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    Clipping web pages is a great feature, but it's now quite tedious to get back to the original page from within the note. The old interface provided a link to the page at the top of the note (which opened in a new tab), but now it's hidden in the note info. That wouldn't be too bad, but the URL is in a text box, meaning we can't click it to go to the page - it has to be manually copied and pasted into a new tab. Please add a faster way to get from a note to the original page! Steve.
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    Hmm I counter this problem for a while. It seems to me that I can only change the color of the font rather than the highlight when I call out the "show colors" option under format. Does it mean there is only one color available for highlight at the moment?
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    I use Evernote on shared computers, with family and co-workers. I need to force a sign in whenever Evernote is started, otherwise I am exposing my private notes to anyone that can launch Evernote. This has always been possible for me until I just updated Evernote. There used to be a tick box on the Sign in form that said "Stay signed in". By leaving that tick box blank, you were forced to login each time you started Evernote. Now that tick box is gone. It would be nice to know why, but that is not my real question. I know you can click on the username and select Sign out xxx. But that is not what I want. If you shut down evernote by right-clicking in the system tray then Quit Evernote without first signing out, you can just restart the application and you are right back in, no sign in required. Also if you close the window with windows X button, the application is still running, visible in the system tray. You can forget it is even running, then shut down windows. After restart, again you can get straight in with no sign in. How can I force Sign in after each time Evernote is shutdown, without having to manually sign out first?
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    I never write in pretty much any forum but I am seriously annoyed. Granted I use penultimate for free but you guys definitely figured out a great way to dissuade me from upgrading to a paid account on Evernote. I can't imagine anyone of consequence will actually read this but I just had to say something. My business is real estate and I used penultimate for every meeting. Whether it was with a client, seminar or teaching session I used penultimate all the time. So my question is... Why fix something that isn't broken? When I opened my penultimate app today I was greeted with an upgrade. Now, normally I like upgrades but what the heck guys what were you guys thinking. I finally had things functioning right and then you go and change the entire thing. Here are the issues I'm having with the upgrade. By the way the fact that I can list so many of them sort of says to me that to much was changed to quickly. First and foremost you provided no Instruction on how to use your upgrade. People do read and I would've read something instead of stumbling about trying to figure it out. If you did provide it somewhere on the app an easy way to get to it would be nice. All my journals/notebooks were combined into one Notebook. Why wouldn't you simply make all the old notebooks separate notebooks in the new upgrade. I had to go onto Evernote online to separate notebooks back into different notebooks. On the old app several key functions were easily accessible on the main screen but no more. Now I actually have to take more time to open the menu to select everything from ink color, eraser to the back function or what ever you call that. I saw the note say that you're creating a cleaner surface. Guess what I'll sacrifice a cleaner surface for ease of use any day of the week. Expanding the window feature...Very, Very Frustrating!!! Before I could expand and write while the screen moved easily to the right. Again you changed a simple and smooth function and made it more complex for some reason. When I finally got it to expand I figured it may work similarly to the way it did before...nope, wrong again. I had to tap on a play icon to get it to move. While the box move I started writing the text but it doesn't write anywhere near as clearly as it did on your old app version. In fact the text in any sized pen point is almost unreadable. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but without instructions how can I tell. Actually trying to expand the window is very choppy! The action of spreading fingers aprt to expand in my opinion was much smoother on the old version. The Expanded window won't register my writing!!! I just tried expanding the window and now it won't even register what I'm writing. Using the eraser on the expanded mode is pointless! You made it so I can only use the eraser directly on the expanded mode section and not on the smaller writing area above. The problem with this is that what I need to erase has past by already in the small expanded area. Granted the old version you had to zoom in and out to erase but at least you could do this with ease. Choppy, Choppy, and more Choppy! Scrolling up and down is...dare I say it, choppy. Your App is preventing me from organizing my Notebooks in the order I want them. At least before the last notebook I used was right at the beginning so I could easily get to it. Now I have to scroll to the bottom to get my most important notebook. Writing Sucks!!! Writing in your new version is horrible. Just to make sure I tried writing both in and out of the expanded version. The text is sloppy and unreadable. Now don't even tell me it's me because I have a tons of old notes that I wrote that are crisp and clear. The New Version Freezes. It just froze on me two times in just over ten minutes. I could go on a little bit more but I need to get back to work. The old version wasn't perfect but at least it was smooth and simple. Technology should make my your day more efficient but you've proven this idea wrong. This update is not user friendly...in my humble opinion. By the way an easy to get to help screen with instructions would be nice. Thank you for your work on the previous app version of Penultimate. I enjoyed using it thoroughly and found it highly useful. I will now be going back to using tablet paper and keep my eye out for a good, quality writing app. I may end up switching away from apple to go to some other type of tablet. Sincerely, JD
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    The bogus "Download All Notes" is still an issue in the most recent iOS version (, almost 18 months after my original post. I manually synced my iPad several times before departing for NYC. Thinking my notes were synced I got on the plane, only to be greeted with "Tap to Download". Really? I pay my monthly Premium charges. What's up EN? Let me repeat - 18 MONTHS LATER THIS BUG IS STILL NOT FIXED! Do not rely upon EN to actually download all your notes, and their content, no matter what your settings.
