items you've already bought. ADDITIONAL REQUEST 2: Allow for a master list which Evernote uses do determine the order in which the ingredients are listed. This way, you dont have to run back to get apples after you've already passed toilet papers in a shop. You know what I mean? So how do you like it? I can already imagine other possibilities with this option. But shopping lists are HUGE! It would make my life so much easier.
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    This issue is not just about being able to easily change the Created Date (although that is important). The more important factor is being able to easily and quickly VIEW the Creation Date. One very critical factor in using any information is knowing the source date, when the information was published or created. Also, seeing the date when I am viewing/browsing my personal and/or family history is very important.
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    I get "inherit" if the font doesn't exist, but the system shouldn't change me back to inherit after I've selected a font. Yes, I am going to tag my notes like this then go back and edit them when it is resolved. Tired of posting bugs and glitches and then they get lost when a new version pops up and a new thread starts.
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    great. thank you so much for your help!
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    Excellent. Thank you! Problem solved.
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    The old "Tags View" was very useful for tag management, with or without right-click functionality. Anyone else sad to see that removed?
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    This is strange ... Another app did show the same behavior... So I decided to reboot the phone. Then Evernote worked again ... So forget the problem. Just reboot the phone and it might be gone.
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    Really? Peter, you keep astounding me with these user statistics! You guys just rolled out a huge update on Tags -- inclusion of Child tags in search/filter. This is huge, and a great benefit to many of us who DO use tags. So, I suppose it would help to qualify which users are included in the "most" category. I would imagine, but I have no way of knowing, that with a FREE app, there will be many, many users who download it, use it a few times, and then basically abandon it. I have done this many times myself with iOS apps. So, my thought is what about the users who actually use Evernote a reasonable amount of time, let's say at least several times a week, and have been using Evernote for, say, at least 6 months? It is very hard for me to believe that these users would never use tags. Tags are probably the most powerful feature of Evernote. If a lot of users are NOT using tags, then that suggests to me the following: Use of tags is NOT very intuitive in the Evernote UI. Evernote is doing a very poor job of marketing and user education. For perspective, let me add this about myself: I am a guy who argued for years that Evernote Tags were not a replacement for Notebooks. After having used Evernote many times a day for years, I just switched (about 4 months ago) to a tag-based organization (that i call pseudo notebooks), after having used both Notebooks and tags from the beginning. Tags are one feature that makes Evernote heads-and-shoulders above OneNote. If "Most Evernote users don't use tags", then may I suggest that Evernote needs to find a way to better market and educate your users. Finally, Peter, I really appreciate your candor and participation in this forum. I am not in any way picking on, or blaming you, for all of the Evernote design decisions.
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    It is this kind of design/product logic (on the part of Evernote) that baffles me. While I agree that the old Tags View was poor design, it was/is better than nothing. Why not leave the design in place until you have a better design to replace it?
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    How long do we need to wait to find out if they even plan on bringing the much loved (by some) "All Tags" view? I posted over a week ago and the first post on the subject were a week before that. The only feedback I've seen is "keep those options coming". What does it hurt to bring back the all tags view? Does it make a major performance difference? I don't see the down side to bringing it back. What am I missing here?
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    Welcome to the club! This has been an issue for the last several years, use the search function in the Evernote database and you will find thousands of comments about this problem. The only way that I was able to solve this issue was to instal a solid state drive. WOW, what fast start-ups and since the SSD was installed not one time have I seen the dreaded (Not Responding) Regards, David in Wichita
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    I am writing from right to left in Hebrew. since this morning (after an upgrade of evernote I believe?) all my notes are shown from left to right and I can not read them. I have evernote plus. the problem appears in my windows pc and in my android Samsung galaxy as well. please help how to write and show my notes from right to left as I did till today.
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    The Evernote Outlook Clipper does not support Outlook 2007. Changes to the clipper with 6.0 have caused the clipper to no longer appear with Outlook version 2007. This was not by design, but because the Evernote Outlook clipper does not officially support outlook 2007, I do not believe it will be available with a later update. If you’re unable to update Outlook, I recommend emailing into Evernote using your @m.evernote.com incoming email address.
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    OK, I found it. I do not understand those changes, though. How is this better to seperate it?
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    Alt-F3, or if you have the left panel closed (F10) click on the magnifying glass icon.
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    Hi Everyone, I am a premium Evernote user for more than two years. The RTL Support makes poor user experience for me & any Arab & Hebrew user (Population:300Million). my idea is to have an automatic cursor positioning depending on the language you use. So, when I change keyboard language from English to Arabic to automatically move the cursor to the right of the new note. What I am doing now is writing a word in arabic then highlighting it to show the iOS menu (the one which has: cut, copy,paste.) then Changing the orientation to the right of the note. Most of other apps have this feature. Thanks!
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    I have to agree with amort. I use my iPad Pro for work and home life and have long used Evernote to organize those. The Evernote app doesn't really seem like it makes the best use of the iPad Pro. I use Evernote on multiple platforms and would love a way to set up my app view more similar to the desktop view.
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    Really hoping the saved searches remake their appearance in the search box drop down soon. It is almost unusable to me as it is now below 60 notebooks and 600+ tags. It is actually faster for me to type in some of my more commonly used saved searches than to scroll.
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    I want to add my voice that there are many, many use models for Evernote. Changing any feature will have an impact. The changes that remove things from the primary UI are not welcome to me and others here. I'm sure we are not a minority.
