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    See my post above - I did argue against this very thing. Evernote's a great product.
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    Hi. After installing latest version (Windows) I've tried several times to start Evernote by clicking on its icon - but it just showed an error windows saying that I need to have active internet connection to login. But I'm surely online. I've attached a logfile. From it I can assume that Evernote just can't connect to its server. Any solutions on this? AppLog_2013-07-01.txt
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    for this to be of any use, I need to be able to upload the file from the app directly to my Google Drive. Add this and this app is flawless.
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    Anchors... They're useful for jumping to specific sections of longer documents. In this case I really want to be able to create inter-note links within EN to specific sections/paragraphs etc. e.g. evernote:///view/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/yyyyyyyyy#myimportantsection I don't believe this is possible, is it? If not, please consider this my official plea for this feature. My horrible workaround for the lack of anchors is breaking up long notes into lots of little chunks so that when I link to them I can see what I am looking for. but this results in somewhat of an organizational clusterf**k.
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    Hello everyone, Just wanted folks to know that we'll be working on some bigger features that folks have been asking for in the next couple of weeks and will only be including minor bug fixes for the next couple of weeks. Thank you everyone for your patience. - Nancy
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    I've been a premium user for more than 5 years. I'd think that Evernote would appreciate that. However, i am getting VERY frustrated that the Windows, OS X and IOS versions of Evernote continue to regularly nag me about adding Work Chat and Business versions. I'm paying $50 a year to use Evernote on these three OS's and i really do NOT want to be continually nagged to pay to add more. I don't need Work Chat or Business. I don't want Work Chat or Business. I do not want to change to Onenote. I like Evernote. But if the nagging doesn't stop, i'll change to a program that appreciates having me as a customer. If i was a free user, i would completely understand the nagging and be willing to accept it as the price of free software. But i'm a PREMIUM user. So stop nagging me. John
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    I just checked and my database folder is about 2GB. Mysteriously evernote started working again overnight so touch wood it's going to stay happy. I did already have context disabled though so God knows what the issue was!
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    LOL. Perhaps EN's biggest strenghts are its competitors' weaknesses. Very few options are available to tie together multiple operating systems in a collaborative environment, especially if you are not working in a large enterprise setting. You are stuck cobbling things together, or using Evernote. I'd say Google has made huge advancements here, so I would guess that it'd be able to step in where Sharepoint fails, but I suppose that would depend on your use case. At any rate, EN is well-positioned. Let's hope they capitalize on what they've got.
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    Well, I have NOT tested it extensively, but I was able to repeat the test in my Bug Report above, and it seems to work properly now. I do a lot of clipping, so I'll report back later.
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    Pointless to speculate anyway - Evernote's getting to a size where us users can't see any visible activity, no matter what's happening in boardrooms around the world. The Greenrope deal suggests there's a level of activity of which we won't be aware until the grand anouncements are made - and EN seem to be capitalising on the synergy of their huge user base overlapping with other business products. As to their weak points - I had to revisit a project recently that I finished with last year.. using Sharepoint as a 'wiki'. Still haven't got the bad taste of the frustrations of that out of my mouth - by comparison with the multiple drawbacks of that operation, Evernote is a shining example of coding excellence...
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    I figured out a workarond. I shared my Notebook with my second email account. All the notes transferred over to the second account. So while I still cannot see the notes in the first account. I do have them restored in the second account.
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    I completely agree. I need a way to disable this thing. Even if you click "view later", it brings Evernote forward as the active application. This really interferes with my productivity.
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    Brave, Gazumped, brave man!
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    We aim to have fast response times for all submitted tickets, but in times of higher than normal volume, being Premium or Plus will ensure you get to the front of the line. I did check on your ticket and noticed that your Windows Desktop version is out of date. Try updating your application and see if this resolves your issue.
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    When you import notes from Enex files, they're placed in a Local Notebook - an unsynced notebook - by default. If you move the notes to another synced notebook you may see them begin to sync - although if they were created outside of Evernote you may have included codes in your file that will cause problems. Create a new notebook within Evernote and move the notes across. If the move to the new notebook works, you only have to wait for the sync to complete. Except how much upload quota do you have left this month, and how big is this group of notes for this notebook?
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    I really miss a "paste as text" function, that pastes TEXT ONLY !
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    Have you checked out http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/galaxys6/galaxy-gifts/?
