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    Like many other power users I have read every post in this thread with major interest... After 4 years, 7000+ notes, I just lost ALL my tags today (which I use extensively). I'm in the "support matrix" with an open ticket and activity log sharing. I was stressed & freaked out earlier, but now I've made peace with whatever happens (with my tags). But had this been data loss, privacy beach, etc. I don't think I'd be so Zen about it. I've been "in love" with Evernote since 2011. But, now I'm starting to feel like I'm in a DYSFUNCTIONAL ONE-SIDED relationship. ...and I'm a relationship & dating coach who helps women avoid this exact situation! Kinda funny when I detach and think about it. My wife thinks I'm crazy for being this affected by "software", and maybe she's right. But when I gave her an analogy to Facebook making her private messages public, randomly deleting photos, or closing her acct with no explanation, she felt me a little bit. Anyway, the word of the day is not bugs, syncing, scaling, deleting or any other "physical" problem... The word of the day is TRUST. Once broken, it's hard to mend. Twice broken and only the victims & ***** come back for more. They could literally resolve 80 percent of user frustration and restore trust without a single bug fixed, with simply better communication and transparency. I remember around this time last year was when that epic blog post was made that Phil publicly responded to, that VALIDATED and RELIEVED many power users concerns that were previously voiced millions of times on this very forum. I remember feeling mixed emotions. Happy that the head honcho was finally owning up to all the problems we had been seeing. But felt a little nauseated that it took a high profile blogger to get his attention - making Phil seem very disingenuous like a politician who cares more about public opinion than public safety. Anyway I have a lot more to say but this post is already getting long and I didn't know where to put all this stuff so I figured I'd drop it here, since it feels like 1/2 alternative seeking and 1/2 support group. I feel your pain!
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    I disagree that very little has changed, for the reasons you mention. IMO, a lot has changed and for the worst. Overall decline in quality, removing key features with no warning (sharing, support for free users - which, BTW was silently implemented with no mention by Evernote for several MONTHS eventhough it was a hot topic amongst users on this board), support for premium users seems to be pretty poor now, too) and overall, divorcing themselves from their users.
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    The fact is that very little changed after that blog post and Libin's response. In the last year I haven't seen any of the "sexy" security that was promised and I think overall quality has in many cases collapsed. Penultimate, the new Mac client and the '"beta" web app have been pretty embarrassing and in some cases required huge amounts of (costly) back pedalling. In the meantime they decided (correctly I believe) to stop supporting free users but handled the process terribly. Libin is great for click bait, you can see why the tech conferences and techy websites like him. I like listening to him on the podcasts. I don't believe a single word he says about Evernote because most of the time it's not true or he simply doesn't have the ability to deliver it. I still use the product dozens of times a day, but in pretty much every use case it's for a lightweight task. I don't think I would ever be able to commit to completing a really important task in Evernote.
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    Funny the word m a s o c h i s t gets edited to ***** on this forum. That's weird.
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    With the latest update, I am no longer able to create a global shortcut (I used CMD o) to open note in a new window. Also the shortcut cmd+L used to bring you to the note title and highlight the current title, so you could just start typing. Now it brings you to the end of the current title, so you still end up using the mouse to highlight. Lastly, when I move one note to a new notebook, the next note inline needs to be clicked on before I can start using shortcut keys (this didn't need to happen in the last version). In general, I am very frustrated by this new version and wish I still had the last version of evernote.
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    I have search to no avail to find an answer to this question. I am a premium user and am sharing notebooks with my co-workers. I found out yesterday that EN will not let my boss tag a note he created in a shared notebook with a tag that doesn't exist yet. I had to go into the note myself and tag the note. Is this correct? Is there a work around?
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    Notes created in any client (mobile, desktop, Scannable, or web) show up immediately in the desktop or mobile clients, but don't show up in the notes list for at least 10 minutes in the web app. Even if I create a new note in the web app, it doesn't show in the list in the web app, but it will show up in the desktop app.
