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    Hi all, We are getting increasing feedback from Safari Web Clipper users of problems clipping certain sites. One reason in these cases can be caused by how Safari have chosen to enforce Content Security Policy (CSP) headers. Summary of CSP: - It's a 'setting' of sorts, that site publishers can set that limits what bookmarklets and extensions can do on their site. - In Safari this may cause the Web Clipper to not being able to execute any code and thus not being able to start. - More info about CSP is available here: http://www.w3.org/TR/CSP/ Typical signs of a CSP issue: - When clicking the Web Clipper toolbar button absolutely nothing happens. (i.e no Web Clipper UI will load) How to determine if the site is having restrictive CSP settings: - See this Skitched tutorial for a guide. https://www.evernote.com/l/AAwMRDf060tB94tLsqW1TK2dNxvFGBuroh4 What can be done about it? - At this point there is nothing that we can 'fix' in the Web Clipper. We are blocked by Safari from running any code. - At the moment Chrome and other browser haven't implemented CSP the same way so clipping in those browser should work fine if the root cause is CSP.
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    Well, to me sync is like save, it can and must be bullet proof. I'm not saying it is not hard, but that it must be designed and implemented right. Syncing of data and files has been around for decades. Problems, errors, user errors, can and will happen. The key is having a system that recognizes when it is out of sync, and offers tools to the user to correct. It seems to me that every time an EN client does a sync it should at least compare the client's note count with that of the EN Service/Cloud, and take appropriate action if they are different.
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    Thank you for returning this feature. I understand security risks of sharing information in a public fashion and hope that this feature will not be going away. If security is a concern, perhaps just one additional "Are you sure" message would suffice to give the user one last out before committing the share. One can also be reminded that the share can be removed just as easily. This is a feature that is invaluable.
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    Hello, Is there is a way to duplicate notes, without copying and pasting the content of the note into a new note? Example: I publish a small, local magazine. I am keeping all of my editorial in Evernote, until I am ready to compile to publish for a particular month. There are standard articles that I use for every issue, every month. Each of these articles has a specific header (title of the note) and a structured template with designer notes and footnotes. It would be quite helpful to be able to create a template notebook, and each month copy all of the standard article notes to that month's notebook so I have them all there ready to work on with their specific footnotes, etc. Right now I am utilizing the copy and paste method, but still have to re-type the note's title each time. I'm hoping that I am just missing an easy way to complete this task. If not, please add as an upcoming feature!
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    Yup. When I tell Crashplan to backup a group of folders, it de-duplicates, compresses and encrypts the bits and syncs them up to 3 different locations near and far. If any single bit is detected as different from the source it's repaired, and I'm notified that an error was found and repaired automatically. If it didn't, it wouldn't be trustworthy. A single bit error is the difference between a usable file recovery or not. Trust in recovery in the linchpin to the whole Evernote system.
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    I am glad that other Business users are pushing for this feature. We moved our entire client files to Evernote thinking that it would be a good idea to go paperless, we could collaborate while a client project is active and we could update through many devices. However, once we were deep into it we realized that the lack of administrative control would severely affect our business. The reason that we need certain Notebooks to have centralized names is that they correspond to our CRM naming scheme. So, the "XYZ Corporation" file or the "Schmoe, Joe" file absolutely needs to correspond with our CRM records. We also use Evernote for project collaboration and this does not seem to be as much of a hurdle because active projects may be in the dozens. However, we have over 2000 Notebooks and are struggling to work around the current feature set.
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    I don't think the copy note function exists in the browser version (Chrome). You can download the desktop version if you like and have it there, plus other features.
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    That's a piss-poor reply. Even the CEO of Evernote acknowledged problems with Evernote earlier this year. My biggest gripe with Evernote was seeing a note disappear for a minute or longer whenever I opened it, presumably while it was checking the server for updates. Microsoft's OneNote seems bug free compared to my experience of Evernote. Simplenote seems a pleasure to use compared to the bug ridden Evernote and Simplenote wont even let me put images in the notes (while OneNote does). I've already mentioned how Evernote wrecks any apps they buy, like Skitch. Hopefully the people behind Everenote have taken ownership of these problems and see the need to fix Evernote. But after my bad experience with Everenote it would take an awful lot to trust it with my notes again. Then I don't know what the problem is. Sounds like OneNote is the app that better suits your needs. You can stop following the thread by clickng 'unfollow' at the top of the thread & to the right.
