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    We'll remove it. Thanks for the feedback!
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    If I understand correctly what you're wanting to do, you can, anytime in any app, hit shift-control-cmd-4 to get the OSX built-in screenshot tool. Then, drag across whatever you want to clip, switch to your EN note and paste it in. (If you want to grab an entire window, press the space bar right after you hit the shortcut above and then click once on the desired window.
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    Thanks for trying @gazumped. Maybe a mac user can shed some light on this for me.
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    Here is the demand then Thanks again for your answers, i joined forum just for mentioning about this subject.
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    OS X bash Update 1.0 OS X Mavericks http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1769 OS X Mountain Lion http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1768 OS X Lion http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1767
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    Can you please create a support ticket for this issue at evernote.com/support and message back your ticket #? Make sure to include: device, OS, etc.
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    This this this!!! Our office printer at work (a library) can recognize a book and scan the items on either side of a spine as two pages. It's incredibly efficient. Also, depending on the book, I've had luck using the Evernote camera scanner on my iPhone. If it'll lay relatively flat when open, it works very well. If it's a small softcover or hardcover that has an inflexible spine, however, it's much more difficult. Plus, destroying books... it's just so sad.
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    I'm running out of tricks for you, Cal...
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    I assume you are using EN Mac 5.6, right? I didn't like the previous approach of expanding to a certain % of screen width either. The best, IMO, is "fit to text". This keeps the tables/cell size small, but expands a cell as you add text to it. Of course, the very best would be to give the user an option: (1) Fit to Text; (2) % Screen; (3) Fixed
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    Previous discussion on I think the same topic, same result unfortunately.: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/65453-clearing-find-dialog-box-upon-dismissal-ctrl-f/
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    Hi. You don't need a utility as such - there are Mac scripts and Evernote Windows has an Import Folder where you can simply import batches of files into Evernote notebooks as you require. If you have a lot of information I'd suggest moving it all into one or more Local Notebooks (which aren't synced with Evernote's servers) so that you don't use all your upload limit in one month - you may have to spread your uploads over a few months if there's a lot. Another consideration you may have to beware of is that all these files will become part of your Evernote database, and will be stored on your local hard drive, using up whatever space is required. (It's not recommended to use a cloud-based database location!) Hope that helps - let us know what version of Evernote you're using if you need anything more on this..
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    Well, look at that. Thank you! OK, new feature request: I'd like to win the lottery, please.
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    Thanks for the tip. What I've done is close Evernote, rename the top-level 'Databases' folder, and restarted Evernote. After syncing from the cloud back to my PC, Evernote starts & stops more quickly and no longer freezes while browsing PDFs embedded in Notes. I'll leave it a day or two before reporting this issue as closed. I'll also update the issue I raised about Evernote being slow to start & stop.
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    In the Windows client, you can Shift+Click on a tag at the top of a note header to add it to your current filter.
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    Yeah I think the first step is to reset your evernote email address (not the one you sign in with, I'm talking about the one that looks like: johnny.a1b2c3@m.evernote.com). You can reset this by logging into your account at evernote.com and going to Account Settings. ------ Blarg, sniped by Candid!
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    EN Mac Issues with Mac OS 10.9.5 Jackolicious, I strongly suspect that there is some type of issue with running EN Mac on Mac OS 10.9.5. This OS update was just released within the last week or so. It was previously released about a month ago, but had to be immediately pulled because of some problems it caused. A number of users running this OS are reporting issues I don't see on 10.9.4, and I haven't seen other users report. I've tried to tag these threads with "OS10.9.5" to make them easy to find. Please investigate. Thanks.
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    Yes. We are aware of this. That in particular hasn't caused any issues that we know of.
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    This is a great request. My quick thoughts: 1. Keep your eyes peeled. Something "related" is in the works 2. Relatedness, as we calculate it, isn't a binary thing. It's not related or unrelated. There's a huge spectrum there and we've done quite a bit of work to show you up to 5 related notes. We don't want to "force" a certain number because that could ruin the validity of the results. As our algorithms improve, configuring the number of related notes will be on our minds. Thanks again.
