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    You are welcome. It took me a while to "get it" with the new streams. I now only follow the forums of interest to me in reverse chronological order. But to your point, I am still seeing topics I would as soon not after the first time as replies occur. A don't show me any more of this topic check box would be nice.
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    This is an old thread and at the time there were several on this problem. It has now been fixed for months in my world so your problem may be more specific to you: the specific android platform you are using, the fact you are shooting paintings instead of print documents, or something else. You might want to submit a personal request for assistance with a support ticket.
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    I have input into many feature requests and hopes for the future in Evernote. Those are still there to be sure. But for today, as I markup a PDF on my iPad I wanted to just say thanks for what Evernote is, here and now. This could be cross posted in the Windows forum where I use that client and the web clipper every day. Where I incessantly markup and document screen captures, and share them out for instructing staff. It could be cross posted in the Mac forum where I use it at home, and like some of its unique personalities while missing some of the Windows flavour. It could be cross posted in the web forum, where I enjoy love the OAuth support, and enjoy each and every time I'm prompted for a second factor to login (even to the discussion thread here), or to re-authorize an iOS App. And every day where I live in Evernote on my iPad and iPhone. The sync just keeps getting better. The PDF markup is a real pleasure to use. i'll no doubt rant another day soon. But for today I'm just steeped in the fact that it's such a help and pleasure to use. Thanks Evernote.
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    Hi, Since 53 just released their SDK for their bluetooth stylus, Pencil, I was wondering if you were looking into incorporating it into Penultimate? It would be awesome. SDK Information Thanks, Lukas
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    For the WISHLIST for any platform: - Lock button, for a note to become "read only". Let me explain: I use certain notes for my work that I don't intend to change very often. I'd like to have those notes in a 'read only' mode, so they don't get messed up by mistake when I open them on the iPad or iPhone in a moving environment. Thanks...
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    By "work on" do you mean that you want to be able to click on the document and open Pages/Numbers to continue updating document? If so, there is a problem with Apples OS. They don't use a file system content and the document is accessed and stored in the application folder. The closest I can get is using a link to the document in iCloud; for example https://www.icloud.com/numbers/AwBUCAESEBNAUuXKpPTIFhcofOnvKYcaKRnksJlkrUXXBg-mrmPdagdpv2SVME4WGje7-vsTlSJ3hJ5yDZASR8YtMCUCAQEEIJ4jnhGBVUgOKEBsLh_TvgGC9PC-68zWwo5yDWI-XVNl#xxxxxxxx Correction. On the Mac, you can save the file and then add it as an attachment to a note in Evernote. Using the attachment doesn't work in IOS
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    Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear that, as clipping the article is really much better. Nice to not have to keep the clutter forever. But, have to get of Firefox, it is crashing like every other minute and all the refreshes and restarts cannot seem to cure it. -Thanks!
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    I think the experience from Scannable is being used to 'improve' the pictures of documents to make it easier to OCR them successfully. Unfortunately those contrast / white balance settings aren't necessarily good for color artwork. My Samsung Note 4 has one camera app option that automatically crops and de-skews pictures independently which I'd use to transfer photos to Evernote - other manufacturers and apps may have something similar. Failing that though your only option is manually cropping later. This isn't something that Evernote is likely to 'fix' since it's intended for best quality document copying - though I guess they might consider adding the autocrop to the main camera app at some stage...
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    Thanks for the tip! Just raised the bug report you suggested.
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    I don't think this will work as you are thinking. Here's my experience: They will only be available in full without a data connection if you either upgrade to premium and mark them as available offline and sync them before going offline. OR you do as suggested above and "print" them to a PDF format on your phone. If you had a note open and then switched off your data connection that one note would probably still be fully available but I don't think the others will be. But I haven't tested any of this, so if you really need something when you are offline, I'd suggest testing this all out in advance of actually needing it. If it turns out I'm wrong about how Evernote will perform, I'd love to hear that back here.
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    THANK YOU! this was driving me crazy, I did not know they had changed the web version..
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    I too would like to choose a default view when I open Evernote. I would like to choose a specific notebook. The following example illustrates why this is a major privacy concern: I'm at work. I call a coworker over to my desk to show them a note in Evernote I have a notebook called—surprisingly enough—"Work". That's where I keep all my work notes. I open Evernote, and the coworker is standing behind me waiting to see my work note. Evernote opens, and immediately starts syncing. This causes the app to be unresponsive for just a few seconds. Meanwhile "All Notes" is open in Snippet View by default and my coworker is free to scan the whole list as I keep clicking on my Work notebook so that I can hide everything else. See my point? Similar things have happened when doing presentations and sharing my screen with the entire office. Not cool! When I'm at work, I'd like to choose my default notebook called Work!
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    Thanks @gazumped! I"ll check into each of those further. MohioMaps looks very cool even if it doesn't solve my feature request issue.
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    FYI. I just published the Mac App Store version so 6.4 is available to everyone.
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    EN Win confirm, ENEX files in Windows do not contain any notebook information. You either export by notebook or add a tag for notebook if you want to export all notes. The former tends to be the better alternative IMO.
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    Thanks for the tip - I don't use Todoist, but my share options come up with my alternative to-do app, so I'd assume this should work for any application.
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    Hello, I have seen this question and related threads in this forum before. I am not sure if these queries were resolved. At least I did not find any answer when I searched for one (unless I missed something, which is entirely possible). Today I managed to crack this little mystery of getting evernote links to open in the android app instead of browser. I thought I would share this bit with the community. I use Todoist to manage my projects and ToDos. And I use EN for everything else. I often want to and need to reference a note in a Todoist task, but couldn't figure out how to link the two, until today, that is! This is how I went about it: Long tap on the note you want to use in the other app. Tap Share->Post a link. Android should display a list of relevant apps Box (or Dropbox), CloudMagic (or Gmail) and actions such as Post to Facebook, Add to Firefox, and so on. In my case, I select the Add as task with the Todoist icon. Upon tapping it, I see a new task created with the note link. Now the way to use hyperlinks in Todoist is to use brackets. I now have a task with a link to the reference note in EN. It opens in the EN app not browser. Hope this helps those who have been looking for a way to do this. Wish everyone a very Happy 2016! GT P.S.: I am using EN 7.5 and Todoist 8.4 on a Nexus 6 running Android 6.0.1
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    A little workaround if I may suggest it: http://ehiti.de/katmouse/ Download KatMouse, which allows you to override *per application* the system's amount of lines per wheel notch. I have my system scroll lines set to 5, but I override evernote.exe to just 1. It's a very unintrusive application that you can even hide from the notifications area. No substitute for a fix from Evernote, but it does make the problem a little more managable until the people at Evernote realise it's really a problem.
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    +1 for this. Penultimate needs integration with this great stylus
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    Pencil integrations would make me subscribe to premium again
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    Don't even see a Find & Replace option on my Mac Evernote. Please advise. Also, would be nice to have the ability to show SAVED SEARCHES in the sidebar. Thx Misha
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    Welp, just in case it helps anyone else, it appears that the indexing service on my Windows machine was behind the constant Evernote freeze ups. I disabled that and haven't had any problems in a week or so. Great relief to have that worked out, even if it means limiting my search capabilities on my PC. I should point out that Evernote techs have been fantastic from the very beginning. They stuck with it until the end. Very impressive.
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