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    Great article Alan. Thanks for sharing. From my perspective, the main benefit of Evernote has long been that it's available on almost all platforms. Looks like Microsoft is going after cross-platform and improved sync as major thrusts: Evernote sync used to be rock solid, but for the last few months that have been many reports of sync issues. I have experienced two sync issues (Mac and iOS). If MS gets it right, it could mean real trouble for Evernote.
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    Yes. I mentioned the postach.io option when the sharing was abandoned. On the surface, it looks like a nice solution. But, underneath, especially for educators who may (against my advice) be recording personal information about students in Evernote (test scores, homework, observations about progress, etc.), there is a big problem -- you'd be granting a third party unrestricted access to everything. The implications are quite serious ethically and legally. And, it almost goes without saying that a third party app(in beta, no less) could drop support for the feature any day without warning as well, so it is really not (in my opinion) a good solution. There are a few issues at work here: (1) Using a third-party app grants them unrestricted access to all of your notes -- financial records, medical records, diary, etc. (if you ignore my advice and keep them in there). There were rumors of an API change that would fix this, but I am not aware of any actual implementation. (2) A publicly shared notebook is hosted by Evernote, which means it will be around (theoretically) as long as your account, so it is quite reliable (theoretically). (3) A publicly shared notebook can be joined by others, which is a huge benefit, especially for educators. (4) It isn't the removal of the feature that bothers me so much, even though I hate to see it go, but the method of doing so. This unannounced and sudden abandonment of features, even ones that appear to be core ones existing for many years, and rolling back of changes if it causes enough wailing and gnashing of teeth among users (called A/B testing by some, though the term is a little too broad in my opinion) is a loathsome pattern of behavior at Evernote (and some other services) that I think wreaks havoc with users. Personally, I am extremely unlikely to rely on a service in my professional life if it is run this way. It sounds like a harsh condemnation, I guess, but it ought to be taken as a recommendation to behave responsibly: announce and explain upcoming changes to existing features, gather feedback, evaluate it, implement changes (if there isn't a hue and cry), and evaluate the results. Is this so onerous an expectation?
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    I'm moving that way myself. The recent yanking of public notebooks and the absolutely stultifying inertia in fixing bugs and improving Evernote's very basic editor are doing it for me. I don't use public notebooks myself, but the fact they think it's sensible to pull a feature without telling anyone is extremely worrying. Next week they could remove a feature I do rely on and I just can't work like that. I looked at OneNote's Android client yesterday and it's got excelletn pen support (with pressure sensitivity) for my Galaxy Note 3. Last time I looked a year or so ago the Android client was pretty poor. I did a few tests to check syncing between Android, web and Windows and it all works nicely. It's a big jump but if I can get my notes moved across I'll be abandoning Evernote. It's a shame as I've been using Evernote since 2007, (mostly) patiently waiting for some serious improvements to the editor. The EN Android client has come on leaps and bounds too, but it's too little too late unfortunately. I prefer it when companies clearly explain their thinking (transperancy), set reasonable expectations among users, and achieve them. There is actually more to the art / science of getting people to incorporate services into their lives, but this is a big start. Ambiguity, opacity, and mixed signals don't help endear me to products. I can't say whether MS is doing better or worse in this regard, because their ON app on the Mac (my environment) is only a few months old, and it is actually only the last two months that it improved enough to become usable (for me). In my experience, though, whatever complaints I might have about MS (I have many), they rarely make changes without providing plenty of warning ahead of time, and I don't remember when they last abandoned a feature (the Start button kerfuffle seems a little different to me). I think EN would be smart to rethink their approach to support for features and their communication with users. Frankly, I know more about the "Pfeiffer Collection" now than I do about sharing features in Evernote. I don't think that is good. The blog would be a great place to let us know what they are up to -- I bet a lot of users would be excited to hear about what the developers are trying to do with the service this year.