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    I use Evernote on 4 Macs and 2 iOS devices, and I tend to use each computer and device for very different purposes. But when the default-notebook setting is changed in one copy of Evernote, it gets changed on EVERY computer and device! Why?!? Why can't the default on my iPhone be my Household notebook, while the default on my personal Mac is my Personal notebook, and the default on a work Mac is a work-related notebook? Due to this archaic limitation, I spend a lot of time moving dozens of notes into the "correct" notebook. I realize I could change the default before capturing notes, but when I do that, I forget to change it back — or I'm then in the position of having to check the current status every, single time I use Evernote. Please, please, please make this a client-specific setting. Please! :-) Disclaimer: I realize that with software, there's always someone, somewhere, who prefers the existing behavior. So, to protect those users, this would ideally be a setting we could enable/disable in the preferences. Thanks.
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    I would like to suggest the feature to resize an image that I paste into Evernote.
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    Please consider nested tags as a feature in the iPad app. I realize this isn't really a forum question, I just haven't found a place to add feature requests. thanks.
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    Would be awesome to have a "Today" widget so that I don't have to find the app to do quick scans. I love the ability, with the Evernote app, to just pull down from the homescreen on the iPhone and click "Camera." A Today Widget for Scannable might actually have the image capture in the widget itself (actually scan from the Today screen). Just a thought.
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    Hi, The web clipper works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Is this normal?
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    Hello all. I am using Evernote with my wife and we are very happy with it. We have some notes related only to each of us - for instance, I have some about bicycle mechanics, she has notes about gardening - and some shared notes- shopping lists, and the like. Very typical scenario I guess. Now, the point is, that we share the very same account, and this is not ideal. We would prefer if the "private" notes were not available to the other. She couldn't care any less about pedals and cranks; while I would be happier to manage my evernote with no stuff about plants in the way; to continue with the example (which is real, though not the only case). Creating TWO premium accounts would be the solution, but it's a bit out of our budget. But maybe something nice could be done. Here is my suggestion: Create a plan for couples. With it, the pair would be limited to share editable notes only with the other member. It will be limited, then, compared to the full premium membership. I would not have the chance to share my stuff by making editable by everybody that way - I would need a full premium for that - but only to my beloved. The "couple plan" could also eventually share the upload rate (500 MB each user, for instance) and some other limitations like that. I guess that my wife and I are not the only couple using Evernote this way - a single account - because buying TWO premium accounts would be too much. Maybe this idea could be effective for both this kind of users AND Evernote Please let me know if you like the idea. Thanks!
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    I've flagged your post for a staff member to look at. They are closed at the weekend
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    If it is PDFs you mean, go to Tools - Note - Always show PDF documents as attachments check box
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    Try this, when you right click in the note select Paste as Text versus Paste. This should place the text with your default EN font.
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    The OP referenced receipts as the notes of interest. A potential issue here is if not all notes should carry the year tag, or why tag them at all if you are comfortable with the date search. In any case there needs to be some way to differentiate receipt notes after the date search so either a Receipts notebook or tagging/keywording could be needed. If tagging/keywording is the option, once you are there.... Don't know that I have a better solution, but to elaborate on the earlier, somewhat cryptic as I read it now post: I have a notebook called Receipts I bulk scan receipts into individual PDF notes once or twice a week. I import those notes import folder Scans I bulk tag them as Receipt and F2015, now, used to be F2014, F2013..... I move the notes to ReceiptsThe first week of January I have to pay attention to the tagging. I have ways to exclude the receipts from results, typically using a -tag:receipt, and a simple way to search receipts by having the context be the notebook. A method that works for me in any case.
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    Having been round here for quite a while it seems pretty clear to me that Evernote would really rather limit the number of user choices/preferences and instead deliver a very generalised tool that people can apply to many different use cases. I'd guess that the kind of configuration suggested here would be extremely unlikely to be implemented.
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    Free users don't get support as such anymore. They can report bugs and get help with a billing issue if they are trying to go premium. I don't remember the last time I heard of anyone getting a human response inside 24 hours so I think that commitment is gone. I'm not sure if there is an SLA for Business, I think they get the same as Premium.
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    Thank you to those who replied to my problem. By heeding the suggestions in each reply, I have reached a happy outcome.
