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    No, the Mac client orders them based on your current sort order.
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    Please can someone help me? I want to make sub-folders within each note book - a similar hierarchy to that which I have in My Documents or Outlook, how can I do this?
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    Our betas have this feature. Evernote version 5.6+
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    Thanks for the tip, Dan---I wouldn't have found that either. Wish we had the option to edit fields on the desktop version; that's typically where I need the most latitude. In the latest 5.6 public beta for mac, you can edit fields though it doesn't look like you can add a field.
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    Thanks for the tip, Dan---I wouldn't have found that either. Wish we had the option to edit fields on the desktop version; that's typically where I need the most latitude.
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    This issue has something to do with the source of the note. If I select title and a few paragraphs of this BBC News, and then I press Win+A, autotitle doesn't work. But if I paste it into the Windows Notepad, I select it again and I press Win+A, the first line becomes the Evernote note title. I found also this behaviour when trying to create a note from LibreOffice (and other programs): autotitle doesn't work from inside LibreOffice but it does work from Notepad.
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    Hi Jeff, It works perfectly. As a test I changed it to 7 and when I opened Evernote back up the last 7 were showing. A very successful first post Thank you for the awesome support! Dan
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    [Windows Only] There's a registry setting for this: "RecentNotebooksCount": * IMPORTANT: First, completely shut down Evernote using File / Exit. * Go to the registry; you should find the Evernote settings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote. * Find the DWORD value "RecentNotebooksCount"; it should be set to 3 * Change it to whatever you want * Restart Evernote You may need to select more notebooks before your new notebook list is completely populated. I just tried this and it worked fine.
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    I don't know of any 3rd-party program that converts .enex files into word files; your Google is as good as mine. Word is able to read HTML files, though. Open it up in Word, and then save it in Word format. You might even be able to automate the process.
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    +1 Jackolicious, what's the ETA?
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    OK I understood most of the words, just not necessarily in that order.. - user forum here. I'd suggest a support request / feedback ticket (see below)!
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    Thank you both! http://veritrope.com/code/date-sensitive-file-importer/ Date Sensitive File Importer. That was exactly what I was looking for. I still haven't learnt much AppleScript yet, but once I've done all my importing I'll have a closer look at the code and see what I can work out. For now though, it's working, which is excellent. Thanks again.
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    Can we please get the ability to resize images when adding to evernote from iphone? Massive images are hard to work with, reduce readability, and increase sync time. They also suck up all of your storage quota. I get that Evernote needs to make money, but this is kind a crappy way to force people into paid plans (whether intentional or not).
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    Thank you for your reply - If you highlight text on a document or website, and press the Windows key + A to automatically create a new note with the Windows Clipper, do you get the same result as above? Nope -- it just has "Title" as the title. But if you click in the title, and then click in the note body, it switches to what you had highlighted. Not quite the same as automatic, I know, but easier than manually pasting the title in.
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    The absence of presentation mode is entirely due to using 10.6.8. Presentation mode requires MacOS X 10.7 or above.
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    That's what I would have thought. I raised a support ticket, and was told that they've received a similar report already.
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    Disappointing but not unexpected answer, appreciate the quick reply....thanks!!
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    Unless I didn't reproduce the error scenario correctly, this appears to be fixed in the latest beta ( All I did was copy some text, and create a new note, and paste the text into the note. The new note had the title auto-filled in as expected.
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    Thanks for all of your comments Andrei. It is really good to see the perspective of the coders.
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    The Veritrope.com script works great -- I've been using it for years now. But you will have to make an easy mod to set the Note Created Date to the File Created Date. Let me know if you have trouble doing this, and I'll dig out my script mods.
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    I was not able to find a LiveJournal Applescript. However, if you contact the owner of the website, they may be able to create an applescript for you fairly easy. http://veritrope.com/about/contact/
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    This is a great forum. If you can clearly explain what your purpose is, you might get some great ideas.
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    I think I didn't explain clearly, but there really is no need of saved searches anytime you are just searching for one tag. It that is what you want go through the tag menu for the same result and pretty minimal steps. If you organize your GTD tags into one group of tags, then you can name that group 1GTD and quickly get to them. For more complex searches then you'll need to experiment. One thought I have is making a note of searches you want to use and having that be your shortcut, you could organize it in some way that makes sense to you (alphabetically, geographically, task) and then copy and paste search items from it to the search box. Also, let me encourage you to take a look at Daniel Gold's GTD book. That's what i used and it helped me a bunch.
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    The notebooks are sorted alphabetically & in ascii, that's alphabetical. 11 falls between 1 & 2. I don't know what you're trying to do, but it sounds overly complex. And, Evernote limits you to 250 notebooks. I would suggest you post what you're trying to do here so someone can offer an alternate solution, like maybe prefix note titles with the date in YYYYMMDD format. Then you can sort the notes by title & they will automatically sort chronologically. That's what few of us do.
