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    I use the Quick Note feature in the menubar all of the time, why can't I add Tags to the notes that I create? or choose the relevant Notebook? It's part of the web clipper, why is it not part of this feature? Is it because of some technical limitation? Otherwise this a really obvious omission, that hasn't been addressed for a long time, especially as Evernote is fundamentally built around tagging and notebooks! I hope it can be implemented, as without it I'm having to use this annoying, inelegant, 2 step workaround: 1) Start every Quick Note with "TAG TAG TAG TAG!!" as the first line, so it stands out to be processed during those times when I actually do need to fire up the full Evernote app (I know I can search for notes without tags, but I have to remember to do that, rather than be reminded by something that immediately stands out from the rest of my notes). 2) Process the notes by deleting the "TAG TAG..." line, cutting and pasting the title from the note into the title field, adding tags, and changing the notebook if ness. Then repeat! This all becomes pretty laborious over time. Please, Evernote Team, find a way to add the following: The same syntax that we use when sending notes by email into Evernote (#tag @notebook) Or Dedicated fields, with keyboard shortcut (control-tab?) to navigate to them Or Both options (preferred) You have produced a vital and fantastic piece of software that is a central part of my digital world (and I'm not blowing smoke here, I seriously love it, well done), and I want to be clear that I realise I'm focussing on one small issue with what is otherwise a very complete and well thought out product and service! However, the issue is important and annoyingly lacking.
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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    During this winter break, I have decided that I want to spend my leisure time reading textbooks and taking notes on them. The one frustrating thing about it though is that some images don't load and are replaced by this symbol. I copied large chunks of my notes, deleted them, then pasted them elsewhere in those notes, and then that comes up. However, this happens with chunks of text that I don't copy and paste (move around). This also happened when I had 60 files in my mathematics folder, but I deleted the ones that I didn't need anymore (the pictures) and emptied the trash. However, it does happen with images not deleted. I do not know what to do. How should I go about fixing this? I'm using the free Evernote, and everything is up-to-date.
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    Hello all, I am notorious for making lists of things to do and then shoving them into my bag and never looking at them again so up to now the "keeping it in the brain" thing has mostly worked for me (please don't turn me in to the GTD police!) However, as I'm getting older and busier there's too much to keep track of and not only do things fall through the cracks more often, I feel like my current methodology (?!) is severely impeding my personal growth. Over the years I've tried various paper and digital methods and can't seem to make any of them stick. The one constant I have is EN since I almost always have the desktop client open all the time at work and at home so...I would like to try to attempt to use it as a to-do list. I've toyed with this idea the past few months and read a number of posts here as well as external blog posts about how people organize EN in general and also organize it for tasks. I have some ideas but haven't quite settled on anything that I think will work for me. I love gathering information from multiple sources and then piecing how-to ideas together in a way that is agreeable with the way my brain likes to work. If you use EN for tasks/to-dos would you care to share your setup? Do you have one giant task note? Separate notes by project/subject? One note for each individual task? Templates? Tagging? Reminders? Feel free to be as simple or detailed as you want in your explanation and also share links to any favorite article, blog post, shared note/notebook (because Evernote!) resources you may have. Thanks in advance!
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    Given the abandonment of Clearly, it would be great to offer a few custom settings for Simplified View in the Web Clipper (like the Clearly settings below), mainly color and font.
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    I use Windows Surface devices and Samsung Android Note devices I would like to see better inking support with Evernote. Specifically, the ability to write and edit ink notes across multiple platforms. This functionality exists today with higher functionality on OneNote for free. I am a long time Evernote premium subscriber and I have been disappointed in the lack of development on inking. Skitch is/was terrible. Penultimate is iOS only and the native inking on Windows and Android are not cross platform compatible in a useful way that OneNote is.
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    @tavor There's a difference, but upon further review, what you asked appears possible. We'll have to devote further research.
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    @tavor Can't find any way to get new tasks into their system. Would be fun if we could find a way. Their API seems focused on habits, not tasks.
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    csihilling - Before eafpres mentioned excluding a Notebook from a search, I had never tried. I tried it 3 times and it seem to work fine. So, I posted a reply to his. Given your reply to me, I tried it again. It worked again. However, what I decided is that it worked for me in those 4 instances because of the syntax structure and content I use in the Titles of my Notes. So, I stand corrected. I agree with you (and eafpres) that EN doesn't provide that capability.
