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    Today we be launched Evernote for Mac 6.4 (build 452969). Here’s a link to the release. The Mac App Store version has also been released. Here are the official release notes: New Start discussions in the Work Chat view with a New Chat button. Improved search behavior: When you clear a search you will be returned to your previous note or view. Search highlighting now highlights only words that start with the search phrase. Fixed When you restart Evernote, there was an issue that it sometimes didn't remember the last note you were on. Now it does. Improved overall stability. Let me know if you see any issues. P. S. An interesting fact is that a majority of Evernote users have upgraded and are now using Apple's latest operating system El Capitan. It's amazing how fast the transition happens on Mac vs Windows.
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    This is just a stupid behavior of Evernote and even independent of your special language problem. Typing some more technical words in a more common language yields the same. Other people are saying the same. Here, a bug was reported and the Evernote team seems to deem the behavior "normal". Try firing up the OS X TextEdit App and do the same there. Autocorrect is undone correctly... I am afraid these are the usual insufficiencies of the Evernote text editor. Maybe the new CEO with his focus on core features will help with this one...
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    Just did a bit of tinkering myself. I'll mention it here in case it helps a reader in the future: Another workaround is to (at least from the Mac Desktop App), Right click the note, and "Copy to [Notebook Name] again". Move the original to the trash, then permanently delete it. The new copy of the note will have no history. As a side note, It looks like LastPass has a 'secure note' feature which essentially does exactly what i was hoping to see in evernote in my original post. I'm unsure if this is a new feature or not but it's there.
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    Agreed that's a flaw. The way to encrypt content without inadvertently sharing it in the history is to have a Local Notebook in which you set up notes which might contain that sort of information, and encrypt them before syncing. My paranoia is such that I have about four levels of security. There's Paper: which lives in a folder, File: which is on my primary workstation, Local Notebook: which is pretty weak stuff anyway, and Encrypted: for stuff I absolutely have to see in more than one location. Everything else is synced random noise. Actually it occurs to me that there are ways around the history - move a note between synced and unsynced notebooks and history is lost; export and reimport a note and its history is lost. Shuffle any notes about which you feel concerned between a couple of notebooks and you should be OK...
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    Thanks for your help JMichaelTX. Really appreciate it. I'd just started to go down this route but wasn't quite sure what I was doing, this should get me there.
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    Don't know why the last reply missing. so post again... Sorry I forgot to try this easy fix solution, and after reinstall the desktop and android client, this problem indeed go away. so thanks to your warm-hearted test and help! and the title is "无标题笔记(note with no title)" is because "add title automatically" in option is unchecked.
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    Sorry I forgot to try this easy fix solution, and after reinstall the desktop and android client, this problem indeed go away. so thanks to your warm-hearted test and help! and you are right, the title is "无标题笔记(note with no title)" before, now is the first line of the note, which is wierd too...Anyway, problem fixed.
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    +1 This thread is now 2 1/2 years old. There was a response from someone at Evernote to the initial message, it totally missed the point of the question and answered a different one, but I suspect that that marked this thread as having been "through QA" so nobody's looking at it any more.
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    Support the recommendation to introduce some level of password security for files.it would be very helpful for a variety of purposes.mnot necessary to be high level security encryption...I hav written before and now wondering if anyone has heard from the software company about their plans to address this issue???? Are they saying it is under consideration,or in the works ...or not ??????mi briefly looked for a feedback email and could not find one, so assuming this is the place - would love to hear from them.
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    Did you try shutting down Evernote via File / Exit? Just clicking on the 'X' may not be enough.
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    Hi, I love evernote, but i'd also love to have the feature of a simple password protection on notebooks so i can lock semi-sensitive stuff like a diary and fiction writing. I'm not asking for full on unbreakable encryption, just for a simple way to lock out people who may otherwise click on things out of curiosity. I believe this has been asked for before but as far as i can see the previous topic was locked because of some flaming had started or something. I cant be bothered to investigate. Just adding my voice to the pool of those who would like to see this feature added. Cheers
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