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    Congrats for achieving this milestone. I'm happy to see lately that EN is paying close attention in upgrading this great tool. And here goes the "yes, but...." Well, Atlas is lost and I'm not happy. I used to use a lot the Atlas feature to search for notes I took with my cellular device in a specific location, and I guess I'm not the only one who did it. Please, bring it back Cheers
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    Today, we started rolling out Evernote v6.0 for Windows to the general public. This is a big milestone for the team, and we couldn’t have gotten here without your continuous input and feedback. Of course, this is not the end and there is still a lot to do. For instance, we’ve heard the recent comments on Saved Searches. This was an intentional change to simplify the overall experience. We understand it affected the workflow of many people and are bringing this feature in a hotfix release very soon while we continue exploring how to best evolve saved searches to be relevant for a wider audience. In the meantime, now that v6.0 is officially released, let’s help as many people, new and old, find and enjoy this release. We’d greatly appreciate your support with the public launch of this release, on the blog and on social media! As usual, please keep sending feedback, suggestions, and use cases our way. Many thanks. **EDIT: the release is now updated with a 6.0.6 Hotfix** You can download the updated v6.0.6 here ----- New in 6.0.6: Fixed loss of tag structure on drag and drop of nested tags Fixed bug with subscription expired message Fixed various crashes Fixed in 6.0.5: Saved Searches are back Find your existing and new saved searches in the left sidebar below Tags Create new saved searches from the left sidebar saved searches section or right-click on the search description Fixed crash on switching Evernote account Fixed crash when importing from OneNote 2016 Fixed ENScript exportNotes bug If you’re updating from v6.0.3 beta: Selecting a notebook or tag highlights it in the left side bar. Override this behavior in the settings Added option to trash the original note when copying between Personal and Business. And 30 smaller bugs. If you're updating from v5.9.9 and below, check out the blog announcement and the release notes.
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    Hey folks! We are happy to announce that last night we began rolling out a new editing experience for Chrome and Safari. This release is part of a larger effort to improve the core editing experience on all of our platforms. See https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/09/22/the-future-of-writing-in-evernote/ for more info. How do I know if I'm in the editor beta? We’re doing a slow rollout to catch any bugs that we might have missed, so it might not have reached you computer yet. When we get to you, you should be able to Opt-In to the beta by clicking a “Try Beta” banner in your note editor. You’ll also be able to Report a Bug if you run into anything funky. What’s new? Most of the work is under the hood and you won’t notice it, but we are introducing a few nifty shortcuts with this release: ``` to start a code block * to start a bulleted list 1. to start a numbered list [] to create a checkbox [][][]X# + RETURN to create a table e.g. [][][][]X4 followed by RETURN would create a four by four table Plus all kinds of emoji, from :ghost: to :pizza: Some known issues that we’re working on: Default font will change when switching over Images that have been resized will lose their resizing Tables may shrink to fit to the content inside Coming soon: Image resizing Table resizing Got feedback? Leave it here and I’ll get back to you. You can also report a bug by clicking "Beta" > "Report a Bug" in the formatting bar of any note. Thanks for your patience over the past few months as we've been working on this. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and building toward a better Evernote together. Best, Karen
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    The new version 6.0 does not contain the 'All Tags' page, which I need for my hundreds tags.
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    Not having tinkered with the Beta, I was very pleasantly surprised with the 6.0 public release for Windows desktop. I posted the following comment on Evernote's latest blog post which came out with the announcement: I love it that Mac's "Jump to this note's notebook" has come to Windows... and you've thrown in tags for good measure. The way the "Trello-like" colored tags show in the note list is very welcome. It opens up a lot of visual strategies. There's a much better placement of the new search bar. Less mouse travel and more centered. When toggling F10, I like it that the Left Panel does not completely disappear. That anchors the page nicely, whether you're using it or not. I see that the relatively new tag filtering tool in the note toolbar was not deprecated, but rather included in the search explanation... and given new powers to interact with it. Very nice. The ability to navigate notebooks and tags in the Left Panel within their nested hierarchies by using the arrow keys is fantastic. I see the notebook search box in the note list toolbar has been moved to both the search explanation and the Notebooks tab in the Left Panel. Genius. Finally! The tag and notebook panels have been done away with. Very good call. It doesn't take long at all to readjust to the shuffling around of some features. The interface is way more cleaner and brings in some of the design elements I like about the "new" Web Client. Pop-out note panels do not look antiquated and look really, really good on Windows 10. Welcome to 2016 Evernote Windows! I'm not sure when the side list snuck in... but it's a great alternative to the top list. You're not kidding when you use the phrase "clean and crisp". It's more of a pleasure to hang out in the Windows client. This has been a long time in coming. Each of the changes I've mentioned off the top of my head are a resounding yes and are very much appreciated! Congratulations Evernote! For the first time in a long time you can legitimately say that you have made search and navigating notes more intuitive. No embellishment in the blog post whatsoever.
