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    Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and something simple like that would be a good start for Evernote. The name Evernote implies a product that takes notes -and collapsible/expandable outlines are a huge part of note taking.
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    Dear All, I really would love to see a solution for archiving notes. I've been using for 4 years and now I have some notes that I want to keep in the system, but want to remove from my search. As time goes, my search are getting more difficult to separate valid information and archived information. Like we have Notes, Notebook, Tags, Atlas, Market and Premium button on the Mac version, I dream with an Archive button. Every note I move to this icon will make it not searchable, unless I'm searching inside the Archive View. You could even move a completely Notebook. I have many scenarios where this is valid, some of them here: You finished a graduation course full of notes and you want these notes in a place that you may need but normally it will not be part of your search or have a distract visual in All Notes ViewYou closed a company and want all the notes in a special placeYou may not want to have this Archive notes in your local hard disk, unless you click "Download"You prepare for a vacation and suddenly canceled. You want to have this hide in some place but not displaying all the time. I think it would be a great feature. Thank you, Patrick Santana
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    Hope to be able to create & edit table in iPad or even iPhone like what I can do in Mac.
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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    gazumped, Thank you for that additional guideline on what to watch for in approaching limits, as this was a huge concern of mine and I'll followin your advice!
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    まだベータ版で改良の余地があるだろうとの想いで、以下。 1,サムネイル下位互換のオプションが欲しい 2,PDF表示のバグ、二年ほど放置されているがこの機会に修正をして欲しい。 サムネイル生成のアルゴリズムが変わったようで文字情報を重視するようになっている。 Evernoteの挙動を考慮しサムネイルを見やすいように書いていたノートが全滅。 私は画像を認知キーにしているのでサムネイルに文字情報は不要。 ノート先頭に画像を配置し付随するメモはその下に書いていた。 フォントを小さくすることでサムネイルにおける文字領域の占有スペースも小さくさせることができた。 ところがVer5では文字情報の表示エリアを固定で大きく取り、その分画像のエリアが削減。 しかもその画像が勝手にトリミングされており画像をキーにノートを識別していた私にはすこぶる使い勝手が悪くなった。 自由度の高いアプリなので色々な使い方があり、色々な要望が寄せられそれらをフィードバックした結果だとは思いますが。 せめて過去バージョンと互換性を保つようなオプションを付けて欲しい。 Evernote社は若い会社です。恐らく設計も実装もアジャイルでやっているのでしょうが、それはそろそろ卒業してください。 せめてアジャイルで設計するのは辞める時期ではなかろうか。 PDF表示のバグ。 横レイアウトのPDFを貼り付けると勝手に縦用紙想定にされ下側に無駄なスペースが付加されるバグ。 おそらく数行のソースコード修正で治るはずですよ。 アジャイルで実装してるからこういうバグがいつまでたっても放置される。 Ver5でも治ってない。 アジャイル辞めなさい。 きちんと設計してきちんと実装する。 そろそろそういう会社になってください。 よかれと思っての改良でしょうが、一方で混乱を招いています。 ゆえに基本設計はきちんとやらなければならないのです。
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    If we're talking platforms other than the web, I think the answer is Yes because you're editing a copy on your device. However, this will cause a issue when syncing. Evernote will flag this as a conflict, and it's up to you to sort it out.
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    So create an 'index note' that is a home page for links to your other notes, using the note share URL for the link. All notes need to be public shares. On each of the subpages, provide a link back to the public share URL of the index note. If you only have a few sub-pages you could also add a link to the next note in a series. If you have a lot of notes, some of your sub-pages could have child notes of their own. Basically, use a standard web page structure but link with the shared note URLs rather than web addresses. You then need to send the main home page URL to your audience. If you make further changes to this setup, including when you add or delete pages, your audience will see the most up to date content next time they view.
