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    Hmmm iPad 3 here. No problem pasting my password from 1password into the log in screen on 7.3.3. No problem pasting my 2-factor authentication code from Authy into the login screen either. Is it possible that your clipboard clearing setting on 1password has changed to a shorter time and it is clearing your clipboard before you get a chance to paste?
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    Camera = WYSIWYG: pictures as viewed (more or less), taken one at a time. Page Camera = auto-cropping to the edge of the document page you photographed, enhancement of the text for optimal OCR and multi-page recording. You can choose between the two.
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    This has just happened to me after a very crucial meeting with a client - iPad 1. latest OS Spent the meeting taking notes as usual then at the end i pressed SAVE and the note vanished. I cant risk this happening again so I am going to try an alternate application.
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    I'm using the paid version and have the same problem. I've lost three very important notes now and I've only been using the app for a few months now. I haven't been bringing paper to meetings anymore because I was relying on EN and taking notes on my iPad. Now I might have to go back to using paper....EN please fix!!!
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    I am coming straigth into this topic. I am using Evernot Premium on different platforms and especially at my customers site on Ipad (3G+Wifi) to take my visit notes. Typical for this situation is a decent 3G connect and a missing Wifi connect (so jmpsfs workaround wouldnt help here). When I take or edit notes and after a while try to save the new/changed note I do not get the complete content, but an earlier saved version of the note. This does not happen each time but sometimes and often enough to be on my watch list. I cannot predict 100% the condition, when the save failure appears, but it appearantly this seems to be related to an instable3G connect. My - surely annoying - workaround is to save as often as I can, but that is not what I expect from my mobile note editor.
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    I totally agree. There has to be some mechanism to protect data from being lost so we can focus on the work of writing not on using the tool. I have looked on the forum and seen no explanation for why this can't happen. I lose data just by my iPad going to standby if it sits idle for a minute during a meeting. I didn't save because I was still writing and then perhaps 20 minutes of notes disappear!!
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