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    I disagree.. You brought a motion forward for the community to discuss... This is a forum. And forums have different people with different opinions. If you want only a pro-action/support... Put together a petition and get people to sign it... Again... Respectfully. I am just a user with an opinion. If your argument is good enough to convince me otherwise, I might change my personal opinion.. You will often find that the best recommendations, often garner a lot of support. Evernote is a very powerful tool that spreads very far and wide... However they are trying to keep it simultaneously as minimalistic and simple as possible... This is a fine balance. We have lots of suggestions on these forums all the time... We discuss these suggestions... They dont have the time to implement everything, every single user wants... Also Implementing everything would make the user Experience terrible... They decide on a route to take.. They engage in the forums, and they read the arguments you put forward... Then they think how it will fit into the current user base and potential user base as a whole... Good luck on your request.
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    Hi. You clearly found the support request link and received a ticket number, so you know your query is in a queue. The chat function works 7am-7pm weekdays PST so you should be able to get through at the correct time. I've flagged your post for one of the Forum admins since this is a user forum and we don't have access to customer records - it may be Monday now before those guys see the flag, but they'll pass the ticket number on to CS and (hopefully) you;ll see some action.
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    [ Emphasis mine. ] People can't articulate it — so what? I don't think it's required that we be able to articulate it. As you mention yourself, a lot of people want it disabled. That should be enough. A lot of 'articulations' of preferences are mostly things our logical brain makes up anyway, we don't really ever fully know why we like certain things and not others. This does not invalidate the preferences in question. Why do you love one person and not another? You can try 'articulating' it but you won't get to the heart of the matter. Additionally, lots of people have articulated why, in this very thread. It is invasive (cosmetically and psychologically)It is too close to other functionsThe inability to customize a toolbar is non-native behaviour, at least on a MacIt feels like Evernote is shoving this feature down our throats when it is neither needed nor wanted
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    That sounds like a bug if the popup is persistent. Once that is cleared up, I don't imagine Work Chat will be in your way too much. I haven't needed to share anything since Work Chat was released, so honestly, I don't even notice that it is there. I have yet to see it interfere with my workflow (popups aside). A lot of people are complaining about WC and want it disabled, but none seem to be able to clearly articulate why they feel that way (other than saying "because I just do"). I'd be very interested to hear if/how Work Chat interferes with your flow (aside from popups, which are definitely frustrating) once your popup situation is resolved. I am definitely NOT dismissing your feelings! I am sincerely interested in understanding why people are so desperate to disable something that, to me, is barely noticeable. To articulate then.... MOST IMPORTANT: It's fundamentally become harder to share notes and notebooks rather than easier. My recipients have gone from being able to collaborate with me within seconds to calling me up and asking me what they are supposed to do with this chat thing.Another chat is not needed. I use iMessage, Text, What's app, Skype etc.It clutters Evernote. One of the strengths was that it was a clean, simple interface. Adding anything that take away from that reduces this experienceYou've replaced something very good with a much poorer UX. I.e. removing the simple way of emailing a note - something that just worked well with something that just isn't clear how it's workingIt forces people down a path which they neither need to go nor want to go. This approach simply alienates users.It's intrusive.It's neither fish nor fowl. Tech works best when a function is absolutely clear. In Work Chats bumpf it's described as 'kind of a chat way of sharing' (my translation of your words). Let sharing be sharing. Let chat be chat.Hope that helps. Please, please kill it and restore the ease of sharing that was there before for notes and notebooks. Email is old and not a great platform, but so universal, even my 80 year old technophobe friends can use it. They'll never ever be able to use Work Chat.
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    You've probably found the trash already... if not, it should be the last "notebook" at the end of your notebook list.
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    Hello Gazumped, iMac latest. Thanks, I finally successfully downloaded version 6.0.5. An earlier attempt today apparently failed. EN now appears to be working properly thanks to your assistance. Bill
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    Thanks to Evernote Support I have found a workaround that seems to solve all these issues: Disable recent notes in iOS's notification center widget (in EN: Settings -> General -> Recent Notes in Today) and restart EN. I have used EN now for few days without freezing or any other issues. According to EN support they are working to fix this issue.
