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    Hi. If you use web clipper from a Chrome browser, you'll be able to send individual emails to Evernote. If you forward your emails from Gmail to your Evernote account address you can do so individually, or as multiple attachments to one email. I think that gets you one humongous note with all the emails as content, but you'd need to check. You could then print selected notes as required. But why use Evernote to print emails? You can print your mails directly from Gmail...???
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    CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE, yeah it's that, it's close to the C and did the same to other note. Thank you very much.
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    If you right click anywhere in your note panel, you'll have a number of formatting options come up in a context menu. One of the 2 culprits you may be looking for are located 2nd and 3rd from the bottom: "Simplify formatting" (Ctrl+Space) and "Remove formatting" (Ctrl+Shift+Space).
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    JM, thanks for your re-clarification. I wrote the original post early in the morning and merely used the term 'tag folder' for brevity.
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    If you want to get a new barcode, go to EN app, and Account Info. Click the top button, More Account Settings. It will open in Safari. In the menu bar on the left side, look for Security Summary. You'll see Two-Step verification is enabled. Click Manage Settings button at the bottom. Just turn on text message verification and then return on Google Authenticator and you'll get a new barcode and you set up Google Authenticator on you iPad or iPhone.
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    Since you might be looking at a few days of "downtime" before Evernote support get this resolved for you, you can always create a local notebook on your computer and put new content in there (or move actively working content there) where, while it won't be synced to the servers, you'll at least be able to add and modify it, and move it back to its normal notebook once your allowance is updated. Obviously this will not help at all if your primary use takes place on a mobile device in which case you are beholden to your exhausted allowance....
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    This is fixed in version 6.1 that can be installed from here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/evernote-web-clipper/versions/
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    Yes please implement this on all platforms. Even colornote on Android allows you to lock a note with a master password. I don't want somebody who accidentally sees my evenote notebooks being able to see confidential or sensitive information.
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    +1 for the ability to password or pin protect a folder.
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    I have just switched to using Evernote and had high hopes that it could replace several different apps across my devices but the inability to change font size makes it nearly unusable for me on my iPhone. I am really sorry that it lacks such a basic feature which is really important to anyone with less than perfect eyesight (and that is a lot of the population). Yes, I know I can zoom in (to read notes) but not when adding to a list on my phone. I'm not going to upgrade. I hoped my search for the perfect app was over but it looks like it continues
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    Since EN uses an upload limit (as opposed to 'what's living on our server at the time'), the upload immediately does not make sense, IMO. You can auto sync, if you choose. Or sync upon exit. But I know often I don't want to have a note immediately sync'd to the servers b/c I'm still working on it & don't want to use up two, three, four (or even more) times the upload limit b/c it's uploading each/every time I make a change. It is pretty simple. Evernote already does this on mobile devices. When you close the note on a mobile device, it is saved, and uploaded. Just use the same principle on the desktop. Move to another note and this one is saved, push it up. If you stay in the note and EN doesn't know when it is finished, then just hit it at the 15min interval, or whatever you have set in preferences. I too have had to open my laptop up and force a sync to get those last 2-3 notes I was working on to be available on my devices everywhere way too often. A cloud service shouldn't be that manual. If the bandwidth for EN is higher because of this with the extra authentications, then make it a Preimium and Business feature. To your point about data usage, I am not sure EN uploads changes to notes in their entirety with respect to attachments. I've seen 9-10MB notes sync almost instantly when I am just updating tags or the title. I've not done a big test on the body to see if the same holds true. - Actually, just did a test. Picked a 30MB note and added a word to the body of the note. It sync'd in less than 5 seconds, so only the note body gets pushed up again. The attachment, which didn't change, didn't get uploaded again - so no problems with personal bandwidth limitations. I doubt anyone is really editing notes with a body of multiple MB - it is the attachments that cause those sizes, unless someone is writing a novel in an Evernote Note, and if they are doing that, I'd question their sanity. This is a perfectly valid request that has been out there for a year or two. I wish EN would bring EN for Windows up to the same level of syncedness as the iOS and other mobile clients, at least for premium users.
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    Here is a +1 for zoom functions in Evernote.
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