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    Here is the demand then Thanks again for your answers, i joined forum just for mentioning about this subject.
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    Can you please create a support ticket for this issue at evernote.com/support and message back your ticket #? Make sure to include: device, OS, etc.
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    Yeah I think the first step is to reset your evernote email address (not the one you sign in with, I'm talking about the one that looks like: johnny.a1b2c3@m.evernote.com). You can reset this by logging into your account at evernote.com and going to Account Settings. ------ Blarg, sniped by Candid!
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    I'm having the same problem right now. I rely heavily on my links and spent a lot of time organizing notes using links. I want to convert a notebook to business but just can't until I know the links will work. I was working with a tech support today who is trying to help create a work around. Will keep all updated.
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    You know how doctors tell you that exercise and diet are keys to staying healthy. And how do you do that (or not so much in my case all the time), discipline, go figure. Paperless is much the same IMO. Discipline in addition to a plan of how paperless you want to be, how much of that historical paper do you want to digitize and chuck out, and knowing you will fall off the wagon from time to time. I have found that for me short doses of scanning are better than saving up for the week, makes it feel like less a chore. I am paperless now, fully go forward and as much go backward as I thought I needed to be. One definite helper is e-delivery or paperless statements of any sort that you can get. A two monitor set up helps so that you can balance accounts or whatever with application on one screen and document on the other. FWIW.
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    Jamie Rubin put a post up on his blog in early September where he talks about his struggles going Paperless. For me, it helped to know I'm not alone in a few struggles. It's a great read! http://www.jamierubin.net/2014/09/09/going-paperless-confessions-of-a-paperless-writer/
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    Thank you Evernote for the mostly useless presentation mode, and endless marketing emails shilling pens and moleskin products. Now can we get back to fixing bulleted lists?
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    olá pessoal, um recurso que sinto falta é a pesquisa dentro do documento encontrado. Muitas vezes tenho um documento grande e quero encontrar um início do texto na nota, mas pelo celular não tem esse recurso. No computador tem o recurso mas falta disponibilizar para o celular.
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