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    I'm moving that way myself. The recent yanking of public notebooks and the absolutely stultifying inertia in fixing bugs and improving Evernote's very basic editor are doing it for me. I don't use public notebooks myself, but the fact they think it's sensible to pull a feature without telling anyone is extremely worrying. Next week they could remove a feature I do rely on and I just can't work like that. I looked at OneNote's Android client yesterday and it's got excelletn pen support (with pressure sensitivity) for my Galaxy Note 3. Last time I looked a year or so ago the Android client was pretty poor. I did a few tests to check syncing between Android, web and Windows and it all works nicely. It's a big jump but if I can get my notes moved across I'll be abandoning Evernote. It's a shame as I've been using Evernote since 2007, (mostly) patiently waiting for some serious improvements to the editor. The EN Android client has come on leaps and bounds too, but it's too little too late unfortunately.
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    I never used Evernote on my mobile due to speed issues. So I use Google Keep on my smart phone for reminders, appointments, and tasks. I also use my 15 year old copy of GoldMine (upgrade is too expensive). I am still working on understanding OneNote. Evernote is my repository for stuff that happened in the past.
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    Exactly. The damage is done and I don't trust them anymore. Especially given that they are rolling it back temporarily until they decide to take it away again. Are we supposed to invest our time in creating content for a public notebook just to have them take it away again? I get the impression that the rolling back may have been just to appease us for a while, in that "this will shut them up for a little while and then we will just announce it before taking it away again next month, or within a year, or next year..." Or maybe they will switch that feature over to the business accounts, which amounts to the same thing, really. Yep. I've had my public notebook for many years, and I have been a longtime advocate of public (and private) notebooks, especially in the classrom. I'm shutting mine down, and you'll notice (if you saw my posts before in the forum) that the link is gone from my signature. https://www.evernote.com/pub/mayo-christopher/public I'm not going to spend time (even the little bit that this public notebook entailed) working on a notebook if it might be abandoned any day. I certainly will not ever incorporate sharing into my syllabi again, because as a professional educator, I am unwilling to use tools that might disappear any day. I at least need them to stick around for the semester. I strongly recommend that other educators (many of whom were probably shocked at the beginning of the semester to see one of their tools disappear) consider backup options if they go through with using public notebooks. As you can probably guess, I am pretty flummoxed by all of this. I don't think anyone is asking for a detailed roadmap of future developments at Evernote, but just a few commitments to existing features and a reconsideration of how they go about making radical changes to the service. Unfortunately, I see the way this occurred as part of a longstanding pattern of inadequately notifying users. I really hope they change their approach and consider the 100 million plus lives that are affected every time they do something.
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    Yep. This is precisely the problem with Evernote's approach. They have never identified what are "core" features that they will keep and "experimental" ones that may or may not stay in the service. Publicly shared notebooks are one of their oldest features, and if that can be abandoned any moment, just like the mobile site (also old, and also dropped without notice), then is Evernote willing to commit to anything? The service aims to stay around for 100 years, but if they cannot commit to features, I don't see how this app will be feasible for users over the long term. My complaint here isn't about what is or is not in the app (I have complaints about that elsewhere), but about their unwillingness to pbulicly commit, notify users in advance of changes, and respect the fact that people are organizing their lives around the wonderful features that developers have created.
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    Brief update on this. First off, I want to thank everyone for the responses thus far--we've been evaluating them as they've been rolling in. As noted above, this was done as part of a more thorough set of changes we're making with the shared notebooks experience. We've decided to roll back this change for now, and you should see this reinstated in next week's web release. Again, want to thank everyone for the continued feedback and keep it coming.
