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    If you want to get a new barcode, go to EN app, and Account Info. Click the top button, More Account Settings. It will open in Safari. In the menu bar on the left side, look for Security Summary. You'll see Two-Step verification is enabled. Click Manage Settings button at the bottom. Just turn on text message verification and then return on Google Authenticator and you'll get a new barcode and you set up Google Authenticator on you iPad or iPhone.
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    Since you might be looking at a few days of "downtime" before Evernote support get this resolved for you, you can always create a local notebook on your computer and put new content in there (or move actively working content there) where, while it won't be synced to the servers, you'll at least be able to add and modify it, and move it back to its normal notebook once your allowance is updated. Obviously this will not help at all if your primary use takes place on a mobile device in which case you are beholden to your exhausted allowance....
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    This is fixed in version 6.1 that can be installed from here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/evernote-web-clipper/versions/
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    Yes please implement this on all platforms. Even colornote on Android allows you to lock a note with a master password. I don't want somebody who accidentally sees my evenote notebooks being able to see confidential or sensitive information.
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    +1 for the ability to password or pin protect a folder.
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    I have just switched to using Evernote and had high hopes that it could replace several different apps across my devices but the inability to change font size makes it nearly unusable for me on my iPhone. I am really sorry that it lacks such a basic feature which is really important to anyone with less than perfect eyesight (and that is a lot of the population). Yes, I know I can zoom in (to read notes) but not when adding to a list on my phone. I'm not going to upgrade. I hoped my search for the perfect app was over but it looks like it continues
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