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    Thanks JM, this is quite interesting. Pseudo NB's seem to provide the visual organization and easy browsing of notebooks, which my tags-only setup is lacking, but without the limitations (limited # of NBs in EN, only 1 NB per note). With only [note categorization] tags, I sometimes feel like my data is all tossed into a huge pile and while EN search is pretty good, the ability to visually browse may put my mind at ease, and allow me to get a handle on things in a way that simply having a retrieval system (EN search) does not. I suppose that slight feeling of uneasiness, which has grown as the # of notes has grown, is what prompted my creating this thread. Definitely worth trying out, and as Analyst444 notes, it's easy enough to make batch changes to notes.
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    I have about 9.000 notes with 7000 tags in a deep hierarchial system, wtih an average of 5 tags per note. I still have 250 notebooks and feel limited by the limitation for number of notebooks. My biggest problem with Evernote is the lack of alternative meta-data fields, which i should be able to use to sort my "search results" by. Today you have three different customizable fields: notebooks, tags and author. This means i can quickly select a notebook from the left menu, and among the notes in that notebook, sort my listed results by the first tag, or by author, while i still see which notebook i am browsing. You loose this possibility if you give up on notebooks as a relevant filter. Some other negatives are the loss of the useful notebooks menu with recently used notebooks for quickly changing and moving notes, which can also be increased in the registry; loss of smaller offline notebooks; loss of automatic notebook picks when clipping; loss of a hiearchial function inside the shortcut menu; loss of an icon set in the shortcut menu, which visually helps you seperate certain containers from others; problems due to iOS lack of support for hierarchial tags, and so on... There are so many more small issues which by themselves are no issue, but all of them together creates a significant loss of functionality.
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    The key, whether Notebooks or Tags, is hierarchical organization. I recently completelly reorganized my Evernote account, moving from having Notebooks as my primary tool, to using tags. I actually find that I now have the best of both worlds, the ability to easily/quicklly find notes by search, and to browse in a setup logical to me. I use tags in two fundamentally different ways: Pseudo Notebooks -- use in place of where you would normally use a notebook. This includes sub-notebooks. Note Categorization -- traditional use of tags to categorize the entity, which can have multiple tags. Can be used across Notebooks, or in this case, across pseudo NBs. See Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks
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    Roz, way to go! I just checked my wife's Mac and, yes, that's the way to get the Note size on your Mac. In regard to the limit, don't worry. I wrote and published a 350 page book on Amazon. As a PDF, it is only a little over 1 MB. So, the 50 MB limit is going to allow you to write several thousand pages before you come close to the limit.