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    Thank you both very much for your conscientiousness and responses. I really appreciate it! The Ronin p.s. For you kind Evernote programmers out there, formally integrating bookmarking/embedded header links into a Note would be very useful, please consider doing so. Thanks.
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    For highlight press : "Ctrl + Shift + H" Other commonly used shortcuts in evernote are Select Font, Font Style and Size : Ctrl + d Paragraph Alignment Left : Ctrl + l Middle : Ctrl + e Right : Ctrl + r Justify : Ctrl + j Increase Indentation : Ctrl + mDecrease Indentation : Ctrl + Shift + m Increase font Size : Ctrl + "+"Decrease font size : Ctrl + "-" Bulleted List : Ctrl + Shift + BNumbered List : Ctrl + Shift + O Bold : Ctrl + bItalic : Ctrl + iUnderline : Ctrl + uStrikethrough : Ctrl + t
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    I agree here. Is there any update on this?
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    I see there has been no response from the people at Evernote. This should be fixed immediately. It interfers with my work flow.
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    I found this http://www.macrumors.com/review/adonit-jot-script-2-evernote-edition/ there's a picture of the contents of the box
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    Have to agree with the person above that Evernote is more focused on new "cool" features for marketing than usability and core functionality. Seriously, did Evernote really need a Chat feature? Who uses that when every co-worker you know is on Skype? I'm an Evernote power user and getting a Surface tablet. Lack of Pen support opens the door for me to consider other solutions. And if I move away from Evernote, my recommendations to others likely will switch also.
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    Yes. This has to be done in Firefox. 1) Open Firefox2) Download TableTools2. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/tabletools2/ 3) Create the table in EN on your PC . Use the top row as your header row. 4) Sync with EN web client. 5) Click on the edit icon (the pencil in the header section) 6) Right click in the header section of the column you want to sort / filter. 7) Scroll down to TableTools2 - select your sort/ filter option. 8) Sort 9) Click on Done 10) Sync with EN client
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    Hi there, First time here, so apologies if this has already been asked somewhere else and I've missed it. I just received my Moleskine Smart Notebook. I think they're a great idea and I love the idea of the smart stickers.The design on the front cover is great and the quality is just what you'd expected from Moleskine. Got a couple of questions Firstly, I was wondering if it's going to be possible to buy extra packs of Smart Stickers? I normal have a couple of projects on the go at the same time and when I'm jotting down ideas I use a page per idea. I love the idea of being able to indicate which project a page belongs to by using a smart sticker and having it automatically tagged in Evernote. It means I only have to carry one notebook. Problem is I'm rapidly going to run out of stickers if I'm using them at the rate of 1 per page. Can I buy more? Secondly, are their any plans to make more designs/types of smart stickers available? Thanks, Jamie
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    I'm using the notebooks the same way I used many categories in EN2.2, as "holders", as opposed to tags/attributes. For instance, I dump recipes into the Recipes notebook, Tips into the Tips notebook, etc. etc. What I'd like to be able to do is have subnotebooks so that I can have say Tips:Latex, Tips:Linux, Tips:Windows as subnotebooks on Tips. Yes, I can painfully accomplish the same thing with tags, but it's clunky for a couple of reasons: 1. When I want to mark a note as a Tips/Linux note, I have to: (a) move it to the Tips notebook and then ( tag it with Linux to distinguish it from other tips notes. If I had a separate notebook for Linux, I could just drag the note to that notebook and be done - half as much work. However, I've already got 13 notebooks - adding that many more will make the list unwieldy. 2. One of the joys of clipping to the web version is the ability to pick the destination notebook. Easy, quick, done. (Yes, I can tag there too - but I'd have to remember all my tags then.) Basically, I find the current tag implementation unwieldy. And frankly, useless. I can't easily select multiple tags, e.g., by clicking on their parent (a la 2.2), so the hierarchy is, well, frankly, completely meaningless. I'm trying to adapt to using it, but it's kind of a square peg/round hole argument. In addition, I find the saved searches to be pretty much useless for me too. Because I can't organize them in a hierarchy; and because they're not combined with the tag list, and because I can only have 32, I don't see the point in using them. What this means is that the only left-panel part of EN3 that I find useful at all is the notebooks concept. Unfortunately, they're a flat list, sorted alphabetically. This means that I've actually changed the kind of data I store in EN3. I don't keep anything "important" there, just scraps that I can dump into a notebook willy-nilly.
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