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    I've been a user of Evernote for years, and have been a vocal advocate of it to my friends. I'm reaching the breaking point with some of it's bugs though, with the most frustrating being bulleted/numbered lists. Bulleted/numbered lists has been broken in evernote *forever.* I use desktop version on both PC and Mac, and always updated to the latest version within a day. And it has remained broken forever on both. The most egregious bug is that it seems to get very messed up with (1) multiple indent levels, (2) when trying to cut/paste within the list, (3) deleting in general. (Those are not odd use cases, obviously!) The bug will then have many manifestations, but the most common is a weird "space" in the bullet list that can't be corrected/deleted - it becomes a persistent gap/space, and seems to mess up the integrity of the whole list. Further, indentation levels get messed up, and sometimes the next bullet disappears. This is an inexcusable bug for a product at this stage in it's lifecycle. The core value proposition of evernote is organization and note taking (everNOTE), and bulleted lists are one of the primary ways of doing this for many people. It is embarrassing and amateurish that a product with a massive office visible from 101, a valuation of $1B, and a recent round that raised $70M, can't have a functioning note taking feature for their note taking product. For those out there for whom bulleted lists is one of the main things they want to use evernote for, I suggest you take a look at workflowy.com. Best web-based note taking / bulleted list tool I've ever seen, with a lot of really cool features such as zooming in / collapsing & expanding, sharing, tagging, and more. Light weight yet powerful. And evernote, you should seriously consider buying them. Or at least fix this very basic feature fast! I've begun switching over to workflowy for many things, and if I'm going to spend my time in that app for note taking, outlining, to-do listing, etc., then I start having a lot less reason to use EN. Note: I am being harsh because I love you!
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    In Adobe Acrobat Professional, I can encrypt a PDF by choosing Properties | Security | Password Security. If I bring that file into EN it disappears into a black hole, leaving only a thick horizontal black line in the event horizon. If I bring in an unencrypted file, it displays properly. If I encrypt it within EN, it also goes into the black hole. Running for Windows (271962) Public. Fortunately it was my own file that disappeared, thus I can recreate it. I don't use this feature often and can't say what happened to any prior encrypted PDFs in my database, if I even had any. Thanks in advance for fixing. Right now very clearly EN can't deal with PDF text it can't display, and encrypted PDF files are commonly used even as copyright protection. Thanks, Lena
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    Hi, I just made the forced switch from Cardmunch to Evernote. Cardmunch had its challenges in terms of exporting business card data to a database and wasn't perfect, but I'm blown away that Evernote would even offer a business card service that doesn't allow you to export business card data into a usable database. I feel like I must be missing something, but can't find any menu that allows me to "export all business cards as .csv" . That means my business card database in Evernote is unusable to import into other programs like Salesforce or Mailchimp. I MUST be missing something. I also tried exporting to my Apple Contacts (AKA Address Book), this posed two problems that make this also an impossible solution: 1. No way to choose folder within Contacts for import, so every business contact moves into my general folder, mixed with family and friends and not findable as a new contact 2. Did not import address data. Now that really is a deal breaker. Even if I never send another piece of snail mail, it's occasionally nice to know where someone physically is. Wake me when this is a real product. Hopefully, I'll have some of my 2 years left. I really feel I MUST be missing something. Isn't Evernote supposed to be like a miracle product?
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    Just to add my 2 bits worth to the discussion: I believe that one can put all one's notes in 1 notebook plus have 2 or 3 smaller ones for specific purposes like sharing, receiving clippings, ... Tags, in combination with advanced search operators is far more powerful & flexible. There are many different, useful & usable tagging systems out there. Those who say they don't use tags but use keywords in note titles (e.g. Grumpy Monkey) or in note titles instead are in fact using tags. Keywords are tags, let there be no misunderstanding about that. But people who use a lot of different notebooks don't seem to realise that, having that a note is somewhere in a specific notebook, does not add more value/efficiency to the search for that note than having it in 1 big common notebook. In both cases one has to do the operations to find the note. Having many notebooks just adds to the clutter, in my view.
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    Two other options to check out are our two Evernote apps: TuskTools Calendar, which includes a Timeline view (allows you to see all or selected subset of notes on a timeline), or TuskTools Treeliner, which is an outliner for your Evernote notes. Either might help you in visualizing your trip information.
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    Doxie did not reply to my question. However I did pickup a Doxie go for $185 CAD. They had teh ScanSnap 1300 as well, but it was over $300, so I could not justify it. There was an Epson about the same size as doxie that looked nice too, but I have an Epson AIO, and the software/drivers for it are a complete nightmare, and I said I would never buy another Epson product. I suspect there will be a new Doxie go that is faster and Duplex at some point, but I am so happy with the workflow and Doxie software that I don't regret the decision. I love the fact that it does OCR when I send to evernote, so I get indexing without paying for EN premium. I love that I can name a scan as 'doxie scanner @Receipts #gadgets' and will save it in my Receipts notebook on EN with a tag 'gadgets'. I wouldn't mind scanning some of my paper notebooks for reference, but the doxie can only OCR printed material, ENP may be worth it if it handles my handwriting properly. Cheers.
