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    IMO Evernote's major flaw is folder organization. No hierarchical folders. No way to change the listing order of folders. (Yes, yes, I know all about tags. Tag zealots please restrain yourselves. Tags are fine on their own but are an inadequate workaround for a primitive folder interface.) I was pleased to see the announcement that folder labels could be colored. This seemed to open the opportunity to apply a little organization at least. After I cracked the code on the obscure "Style" box (the tiny monochrome gridwork thingy gets you the color picker) I discovered that color can be applied only to folders that do not contain other folders. Sheesh! Why bother to add color at all? I really like aspects of Evernote, but the lack of folder organization makes opening the application feel like entering a garbage house. The desktop Win version is bad, but the touch version is hopeless. Sure, everything is there. But where?
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    I've been an Evernote user since the beginning and I can't imagine my workflow without it. HOWEVER, the lack of color options is astonishing. Color is the basic methodology for people to I.D. something quickly, regardless of language. Please bring back or introduce some color tagging/coding options for Notes or Notebooks. When you have a lot of notes/folders, it would be alot easier to find what I'm looking for by sight of color.
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    An interview with Evernote CEO Chris O'Neill on theverge.com http://www.theverge.com/2016/5/4/11584764/evernote-ceo-chris-oneill-interview Hope they do strip away Work Chat...
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    Yep. Right on. This is why I started using tags more WAY back in the day. For me it was as simple as, "What do I do with this Medical Bill?" Health Notebook or Bills Notebook? That broke my system and it's been tags ever since. Notebooks are more about the type or context of the note. Is it a document filed away for reference at some point, then put it in my Cabinet notebook. Is it something I took a picture of while in a store? Maybe something to purchase later or to give me ideas. That goes in the Shopping notebook. I've got a Timeline one for mementos. All of my documents from FileThis go into their own notebook stack initially. I also keep my work notes in a separate notebook because that makes sense to me. I still have some old notebooks I need to clear out, but ideally I would like to get it to maybe half a dozen. Another plus for me and using tags is both the Mac and Windows clients have shortcut keys for assigning tags. If there's a shortcut key for changing the notebook on a note, I can't find it....on the Windows client. The Mac client handles this well.
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    Hello, it seems that the parent tag - child tag relation now works exactly like requested by stedwik back in 2011, as far Evernote for Windows is concerned. Could we have the same for Mac? Behavior should be consistent across platforms for those who use both, I believe. It's about clicking on a parent tag an being able to view all notes bearing the child tags under it. Thanks, M
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    [Solved] - as a long shot I ran an sfc \scannow, When the links are pasted in HTML documents they are pasted as Hyperlinks - i.e. <href="blah" Title></a>. I assumed that's what EN Copy Note Link put in the clipboard. But it doesn't do that, it just puts the URI in the clipboard. It's only if its pasted into something 'HTML', such as Evernote itself, or a blog post, that the raw URI gets encapsulated in an HTML <a href...> tag. And the fact that an sfc \scannow fixed my problem means that Windows is somehow involved in the encapsulation process. Everything into which I paste the links (such as EN itself) is HTML under covers, so I never needed to consider what was actually in the clipboard. For me, that's the first time since XP that sfc \scannow even found anything to repair, and maybe the first time ever, that a repair actually solved a specific problem. I could try to figure out the precise cause of the problem from the CBS logs, but I probably won't unless it happens again. But I still get that bizarre EN Firefox clipper dialogue - I'll test it on a vanilla profile. Firefox Extensions often tread on one another's toes. Added - the bizarre EN Clipper dialogue must be due to another Firefox add on - its OK if I add the clipper to a vanilla profile <sigh>
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    Really? Peter, you keep astounding me with these user statistics! You guys just rolled out a huge update on Tags -- inclusion of Child tags in search/filter. This is huge, and a great benefit to many of us who DO use tags. So, I suppose it would help to qualify which users are included in the "most" category. I would imagine, but I have no way of knowing, that with a FREE app, there will be many, many users who download it, use it a few times, and then basically abandon it. I have done this many times myself with iOS apps. So, my thought is what about the users who actually use Evernote a reasonable amount of time, let's say at least several times a week, and have been using Evernote for, say, at least 6 months? It is very hard for me to believe that these users would never use tags. Tags are probably the most powerful feature of Evernote. If a lot of users are NOT using tags, then that suggests to me the following: Use of tags is NOT very intuitive in the Evernote UI. Evernote is doing a very poor job of marketing and user education. For perspective, let me add this about myself: I am a guy who argued for years that Evernote Tags were not a replacement for Notebooks. After having used Evernote many times a day for years, I just switched (about 4 months ago) to a tag-based organization (that i call pseudo notebooks), after having used both Notebooks and tags from the beginning. Tags are one feature that makes Evernote heads-and-shoulders above OneNote. If "Most Evernote users don't use tags", then may I suggest that Evernote needs to find a way to better market and educate your users. Finally, Peter, I really appreciate your candor and participation in this forum. I am not in any way picking on, or blaming you, for all of the Evernote design decisions.
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    I must have the "All Tags" view back. Evernote and my system for tracking info is simply unworkable without this view. I need to be able to move and nest tags. Bring this back yesterday.