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    実は、facebookとEvernoteで行っているプロジェクトです。 facebookでは、日頃の獣医療についての議論をしたり、Evernoteに変更があった場合は、そちらで告知したりするなどして、 Evernoteと連携を取るようにしています。 Evernoteのメモ帳の方は、みんなが勝手に書き込みをすると、信頼性の低いものになるため(医療内容なので)、 書き換え可能な人数を制限して、編集者を決めて、原案を作成する場合はfacebookでみんなに見てもらってから、 編集者がEvernoteの内容を書き換える、という形にしています。 編集者以外は公開URLで見てもらう、ということでもできなくはないのですが、 獣医師同士のクローズなメモ帳にしたかったので、 URLを知っていれば誰でも見られる、というのは正直好ましくないのです。 症例を集めた写真館も充実させて行きたいと考えているのですが、 そのためにも、オープンな公開は望んでいないのです。
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    Evernoteを利用して、多数の獣医師で作る共有メモ帳というのをしております。 ノートブックを共有して行く形でひとつのメモ帳を共有しているのですが、 最近参加メンバーが1000人を超えました。 順調に参加者は増えて来ているのですが、 困ったことに、最近新しい参加希望者に対して、 Evernoteの招待メールを送ると、「_stripes_global_error」というのが出て、 招待できなくなってしまいました。 共有をそれほど多数でしている人というのがいないからなのか、 検索しても分かりませんでした。 Evernoteの共有人数に、上限というのはあるのでしょうか。
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    私の知って限りでは特定の人と共有した場合、人数の上限は250人です。既に1000人も超えているので、おそらくエバーノートの上限は変更されて多少多くなってきたでしょう。 http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=169 Number of Users Who Can Join a Private Notebook: 250不特定多数の人と共有したら制限はありませんが、参加者は編集できないので、この共有方法は使えないでしょう。
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    I have the same problem. I opened Evernote for the first time in a long time and there was an update available, so I downloaded it and now I get the same error message every 15 seconds. Somethings wrong. How do I make it so that it comes every 10 seconds like Etana? I FIXED IT! I clicked on the Account icon near the top left and clicked "Sign Out (null)." I don't know why it was "null." But then after signing back in, the error message no longer appeared. Hopefully that works for you.
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    Brickey, an Admin should be able to rename a notebook. Networks are flexible. File names, share names, other company resources. Things need to adapt. I'd argue users shouldn't be able to change the name of a business notebook once shared or used by others, but admins should be able to. I think I gave a pretty reasonable use case as to where it really is broken. To say that someone might be confused is not a good response. You argue that we can tell them to unsubscribe to a notebook, wait for a name change, and resubscribe (along with all of the hard drive thrashing and potentially hours of delays depending on the size of the notebook won't confuse them, but sending them an email saying "Effective May 1, 2013, Notebook X will be renamed Notebook Y" is too confusing? And users can pick naming conventions for their notebooks, but in business notebooks, the Admin (company) should pick the naming schemes. Otherwise you have this kind of mess: Toy Orders - 20132014 TOY orders2015 purchase orders for ToysPOs for Toys in 2016 Put those, and hundreds of other notebooks out there and it is utter chaos. An admin should come in there and clean it all up. But today, that involves unsubscribing to 4 notebooks, renaming, and then making sure everyone resubscribes. You guys can not allow this as you see fit. It is your product and it came with no warranties of satisfaction. But don't say the current method is to avoid troublesome issues. It causes far more than it avoids.
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    Brickey, your response is disheartening, the entire reason my company switched to Business (from Personal Premium account where we shared individual notebooks) was to enable a centralized library. The above design flaw, together with the inability to be reminded new business notebooks are available in the library, leaves me in doubt about the added benefit Business Membership provides. How do we formally request these features to be added? Cheers, B
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    It really shouldn't work this way IMHO Brickey. Corporate folders need to be consistent. If the name used to be "WalMart Purchase Orders" and after a few weeks, you change the purpose to "North American Purchase Orders" then the old name is wrong. Furthermore, when you tell people "yeah, grab the new POs out of the North American PO folder in Evernote" they won't know what you are talking about. And unsharing is a HUGE deal, especially as the folder gets large. Say the folder is 3GB in size and you have 10 people sharing it. Two concepts to rename it. 1. Rename folder. EN pushes new name out. Done. Or, the following: Unshare the notebook. Wait for that unsharing to sync down. Wait for all 10 user's copies of Evernote to purge 3GB of data from their EXB file. This can take 20-30min depending on how many notes it is and how fast their computer is. Evernote is unusable when this happens, and the rest of the OS and other apps can be sluggish. Share the newly named notebook or publish to the directory. Tell everyone to join the notebook Wait for 30GB of data to be pulled down. Again, at least 30min per user, and much MUCH longer if several do it at once. Evernote is sluggish at best when this happens, and bandwidth for the company is severely hit. Method 2 is a huge time and resource killer, and part of it is when EN drops a shared notebook, it goes nuts with the username-.exb-journal file that thrashes the HD for a while. So while I will concede it is not a bug, it is a major design flaw in the corporate environment. As you can see, we have several notebooks here named wrong because we won't go through steps 1-5. It is easier to remember that "Notebook X" has nothing to do with X and instead deals with Y.
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