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    This doesn't seem to be an issue with Evernote 5.6.0 (available from evernote.com)
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    Yes, a flatbed scanner, such as those that come with most multipurpose printers can do this for you. As gazumped pointed out this will take a lot of time so you have to weight the cost of the time against the cost of the book itself. However, besides price you may wish to keep something like a journal intact and not destroy it. If you do not own such a scanner many libraries have them and will let you scan for free to a USB drive.
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    Hi all--we have an update on this on our blog here: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/09/29/evernote-service-not-affected-bash-shellshock-bug/
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    Lots of companies sell products known as overhead scanners, book scanners, or document cameras. These allow you to place an open book beneath them and take a picture of both pages at once.
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    See Evernote: Add Fonts on the Mac
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    You can specify notebooks, tags and reminders. From the knowledge base article: You can add special characters at the end of your subject line to control the destination notebook, add tags, or set a Reminder. @Notebook: Notes will go into your default notebook unless you specify one using the at (@) symbol and notebook name, such as @travel. You do not need quotes if you have a space in the notebook title. For example, you would write @International Travel or @My Notebook. #Tag: Add tags using the pound or hashtag (#) symbol, such as #manchester #england !Reminder: Use the exclamation point (!) to set a Reminder. To add an alarm to the Reminder, add the word tomorrow, or a date with numeric year, month, day separated by slashes. For example: !, !tomorrow, !2013/06/24 More info here.
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    Glad to hear that. Thank you very much! Can't complain about support here in the forum. I just wish this wouldn't be necessary
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    Evernote Premium user on Windows 7 Professional, using Windows client. The narrow left-hand scroll bar is a real pain on the Windows client, because I find I'm accidentally putting my mouse pointer slightly to the left of it and dragging tags (which I have visible just to the left of the left hand scroll bar) and hence nesting them under other tags. Doing Edit->undo doesn't undo tag nesting & it can be a(nother) pain to un-nest tags. Making the left hand scroll bar wider would help to avoid accidentally nesting my tags. Thanks in anticipation. P.S. If the Evernote devs are worried about screen real estate taken up by a wider scroll bar, maybe make scroll bar width user-configurable?
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    I'm having the same problem right now. I rely heavily on my links and spent a lot of time organizing notes using links. I want to convert a notebook to business but just can't until I know the links will work. I was working with a tech support today who is trying to help create a work around. Will keep all updated.
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    Hi, lots of nice new features, image resize is very handy. I have one major issue-- I work mostly off-grid, and I'm getting a "You are offline" popup requiring me to hit 'OK' almost every minute. I use evernote precisely because it allows me to work offline! This is driving me nuts, can we make this go away? A clicky box with "Don't tell me again" will do.
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    You know how doctors tell you that exercise and diet are keys to staying healthy. And how do you do that (or not so much in my case all the time), discipline, go figure. Paperless is much the same IMO. Discipline in addition to a plan of how paperless you want to be, how much of that historical paper do you want to digitize and chuck out, and knowing you will fall off the wagon from time to time. I have found that for me short doses of scanning are better than saving up for the week, makes it feel like less a chore. I am paperless now, fully go forward and as much go backward as I thought I needed to be. One definite helper is e-delivery or paperless statements of any sort that you can get. A two monitor set up helps so that you can balance accounts or whatever with application on one screen and document on the other. FWIW.
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    Jamie Rubin put a post up on his blog in early September where he talks about his struggles going Paperless. For me, it helped to know I'm not alone in a few struggles. It's a great read! http://www.jamierubin.net/2014/09/09/going-paperless-confessions-of-a-paperless-writer/
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    Sync problems must be one of the most frequently raised issues in the forums, and there are numerous fixes already posted - have you tried any of these?
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    Thank you Evernote for the mostly useless presentation mode, and endless marketing emails shilling pens and moleskin products. Now can we get back to fixing bulleted lists?
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    You can use sunrise app for iPhone Android or web.
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    olá pessoal, um recurso que sinto falta é a pesquisa dentro do documento encontrado. Muitas vezes tenho um documento grande e quero encontrar um início do texto na nota, mas pelo celular não tem esse recurso. No computador tem o recurso mas falta disponibilizar para o celular.
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