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    It does link to it and I get their LinkedIn profile, however there is no way to send a connection request.
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    Hi Gazumped, sorry for taking so long, but I just followed your instructions and all is now working perfectly - you're a genius, thank you very much indeed!!!
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    Thanks, Robert, for your thoughts. You are spot on. I have, in fact, detailed what is lacking, in this and other venues. This topic was meant to address the lack of response from Evernote concerning what I and many other users are frustrated with. Fundamentally, I do not consider it "progress" or an "upgrade" when the software regresses and downgrades (removing features we have had for a long time and depend on). It seems clear to me that Evernote has made assumptions about how its users actually use their software. They have oversimplified things and in so doing, made it more difficult to use. That's not simplicity, that's poor planning and design. The fundamental beef that I and many others have is in the presentation/listing of notes, lots of them. I have over 12,000. Why restrict us to seeing a list of only a half dozen at a time? That's beyond useless. Someone high up in Evernote is just not thinking. Or listening. Probably both. This topic is meant to address that attitude. Furthermore, this web app "beta" is in fact not "beta". It is sub-alpha. It should have stayed strictly in Evernote's in-house testing, with so many features missing. When software goes to "beta testing" it is not meant to be lacking some features, rather it is meant to have the full feature set of that version and allow customers to take it for a test drive to make sure it isn't buggy. I've done beta testing for decades. This is the worst "beta" software I have ever seen. When you release "beta" software, it is as much of a public relations matter as it is a technical matter. Users see what is behind the curtain and react. Perhaps Evernote has pulled the curtain back too early. Or maybe they really mean to plow ahead sans some of the features that have always been in this product.
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    ... ... ... The crux of the argument is that by you getting customisation of work chat you essentially limit my ability to use it. Its a case of it either exists.. Or it doesn't.. You cant have something like that "half-exist"... Why should other users be inconvenienced or irritated at the lack of customisability, or turning off features that they don't want, just so that they don't inconvenience you? So what you're saying is that what somebody else wants is irrelevant or unworkable simply because it will inconvenience you? Why must your email be spammed? Why, because I might work that way! And so anyone who doesn't like the route that Evernote is going down here are just moaners who want to troll forums? As if I have nothing better to do. Frankly, the only reason I still use Evernote is because there is no real competition. One Note is way too clunky and others like Simplenote (which incidentally, Evernote 6 looks very similar to now) are lacking in certain features. I have used Evernote ever since the app actually lived up to it's name. Evernote. It was a note-taking repository that I could brain-dump into, keep pictures for research, save useful emails. Nowadays they're trying to make it into a complete collaboration and project management tool. It ceases to be a pure and powerful note-taking tool the further Evernote takes it in this direction. And here lies the crux of the matter: Evernote wants to make an app for all-in-one collaboration, I just want a powerful note-taking app and repository of information. As far as being able to switch off Work Chat goes, though... is it really so hard to ask those you plan to collaborate with to make sure they have WC switched on? Preferences>Work Chat>On Very same as Context. And this way, your coworkers can at least switch it back off when the project is over. I find it hard to believe that those that actually use Evernote for collaboration would have it switched off, accidentally or otherwise... This is also a good idea.
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    Since there is still discussion about the buttons being customisable (which I completely agree with), in particular the Work Chat button, I thought I might ask why exactly is it that this new contextual feature for Evernote can be switched off if I want it, but Work Chat cannot? Why can't I switch that off? Let me emphasise this further: I do not use Evernote in the same way a business executive (for example) uses it. I do not need to collaborate with coworkers through Evernote. I do not want a chat client built into the same app I use to take notes, outline ideas, and in general produce raw information from my head to the computer before I work through it properly later in the appropriate program. Why (WHY?) can I not customise Evernote for my own needs/uses? Please consider making various elements customisable. The toolbar would be a great place to start. Please consider adding the Evernote green accents back in. In a misguided attempt to follow Apple's guidelines for Yosemite, I think you guys have completely removed the soul and character that was there with older versions of Evernote. Such a simple thing, green accent colours, could go a long way to alleviating people's problems with the new grey-on-grey-on-retina-burning white. I'm seriously considering just using the web client from now on. I write this in the assumption that the Evernote dev team actually listens to it's users and would like to actually improve the experience. That said, I'm happy you guys will be making the app more and more stable as time goes on.
