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    Well, yes, I am definitely not using Evernote to its fullest extent. Like most people using any technology, other than the extreme power user, I leave most features unused. A more apt analogy would be my wife who simply doesn't take advantage of most of the cool features of her Android phone. But she would still get frustrated when one of the few things she does use it for doesn't behave as expected. I might tell her that the reason it doesn't do that thing is because it does a bunch of other cool things, but I would acknowledge that what she is experiencing IS frustrating, Evernote is basically two things, in equal measure: a note taker and a cloud storage service. EN encourages its users to both take notes AND store their scanned documents, their photos, etc, into its storage system for safekeeping and access. They even sponsor a scanner to automatically store those pdf documents to its cloud storage. So, this pedestrian, non-rocket-science use is one of the major things they are promoting to users. And, as purely a cloud storage service, it does have advantages over other such services. The searching, tagging, etc. But in the significant feature of import/export and syncing with a desktop or another cloud service, it is simply not as useful. It is OK to acknowledge that.
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    No, we now DO understand what Evernote is, and why it does what it does, that has not been the issue since it was explained early on. So, lets clear this up: 1. We know how Evernote does it (database, not folder system) 2. We know why Evernote does it that way (able to maintain notes with varying file types in consistent format) Do not confuse our continued frustration with lack of understanding. We GET it, we just don't LIKE it. 1. We have gotten used to services like Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive which allow us to move files back and forth between them, or to a folder on a computer, with simply copy and paste. This makes moving our "stuff" around, and having redundant storage systems very convenient. 2. For a lot of us, Evernote is first and foremost a digital file cabinet, a cloud storage system, where we store scanned documents or pictures or typewritten notes or web-pages. Very rarely (speaking for myself) do I ever have a "note" which has multiple types of files. So, for me, the HTML benefit of keeping multiple file types consistently formatted is wasted. Its either a pdf or its a type-written note, not both. In short, we use Evernote the way we would Dropbox, but with the added benefit of a nice text note taker and search/filter functions. 3. No, HTML is not the consumption vehicle of choice for most people. People do not use browsers to write and read text as a general rule. When people have scanned documents stored on their computer, they are in pdf format and folks do not use browsers to open them up. When people want to look through some photos, they do not opt for HTML as their means of checking them out. So, there are preferred vehicles for viewing each of these formats and, other than stored web pages, HTML is not it. 4. So, when I have a scanned document stored in Evernote (JUST a scanned document), and I want to transfer that document to a folder on my computer, it is much more convenient to have it transferred as a pdf alone rather than embedded in an HTML file. Similarly, when I have photo that I stored in Evernote (JUST the photo, nothing else), it is much better to have that photo transfer back out as a jpg by itself rather than have the extra step of pulling it out of an HTML file. If I have a bit of written text stored in Evernote, it is much more convenient to have that transferred as a txt file, or a doc file, than as an HTML file. Now, if I have a web page stored, then obviously the best format when exported is, indeed, HTML. Now, I get it, Evernote is not transferring just a pdf, or a jpg, it is exporting a "Note" and to get that "note-ness", it needs a wrapper to put it in to make sure you get all the other stuff that you have included in that "note" along with your original thing. And HTML is that wrapper that can collect all the stuff. But, for me (and for most people, I am guessing), there ISN'T any other stuff, it is just the thing itself that is being stored. That is all. Thus, the original lack of understanding why Evernote was not giving us back what we put in (I put a pdf in, I get an HTML back, with that pdf inside), and the frustration. For us, Evernote is another cloud storage device, a souped-up Dropbox, it is OneDrive on steroids. Better than the rest, but basically the same thing. We now know that is not the case. But here is the primary point: just because we now understand why this is happening, that doesn't mean we have to LIKE that it is happening. The fact that our expectations were misplaced doesn't make the end result any less frustrating. And, please do not pretend that the option that Evernote has is optimal for most users. I will say that it is very reasonable given how Evernote is set up and for those who use Evernote to take complex, multi-format Notes, then sure, HTML may be the best (I don't know any better). But for the rest of us, the type of export options provided by CloudHQ is what is optimal. I don't expect Evernote to provide such a service, and I am not complaining about that or saying they SHOULD provide it. I am just objecting to this idea that HTML is somehow as useful and convenient as an end product for individual pdf's, jpgs and text notes. It is just not.