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    久しぶりに目にしたEvernoteのニュースは業績悪化を報じたものだった。 大昔に殴り書いたこの投稿を思い出した。 当時のEvernoteは飛ぶ鳥を落とす勢いだったね。 私のこんな書き込みなど鼻で笑われただろう。 無論それも承知で、そしてこうなることも予想してポストしたが。 いやはや、こうも見事に書いた通りになると愉快だ。 さらなる機能増強でユーザー数が伸び続けると信じていただろう。 その後もアジャイルと場当たり的実装を続けていたようで。ご苦労様です。 こうなったのはフリーミアムが原因では無い。 モバイルOSやサブスクリプション文化が浸透した現代、 ユーザーは低額ソフトやサービスへの支払い抵抗感は随分と下がっている。 端的に言えば複雑すぎてとっつきにくいのだ。 Evernoteを復活させるのは簡単。 きちんと設計をする。 思想を固定しプランを立てて実装をする。 それだけ良い。 アジャイルをやめて、古典的なソフト設計手法をバカにせずに、統率されたチーム開発を行う。 左ペインにツリーがあるのに、中央の一覧ペインでもツリーが呼び出せて、 さらに右ペインでも同様にツリーを開くことが出来る。無駄だ。 恐らくユーザーの要望を場当たり的に追加してこうなったのだろう。 このような冗長機能が散見される。 一見便利なようだが、要望者以外のユーザーには煩雑感を与え、学習コスト(それはほんの僅かだが)を要求している。 人間は無駄や学習や例外を嫌う。 カードビューも一向に改善されない。 Ver4系のサムネイルの方が遥かに見やすかった。 これもユーザー要望の最大公約数実装の結果だろう。しかし中途半端だ。 カード表示をするならば少なくとも画像は高度解析を行い。 画像中の表題部、人の顔、ロゴ部を検知し 人間が認知識別しやすい箇所をインテリジェントに選択的トリミングする程度の事はしなければならない。 それが技術的に困難であればヘタにトリミングするよりも全体表示したほうがマシだ。 機能を削り、学習コストを下げる。ノートに特化したアプリに戻ることだ。 ちなみに、私は今でもWebブックマークとしては使い続けているよ。 かつては名刺管理などにも使っていたがサムネイルビューが廃止されカードビューでは勝手トリミングされるため画像で俯瞰できなくなり別のアプリに移行させたが。 メモ、ノートはOnenoteに移行させた。シンプルで使いやすいもん。 それにしても、カードを解析してパーソナライズ広告が打てるのに。 なぜそのようなマネタイズを行わないのか。 ノートブックに「広告」を強制追加し送りつければ良いのに。不思議だなぁ。 ということで、Evernoteは既にV5.9だが。 Ver6の要望として、アプリのシンプル化ということでよろしくお願いします。
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    Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks My knowledge of how to use Tags continues to evolve. This has been largely due to limitations Evernote has placed on Notebooks. So, the question is: How does one make the best use of the tool they have? Notebooks (NB) are limited to 250. Tags are virtually unlimited at 100,000. Tags can have a hierarchical structure of Parent Tag / Child Tag, much like the folders that you see on your computer. So, if we can model NBs as Tags, then we can effectively have unlimited NBs and sub-NBs. One of the most appealing features of Notebooks (and folders) is how they visually appear. But what if we can do the same visual layout with Tags? Stay tuned to learn how. I use tags in two fundamentally different ways: Pseudo Notebooks -- use in place of where you would normally use a notebook. This includes sub-notebooks. Note Categorization -- traditional use of tags to categorize the entity, which can have multiple tags. Can be used across Notebooks, or in this case, across pseudo NBs. Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks Tags can be organized in hierarchies (meaning Parent-Child relationship). So we can achieve the appearance of Notebooks and sub-notebooks, Without going into a lot of detail at this point, I have created a number of Tags which serve as pseudo Notebooks. Note that all of the pseudo NBs, actually tags, all have a prefix of ".NB.", which makes it easy to identify which tags are pseudo NBs, and will cause them to appear at the top of the Tag list. One great advantage of using tags as pseudo NBs, is that you can assign multiple pseudo NBs to the same Note. Can't do that with actual NBs. Each Note can belong to only one NB. So this allows me, for example, to assign multiple pseudo NBs of .NB.IT, .NB.Business, and .NB.Personal to the same Note, which is the asset record for a new Mac, used in both business and personal activities. Now when I search or filter on any of the 3 pseudo NBs it will find the asset record of my Mac. I now have all of my pseudo NBs that appear at the top of my Tag list, and the pseudo NBs can, and do, have sub-pseudo NBs. Here's an example: As a result, I now have a need for ONLY 3 main Notebooks, plus any Notebooks needed for sharing or mobile offline use: Please feel free to post any questions or comments. EDIT: Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 12:36:27 PM CST For more discussion on pseudo notebooks, see Do you find lots of notebooks or notebook stacks useful?
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    I downloaded the new version 3.1.1 and was unpleasantly surprised by the new uniform thumbnail view of notebook pages. I much preferred the previous view, where the thumbnail displayed the full content of the note. That way when the note was an image, the image took up the full size of the thumbnail. I feel it was much easier to find notes this way, each thumbnail different from the other. As it is now, all the thumbnails look the same. I also preferred the slider to increase and decrease the size of the thumbnails. Please don't make me downgrade! I'm already stuck on Safari 5.0.5 to keep the Evernote plugin intact.