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    On the desktop client using Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit, which has not synced in the last half day, thus not updating the web or my android client. I've moved a few hundred notes from one notebook to another and deleted several other notebooks. Below is what shows in the Activity Log:---10:03:24 [11316] 2% Account resync attempt limit exceeded, terminating10:03:24 [8588] Client synchronization finished, status: failed Is this occurring due to the large bulk of data? Anyone else having similar issues? (Also: my post from last night was removed??)
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    In what OS? Backing up notes is only possible on a device that has the downloaded database stored locally. A local backup from your PC/Mac is essential to ensuring that ALL of your data is protected. Some references: Export, archive, and import Evernote notes - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/28607737 Backing up and Restoring Evernote Data under Windows - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23186097 EN Mac Folder/Database location: Goto menu Evernote Mac > About Evernote Hold down the OPTION key to reveal the link to your EN Account folder You can also export you EN Notes as HTML files, which might be the best way to move them to another system, in case that need should arise. Note: when you export Notes to ENEX files, the file does NOT contain the following: Notebook name (tag all notes in a notebook with the name, or export one notebook at a time) Tag hierarchy (you much check the box to preserve Tags w/o hierarchy) The original GUID Links to Notes will be invalid/broken if you use the ENEX to restore the notes. Edit: beaten to the punch....
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    This has been discussed a great deal on these forums. In addition to what I suggest here, I recommend you do some searching for more detailed discussion. I'd also suggest you post which operating system you are using here so we can make more relevant recommendations. First of all, it is important to remember that all of your Evernote data is synchronized with Evernote's servers (Excepting Local Notebooks which are not synced). This means that in the event of a hard drive crash or computer loss, your data (except that which was stored in Local Notebooks) should easily be recovered simply by re-sycning from the servers. But, this isn't really "backup", to be safe, a traditional backup is definitely worthwhile. There are a number of approaches. First of all, if you have the Evernote application installed on your computer, you have a copy of your Evernote data stored locally on your hard drive. If you are on a Mac, this database will be backed up along with your Time Machine backup. If you are on windows, just make sure the .exb file is included in whatever your hard drive backup solution is. Other backup systems should also back up your Evernote database. CrashPlan and BackBlaze will backup your Evernote database. It is important, however, to remember that these databases are not terribly human-readable, and in most cases must be restored in full. This means that if you need to recover one note, or a set of notes, or a single notebook, you will have to recover the entire database. This is where individual, manual backups can be helpful. Individual notebooks or other sub-sets of notes can be regularly exported as a .enex file, then backed up in the manner of your choosing (such as by Time Machine or CrashPlan, or Carbon Copy Cloner). So you might set up a habit of exporting subsets of your data on a regular basis, such as daily or weekly (perhaps depending on how active your use of that subset it). You might export a notebook for a very active project on a daily basis, while you might export notebooks for old projects once when the project is complete, and then never again since the data will not be changed. The manual system is labour intensive. On the Mac it might be possible to use Automator to create script that gets run at regular intervals. Again, you'd be wise to search the boards for the many other discussions on this topic, but my post should at least get you started.
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    In the Windows client? Help / Activity Log.
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    Gotta have stacks for sure -- draggable, droppable. But what I'd really like to see are deeper stacks, stacks of stacks. Like most file/folder views. Any chance of that?