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    @JimKn: Hey, thanks, this is cool. I must have read about it years ago in Pogue's "Missing Manual" but have totally forgotten about being able to add applications of my choice and then binding keys to literal menu entries. For demonstration purposes (to be hopefully helpful to others) I add a screenshot from the german system settings' dialog where I exemplarily have bound "Increase/Decrease Indent" to the cmd-Umlauts which lay side by side in a german keyboard layout: which even yields updated labels in the program menu, and the new bindings replace or overrule the built-ins (as I have tested), so redefinition is done: Therefor the remaining open issues from yesterday's list are: "Add Note to Favorites" and "Delete Note" are only available in the context menu, so there's no way of binding a key to them in the before mentioned manner (although backspace in the list view to delete an item fits perfectly for me). With a top menu entry on its own it would be done. The bound key in the settings dialog selecting "keyboard" (left pane), "focus to sidebar of window" (right pane), which is cmd-< does not work in EN. But with JimKn's most valuable hint I am by far closer to my intent than I was yesterday, and I will wait patiently until navigation by keys is complete (even for a nag like me ;-). Furthermore I have to apologise for not knowing the shortcut to copy a note's link, it's ctrl-alt-cmd-C as I found out meanwhile. Thank you all.
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    I would have thought It possible to deal with this fairly simply in Evernote - create a Client notebook and an Investor notebook with a 'contact details' note containing that information for each. Simply have each employee record each subsequent interaction as a separate note. Choose some tags relevant to the interactions - Note / Request / Quotation / Pending / Completed. Any employee could then call up details of all interactions with a specific client before a meeting, refine that to outstanding or recent issues, and regularly review anything not tagged 'completed' to move the action along by adding further detail to the note. I'd strongly recommend running any system as a limited test for a period so you can determine any drawbacks and maybe add notebooks or tags as required - so the new system would be an added process that would slow down operations for a while. If however you're satisfied it works to everyone's satisfaction you can introduce it company wide. Evernote has some good posts about working with and within teams to help...
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    No setting that I know of to add Created Date to the note list display.
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    I am also really struggling with the font issue as I use Evernote on my iPad while I'm in court. I have a number of scripts that I need to follow so that everyone who appears in front of me gets the same information. I don't want to drag around a huge binder with all the scripts in it and Evernote has been a godsend. I can access Evernote on my bench PC, but it's much nicer for me to be able to use the ipad and actually look at the people I'm talking to. Staring at a computer screen while you're telling someone very important information just doesn't seem appropriate. The font problem just popped up a little while ago, I'm guessing after I updated my version. So now when I open one of my scripts on the bench, it immediately becomes unreadable. This makes Evernote absolutely unusable for me - which is unfortunate because I originally got it for this exact purpose - I'm trying to drag my little corner of the notoriously backward justice system into the 20th century (20th century first, we'll work on moving into the 21st century after everyone learns to stop hand-writing 20-page rulings and figures out how to use their email) - and this issue unfortunately makes Evernote something I can no longer recommend to my colleagues for use on the bench. I have noticed that the font stays readable if I have the preview pane open and only select the script, instead of opening it. So I'm now doing that and just scrolling all the way down the preview pane. But I'm actively looking for another option. I can't imagine that no one in the Evernote development team considered that people would want to be truly mobile with their notes and use their tablet and smartphones in meetings or situations like mine where a script or speech is stored in Evernote. For a company that has been so perceptive to the need for a mobile note-taking system, and generally responsive to issues, the failure to address this font size issue is incredibly short-sighted.
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    What's also nice about tags (I don't recall this being mentioned in this particular thread yet, but for the sake of it being a great repository of tag information I wish to repeat it), is your tag structure sits on top of your notebook structure. So, if you have to have say, a shared notebook with your spouse where all notes both of you need sit, tags still let you organize that content with the rest of your Evernote account. If you were organizing by notebook, you might have a Finances notebook, a Movies notebook, etc. but have to keep track of what's inside these versus your shared notebook, which would have it all lumped together. Using Tags lets you sort your note content above Notebooks, so no matter where stuff is stored, you can have your own, consistent, sorting structure. A finance tag will pull up all financial information, no matter the notebook, whereas a Finances notebook shows you all finances, except those that could potentially be scattered across a plethora of shared notebooks. At my workplace, we have about 10 shared notebooks we use for a variety of subjects across departments. We all sort content via tags, but do so in our own way, so we have one note in each shared notebook that the notebook creator tags with all the tags people want to use to tag content in those notes (since in Shared notebooks, you can only tag notes in that notebook with tags already in use there). That way, we can tag how each of us is comfortable, as opposed to having to stick to one specific structure. A notebook-based structure (or even a title keyword based structure, to a lesser extent) doesn't allow this flexibility.
