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    Scannable is the bomb. Consistently impressed by it's ability to capture documents so well and do it so quickly.
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    Hello everyone, The Scannable team is proud to announce Scannable 2.1. It's available in the app store as a free download. This version has lots of improvements, but I wanted to highlight just a few. Reordering Pages In the past, if you scanned your pages out of order, you needed to delete and scan again. Now, you can tap the "reorder" button and simply tap and drag to change the page order. Recents We've received lots of feedback on this forum and elsewhere that there are times when you thought you were done with a given document, but then realize you might need to rescan a page or send it somewhere else. In the prior versions of Scannable, the done button deleted the scan from the app. Now, the scan is saved for 30 days in the new "Recents" section. After 30 days, the scans are automatically deleted to keep from taking up too much space on your phone. If, for some reason, you don't want this behavior, you can turn it off in the Advanced settings. Per Scan File Type Since Scannable 1.1, you've been able to choose between PDF and Images as the default file type, and that would apply to all scans. In this version, we've added a quick way to switch between the choices on a per scan basis. Improved Whiteboard Scanning We've done some optimization to the image processing of whiteboards to make them a little more clear. Better Image Cropping It's now easier to crop an scan in the case where Scannable accidentally cuts off some important information. As always, thanks for using Scannable and we love to hear your feedback! P.J. from the Scannable Team
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    Please add to the MS Outlook "Save to Evernote" plugin the option to add a reminder prior to saving the note. Adding a reminder to a note created by the Outlook plugin requires a second, unnecessary, and inefficient step: going to the note in Evernote and adding a reminder. The Outlook plugin should enable full and complete processing of the note as it is being created rather than requiring a second step. Regards, Chris
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    I'm happy to announce the launch of a brand new resource for support and learning, the Evernote Help Center. We've reconfigured/edited/updated all of our content, improved search, added additional learning areas, and generally made everything more functional. We think you'll dig it. The new site is at: https://help.evernote.com/ Check out the new templates section as well as the tips and tutorials section. In particular, let us know: What other templates you would like to see: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/sections/200930137-Templates What other tips you'd like to see: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/categories/10681-Tips-Tutorials All feedback is appreciated. Speaking of feedback... One other notable improvement is the "was this helpful" selection at the bottom of every article. If you find an article useful (or not) tell us. We'll use your votes to calibrate and update content.
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    If I'm understanding you correctly, you are actually saving only the first page in Evernote, with links to the other pages on the web site. So if the web site ever removed that article, or any of its pages, you would not have access to them in Evernote. You might try Evernote Clearly. It will often actually capture all of the linked pages. Also some web pages have a "Print" button/link that opens a new window with all pages.
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    Hi - I'm relatively new to using Evernote Free and brand new to the forum. Part of the way I use Evernote for work is to create to-do lists within in a notebook. I'm wondering if there is a way to aggregate those to-do's from all of the notebooks into a single list. At this point, I have to go through each notebook. If I have to upgrade, I'm happy to do so. Thanks. Jim
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    Well, I found out one unexpected thing... I carefully went thru the pages of search output saving each one to Evernote... only to discover that each saved note is page 1. So I now have 7 copies of page 1. And now the good part: Any one of the notes will bring up a page that has the multipages numbered as original so I CAN access all of them. Just wasn't expecting it to work like that. So, to answer my own question... To save the multiple pages of google search output... Just save page 1. You can use it to select any of the other pages. This may well be common knowledge but was a surprise to me.
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    Actually, my impression of Evernote has been much more upbeat recently. I think despite the troubles reported in the tech press, some signs are very positive. This is mostly from using the beta releases on a couple of platforms, which are focusing on the basic editing capabilities of Evernote. Not a lot of new features, but improvements in the look and feel and reliability. Kind of the thing that Phil Libin talked about doing a year ago, but didn't - focusing on the basic functionality. As others have noted, it is also great to see actual Evernote employees posting in this forum, another positive sign.
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    Hey Omnizen--understand the news has been rough the past few months. It's tough to see people leave, and it's even tougher when it's your coworkers. It's also hard when a company needs to make tough decisions about its product lines that can impact users who love the product. But we're not going anywhere. In fact I'd say we're getting stronger and even more focused by the day, and you're starting to see a lot of those early results in our betas and latest releases. I'd also say a lot of the commentary tied to our employee departures lately has been just that--commentary. And glad you're seeing the uptick in employee participation JB. That's the goal in these here parts.
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    I don't get it, your account has been knocked back to free and you want it to be Premium. Very annoying, no doubt but completely fixable if you work through support. This doesn't stop you using Evernote to study or work, you still have access to all of your stuff don't you? Of course, if you have a business account and get locked out of your data then that's a whole different story. Unless I'm really missing something this seems to be a real storm in a teacup.
