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    Bless you! I had literally abandoned Evernote and now I can return. Happy Day!
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    I can't select anything using the shortcut keys (WIN + Print Screen). There is a short screen flash, but selection box does not appear nor is anything sent/saved to EN. Go to Tools - Options - Hot Keys and set up your own hotkey. I use Alt-P for capture screen.
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    Hi, I would love to see the feature to sort lists created within a note with check boxes by checked/unchecked, a-z, number. That or a "List" format of note with that functionality. I suffer from memory problems and find that Evernote is helping me function properly, but with a number of running lists it becomes time consuming to scan and check off. Being able to sort would make it much more efficient for me, and I believe others have had the same issue. Cheers, Matt
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    Hello, we do not support this feature in the Web Client, but will keep the feedback in mind as we continue to improve the product. You can take advantage of these features as a part of the desktop and some of the mobile clients. On the flip side, you can also download our Evernote Skitch client and have it automatically create Evernote notes from your annotated images in Skitch. - Nancy
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    Hola, evernote-fan, Yep, we at final stages of the development (encryption works fine, user interface tweaks left) and soon we will start beta testing of Android client. You can follow us on twitter (@saferoom_app) where we post updated. I really hope we can release it this September, let's see how beta tests go. Kudos, Ilia
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    There is a slightly easier method: you create the note in PU - either in an existing- or a new Notebook. Once saved, you go to Evernote and move it to the Notebook you want it in. Then sync Evernote. Next time you open PU, the Notebook and Note will be there.
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    Jbignert, Your recommendation to ensure the Command Bar is visible is a good first step. However for some reason my web clipper icon disappeared once again (not sure why). I found this discussion, right clicked on the toolbar to make the Command Bar visible but the webclipper icon did not show up this time. I realized I needed to customize Command Bar. Here's how: Right click on the Command Bar toolbar From the popup menu, select Customize to add/remove commands The left panel includes a bunch of available commands Scroll down to find the web clipper and select it Add it This worked for me. Hope it helps others. Thanks.
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