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    I believe we can make this possible by introducing a (yet another) registry option which if set to 1 will not close tag picker after the first selection is made. Keep pushing!
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    I truly appreciate the transparancy. It also makes it easier to know what to fight extra for if neccessary. Though I am gonna miss the All Tags view. Mainly because it was great to be able to sort tags by dragging and dropping from the All Tags view into the left panel. Moving a new tag from the bottom to the top of a hiearchy using only the left panel isn't a great experience. Now I've started to create the tag in the hiearchy first while creating a new note, but I prefer the old way where I could focus on finishing the note and to dive into the tag sorting after I was done with the note.
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    Quick update that the latest v6 release has tag inheritance. The behavior can be turned off from the Options settings if it breaks the established structure/workflow.
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    Atlas is being intentionally phased out and it will not come back. This is a deliberate decision, from 2 factors: This feature is used by less than 1% of our users and iOS/Android already phased that out. The service and API we use to power that feature is getting deprecated and we do not have a viable alternative. This is also a conscious design decision and there are no plans to bring those screens back. We believe the current tag system in the left sidebar provides all the previous functionalities in a similar if not better form. Of course, we will keep improving on the current experience to allow easier organization. Please expand on what use cases are now made harder, and we'll see how this can be solved.
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    Exactly -- a design dogma that seems to be driven by people who have a hard time focusing on doing anything unless they are staring at a blank sheet of paper. It seems there is a new generation of designers and users that prefer a "clean" composing environment to having the necessary information and tools displayed and ready to use. I seriously don't get this. OK, I get it that different people have different preferences. @Evernote (@Stephane Lo & @EvernoteAlex): So please don't impose your preference on all users. Please give us choices in the Options/Preferences setting of EN Win and EN Mac. Thank you.
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    Not sure this still works, but try holding the Ctrl key and hitting the sync button. If it works you will be presented with a list of notes that aren't syncing. Edit the notes - edit or add a tag or copy the content to a new note. See if they sync after that..
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    For a while now, I've been using the Windows client at work because I need something more robust than the web version. I need date manipulation for example. Anyway, I updated to the latest version today, and I have to say....it's pretty darn slick. There are some really neat features in there that I would love to see make their way to the Mac. I'd like to see what you all think. I'll try to post some screenshots when I'm back in the office tomorrow. Setting the style for tags and notebooks - Bold, italic, red, green, whatever. Neat feature that allows you to highlight specific items you're always hitting. Popups for Notebooks, Tags, and Shortcuts when using the slim left panel. I'm not saying you get rid of the designated views for Notebooks and Tags, but maybe hovering over the icons in the narrow sidebar causes a pop-up. The ability to take your Shortcuts out of the sidebar and have them in the toolbar at the top. Customizable toolbar = Win! Having the search box over the note list. This just makes a lot of sense. So that's my initial take-away from using it this afternoon. I gotta say, I'm liking it a lot. Here's an image for comparison...from the blog post:
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    I suggest you try it and see if you still agree with yourself. You only see the click-on arrows if you have clicked on a link in the note window (there is no history to navigate otherwise - good design choice from the developer). It is clearly a bug because the keyboard shortcut does something different from the mouse click (it is also a change from version 5). We can debate which behaviour is wrong, but I think if you try it out you will quickly agree with me.
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    I noticed that when I search for notes using more than 3 words (not tags), selecting all notebooks, Evernote starts to show Not responding and freezes the app. Is it a known issue? thanks for attention. update: SO - Windows 10 - 64 bits Evernote Beta Version (attached)
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    Atlas view discarded? Won't come back?