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    Sorry but I disagree...computers are such an integral part of most peoples' lives now. Knowing how to backup your data is as essential as getting the oil changed in your car. And just like changing the oil in your car, it really is necessary...unless you don't mind risking losing your data.
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    Hi. Sorry to hear about your problems, but you may have overreacted on the sync issue. I've periodically had sync problems - whether that's been related to my notes / local setup / local internet connection or problems on the way to, or at Evernote's end has never been clear. The issues have always been resolved without any data loss of which I'm aware. Your process above however is basically flawed - all you need to do to preserve unsynced notes is to sort them by the 'sync' column so the notes with dots are at the top of the list. Select only those notes to export. If that list includes more than one notebook, click on one notebook and re-sort your list to include only those notes. Then export to an ENEX file. Choose the next notebook.. that way you have an export file for each notebook. Rebuild your database by renaming it as you describe; then re-import your notes one notebook at a time. (There's also the option to temporarily tag each note with its notebook name and export to one file, then sort them out again after re-importing) There are various threads in the forums that describe the process - if the content is misleading please let us know which one(s) you referred to so we can flag that up. There's no need to be concerned about updates however - just make sure you backup your database before updating. Copying the EXB file to another location (in Windows) is enough. If you have problems syncing, check out the usual suspects in the forums here, and if all else fails, raise a support ticket (see below) or post here for some help.
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    But why force us to use one system over another? Wouldn't it be better to let the user decide what structuring system he/she wants to use and have just both options available, I mean it's not really hard to program and would meet a lot of people's top priority wish list, since everything else is beautiflly crafted and no other app could come close to Evernote in terms of everything else but the structuring dogma. Why this absolute dogmatic "NO SUBFOLDERS!!!!!! FOR HEAVENS SAKE, NOOOOOO!" are you all mad or have a special hate against subfolders? I hope not and we can really have both options and make the best use of both methodologies and not force the user one system that just isn't compatible with the way their specific brains works
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    Thank you for clearing it up. The problem I am having adjusting to tags and the newer "simplistic" way of filling things is - I don't always remember the tags I used back when I created something. A file structure helps me jog my memory. I am finding Evernote to be very useful for simple things like recipes and general topics, but to be a one stop shop for organizing and archiving my life - I am better served with file tree structure. I would likely pay for the premium service if EN would let me work the way I want to work rather than how they want me to work.
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    All I have ever used is the folders and subfolders. I do not understading how to use stacks effectively and find it frustrating. Help!
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    I have the same problem. I opened Evernote for the first time in a long time and there was an update available, so I downloaded it and now I get the same error message every 15 seconds. Somethings wrong. How do I make it so that it comes every 10 seconds like Etana? I FIXED IT! I clicked on the Account icon near the top left and clicked "Sign Out (null)." I don't know why it was "null." But then after signing back in, the error message no longer appeared. Hopefully that works for you.
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    I know this is an old topic, but +1 more here. What's the use of a "default notebook" setting if the client ignores it regularly? If all new notes go to the default notebook, there is one place to look for that new note you can't find. With the current behavior, that new note could be in any notebook, depending on where you last looked in Evernote, no matter how long ago that was.
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    Nope, it creates a note in the notebook which is currently open in Evernote main window. I stand corrected. This is correct for EN Win. However, EN Mac creates the new Note in the Default Notebook. (tested and verified, again) Silly me, my initial response was based on a test I did using EN Mac. I expected EN Win to behave the same. DLU, if you would please, change EN Win behavior to match EN Mac when using the global shortcut for new Note. IMO, this is what most users would expect. The user may not remember which Notebook is selected The user may very well be working on a different task not related to the last Notebook selected Many users have a Default "Inbox" NB to capture new Notes. Later they assign each Note to the proper NB So the user is used to reviewing the Notes in the Default NB. If the Note is created in some other NB, then the user may have trouble finding it later. However, when I am in the Evernote app, and I have selected a Notebook, then I believe the behavior expected by most would be to create the new Note in that Notebook. Since I am in Evernote, I can clearly see which NB is selected If I have selected a Notebook (rather than "All Notebooks"), most likely I want to create a number of Notes in that NB Thanks.
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    Thanks DLU. I understand what you are saying, but it is hard to do, especially on Windows 7. It is easy to get into a folder and do stuff, get side tracked and come back to the PC an hour later and hit "New Note" from the W7 jump list, not realizing that the main Evernote Window that is in the background somewhere is in a different notebook, not "all notebooks"
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    Looking at your list of notebooks, go to the one you want to make default. Right click on that notebook and then select properties, you will now see a box to check "Make this my default notebook" Now, when you look at all of your notebooks you will see a small gray arrow pointing to the notebook that you have just selected as "your" default notebook. You can change this in the future, but for now, when you send anything into Evernote is will go to "this default notebook" Regards, David in Wichita
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