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    Still not getting a 2nd search to work, Evernote 5.8.1 on Android 4.4.2 on Moto X, although I'm pretty sure the Android version and phone have absolutely nothing to do with it. At least the "backing out" workaround seems to take care of it for me fairly consistently. Setting aside this issue, it is interesting how the notion of a "shortcut" seems not to have at all sunk in with those designing the Android UI.
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    @edh this did the trick for me ! Thx ! ! No need to uninstall and re download everything ! Well spotted ! Very grateful ! :-) Luc
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    Wow! I'm not sure that I could even identify 1,000 movies that I like, much less buy the DVD! You have an extensive and expensive collection my friend. Maybe some day it will be worth millions to some avid collector. I once collected CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, but now I'm comfortable with maintaining everything online (except for my music, which I have both online (Apple iCloud) and locally (Mac and iPhone)). Sorry for the off-topic post. And now, back to your regular program. :-)
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    Maybe I just don't understand the issue. The post-clip dialogue disappears when you click on the web page or press esc. That doesn't seem terribly intrusive to me. In fact, quite likely after clipping, I'll be click somewhere on the page or browser window anyway as a natural part of my workflow, which would then dismiss the post-clip dialogue. That is, the post-clip dialogue sticks around as a way of confirming to me that the clip occurred, and is dismissed as soon as I do what naturally comes next in my workflow: navigating away from the page I just clipped. As such, I'm not clear how this can significantly impact workflow. There are also a two issues that are being conflated here. 1) Related notes/"other clips from this website" are not a marketing things, they are a feature that permeates many parts of Evernote. They can also be disabled, yes, in the clipper too. I personally like these because it helps me see that I've clipped something similar, or in some cases, the exact same thing, so I can go clean up immediately. 2) Tips is perhaps much more accurately described as marketing. I am a premium subscriber and I have only ever seen that segment of the clipper pop up once in a couple of years. Seeing that dialogue once was really nothing that made me lose my cool, however I'd rather not be nagged to invite friends at all as a premium subscriber. While, as far as I can tell, this cannot be disabled, it seems like after one prompt, you get left alone. This isn't the greatest of crimes. The issue of related notes cannot lumped in with the issue of "tips" not the least because related notes can be disabled and is not marketing, while "tips" cannot be disabled (though they only appear once in my experience), and essentially could be understood as marketing. These are two separate issues/features/annoyances/whatevers.
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    I suspect the word wrapping is you are having is because Evernote doesn't have any real margins like word processors do. When a word processor breaks a line it breaks because it hits the margin. If you copy that into a marginless world like Evernote, either the line will refuse to break because of some misinterpreted formatting coding that got copied along from the word processor that won't let it break. Or the line breaks wherever the window happens to arbitrarily end. I don't recommend pasting content from "serious word processors and page layout programs" into evernote if you want that formatting preserved. Evernote is not great at interpreting the myriad (potentially proprietary) ways these things may be encoded. I suspect if you copy/paste content between many of the programs you listed there, you'd also end up with some seriously wonky formatting! If you DO want that formatting preserved, I suggest attaching the .docx/.pages/.psd file to the note as an attachment.
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    I print notes to PDF all the time from Evernote.
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    Funny, because I say the same thing about OneNote Surely, in 2014, software that wishes to be taken seriously should be multi-platform, functional on mobile/tablets, and fast -- none of which fit the bill for OneNote. (Windows app has way more functions than web/Mac, mobile apps severely cut down, and sync is slow). Evernote meets all the above criteria (and I've had no issues on my Android tablet, and it's a Nook HD+, which is generally regarded as a pile of excrement in comparison to... pretty much every other tablet in the market). Also, Evernote is half the price of Office 365.
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    Easier than bringing up the file menu and selecting 'Export All Notes'?
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    AFAIK, there is no particular "Evernote" advantage to getting a Scansnap. As a scanaholic, I've acquired a fleet of scanners. None are a Scansnap, but I guess I should consider one. Anyway, my MO is to scan to my hard drive b/c I also retain copies of most of the scans on my hard drive. That whole not putting all my eggs in one basket thing. And some scans I put into Dropbox for fast/easy access with my phone, such as doctor/hair appointments. (I put those in my calendar too. But being a bit on the OC side, I like accessing the original b/c there has been at least one time when I typo'd the appointment into my calendar. ) My scanning software asks me what file name I want. I assign a file name that I want my Evernote title to be. Once it's on my hard drive, I copy the file to my Evernote import folder where it gets sucked into Evernote, deleted from the import folder & the Evernote title is the file name. It's really not that cumbersome, IMO. BTW, I still use my flatbed scanner quite a lot for scanning greeting cards I send and receive. "Hello. My name is BurgersNFries and I'm a scanaholic."
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