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    I'm sure for Evernote to woo many of us over from other pen-driven, note-taking apps, we're all going to start asking for our "favorite feature" from the completing apps. For me, my request is for the ability to hand annotate PDFs. Annotating in Evernote is fine, but some of us are less keyboard-driven than others. With thanks for all you do.
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    I've been waiting for this for years, but now I think i have a different approach. One which may be the best in the short term, and something which "kills two birds with one stone" as it makes linux support more of a fringe benefit to a larger customer wish, backups. I want evernote to make my versioned notebooks available in evernote markup as git repositories. And to allow me to update my evernote information from these git repositories. That's it. This is what i am campaigning for now. The rationale: I have an easy backup mechanism - running git clone on a regular basis. Anyone who can use git, will want (and understand) this feature, which would be amazing for Windows, OsX, and Linux. We can then use any other external tool to manipulate EML, and evernote. Even better, i make it easier for linux people (and other computer (ab)users to do whatever they want with regards to automation around my evernote notes. Lowers the barrier for 3rd party integration and innovation on all platforms. So I'm going to create a separate feature request thread on this topic, and I'd appreciate if Linux client wishers gave to +1 it.
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    I've taken points from GTD and TSW. I'm a tag enthusiast; action items are identified by the tag !Actionable (TSW uses Task notebooks) I have three organization steps: Collection, Process, Do 1. Collection - I dump everything into my Inbox notebook, tasks, clippings, etc. I may process the note then or later in a mass cleanup - Various Input Methods Manual Notes Web clippings Scanner and Camera IFTTT - I make sure all my task/todo items are in Evernote 2. Process Shortcut Process-Inbox - identify actionable notes - tag as !Actionable - move notes from my Inbox notebook to Filing notebook Shortcut Process-Actionable - identifies all tasks with no priority (date frame) - specify a project id tag - Identify priority by date frame Date specific notes are assigned a Reminder Date Notes for immediate work are assigned a current Reminder date If there is no specific date, I use generic tags; Later/Someday Next Actions are flagged 3. Do As mentioned above, Notes are identitied with priority (date frame) I have three GTD list shortcuts Now identifies notes to be acted on for the current date (based on Reminder Date) Next identifies next actions not covered by the Now shortcut Projects identifies project master notes Periodically Projects are reviewed and the reminder dates are adjusted for notes as required Archive: I just use a generic !Archive tag to exclude notes from my searches Tools - Notebooks Inbox, Filing - Reminder Date for date specific notes - Tags: I use ?Who, !What, @Where. When class tags - Shortcuts; can be tags, notebooks, searches or a combination . Process-Inbox, Process-Actionable, Process-Projects . Now/Next/Later/Someday; specifies task priority; Now is driven by Remider Date . Project Id; Group tasks for project reviews - Script (Apple) and IFTTT recipes . Start my daily journal note . Perform backups . Begin note with template - Templates (notes in Envernote) - Email > Evernote . On my iPad, I just forward my email to my Evernote address . On my Mac, I have a tool to do a more direct transfer - Calendar Collector from Cronofy which automatically creates a calendar event when I add a Reminder date Backups - As a Mac user, I have time machine backups, but I’ll probably never use them - I consider the Evernote web servers and the copy of notes on my Ipad as part of my backup process.. - External (iCloud) A full HTML backup is stored externally A full Enex backup is stored externally and updated weekly Previous day changes exported to html and enex; Evernote also has a Note History feature
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    Qual a vantagem de quatro contas com esse propósito? Acho que fica difícil até de gerenciar tudo. Não seria melhor criar cadernos para cada perfil?
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    This th is sad. Fortunatelly I found workflowy to order my GTD, and google drive do the rest. Shame on you apple kids. No offline option, the beta is horrible...Shame on you
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    Disdain? you've missed the point completely. From the beginning most of the posters here wanted nothing more than to use the best quality app for note taking on linux. The moderators/gurus of the board have repeatedly expressed the fact that Evernote has no plans to build an evernote client. Most of the the posts have been extremely dismissive and quite frankly obnoxious to those trying to drum up support for their cause. It's been pointed out that it's just not in their strategy... WE, the linux advocates feel Evernote lost it's way and choose to share an opinion. It's been pointed out that Linux will NEVER be in their strategy (Which is weird unless you are an employee, board member or making things up). So what's their strategy, making gray and green backpacks or desk chotckies? Crappy food apps that take pictures of your food? The article references a tumultuous year for Evernote. I want them to succeed more than anything and in order to do that they should listen to a decent sized customer base that they've been ignoring. You can argue that they've "Done their due diligence, and the market isn't there". Ultimately, their due diligence has caused problems of late. Lastly, I point out that Microsoft is fully embracing linux and porting it's .net runtime and development platform to it. I'm sure they've done their due diligence and have a much better strategy laid out than Evernote based on their current state. The sarcastic LOL in my post was based on the fact that you've repeatedly expressed your negative opinions in this thread where it wasn't even warranted. When rightfully so people pointed out evernotes current "issues" you sugar coated it and tried to make it seem normal to meet your dismissive agenda. Fact of the matter is they are in trouble and unless you want to use Google Keep or Onenote, it may be in your interest to advocate for a quality linux client.
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    I have been a Penultimate user on my IPAD for over 5 years. I have meeting notes that are very important that I now struggle to access. I have about 275 notebooks and this app can not handle the searching. There should be a quick way to put noets in alphabetical order or date order (like previous version) Then I could easily jump to that letter. The searching today pulls a letter from every single notebook, then gets overloaded and shuts down. I'd like the option to limit the search to the notebook titles. Please fix this bug and make search improvements. I do not want to start over with a new app. Feeling frustrated
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    Hi. Welcome to the forums. My recommendation would be to download the app (it is free) and give it a try. Yes, you can alphabetize (sort by note title in alphabetical order). By the way, I have never heard of a 1200 dollar iPad. I would return it if you can to get your money back. Whoever you bought it from overcharged you by as much as 700 dollars.
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    @euevernote thank you for actually posting a solution.
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