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    Several great ideas to deal with here. This is true in the abstract, but in practice, I find it wrong. I'll give an example. Say your TM system works as is, but changing it would save you as little as 5 minutes a week. Say it takes 3 hours to master the new system. Breakeven becomes pure math at that point (180/5 = 36 weeks). The payoff begins in less than a year. How long is your professional life. I find the moral of that quote is more about not frequently changing before you realize the benefits of the current system and have some analysis of the benefits of the new system to actual productivity before committing to a switch. This was our biggest challenge with every TM system until we read Michael Linenberger's Total Workday Control. The book has many good ideas, but the "a ha" for us was due dates suck (title of future blog post). Life in complex organizations means self-imposed due dates always get pushed and prioritization is fluid. We needed to build a process that allows quick re-prioritization and FOCUS so we can accomplish what is needed today. We've been able to build an acceptable system using many task managers; each with its tradeoffs. Daily/Weekly reviews make sure stuff gets shifted appropriately, but such "planning" is incredibly well spent time. It feels like a lot, but 2-3 hrs/week is fine if you intend to measure twice and cut once. We agree. Evernote is a great place to keep data. We find it's not so great a place for action items. Data seems to stay static longer and action items seem to have several fluid aspects to them that make managing them in Evernote more challenging (even with TSW). For us, our action items had changing due dates, priorities and often assignees. We needed a system to deal with this. There were many task managers that addressed these issues, but they all tied to Evernote via the Note Title/Reminders because that's the way the Evernote API works. That's great if each of your tasks is represented as a note, but it doesn't work if you take meeting notes and have several resulting tasks in one note. We created TaskClone to get those tasks out of Evernote and into any of 40+ task apps. Azendoo followed us an integrated this ability with their task app and Swipes followed them and did the same. None of us are perfect, but we address a particular issue of getting your tasks into a proper task management system.
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    Complete tasks? Are you mad? The point of technology is managing tasks to give us a sense of order, but never having to complete them.
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    When I set up RTM, it was based on David Allen's GTD system. So for every project, hobby, etc. (each of which is a list in RTM), there are tasks that are next actions, and those all filter into my overwhelming 'Next Action' smartlist. I suppose what I need to do is use RTM's prioritization tags (priority 1, 2, 3, no priority), then create smartlists that contains only priority 1 or priority 1 & 2 tasks to create a list I can look at in the morning and feel motivated, not overwhelmed.
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    What is your definition of "Next Action" In my projects I may have a list of Actions, but the ones flagged as Next is very compact. Also, my Next Actions are further defined by a When attribute. If they aren't flagged as Now or Soon I'm not looking at them on a daily basis.
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    Welcome to my world! The problem with any task management system is information overload. It's too easy to spend more time 'maintaining' the system - which includes rescheduling tasks you had down for today but didn't get around to - than actually working on the tasks. I don't know if any system is perfect. As I said my principle TM is TickTick - which will automatically carry tasks over from one day to the next if it's not done - but I also use Workflowy / Kanban / MindMapping tools from time to time to replan, or just to list what's outstanding and reappraise tasks and deadlines. And I still ***** up. Not often, but still... I had a presentation assigned to me a long while ago that was kind've a Socratian (Socratean?) exercise; "compare the benefit of quantity over quality" which was enlightening - I convinced myself (and an audience) that being good enough most of the time was actually necessary in business if things weren't to grind to a halt. Hence I spend minimal time maintaining the actual mechanism of my TM system, but I do review, replan and reset it on a regular basis. That old Plan / Do / Review thing... Good to see the net nanny is still with us... I forgot!
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    Hi everyone, Earlier today my Mac crashed before I had a chance to sync a few new notes, and to my annoyance, once I logged back in the notes seemed to have vanished into thin air. After digging around in the temp files though, I was thankfully able to recover these precious notes. I'm sharing the steps here to potentially save others some headaches: 1. Go to the hidden Evernote folder: - Open Finder, and open "Go"/ "Go to Folder ..." from the menu bar - Type in " ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote" 2. Inside this folder, go to "Data/Library/Application Support/ com.evernote.Evernote/accounts. You'll see a number of folders with cryptic numeric names -- each of these correspond to an account. If you have multiple accounts, you'll have to dig around in here to figure out which folder corresponds to which account. 3. Go into the folder for the account in question, and open the 'content' folder. Each of the folders inside 'content' correspond to a note -- all unsynced notes will be here as well! Use quicklook on the "snippet.txt" file to see the content of the note. To retrieve the note with formatting intact, copy the note.xhtml file to another folder, rename it to '.html', open it in a browser, and then copy-paste back into Evernote. Hope this helps people, and let me know if you have any questions! - K
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    This is actually still a problem in EN 6.4. I too am experiencing annotation "freezing" every couple of minutes. It's very annoying especially while in class and attempting to jot down notes. I'm also using El Capitan and have attempted to report the problem to EN support (a couple of times), but they say they can't replicate it. I went as far as to record my screen and showing them that it does indeed occur. I guess all there is to do is shrug and suffer until EN tries harder to fix it?!
