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    It would be fantastic if Evernote for Android had an inline PDF viewer. Most of my notes are scanned PDFs, so an inline PDF viewer would make Evernote for Android so much easier and faster to use.
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    I love Evernote and I pay for premium and I have just noticed that on iphone/ipad/ipod versions you can use the presentation mode - We need this on Android too! (or cheaper rate for premium if we can't have all the features!!) The 'Apple-centric' approach is one thing that I don't like about Evernote... IMHO Android is better.
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    Having the option for music staff paper as background to a note would be very useful, using a stylus for writing notation, then saving a screen shot.
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    Thank you gazumped. That worked perfectly. Evernote now shows me as a premium member. Thanks you!
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    I have to confess I'm very confused as to why the new release (6.0.2) doesn't allow for creating a public link to a BUSINESS notebook? I see that they had initially removed the ability to create a public link for a PERSONAL notebook and then amid a hue and cry from disgruntled users, they decided to restore that function. However, it is IMPOSSIBLE (as far as I can tell!) to create a public link to a BUSINESS notebook. This makes no sense. Why on EARTH would the ability to create a public link to a BUSINESS notebook be less important than a public link from a personal notebook? Let's say I'm a business person who writes articles and I want to create a single repository for my clients and colleagues to read those articles. I'd create a public link from a BUSINESS notebook. Or perhaps I'm a teacher and I want to share information with my students and have THEM be able to share it with their fellow students or teachers. I'd create a public link from a BUSINESS notebook. Or perhaps I'm a chef and I do local cooking classes and in those classed I pass out a flyer that says, "For more recipes and images of my food, just check out my Recipes Notebook!" I'd create a public link from a BUSINESS notebook. As a business person, I want to share information pertaining to BUSINESS in a BUSINESS notebook. I don't want to commingle business and personal notebooks. It renders the concept of "personal" and "business" notebooks moot. If I have to commingle notebooks simply because I can only publicly share ONE type of notebook, then why even have business and personal notebooks? AGAIN I ASK, do the EN developers actually USE the product themselves or even care how their paying customers use it?
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    Yes - thanks for looking. That's a pretty good list. There are actually a few more things you can do with keystrokes if you start with "alt" to trigger the top menu... I use "alt, n, v" for example, all day long, to move notes between notebooks. The amount of things you can do with just key strokes is pretty great, but I do wish there was a way to add a reminder without needing the mouse!!
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    Hey Peter, Try tapping on the handwritten content *within* the note, rather than tapping the Pen icon at the top of the note. You should see it expand so you can continue making edits using the handwriting tool. I hope that helps!
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    Facts : Not a security concernLess and less a niche and it's even a feature in mobile development (Apple URL Scheme)In mobile, there is currently app that are entirely or partially based on those urls (Workflow and Launch Center Pro)People want it so bad that you can find a lot of workarounds about this topic on the forum.Evernote is a productivity softwareURL Sheme is a productivity featureEvernote support it when using as the url source of a note Deep linking is future Put the feature and document it.. believe me the feature will be widely use. There are already guide about linking between multiple apps. Not doing something because it's not widely known is not proper development thinking. It could... but it could not... in my book it's only a matter of removing the regular expression that validate a link with "http". Remind yourself that you can put those link in the note with workaround. So it's just a matter of removing the validation in the url dialog. PS: I will write a little email to EN Staff to get this topic noticed.
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    Uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote on all Android devices solved the problem.
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    Common guys.. time to have this Feature in Android! PLEASE
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    MBAir, OS 10.11 El Capitan, Evernote 6.1.1. I was getting a hang (spinning beachball) immediately upon launch, necessitating a force quit ("Evernote-not responding"). I tried reinstalling the software and it seems to have worked. I reinstalled from Evernote.com and was advised during the process that my original Evernote application was from the App Store. I went ahead anyway, migrating notes and whatever else it needed to do and it seems to work now. The new version (Evernote_RELEASE_6.1.1_452253), is supposedly older than the version I already had (from the App Store). Will this cause issues down the road regarding upgrades from the app store? Should I delete my original application? Any other issues? Crash report screen shot is attached.
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    Android Presentation Mode would probably encourage me to upgrade from Plus to Premium subscription...
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    Sorry - having extreme brain fade here. The icon I'm looking at is the chat icon, not presentation; and Beta won't give it to you either. We are still waiting for this in Android. Going to lie down now...
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    I can't switch on Evernote 6.0.16 on OS 10.11. Beta 3. Missing required fonts The following fonts are required for Evernote to function properly. Please add or enable these fonts, or the app may crash. CaeciliaTLStd fonts. This problem have peoples with OS 10.9 or 10.10 too. Thanks very much!
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    Hi. Business cards that were already JPEG'd would have to be scanned again with a phone to update the content to the same format. Evernote does not seem to have caught up with two-sided business cards yet - I'm torn between scanning the 'other' side as a separate scan and merging the two, or scanning the wrong side and then updating the name and contact details manually.
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    Hello, I see hardware acceleration is not enabled for all of the views in EverNote android app. Any specific reason for this? In fact, enabling it will improve performance. I specifically tested Evernote->Market initial page and found that scrolling is very slow. And similarly while viewing individual notes, if the note has images etc, then scroll/zoom is slow. And I think this can be improved on android by enabling hardware acceleration for these views.
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