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    * Pick a notebook in the notebook list. You're now seeing all of the notes in the notebook in your note list. * Click on a note in the note list, and press Ctrl+A. Now all of the notes in that notebook are selected. * You can either drag those notes to the other notebook, or click on the "Move to notebook" menu item in the note panel. Now all of those notes are in the same notebook. This won't count against your upload limit. Moving the notes to a different account entirely is a different topic. You can share the notes with the other account, and then try moving them (as above), though that probably won't work unless the shared notebook is shared as writeable, or you can just copy them (similar to above). You could also just export the notebook to Evernote format (you wind up with a single file on disk) and then import it into the other account.
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    Hi. I'm just going to jump in for a moment as I believe BurgerNFries is likely going to ask what I am. Do you have two seperate Evernote Accounts, or just two Notebooks? (A single account can hold up to 250 Notebooks.) I realize there is a bit of a language barrier here, but you really need to clarify if you own two separate Evernote accounts or not. Think of it like having two bank accounts with the same bank. One is your for your business and the other for your household. *And please don't take offense...this is the only way I could think of to explain what I mean.* Say business has hit some rough times and you need to somehow infuse some capital into it. So, do you wish to move all the funds out of your household account into the business one and close the household one? (Maybe you have an eccentric rich relative who is willing to help you meet your living expenses, but hates your business so refuses to help in that way.) Or do you just want to merge two outgoing monthly payments from one of the accounts because you've refinanced and consolidated your business debts and now pay one creditor every month instead of four different ones? Again, I hope that didn't offend...and to be clear having more than one Evernote account is fine. Lot's of people do, but the answer is needed so you can recieve the right kind of assistance. I hope that makes sense to you.
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    Hi Matoatti, I would like to say yes! BTW, I sent Braintoniq a message the other day enquiring if they still use Evernote and TSW and their Director of Operations and International Sales was kind enough to reply in the affirmative! For the record I am an avid Android/ Google fan.
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    OK, if you are interested then I can make a quick guide how to set up a lean and handy system. It will work on both iOS and Android phones. Just say yes then give me a few days. :-)
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    On Evernote for Mac, you can see your upcoming reminders in the "all notes" view. Since I use Evernote for school, It's nice to have a quick glance at what I have coming next. However, this functionality is not quite as accessible on iOS. You have to navigate away from the homescreen, then click on the small reminder icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, you can see a list of your reminders. I would like to have a section devoted to reminders on the homescreen, just like there are shortcuts, notes, and notebooks sections. This would make reminders much more accessible on the go. Any thoughts?
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    Also, when you get a notification on your iphone, when launching EN, it would be great if that reminder were to the fore so you could deal with it immediately rather than have to navigate to the reminder list where you than have to wade through them all to find the one that was just triggered......
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    Hi. One thing to keep in mind is that Evernote is not like a traditional file and folder system. That's where tags and and or keywords come in. However, if you're looking for something more visually structured, you might want to check out the app Workflowly, an outliner. It's free and can be used in concert with Evernote. Below is a link to the Workflowy and under that I've included a link by a post forum member who has uses it (with EN) to keep a journal. I'd also recommend you search run a few searches here on the forum for Tags, Keywords, Journalling and Diaries. You'll find a lot of discussions and examples to choose from. Good luck. https://workflowy.com/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/57855-evernote-workflowy-bullet-journal/?fromsearch=1
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    the initial area selected for the " article" clipping is focused on the title only (or a really small header area), on Chrome or Safari it gets a bigger chunk (usually the whole article)
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    Actually as a Premium member, the Captain can have offline access on his mobile device(s). It does have to be enabled on a notebook-by-notebook basis, though. This is dome a bit differently on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, since the interfaces are different for each of these - but basically you go into Settings within the Evernote app and find "Offline Notebooks", where you can select which notebooks you want available offline. And as Sentinel says, on Mac and Windows desktop clients, offline access is automatically enabled on all notebooks for Premium accounts. And perhaps most important, as also stated, you'll only have a note available offline if you've synched, so it's important to do that before you know you're headed for the airport, etc!
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    Just wanted to follow up on this, I heard back from support and they upgraded me to premium. With Premium there is an info button and essentially you an go back and look at incremental server side backups that are associated with notebook. So it took me about 3 minutes to get the information I needed. Understanding now how easy that is, the only thing that sucks is how much time I spent on this. However I got the data back and I learned in the future if this happens here is the process I would follow: 1. Download and try using iexplorer: Install this program: http://www.macroplant.com/iphoneexplorer/ to your desktop. When you connect your device and open up iExplorer. You'll see this: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s225/sh/8c9fc864-059d-43e3-9dd3-bac0f311bcf7/6a55e4ff99a634d094089ce37552d0c5 Double click on apps to the left: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s225/sh/088ac72b-fcd5-4641-a75b-6cc7ec890d5e/e61b976d3d75365aaf8ea56791af84c1 Then go to Evernote > Library > Caches > www.evernote.com > youruserid (numerical) - check all the folders here for your notes. Also check in Evernote > tmp for any files, as they may be located here, or in Evernote> Library > Private documents > www.evernote.com > username> content Note: We do not provide support for iExplorer, and are providing instructions with this non-Evernote program as a courtesy. 2. If that didn't work because the data was corrupted on your device, ask support to upgrade you temporarily to premium and see if there is a backup: To access your Note History on Evernote for Web: Sign in to your Evernote account at www.evernote.comOpen the note that is missing its contentClick on the INFO icon on the right side of your note toolbarClick the blue "View History" linkFind the version of the note you are looking for, then copy and paste it back into the note or export it as a .enex file so you may import it back into your account.