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    さっそくV5をインストールした。30分間使い、 ため息をつき、ブラウザに「Evernote 古いバージョン」と打ち込んだ。 検索トップのリンクをたどると無事4.6.7が手に入った。 V5をアンインストールし、元のマトモに使えるEvernoteに戻すことが出来た。 恐らく、Evernoteはこのまま迷走し続けるだろう。 成功体験に酔った独善的エンジニアの良くある没落プロットを見事に踏襲している。 オジサンの僕はこれまで同様の例を何十も見ているのだよ。 Evernoteは終わった。 とりあえず当面は4.6.7で不満は無い。これもバグだらけだけど、運用で回避出来る。 ただ、もうV4系はメンテナンスされないだろうから、 僕はEvernoteを捨てる準備を始めなければならない。 二つのプレミアムアカウントは解約し、Onenoteかあるいは別の代替手段を探らなければならない。 非常に残念だ。 検索ボックスの位置変更など許容範囲だ、数日で慣れるだろう。 そんな事はまったく不満では無い。僕は寛容だ。 検索ボックスが奇妙な挙動をする。素直に検索してくれない。論外だ。 なにがおかしいのかも解らない。検索字句を打ち込んでリターンを押してもなにも出てこない。 なにか設定しなきゃならないのか? 検索するまえに×ボタンを押すと良いみたいだが。毎回押せというのか? 横長用紙のPDFがまともに表示できないバグももう2年も放置されたままだ。 V5でも治っていない。 カード。ありゃなんだ? 視認性を著しく損なっている。誰得。 サイズも変えられない、画像をランダムに勝手にトリミングしている。お陰で必要なものがなにも見えない。 レイアウトも醜悪。 画像のみのノートはカード部に画像とタイトル文字を重ねているが。見にくいだけだ。 1文字でも文字があると強制的に4行分の文字情報領域を占領する。変更は出来ないようだ。 文字情報を不要な使い方をしている人間にはサムネイル(カード)の画像表示領域が削られるだけでメリットが無い。 ふぅ 本当に、残念だ。オワタ。さようなら。 多くのオトナなユーザーは黙ってEvernoteをアンインストールするのだろうが、 僕は最後の愛で、不満を書かせてもらった。一縷の望みを込めて
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    Cool. Thanks for circling back to drop off that tidbit. (A secondary "like" to the support team.)
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    In case anyone faces a similar problem, I contacted Evernote Support team and they gave me a solution. They told me to rename .enml files to .html (not .enex) and the problem was solved. I was able to open my files on the browser and once there clip them in Evernote again.
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    +1 from an old user of DOS ThinkTank, GrandView, Tornado Notes, and recently Windows InfoSelect. CP
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    I second this request! Collapsible bullets would be very helpful.
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    The original suggestion here is awesome! I find it difficult to believe that understanding how this request is so incredibly logical. Sure, if you are a light user, a few notebooks with a few hundred notes may be easy enough to search, but when you use it to have gigabytes of information, and it is set up to find only what you can remember to search for, you start losing access to information that you have stored. Tree view essentially is mind mapping. I can follow a process that matches how I think. I don't think in 2 columns with thousands of tags. I think in branches. So with tree view, I can store store stuff right where it belongs and can be found again logically. I have over 3000 notes, and I am always looking for a product that offers a more logical, intuitive storage structure, without sacrificing the aspects of Evernote that are killer. Mind mapping for iPad is maturing, but the note capability is still in it's infancy. Evernote is not "killer" for me, I'm a professional who needs functionality, and I find it fairly functional. It seems to ne that the responses I've found on this subjects are somewhat jaded, and downplaying the lack of tree structure. Anyone who uses a computer knows darn well how needed nested folders are. If you could have only one folder depth in your computer it would be endlessly frustrating, Another reason for tree structure, is for training purposes. If you use Evernote as a resource for employees to learn what you know, they cannot be expected to know what tags to search for. They need tree structure to lead them down lanes of thought, to remind them of available choices. I have no intention of talking EN down, I desperately hope these suggestions help make a better product. To be honest, now tha Onenote is available for iPhone, you are not very far in the lead in my mind. The deciding factor for me is that I can get videos into my notes through EN. Some please consider tree-view, or nested view seriously and quit responding with, "what do you mean?". If it just isn't going to happen, then tell us. If you don't understand what I'm saying then just imagine on your computer, going to Computer>User>Documents, and then imagine that you can have no more foders, and that you have 3000 documents from 100 different programs, and then find that one document that you forgot the name of. Wouldn't it help if you could look throuh more folders...Evernote>ideas for improvement>TREE VIEW
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