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    DATA CORRUPTED AFTER UPGRADE!!! After the upgrade to this newest release, I created a new note. This seems OK in the windows evernote, but in the Android version, the title of the new note is mixed with the content of an existing note !!! Please solve this crosstalk as soon as possible, I don't dare to use evernote anymore :-)
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    Good Morning Stephane Really like the updates you have included and I'm excited to see that development continues on the Windows version. However there is an item that consistently seems to be missing from the Windows client: the ability to to hand-write and draw within notes. This functionality seems to be available in every other platform with the exception of Windows. Please, please, please add this in - I'm at the point where this is such a real and present issue that when I Google 'evernote to onenote migration' I can see that Microsoft now have official support to move me to OneNote where I can do this: https://blogs.office.com/2016/03/11/make-the-move-from-evernote-to-onenote-today/ I started my paperless journey in OneNote years ago and jumped ship to Evernote because the sync across devices worked reliably and the clean interface was intuitive with adaptation to each platform. Evernote introduced business support and as CTO I rolled it into my business where it thrived. However, Windows10 & Surface are now a thing - and a thing the whole company will move to. This is not going away. I need apps that play well with a touch enabled Windows based devices - Evernote is my only app that doesn't. Microsoft have removed my other barriers to return to OneNote (took them long enough but they are there now). I'm not the only one this applies to - Microsoft have moved and their mass-market product now has the capability to be an Evernote-killer. Help me out - keep the faith - pls add touch support in the Windows client quickly! Cheers, Nick
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    #1 and #2 are still there for me. You'll need to right click on your toolbar to customize. You'll find them in the pop out tray... Drag them to your toolbar. I rather like the trash where it is now... And the fact that notes in trash show up in the search explanation as sort of footnotes.
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    Thank you very much! Now I have much more space on my iPhone. Thanks again!
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    At the end of the day all searches are for notes only. Stack, notebook, tag, text, and values like created are just the tools to find them. Notebook:nbname still works in the search bar as far as I can tell. Positioning of the bar and the way the search builds is definitely superior to the previous method. Losing easy access to saved and recent searches, not so much. Please don't take this as grousing, just providing feedback on a productivity hit for my use case. Looking forward to it.
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    F7 runs a spell check. Ctrl-shift-F5 does nothing. The vertical list (with the notes on the right) is available through the drop-down icon to the left of the search bar. New ways of working...
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    My apologies. Please see correction above.
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    Sorry, but I don't see "Evernote Usage and other settings" in the screen shots I supplied.
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    As business users, we would love to be able to archive emails into notebooks for our clients. Presently, when we move emails into Evernote, no matter by which means (direct email, or any of the various plugins like Office 365 or Google Apps), the created date of the note does not match the actual date of the email. And there is no way to sort by the actual date of the email. Thus, unless we move the email over contemporaneously, it has the wrong date on the resulting note. For this reason, we cannot adopt company-wide Evernote as a repository for client-related emails. Two possible solutions: 1. Give us the option to set the created date of the note to be equal to the set or received date of the email 2. Create a new column to sort by that is tied directly to the email date. If you are adding new columns, add one for sender and recipient too. Note that Mail Butler currently uses option 1 for their solution, but it only works on OSX. Web users and Microsoft users are out of luck. It is also a pretty pricey solution.
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    Congratulations to the team. Out of interest, what exactly was wrong with clicking in the search bar and having your saved searches appear? Or typing in the search bar to find a search? Seemed pretty simple and elegant, all in one place: new searches, recent searches and saved searches. New way kind of makes saved searches not so useful, and the search bar a bit less w/o recent searches, IMO.
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    Hello @Mike Vila, I have gone ahead and viewed the ticket and I appreciate you getting back with me on the ticket number. We are in the last part of the testing phase of the new update for Evernote on Android. The release will come shortly to add some capabilities in the camera department that I think will correct this for you, resulting in better scans for you and everyone that uses Evernote.
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    It's okay that the Mac subject is off topic. I'm interested in learning about it. I've been exploring El Capitan a while back, and I love the way it looks. In support of your side of the story, I've been having so many problems with Windows computers over the years; specifically driver problems. But then again, I'm always trying out new software, so that could be part of the problem. I know we're really getting off topic, but I'm also looking into another operating system called Zorin.
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    I'm not so sure. Corporate owners/users are probably more concerned about security than individuals, not just from hackers and the government, but also from crusaders and competitors. How long has Business been around? How much has encryption improved? I think the comments we have seen from Phil on encryption in recent years don't suggest much interest in encryption for Evernote beyond the sexy thing that was promised more than a year ago. Perhaps they are working on something behind the scenes. I don't know, but I don't think pressure from business clients is likely to sway them. In my experience, many businesses, especially the smaller ones that Evernote Business targets, don't have much interest in encryption, so Phil might well be making a wise choice by deferring development on encryption.
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    When you type in the search field, the search is performed against all your notes, plus inside attached images, PDFs and office documents. This is not basic text editor functionality. Please be assured that we read the forums and are aware of the request. ...that's why text editors don't use the same code for Find and Find & Replace. I'll purchase a year of Evernote premium for the first forum reader who can name a text editor written in the last decade that does not support Find & Replace but does support bold text (as an example). No fair writing your own feature-free editor.
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    This is a minor feature request - let me get a word count for selected text in the info panel, instead of or in addition to the entire note. Cumbersome to do this without some built-in mechanism. Thanks.
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