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    @csihilling@Analyst444@JMichaelTX@jbenson2 Thanks for your feedback. A few thoughts. Analyst444: Search cannot exclude a notebook name. That is the basic thing I'm working around. Your comment has to do with the search of things within notebooks. This is what csihilling was commenting on. jbenson2: I understand the process you mention and use it frequently. My request would be an efficiency improvement for a workaround caused by the major limitations of Evernote search grammar. I do use clipper extensively in my research, and it is somewhat trainable as you note. I like it as it is correct about 50% (considering its choice of notebook and tags; for notebooks alone it is probably 75%). JMichaelTX: I have read and participated (in the 2nd) the threads you note, but thank you. I appreciate your dedication to Evernote, and your frequent suggestions. I'll look again at eliminating notebooks. I think that the main thing I like about notebooks is they are nicely arranged in the left panel. This allows me to see a "filtered" list of notes without doing a search. Other than that they are not too important (but I"m used to them )
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    Re: Shared Notebooks and Tagging As per @gazumped concept For some of my shared notebooks, the sharees use a special code for example tag?-xxxx in the note It serves two purposes - a request to the notebook owner to add a tag - allows tagging without messing up everyone else's tag list These can be found easily by using saved searches For example, if your personal process to tag urgent items as !When-Now and the sharee wants to use !Urgent, they can use tag?-!Urgent Your search for urgent items would be tag:When-Now, their search would be for both terms.
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    I'm the founder of TaskClone, a service that extracts tasks from Evernote and sends them where you want. We got started because we didn't feel Evernote was a great place to manage tasks even though it's great for capturing them. However, if you're stuck on working within Evernote, our free version takes tasks from any note and aggregates them in a single note. You set a designated tag as the trigger to send the tasks. On our Premium plan can also set up to 5 different notes/categories and send different tasks to different notes based on the trigger tag. There's also The Secret Weapon system and Evernote Ambassador Stacey Harmon has a comprehensive review on How to Manage Tasks with Evernote. Our paid plans also allow you to send tasks to task apps like IQTell, Wunderlist, Todoist and 40+ others. We find that task management workflows are highly individual and evolutionary. Good luck
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    Just in case, I was able to fix this by removing gdipp, I had installed it on windows 7 to smoother fonts on the system. But on windows 10 it makes fuzzy fonts.
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    Hi Mike, Skitch will still work and sync up to Evernote like gazumped said and accomplish what you are needing for the time being. You should still be able to access the Skitch application if you had previously downloaded it by going to your "My apps & games" tab in the Google Play Store and going to the "All" section. Other alternatives include Ashampoo Snap, Nimbus Clipper, and Screenshot Capture to name a few. All of the mentioned items can be found in the Google Play Store.
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    Then why use Notebooks? With the exception of sharing and offline mobile storage, I believe there is little need for notebooks. You can use tags as pseudo Notebooks. For more info see: Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks Do you find lots of notebooks or notebook stacks useful?
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    Asked for many times, no clue as to where it sits in EN's development cycle, if at all. Meanwhile a workaround some have used is to create a second account for the above notes and then sharing that account/notebook(s) with their prime notebook. FWIW.
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    Hello joelh, No worries. I have sent you an email and a ticket has been created now.
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    Hi. Briefly, yes - get two accounts and share one or more notebooks between them. If the assistant will do most of the keying, set up the main notebook structure in that account and share notebooks to another one which will be yours. If you try to edit a note which your assistant is also working on, you'll get a warning that someone else is making changes. That wouldn't happen if it was a single account and the computer believed that both sets of entries were coming from one user.
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    In Windows, if you set the registry key HKCU/Software/Evernote/Evernote/SetNewNoteTags value to 1 it will create new notes in in the tags view and assign any currently selected tags to the new note. It works great.
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    Haven't we all? The problem with using Evernote as your primary ToDo list manager is that, IMO, it requires too much work, too many manual steps that have to be repeated day in and day out. I believe that translates to ultimately "making lists of things to do and then shoving them into my bag and never looking at them again". Evernote will not change your basic habits or discipline. I really like IQTell. It can easily handle simple ToDo tasks, like grocery lists, as well as more complex projects like home remodeling, travel planning, event planning, and traditional business project management. It tightly integrates with Evernote, so you can create/initiate actions/tasks from Evernote with a simple tag, and use Evernote notes to support IQTell tasks. IQTell also has easy-to-use, built-in support for teams, like your family, club, or business. You can, of course, review the IQTell site, but maybe the best, easiest way to get an overview is this video: Get Started with IQTell - short video One of the IQTell features I really like is the Home screen, or Dashboard. It shows: List of Actions you have selected to work on now Watch Llst of Next Actions, Overdue, Today, This week Upcoming events They have a free trial that syncs with Evernote. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
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    Exactly. Evernote should print this in large bold letters, and place on top of every designer's monitor. For a great demo of this, see Contrast Rebellion .