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    I agree! I have asked for this myself many times. I used to use the Author field as a custom field, but that changed when author was automaticall filled and it was to much work to delete it for every single note.. It wouldn't have to be many fields, but just 2-3 fields of your own choice would be more helpful than none...
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    What would totally solve this conundrum for ALL of us would be the ability for users to create their own customizeable and accessible metadata fields. Those capabilities don't need to be huge, but it would allow users to transform simple Evernote collections into hugely powerful tools for managing documents and data. The fact that so many people used "Creation Date" for other purposes (for me, the historical dates of the events I'm tracking in my research) just shows that users will shoehorn themselves into creative ways to use existing structures, until Evernote finally allows us to create custom metadata... To me, custom metadata fields is the "holy grail" of Evernote, but one it seems they steadfastly refuse to implement...
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    I don't even understand WHY they were removed in the first place? Every single book or post or article you read about Evernote mentions these two fields as one of the most important part of your note. What was this particular designer thinking? So yes please bring back the created and changed dates back into the note
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    There have been several similar complaints about the hidden Created Date field. Frankly, I am shocked that Evernote considers the feel-good UI white space more important than our actual data. I have my fingers crossed that this comment from an Evernote employee will happen. "There still is a chance that "add created date to the note info panel" fix can make it into the current GA, and it will certainly be there in the next Beta ... so it could be a few days or weeks. Please stay tuned." https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/95621-created-date-hidden-in-latest-windows-version/
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    Where are my created and updated dates in the note? I know I can find them under Info, but having them INSIDE the note in plain visible sight is much used. It's the fastest way to change the date of a note (for example scanning a document with date 1-2-2016 of 3-4-2016. I want that note to have a created date of 1-2-2016, not 3-4-2016) Put Saved Searches back in the search bar!! An ALL NOTEBOOKS and ALL TAGS view please.. You have to be kidding that just using the left pane for organising is the best way? I hate the fact that Atlas is being phased out.. I hate it even more that there isn't a equivalent of Ideaplaces for Android. Is it true that when dragging a parent tag and placing it elsewhere the child / parent tags get flattened? really??
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    I was getting the same error. I fixed it by signing out of the extension and then back in again: Right click the clip icon > Options > Sign out (next to your name). It will prompt to sign in again when you next try to clip.
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    There still is a chance that "add created date to the note info panel" fix can make it into the current GA, and it will certainly be there in the next Beta ... so it could be a few days or weeks. Please stay tuned.
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    Thanks Peter! I'm glad your folks are staying tuned to this... Can you give us any likelihood as to whether this is an issue that can be rectified? I've got 66,000 notes in Evernote, and it's definitely going to stay as my long term archive and reference source. But without the ability to see and edit those dates, it's become unusable for me as a writing tool. I've spent the morning looking at other options (Scrivener, OneNote, etc.). If there is a possibility this capability will be back within a year or two, I'll be less desperate to find an alternative... Thanks for responding and staying tuned! --W P.S... How easy is it to go back to an earlier version?
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    YES! Besides being difficult to edit, it's now simply not visible in the note at all, and that's going to be impossible for me! At the very least it should be displayed, even if it's a pain to edit... I have this nightmare scenario in front of me of editing thousands of notes so the date is in the body of the note now. The more I think about this, the more impossible it's looking...
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    I totally agree with you. The Created Date is IMPORTANT and it should NOT be hidden.
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    I would love to see improved layout options on iPad Pro and not having just the sidebar as a floating panel. Also the way tags are organized and displayed and the ability to view tags used within a notebook like on desktop would be absolutely great.
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    Saved Searches are coming back in the upcoming hotfix. Your old saved searches are still there so nothing is lost. Stay tuned!
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    Exactly -- a design dogma that seems to be driven by people who have a hard time focusing on doing anything unless they are staring at a blank sheet of paper. It seems there is a new generation of designers and users that prefer a "clean" composing environment to having the necessary information and tools displayed and ready to use. I seriously don't get this. OK, I get it that different people have different preferences. @Evernote (@Stephane Lo & @EvernoteAlex): So please don't impose your preference on all users. Please give us choices in the Options/Preferences setting of EN Win and EN Mac. Thank you.
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    The new version 6.0 does not contain the 'All Tags' page, which I need for my hundreds tags.
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    How's a 1-day trial going to alleviate your dire need? If you're not willing to fork out for just one month of Plus (cheaper than $2.99 in many countries outside of the US) then your need is not dire enough. You'll have better luck putting your energies into getting others to sign up... and rack up a few points which you could convert to Plus.
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    Hi, I also miss this functionality ... not to have advance pdf editing within EN (using apple pencil to draw, write in ...) is so frustrating. I do not want to export pdf out of Evernote and then bring it back ... this is so frustrating ... skitch is good enough to bring some arrow into pdf or image but for more serious altering of pdf it is useless ... I can't even rotate pdf within Evernote ...
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    At this point I'm pretty much locked into Evernote, the lack of responses / acknowledgement really disappoints me.
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    I still wait for the loooong waited RTL support for all evernote apps. Why we can't have a right-to-left button in the note editor? I have over 50 users between my Arab friends who are looking forward for this. Some of them stopped using evernote because without this, writing notes in Arabic/Farsi/Hebrew is useless.
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