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    Swipes is a task-manager with a built-in productivity system that changes the way you manage your tasks. It can be used by production companies that keep templates of procedures to be followed. Swipes simply adds a layer of tasks to the flexibility and agility of Evernote that can be applied to any industry and small business. Achieving more in your work with Swipes and Evernote Business The integration solves the problem of losing your tasks in notes and forgetting important deadlines. By adding a ’swipes’ tag to a note, it’s automatically turned it into a task. Its check marks are displayed as actions steps for you, which makes it easier to complete them. For more on that, check out the full tutorial for Swipes with Evernote. So how can you apply this in, say, your real estate business? Many companies are using Evernote as a way to keep track of their contacts and clients. In the case of real estate, it’s often used to manage properties. Your notebook is likely to consist of notes named after the addresses of the properties you’re managing. Within the note, you can add a checklist with all the tasks that need to be done every time the property is rented out. You can use this as your knowledge base and reuse the template. If you are currently working with the property, you add a ’swipes’ tag, receive it as a task and start working on the different action steps, along with your other to-dos. The static information is turned into an activate plan of to-dos. You can set the task as recurring every month or year. Once the checklist is completed and the property is rented out, you can swipe it as done. And a next task will be scheduled for the recurring period with reset check boxes. Your colleagues who are part of the notebook will also receive the note and see the progress you’re making. The knowledge base gets constantly expanded, while the actionable steps are used by each team member whenever they need them. Soon Swipes will offer a handy task delegation feature too, which would allow you to directly assign steps of the task to different team members.
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    Howdy, Was wondering if we could get the ability to sort lists - alphabetize them. Also would be great if lists could collapse - that would really help keep my notes clean looking and organized - the ability to categorize my lists.
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    Hi Guys , I found a simple turn around for that, which is selecting the text and control click (mac) for the option "encrypt this text" it's not ideal , but at least the content of the note is protected. i'would also love to have this password.Also in writing, security would be great ! And to guys like bankrobber that don't add any useful info to the proposed topic, don't bother to reply ... Hope that this helps !! cheers Original post by : Meryn Stol, Evernote user since 2009.In the Evernote desktop clients, you can encrypt any piece of text by right click in it and choosing "Encrypt selected text". I don't know about mobile. You can't encrypt the whole note, but you could encrypt all text within a note. That comes down to about the same. The encryption function prompts for a password which is used as the key to encode the selection. You need the password (the key) to decode the selection again.
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    How about a joint Evernote - IQTell package, in which subscribing to the paid version of one of the services gets you a discount for the paid version of the other? I've seen it with some other services, but would love to see it with IQTell.
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    Hi. If you chose "login/account access issue" in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action Evernote will get back to you, free user or not. If it's urgent you could also try reaching out on Twitter @Evernotehelps Without the email address connection, you'll need to convince Evernote that you are who you say, but you should get a response within days - though Support doesn't do weekends, so if you resubmit your query now it'll get looked at toward the end of next week. If you already have a ticket number we can maybe shortcut things a bit - post it here and we'll ask an Admin to have a look on Monday...
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    I ran into this issue twice today. On one site, absolutely nothing happened when I clicked the Evernote web clipper button. hitting Ctrl/Right-click and selecting "Save full page to Evernote" did not work there either. On another site, the 'error' window appeared when I clicked on the Evernote web clipper button (which sent me to this discussion thread, thankfully), and there, the "save full page to Evernote" trick did work.
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    But it can't be the CSP policy causing the web clipper refusal message because right now every page in Safari 8.0.4 is getting the same rejection when I click the elephant head. That includes this page, apple.com pages, etc. That would suggest that he Safari web clipper is looking for something too common on which to base its' rejection. As others have noted the problem does not exist with Chrome but Safari is my preferred browser. Thanks you vas for your right-click suggestion. That copies the page to evernote and even subsequently the elephant head selection gets rejected.
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    Thanks a lot, had problems with saving to evernote from Safari on several webpages. Reinstalled Safari Clipper, didn't help. So i tried the same page with Chrome and it worked. Example: Safari not working: https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/248 Google Chrome working: https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/248 Im running Yosemite Version 10.10.2 Safari Version 8.0.3
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    YES! Collapseable bullet points within notes please!!
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    I use evernote for writing and I want to suggest a feature, namely the ability to compress chunks of writing into a short clickable 'expand text' tag, like you see on some forums on the internet for things like spoiler alerts or code, that way as you're editing your work you can easily chunk the larger text and move around pieces. I think it would function well as another layer, as in notebooks, down to notes, down to chunks (they should have a easily recognizable label as you're scrolling through the text of a note, and changeable colors, editable name, etc, so that the chunks are like an extra lower level to editing and organizing. Anyway, I think you could market it easily as 'easily organize large chunks of your project' but really it would be great for writers.
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    I will second that emotion, jmichael. It is frustrating to have the clipper not work and spend a lot of time searching to finally come up with a clear answer on the issue. Please save everyone's time and get the news out that web clipper won't work in Safari so we can all decide our work arounds it until it does! Thanks.
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    Thanks for the heads up jbignert. If you haven't already, I'd suggest that you add this as an article to your KB, and maybe even a note on the Web Clipper download/install page.
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