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    Howdy, EN Power Users: It is time to pay a COMPLIMENT to the Evernote Team... which is now well deserved. Yesterday I UPDATED to v. (301769) Public ... My immediate observation is: **dramatic** IMPROVEMENT in SEARCH SPEED I have been a subscriber since 2003... and have been less than impressed with EN's efforts to listen to Power Users to move EN forward. I personally appreciate this new robust speed search capability very much! Thank you Evernote for a meaningful and practical improvement. I hope this post proves helpful. Sincerely, ~ Alan UPDATE - 5/5/2016 - I actually am **thrilled** with this UPDATE speed performance enhancement... the pain has been relieved! If this is a portend of what is to come with EN's new CEO... it will be much welcomed by Power Users! Thank you, again!
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    Since this is probably going to apply to other devices and iOS / WP too, it's the right place for feature requests. Having the right headline works too! As to merges etc - I'm sure there's a long term goal to give parity with all apps; this is probably just one of those thing to which Evernote haven't gotten around yet...
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    Hey I had the same problem! Except when I put the cursor in the note, all the icons *except* for the microphone icon show up. What's the deal!
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    i have two accounts (personal and professional) in evernote and i need to switch between this. How i can do it in android?
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    I've been trying to decide whether or not to incorporate Evernote into our essential Admin software for our International School. Not having this feature for Android is going to be a big problem. People like having a clean break between work and personal. Having to share notebooks is not a good enough work around. They need to be separate and I hear that they are on IOS. Please make this a priority. You guys are so close to having a fault free product.
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    Evernote is a cloud app. They are very clear about this. That's what attracts many people to it. It is not part of some hidden agenda. I'm glad you found something that works for you. But you are like someone who buys a sportscar & then complains b/c there is no room for your kids & their dog & their sports equipment. That doesn't mean a sportscar is a bad thing, so lambasting the sportscar is just plain silly.. All it means is that a sportscar is not for you. Good luck. You can delete all notes, empty the trash & sync. This will remove your data from the cloud. You can set up a throw away email address & change the account email address to that. To completely delete your account, you will need to submit a support ticket.
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    Hi MrTR909, I've been playing around with journaling options and methods that tie in to Evernote. I tried DayOne, and I really like its interface, but I'm not a habitual daily journaler. I keep forgetting to record stuff in the moment, and writing things down days later just jumbles the chronology. So, I cobbled together a partially automated solution that lets me add information to a daily "captain's log" from a variety of sources. The original inspiration for this method came from here. There's a bit of a time and effort (and a little cash) investment up front, but once you have the system in place, it practically runs itself. For this particular solution to work, you will need the following: An iOS deviceAn Evernote accountAn IFTTT accountAn iCloud accountIFTTT app (on your iOS device)Drafts by AgileTortoise (for your iOS device), optionalHere's how you set it up: Make a new notebook in your Evernote account in which you will store your Captain's Logs. Decide on a base title for your daily log notes. For example, I keep mine in a notebook called Personal Logs, and the note title starts out as simply "Captain's Log." Set up these recipes in your IFTTT account. Note that the iOS Reminders recipe can't be set up in your browser; you'll have to do it from your iDevice. I have IFTTT set to pull content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Reminders, and the daily weather forecast. You can easily remove recipes that aren't relevant for you and add others to record your typical daily content. ​Very Important: In all your Captain's Log recipes, make sure the destination notebook and note title are identical (case sensitive, punctuation, etc.) This is to make sure that your information is all appended to the same note. I have my daily log set to be generated by importing the day's weather forecast at the same time every morning. This import always creates a new note, rather than appending to an existing log. If you choose not to add the weather forecast to your log, I recommend choosing something that IFTTT can go and fetch at the same time every day. However, if you prefer a single log note that goes on forever, omit this note creation step and simply append to your existing log. For content that I add to my Log independent of the services I have hooked into IFTTT, I typically generate the text in Drafts on my phone or tablet. Drafts lets me then push that text out to a number of destinations, including blogs, Evernote, and others. I added an Evernote action to Drafts that appends the Draft content to my Captain's Log for random thoughts, blog posts, and the like. If you do not use a centralized text editor like Drafts, it would be just as easy to plug your blog or Tumblr into IFTTT and pull your posts in that way, Should you wish to add an entry to your Log without going through any of your connected services, you can always edit the Log directly in the Evernote client, which is available on any platform.There is one critical log maintenance operation that I haven't yet figured out how to automate. If you prefer a daily log note as opposed to single log that goes on forever, you will have to go into Evernote at the end of every day (or early the next morning) and manually change your log note title so that the next day's items are appended to a new log. For example, I change "Captain's Log" to "Captain's Log, 12/22/13". Finally, remember that the sky's the limit with IFTTT. You can plug in your Google Calendar to record events that you attend, your UP fitness tracker to add your physical activity or food log, your iOS contacts so you can remember when you met recent business contacts, archive your sent email messages, etc., etc. One more tip: Leave IFTTT running in the background on your iOS device when you're ticking off completed tasks. The Reminders app tie-in won't flag IFTTT with new completed tasks until the iOS app updates, which it doesn't do very often if it isn't actually running. I hope this helps.
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