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    Update: Just got a response and the ticket has been escalated to a senior specialist for review.
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    <sigh> I'm surrounded by strange people...
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    Simple solution... Choose the first picture, image or photo as thumbnail. As long as we have NO control over it. Why on earth make it so complex. Forget the ridiculous largest smallest or whatever.
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    Hi, I also have just transferred from springpad and am having a similar problem. However I haven't clipped any images from the web, my images which won't display are photos that I'd attached from my phone's gallery (HTC one xl). Any suggestions as to how I can solve this?
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    Agreeing with the both of you. I use reminders often and it's the only thing unaccessible via the homescreen.
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    I can definitely dig this! I think having a home screen section for reminders would be great, along the same lines as "notes" "shortcuts" "notebooks" etc. it would be accessible for users, and since part of the home screen, could be included or excluded as per user preference like with other sections.
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    The purpose of the Evernote Business Card service is simply to get contact info into Evernote quickly and easily. It never has served as a traditional database, so I'm not surprised it does not offer a way to get CSV data out of Evernote. I guess my question is, why are you using the Evernote Business Card service? There are a number of other apps that will scan a business card, pull off the contact data, and put into a Contact database, which can be exported in CSV and other formats. Why not use one of those?
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    Yup, we actually take into account angled photos and then adjust the image back to a business card shape. I've shuttled about 200 business cards through it personally (one by one) and found that in many cases an angled photo produces a better final image.
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    There is no way to do this. One of the big problems with TSW is that changing priorities from 1-Now to 2-Next requires the cumbersome manipulation of tags. On Android this is particularly difficult. The behaviour for sorting tags is different on Mac and Windows, and Evernote Web doesn't allow you to sort by tags. You are right that a Notebook might solve this problem, but Notebooks can only be 1 level deep. TSW recommends a top level 'Tasks' and 'Cabinet' folder, and then an 'Action Pending' and 'Completed' folder under 'Tasks'. There is no more room for another layer of folders to designate priority. Some of the TSW workflows became harder to use with the introduction of Evernote 5. Among other changes, Evernote 5 deemphasizes the lefthand grey sidebar which is a key piece of TSW. On the Mac the sidebar no longer provides a way to easily move tags or create new tags, etc. Personally, I gave up on TSW and these UI incompatabilities are a major reason why. If you'll notice, the activity regarding TSW in this forum and on http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ have slowed down dramatically in the last couple of years, and the last couple of videos on http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ have said 'Coming soon' for about 18 months. While I'm happy that TSW works for the authors and I'm grateful that they provided the resources to create TSW, I imagine that the authors don't really have time to manage this not-for-profit venture, and I wonder if TSW was perhaps just a fad. When I first started with Evernote over 2 years ago I was told that 'Evernote is a note taking tool. It is not a task manager', and now I understand what they mean. I would recommend looking into another system. Perhaps Evernote 5 plays better with GTD-- I haven't had the time to look. Zendone looks like a nice tool, but at some point I just need to stop playing with new tools.
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    +1 for Mac. Is there a better way to request/vote for this? Thanks!
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    Just adding to the chorus, a note-wide reset on the Mac client would be super useful for many of the ways I like to use to-dos.
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    Or perhaps they don't work on the Saturday of a holiday weekend? gbarry has been quite involved in the threads on reminders. But even Evernote employees deserve some time off.
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    This has been discussed a lot already. Please search the board for more info. Also, if something is truly/securely encrypted, the host does not have it. So if you forget your encryption password, the host cannot send it to you or help you recover it. IOW, your encrypted data is gone.
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    Hi All, I am disappointed! Why haven't you told me about this awesome book 'Getting Things Done' before! And I thought you were my mates! Joking aside this book is taking me back to my roots. I used to do all of this automatically as a young man. But over the years I seem to have got stuck in a rut and find myself being what Dave Allen talks about. Every page I turn I see another bad trait, the piles of magazines by my side of the bed or by my chair in the living room, unopened and of course unread. The papers on my desk at home and at work which have been there too long. For some years I have believed in going back to basics and indeed have taught it at various levels and styles as a consultant and manager. Here I am going back to basics with a book that is I agree poor in it's grammar, but who cares. The style of writing and ease of putting the message over makes this book a must read for anyone and everyone who has to organise, well anything. Thanks for putting me on to it via TSW. I feel a new me coming on at 58! Best regards Chris
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