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    I developed a web-service which enables evernote users to automate there evernote. The application has three major features: Automatically adding parent tags from tag hierarchies Create rules to modify notes (change tags, move to notebook, organize reminders, share with friends, change title, ...) depending on configurable conditions, whenever notes are updated or created Export your reminders as *.ics file. These files could be subscribed or add to most common calendar applications. With this you can see all your evernote reminders in your calendar app. I'm looking for users for testing my service. You can start as beta tester via this link: filterize.net. Using this link, you can test the service for free until end of June. For feedback you can contact me via different channels. As I like my weekends and I'm also on a normal job you get response within 3 days for every feedback. But if it is not night in Germany you will get it much faster. ;-) Direct contact via email: beta@filterize.net Using personal message within this forum Feedback and feature request could be discussed on the filterize-facebook-page Bugs can be postet on the bug tracker I setup a newsletter for announcements I hope you enjoy the web-service. Start testing now! Update #1: We are in stable status now for standard accounts (Free, Plus, and Premium). Thanks a lot to all testers! Now, we are working on business accounts. If you are interested in testing for business, let me know. Best regards, Pascal Held
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    Hello, Can the version of Evernote in the Amazon app store add compatibility for BlackBerry 10 devices as they can run android applications please? Thanks.
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    Only until recently have users created Stylish themes for the New Evernote Web Client. I spent a considerable amount of time tweaking my own style... and I've just put up the CSS code for it here: https://userstyles.org/styles/125791/midnight-ocd-for-evernote-web I call it Midnight OCD. Enjoy!:
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    Similar to what @csihilling suggested, you could do this: Assign a tag of "drupal.s" to all Notes in your "drupal" shared notebook Then if you want a search of all "drupal" (from all Notebooks) it would be: tag:drupal* If you want a search of anything but don't want to include the "drupal" notebook: -tag:drupal.s Obviously you can restrict your searches to either by: tag:drupal tag:drupal.s To find notes in the "drupal" notebook that are missing the "drupal.s" tag: notebook:drupal -tag:drupal.s
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    I have gotten to the point where I'm putting just about everything into EN...except program/ZIP/binary etc. files. those I keep in Dropbox. For awhile I tried spreading stuff out among different cloud services...just too much to keep track of (though I could keep a list in EN to track what I have where...) :-) Eric
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    Actually Frank, are you aware of what the EN Web Clipper does? If you are using the Gmail web interface, when you have a message open and click on the web clipper icon in Chrome, you get a slightly different screen...that allows you to clip the email with all, some or none of the source chain. I just found out about it- and its cool- I used to have to make sure that I had the previous message quotes open in the last message then clip that one...now it does it all automatically. And...it also provides a link back to the message in Gmail. For me though, once I save a message in Gmail (and it's usually an email with some information I want to keep, but not necessarily reply to) I usually delete it in Gmail. Eric
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    Obviously note, you have tried to do it the right way- and for whatever reason, it hasn't worked. I'm sorry to hear that you are moving away from EN. My experience has been different- while there have been a few glitches along the way, I have a rather large Premium account (not as large as yours) and the support and payment issues have been really none. However in this case, I think the main issue is more a user who instead of going the "right" route (get in touch with EN support, open a ticket, etc...) decides to go the way that a lot of people seem to think will get the most attention and help- scream and yell in a forum. And for the record, since he did not indicate that he has tried to contact support, I have to assume that he hasn't. I nall the times I have needed to reach out to support, m y requests have been handled quickly and resolved. I currently have an open request for an issue involving imported text files which didn't import well and caused sync issues- the rep admitted that they are working to improve therir text editor to be able to ingest 100% of whatever someone can throw at it. Fortuetely, I still had the source files and can manually cut and paste the 6-7 files into notes. Now, we are trying to figure out what in the text files is giving EN gas. :-) Eric
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    There is a detailed description in the evernote reference. The main idea is, that third-party apps are allowed to do a limited number of request per time unit (normally one hour). This is a per user limit, so if one user reaches that limit for an app other users are not effected. This means, that if there are a lot of change within a short time, only the first success, while the others fail. This happen this week for two users, because they want to change about 500 notes within some minutes. It is possible to detect this rate limitation, what is implemented now. If the app runs into rate limit, all pending changes will be queued and processed as soon as the rate limitation is gone. So in the future, if you want to do a lot of changes, some of them will happen immediately and if rate limit is active the others will be processed later.
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    This is a known issue in both EN Win and EN Mac. It was resolved recently in EN Mac 6.5 with the introduction of a new "Code Block" feature. Hopefully this will be coming to EN Win very soon.