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    For me, this makes a really great program USELESS I have stopped using evernote entirely - I am NOT well organized BUT Neither am I frustrated by this stupidity - ANY OS X program should be able to adjust ANY type face. I HAVE PERFECT VISION - BUT THIS PROGRAM SUCKS - EVERNOTE DOES NOT EVEN POST A REASON FOR SMALL TYPE. ​What are people who are visually impaired supposed to do ? Some one should report these a-holes to to the Americans with Disabilities crowd for disciplining. Please make post if ANYTHING changes - this has gone on for WAY too long. ARE THE FOLKS AT EVERNOTE BLIND or DEAF ? (DON'T CARE) D0 THEY EVER READ OR RESPOND TO FORUM ISSUES ? LOOK HOW EASY IT IS TO CHANGE FONT SIZE IN FORUM !
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    It would be nice to have a larger font so I could read what I was typing more easily.
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    I installed Evernote on my iPhone and iPad a few months ago at the recommendation of a friend. Unfortunately, I am blessed with low visual acuity that makes it impossible for me to read the first notes I tried writing - even on the iPad - so I uninstalled the app, figuring that someday Evernote would enhance the product with the ability to adjust font sizes. I installed again today and to my surprise, the feature still doesn't exist. The odd thing is that you can do just about any other font and paragraph formatting (bold, indent, bullets, etc). To the indestructable Evernote engineers with 20/20 vision: Send this to Marketing. To Evernote Marketing: You know will lose a significant market share if and when another developer launches a similar product with app and document font size flexibility. I'll uninstall and keep my otherwise very good eyes open for just such an app. PS - Font size increased for those who can't read the instructions on medicine bottles (probably 30% of the market for productivity apps, and growing FAST).
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    I came here at the suggestion of the Evernote support team. It seems what I asked about is the subject of much discussion! I was told that the people who work on the app take suggestions from here...... Font size is a basic accessibly requirement, especially for someone like me who has a visual disability. What is the point of an app if no one can see it? I wonder if there is scope in the DDA (disability discrimination act) on this, when help has been consistently requested for over a year. I wrote this to the support team: I need the ability to increase font size in iPad version of Evernote. I have that editing ability on my mac, which is helpful for note taking.... But I'd rather do note taking on my iPad. I have visual problems. I'd just like the ability to actually see my notes. I would also find this useful on my android phone. The ability to increase font size globally would also be helpful so I can see the names of folders and notes lists too. So come on Evernote developers - the option the increase font size within the WHOLE app, not just the note taking bit, is a vital need, especially when it comes to basic accessibility.
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    IT is now 2014 and it seems that NOTHING has changed ! ​Has anyone found a solution ? Does anyone at Evernote ever read (or reply) to these postings ? Hi. It was 2013 last year and will be 2015 next year The developers will do what they think is best for the app. In this case, they removed our control over the font sizes a couple of years ago (on Mac). We can discuss it here in the user forums, but I wouldn't expect developers to jump into the conversation (sometimes they do, but not always). If you want a response from Evernote, contact support (see my signature). I am sure they are aware of the request -- I know I have certainly posted a lot with it. However, it never hurts to add your use case. It might persuade them to rethink their decision.
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    IT is now 2014 and it seems that NOTHING has changed ! ​Has anyone found a solution ? Does anyone at Evernote ever read (or reply) to these postings ?
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    I have the same problem and found the thread conversation unbelievably unhelpful. I am looking for a way to export my files from Evernote that is NOT HTML or EVERNOTE'S PROPRIETARY FORMAT i imported them as docs, pdfs, jpgs, etc. I want to get them back OUT OF EVERNOTE in the same form: docs, jpgs, pdfs - the same form in which I entered them I do not want to have to use yet another program like cloud HQ that I have to pay for to get my content out of evernote - my content, not in HTML or evernote's own format. I have quite a few files i want to get out of Evernote so I would rather not "print" to a pdf which is the only thing I could come up with at this point. I read the above conversation where the person answering totally did not get the question and kept going in circles without a solution, the only solution ultimately offered was a third party app like cloudHQ. I don't want yet another program, I think Evernote should offer this option and don't understand why it doesn't. IT's a huge drawback and one that would prevent me from recommending Evernote to anyone... Can anyone help? Thank you.
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    Just as a note, the web interface to Evernote allows you to change text to a range of colors, to upsize and downsize, and to change fonts. These are all awesome features just as they are. It would be well more than sufficient, actually it would be great, if these features could just be migrated from the web interface to the iPad and iPod. (I'll also note that the interface for entering this comment into this forum also has all those features, as well.)
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