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    It can be much easier for some use cases to share notebooks between separate accounts. No switching required.
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    are you sure you've logged in using exactly the same Evernote account? Sometimes people forget which email address they used for their Evernote account and accidentally create a new one. Has your new iPad finished synchronizing? A new installation should pull all of your notes down from the server. You could try uninstalling the Evernote application and reinstalling it to force this process again (or first, try just logging out of the Evernote application and logging back in again). EDIT: BLARG partly sniped by the speedy csihilling!
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    The only way to do this is to log out of one, then log into the other. The desktop applications have fast user switching, but this is not a feature of the mobile applications.
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    I have never heard of this happening before. As far as I know there is no way for Evernote to automatically move your notes to the trash. But, stranger things have happened. Since it seems like all of your "wanted" notes were deleted at exactly the same time, here's my recommendation: 1) Install the latest version of Evernote if it isn't already installed 2) Go to your Evernote trash. 3) Enter "Top list view" if you aren't already in that view. 4) Add the "Deleted" column if it isn't already there. (right click on any column header and select "deleted". 5) sort by "deleted" to sort by the date the notes were deleted. For all of the notes you want, this date should be identical, based on your story, so those should now be grouped together in the list and easily selected. 6) Select all the notes with that date and click "restore selected notes" If that doesn't work, you can go back in time by restoring your Evernote database from a Time Machine backup of your hard drive. This isn't an easy task. Directions here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21651-i-need-to-totally-restore-from-time-machine-how/?p=110320 Those directions are slightly old, so there may be some subtle differences (e.g., the location of the Evernote database), but the actual method should be identical. Keep in mind a time machine restore of the database is an all or nothing affair. You cannot restore individual notes or parts of the database, it is the entire database that you are restoring. Ideally you'd be able to solve your issue using my first suggestion and use your time machine backup as a very last resort.
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    Which Evernote client are you using? The Windows client, has a tag panel similar to the notebook panel you mention; just click on the Tags header in the left panel. Again, in the Windows client, in the tags list in the left panel, each tag has a note count associated with it. Adding a tag to a note can be done any number of ways: drag a note to the tag you want in the left panel, or add the tag in the note header, or use Ctrl+Alt+T to bring up the Assign Tags dialog, for starters.
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    Here are my recommendations dealing with this problem: 1. DON’T PANIC 2. Give your Mac some time to re-index. Meanwhile you may read SoftwareMarcus’s response. 3. Make sure you have a backup of your data (Enex export and Time Machine). 4. Download the lastest version (6.0.2) from the Evernote site! 5. And for a secure removal and re-installation read this. 6. Good Luck!
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    This was a bug in 6.0 which has been fixed in 6.0.2: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78123-evernote-mac-v602-released/?p=327886
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    I prefer this method. Going through 75,000 notes manually becomes cumbersome. I would add one thing however - it might be better to select "My Notes' first (available in the view menu). I found that a lot of my duplicates were from someone else's notebook, a shared notebook. I saved a lot of time but just selecting my notes, the notes that I could actually delete. Great suggestion @csihilling
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news guys, but, IMO, it is very unlikely that Evernote will ever provide this CSV export feature for contacts. I say this mainly because the contact data is stored as text in the body of the Note, not in separate fields like you need for CSV export. Evernote seems to have switched gears now, and is on to "bigger, better, things", that will "bend the universe" (whatever that means) as announced in their recent 2014 Annual Conference. The only work-around I see is to export your Notes to HTML, and then write a script that will parse the HTML file into separate fields, and then export as CSV. If the contact format is consistent, this should be possible. I've done stuff like this in years past using MS Office VBA. But you could use any language you're familiar with. If you still have the business cards, there are business card scanning apps that will scan, OCR, and export to CSV. Some even export directly to Outlook. Good luck to all!
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    Hi JHutchings, We can confirm this issue and it seems to be related to updates in the most recent version of Chrome 38 ( 38.0.2125.111 ). We are investigating the cause and a fix for the problem.
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    If you want to automate it a bit, and you have some Excel skills: Go to all notes in list view, select a note and then hit CTRL-A to select all the notes Hit CTRL-C to copy all the note information in the columns Open Excel Paste, match destination formatting Sort by title You now have all of the note list information in Excel and you can write a title compare calculation to quickly find the dups. Copy/paste the title from Excel to EN search bar if you want to fixFairly quick and painless process if you feel compelled to remove the dups, FWIW.
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    I am a Premium user and when I click the 3-dot menu icon on the attachment and select 'View' I do not get a list of apps I prefer to use, and I have Adobe Acrobat installed. Everytime I try and just view any of the .pdf's in my notes I am taken immediately to an "Install Skitch" page and I do not want to install Skitch as I do not plan on doing any annotations. Essentially Evernote has now taken away my ability to view pdf's directly in the app, which is extremely frustrating as I have lost a major feature of Evernote I love which is to store and view pdfs. The only think I can think of why I may be getting a different result than you and cannot see other apps such as Adobe to use as my viewer, is I just finished installing CamScanner. Maybe this app has done something to my Evernote settings.
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    Hello everyone, I too stressed out this morning but then found the answer. In any of the clients (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android) go to the Notebooks tab and scroll to the bottom. You'll see the trash folder there and can pick anything out of it.
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