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    Noted - just a workaround in case you didn't know. The request is made - now there's just the waiting... Oh - and (from another post) - In WPS office you can connect Evernote as Cloudspace - edit and save word and excel documents directly to Evernote Just sayin'
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    I already have snap installed, but I like the auto update feature from the amazon app store
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    Caveat: Don't own a BB10, haven't tried this but: see below... (from a previous thread) Install Snap on BlackBerry 10 for unlimited Android app access This free apps mimics the Play Store on your BlackBerry 10 device, giving you access to all your favorite Android apps. A free app called Snap is available for BlackBerry 10 devices running OS and above. The app mimics Google's Play Store, providing you access to the same apps you would find in the Play Store on an Android device. The benefit of using this over the Amazon method is that not all developers release apps in Amazon's store, opting instead to stick with Google only. Snap does require you to sideload the app on your BB10 device, meaning you can't download it from BlackBerry World. Full information and instructions on this link http://www.cnet.com/uk/how-to/install-snap-on-blackberry-10-for-unlimited-android-app-access/ This would allow you to install more Evernote apps if you wish. Note: there's a known problem with 'work perimeter' settings. If the device is on work only wifi, things should work as normal. Where communications pass through the cellular network however, the line passes through Blackberry servers and a proxy address is required, which Evernote devices don't have. EN were working to fix this. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/81085-bb10-evernote-enterprise-environment-firewall/#entry347971
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    Being a LONG time TeX/LaTeX user (since 1987) and have writing & published >100 papers, 2 books, and a PhD Thesis, mostly all written in Latex, I don't think you're going to get an Evernote/LaTeX mix that's going to be perfect and make everyone happy. I've experimented a lot with the various offerings and I usually simply return to using stand-alone LaTeX and sharing the resulting PDF. MathJaX is very nice, is used on a number of Blogs, is used by a number of Physics/Math journals for HTML versions of papers. Some ideas for the developers to chew upon. adopt a "cell" structure as in Mathematica where opening the cell reveals the Latex code. This seems to be a good compromise allowing one to see pretty equations and go back to edit them later. develop a Mathematica plug-in...which in and of itself would be very cool by the way. develop a Latex tag for the entire Note that produces a "compiled" PDF or viewable doc viewed in parallel to the Latex source. In my own Ludite opinion, a WYSIWYG Latex editor is rather contrary to the original philosophy of using Latex...where the formatting was secondary to the actual content of the doc.
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    Hi rs211, eatags eperience with LaTeX can be improved very much. We will try to work with them on it.
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    My workflow has been greatly influenced by GTD and the TSW (The Secret Weapon) web site which discusses applying GTD to Evernote. >> How many notes before it becomes really hard to use a notebook? I have 65 in my largest and 370 overall. I seems like it's already getting hard to use with this scale. I only use a single notebook with 6500 note - no issues yet. You shouldn't be having system problems As to use problems - the notes are there if I need them, but I'm probably only using less than 10 on a regular basis. >>For the really heavy Evernote users how to reach anywhere near 10GB for premium? I use my Evernote everyday, but don't get anywhere close to 1GB. Thats the upload limit, per month. The only way I can see exceeding that if I have to reinstall my data base a few times. >>Does anyone know of a notebook mark to put notebooks at the bottom that isn't the letter Z? Most special characters bring the notebook to the top, I just want a couple low priority ones to be at the bottom. I usually use zz. prefix to make it distinct from the title >>Is there a way to search by note title? The search function seems to only search by note text? Check out the Evernote Search Grammar You can use search intitle:xxxxxx >>For scaling up in large Evernote uses do you find yourself using very large notes or several notes? Tags or several notebooks? - Small notes work better for me I have master notes, with links to the subnotes. - I'm a tag person For some people, tags and notebooks are interchangeable however each has special characteristics - example, you can have more than one tag per note - example, notebooks can be shared or local >>create new notes for next actions and individual items I've never got too hung up on the Next Action label. All items go into my Inbox notebook, and then I process them and flag the ones that are !Actionable. - This includes all tasks - even if they're not next action. - For priority/scheduling, I apply When (Now, Soon, Later, Scheduled, Waiting) tags Now/Soon correspond to the GTD Next Action concept
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    Never get close to 1GB a month myself, current DB is 14GB. Z is it for sorting to the bottom AFAIK. intitle:"what you are searching" Sort by most used is not available. Many small notes seems to work better than few big notes for most. You can search the forum for GTD or TSW or task management and find quite a few threads detailing different use cases. Not to mention do a search on tags vs notebooks to see all the different perspectives on many/few notebooks and many/few tags and how to combine the two. No particular right ways, it ends up being what works best for you.
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    Hi. Understandable frustration, but not useful in a user forum. You really need to raise a support request or use the Chat feature on the support page to get this resolved. I've reported your post in hopes a forum admin can assist. When you get a support ticket number, please post it here to get more help.
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    I've got the same problem here on my iPad, iOS8.4, newest EN-version, not just with a few files, it's actually spreading out and affecting a lot of my pdfs. It starts to reach a point for me where Evernote becomes a serious problem for me as I rely on it... I've tried to completely erase the app from the iPad, re-installing, re-syncing for offline use, that made matters even much worse. I'm a bit at loss right now, I can't really switch from Evernote, but with these problems I can't really work with it either ... If anyone has an idea: please come out with it!!!!
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    So strange that I can't find way to remove this feature, it's so annoying. When I talk to Apple they say the problem is in Evernote and here it seems the problem is in IOS. I lean to the latter dince it does the same in Notes. Did you ever find a way to prevent links? I know it's been four years since you asked but I still have the problem. Or can anyone else help? Remove automatic linking when writing notes. When I write bank account numbers or time intervals it perceives them as trlephone numbers. AAaargh. Thanks.
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