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    I cannot Sync Evernote. it worked fone for about a year. Here's a bit of the log: INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT07:35:25 [7516] Client synchronization finished, status: failed07:35:25 [7516] * error: Could not connect to Evernote service07:35:25 [7516] * elapsed time: 0s07:37:17 [7368] Announcements feed download failed, error=INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT07:37:17 [7368] * statusCode=007:37:17 [7368] * statusText=07:37:17 [7368] * url=https://announce.evernote.com/?platformProduct=w32-evernote&locale=en-US_US&uid=2967164707:39:17 [7368] Announcements feed download failed, I have windows 7 pro on my desktop and well connected to the internet, wired in. I have another computer that is exactly the same at my office. EXACTLY the same and evernote works fine there as well as on my android phone. I have gone through all the steps:Try restarting your computer or device -Upgrade to the latest version of EvernoteSearch for error messages I admidt I did see another topic here with 5 pages and 83 replies, and could not find a solution in that topic. (perhaps it is well hidden in those replies) Plus it was jumbled with multiple operating systems and varying problems so.... Can anyone please help?
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    I'm with many other users: Please bring back stacks as soon as possible! I know betas take time (I've been involved with others, too), but I live by stacks ... and not being able to use them is wreaking my nicely organized Evernote ... Thanks!
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    So. If I share a notebook with somebody and give them modifying rights, they can create, write, edit and even DELETE notes... but they can't create tags? Absolutely ridiculous. Any news on this?
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    I'm moving that way myself. The recent yanking of public notebooks and the absolutely stultifying inertia in fixing bugs and improving Evernote's very basic editor are doing it for me. I don't use public notebooks myself, but the fact they think it's sensible to pull a feature without telling anyone is extremely worrying. Next week they could remove a feature I do rely on and I just can't work like that. I looked at OneNote's Android client yesterday and it's got excelletn pen support (with pressure sensitivity) for my Galaxy Note 3. Last time I looked a year or so ago the Android client was pretty poor. I did a few tests to check syncing between Android, web and Windows and it all works nicely. It's a big jump but if I can get my notes moved across I'll be abandoning Evernote. It's a shame as I've been using Evernote since 2007, (mostly) patiently waiting for some serious improvements to the editor. The EN Android client has come on leaps and bounds too, but it's too little too late unfortunately. I prefer it when companies clearly explain their thinking (transperancy), set reasonable expectations among users, and achieve them. There is actually more to the art / science of getting people to incorporate services into their lives, but this is a big start. Ambiguity, opacity, and mixed signals don't help endear me to products. I can't say whether MS is doing better or worse in this regard, because their ON app on the Mac (my environment) is only a few months old, and it is actually only the last two months that it improved enough to become usable (for me). In my experience, though, whatever complaints I might have about MS (I have many), they rarely make changes without providing plenty of warning ahead of time, and I don't remember when they last abandoned a feature (the Start button kerfuffle seems a little different to me). I think EN would be smart to rethink their approach to support for features and their communication with users. Frankly, I know more about the "Pfeiffer Collection" now than I do about sharing features in Evernote. I don't think that is good. The blog would be a great place to let us know what they are up to -- I bet a lot of users would be excited to hear about what the developers are trying to do with the service this year.
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    If you're unable to sync to Evernote on a new installation.. Use a browser to check your account on Evernote.com - this confirms your account is OK and that you're able to connect to the internet.Try to connect again - failures can be due to busy connections at your end or traffic on Evernote's servers.Exit evernote via File > Exit and uninstall it - ask for help first if you have unsynced or local notes.Reinstall and retry sync
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    It sound like a great feature that I would love to use on my devices. It does not necessarily need to complicate the set-up. I think it should be implemented as an additional option that can be enabled on every device. It could look something like this: Default notebook: - use the account default notebook - use another default notebook on this device You could even make it a premium feature. That way the beginning users won't be overwhelmed by additional options but more demanding users will be able to use it when needed.
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    Yeah, that's what I meant gaz. So far my wife and I ARE sharing a single account, because buying two premium memberships would be too much, AND we need to share stuff each other (read, a single premium account for one of us wouldn't do). This is not ideal, that's why I suggested to consider that. A couple membership, so that each member of the couple can get her/his private stuff AND share it editable with the other member, while not paying overall as much as two premium account, eventually having other limits (like upload rate and the like). Cheers
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    Yes, I'm pretty sure this is on the list of things to do. EN does try to have feature parity across all the platforms. However, that doesn't mean that a feature will be held up from one platform until it's available across all platforms.
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