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    Nancy - just went back and looked at the beta again. No doubt that you are making improvements but from my own personal point of view the UI is still hiding useful information from me. I can't see my notebooks all the time, I can only see 5 notes at a time in the note list. I'm afraid that I don't understand the rationale behind this kind of design decision. Most of us use Evernote to collect, manage and view data. The new web app makes it much harder to manage and view our stuff. I really can't see how this is an improvement.
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    I have been in touch with support and for other people I will post the solution: * "To summarize: I have an annual Premium subscription, but because I couldn't change my PayPal-account details on the Evernote website, I followed the advice of selecting the free plan which will go into action after the current subscription is ended. These steps I took a month ago, after changing PayPal account. Now I wanted to renew with the new PayPal-account, but I didn't saw the option to pay with PayPal. * It is normal that premium subscribers don't have the PayPal option when they want to renew. But after current subscription has ended, the option will be available again.
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    More options in tables would be greatly appreciated, especially the possibility of adding or deleting rows, columns etc. Rarely do I know how many of those I am going to require when I start a table.
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    Hi All, About Tables : When I make a table in the old webclient I can give rows and columns as much as I like, in the new client however the size of a table can only be 6x6 (see attachment) cells big. The interface is good but the maximum tablesize is limiting, are there any plans to expand the functionality as far as tables are concerned? Greetings Pieter
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    Hi gazumped, Thank you for your creative suggestions. Unfortunately there is no MÄori dictionary for Mac. They do allow installation of dictionaries but I can't find a MÄori dictionary in the format they require. I think I'll have to go with typing first in another application, as you suggest. Not ideal though - hopefully this could be considered as a bug and looked into in the future.. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the reply gazumped. I am on 6.2 and just left a comment in the release thread.
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    Used the ANY to catch created or updated in the last 7 days.
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    I just updated my OneNote to 2016. Well ****. After some preliminary investigation, it looks like MS removed an API from the COM interface (IApplication::Publish). Guess what? We use that. That means that if you have OneNote 2016 there is currently no way from within Evernote to directly import OneNote files.
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    Cheers, I'm using something similar, an extension for Chrome called Change Colors, that tints the background. I'm not keen on things that tint the whole screen because they tend to lower the blackness of the writing as well. Also I just discovered that you can change the colour of tables, so you can make use of that too (you could even make a note from one big table element like in the pic below).
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    Yeah, I know for browsing for notes that you can see the stacks. I should have mentioned it was during note creation. I had thought about adding something like you suggested. I was hoping I was just missing something. Thanks.
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    I understand Evernote is not a photo platform and I do use Google Photos for my ios devices. Here's some practical example: 1. Let's say I want to compose drafts of any content (can be blog post, future facebook ads, etc...) I will put image in my note, can I use those back to make the actual post? 2. I posted a picture on facebook the other day. As you all know, you want to post 2048px files to get the HD compression I do not really want to keep the 2048px version on my computer. But what if I create a note with that 2048px in it as a form of archive? That way if I want to create an article about "wedding" I may get back all those 2048px version inside Evernote without even having to browse all my past wedding to see if I already have some exported content. To "gazumped", it does seem Evernote keep the Metadata and I know it's a user forum. Don't need to troubleshoot anything, looking to share my thoughts on the subject. Maybe other users have worked with Evernote with that style of workflow.
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    Thanks for the feedback. This is in the works
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    Thanks for the feedback and super clear explanation of what you're seeing... I can confirm that Scannable does not alter the timestamps of the images, and that's what iOS uses to sort that list. In the cases where page order matters to you, I would suggest one of the following if it's possible... 1. Save as a PDF instead of images 2. Save the images to a note in Evernote where we can explicitly set an order independent of timestamp Both options save the pages in the right order. I hope this helps! P.J.
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    Hello everyone, We've just released Scannable 2.1 where all of your completed scans are saved for 30 days in the new "Recents" section. After 30 days, the scans are automatically deleted to keep from taking up too much space on your phone. If, for some reason, you don't want this behavior, you can turn it off in the Advanced settings. I hope this helps! P.J.
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    +1 on removing the forced auto formatting. It really disrupts my work flow and could potentially be a deal breaker for me.
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    Please make the new number/list formatting an "on/off" option in the preferences panel. Silly to have to continually undo what's automated. Very distractive to the writing process. Thank you. Thanks for the feedback. A couple of quick notes: 1. If you press Shift + Enter while in a numbered list, you can get whitespace between numbers 2. Sub-categories - you're absolutely right here - this is something we'd like to add in the future
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    I rarely use any version of Evernote but my desktop. I get "conflicting changes" several times per year, so it's not because I'm using EN on a different platform.
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    Compare differences feature seems like a no-brainer. I need this on a regular basis to compare note conflicts. The only person who doesn't crave this feature is the one who has never used a text comparer before. Please include this feature!
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