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    These nearly 80 year old eyes can manage the pale green font. Not great but I can manage. It is not a deal killer. OTOH, the faded fonts are challenging and incredibly tiring. First year design students learn "Form follows function." If it can't be read, it doesn't matter how pretty it is. Use green in the trim but not in the text. Really like the new forum generally. I didn't understand the navigation very quickly but I am learning.
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    It isn't remembering I am signed in. I logged in to post last night, closed the tab in Safari, close my macbook, and went to bed. Woke up this morning and clicked on an email link and it took me to the article, but I wasn't logged in. When I did log in - which didn't require a password by the way, just pressing login seemed to work - it took me to a generic page, not the post I was at.
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    Actually... it would be great to add "Reminders" to the Home Screen as it's own entity (currently this is not an option). Sometimes I just want to see what my Reminders are at a glance... Why do I have to go into "Notes" to do so? Seems inefficient and this would solve the visual mis-cue.
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    On notes list, there's a Reminders bar at the top with alarm click icon. Normally in iOS apps this is where search bar would be placed to filter current list, for example in mail app. This Reminders bar is also looks too much like a search field. I keep clicking it when I want to search notes. Maybe it should be changed to look not like search input field.
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    freyja313 - So much of what I have read over the years about task management focuses on the capturing all the tasks and organizing them somehow. Evernote users have pretty much mastered that part of it. However, that can be a daunting task because there can be so much to do. Even you said, "there's too much to keep track of". So, I'd like to suggest that you consider changing your perspective and begin focusing on prioritizing your tasks. - - - Here's an approach. Many years ago, a boss taught me a simple scheme for prioritizing tasks. It goes like this: Categorize every task on the basis of two factors: Importance and Urgency. Here is the sequence in which you then work on the tasks. - First, work on those tasks which are Important and are Urgent. - Then, work on those tasks which are Important, but not Urgent. - Then, work on those which are not Important, but are Urgent. - Never spend any time on tasks which are not Important and not Urgent. One way to apply this scheme with Evernote is to create 4 Tags: - ImportantYesUrgentYes - ImportantYesUrgentNo - ImpotantNoUrgentYes - ImportantNoUrgentNo Whenever a new task comes your way, immediately apply the tag that is appropriate. To determine what to work on next, have Evernote search for the appropriate tag, per the list above.
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    I use EN for all of my tasks and to-dos, I like to keep stuff in one place if I can. Generically I break tasks into three categories; date specific to-dos, not date specific to-dos, and items to review. I use my incarnation of The Secret Weapon (TSW), EN reminder functionality, and saved searches to manage the process. For date specific items I use the EN reminder functionality with saved searches for !Today, !Late, !Tomorrow, and !Next.7.Days. I keep !Today and !Late in the shortcut bar for quick access. For not date specific to-dos I use TSW. The tags I use are !1-Now, !2-Next, !3-Soon, !4-Later, !5-Someday, and !7-Read. I periodically review the notes and adjust the tags to represent the priority and move things to !1-Now as tasks are completed. I have a tag !LM for phone call follow up. I keep !1-Now and !LM in the shortcut bar for easy access. I also use !LM for follow up, that's why !6 is missing. For review items I use tags of !Daily, !Weekly, !Monthly, and !Quarterly on notes I want to be sure and glance at on a periodic basis. I also use a recurring reminder generated by FollowUpThen as a back up trigger so I'm sure to review these items. Typically these items are more thoughtful, but can also include a credit from someplace that I have a period of time to use and just don't want to deal with it re a date or TSW. Some tasks require a note to be created to support the reminder or tag. Sometimes the reminder or tag is applied to a note that already exists (a statement for example which requires followup of some sort). I avoid putting multiple to-do's in the same note and then it has to be one that is already existing. I do not create notes that only contain check box to-do's. However, most, but not all of the task notes have a check box(es) followed by the action in the note. Some notes move from TSW to dated should the priority change. Dates trump TSW in my scheme. When I complete an item I have a PhaseExpress hot key that inserts _Completed mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:xM in the note. I use the _ because _completed makes for a unique search. Same goes for preceding the TSW tags with !. I mark the reminder as done or remove the ! tag when the task is done and just leave the note in the same notebook. Check boxes are checked when the action is complete. Net of it all, three clicks on the shortcut bar and I can very quickly see the list of today's dated items, !1-Now items and any !LM items. On the desktop I typically use EN without the left panel showing (F10) with the left panel in list view (Shift-Ctrl-F5). This gives me note titles on the left and the note content on the right.. I put the searches on the front of the shortcut bar so that they are visible on my IOS devices for easy access there as well FWIW.
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    I'm using Evernote, Windows 7 I'm having alphabetization problems when I rename notebooks. The previous comment that "Just clicking on the 'X' may not be enough" is the problem for me, as well. Closing the program with File --> Exit or Ctrl-Q does refresh the alphabetization for me.
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