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    I share a couple of notebooks with a small team of 3. We use these as a kind of knowledge base. It works pretty well. One problem scenario however, is that all of us have "read/write" access to these notebooks. I put some quite important info in there sometimes and in my testing, they are able to (accidentally?) delete a note and it does not wind up in my trash. It is simply purged from EN completely. Is this the way sharing is intended to work? I would much prefer if notes deleted from a shared notebook (by any user) wound up in the "Trash" folder. Any comments?
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    I would like to see more word processing features in Evernote for Mac. For example, it would be nice if Evernote automatically capitalized the first letter of a new sentence. I looked in the preference settings and didn't see this option.
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    Goal: Run Evernote in Linux OS: Linux Mint Mate 16x 64 bit and Cinnamon 16x 64 bit Use Case: I'm learning Linux to prepare for the LPI LPIC-1 test and am also learning Amazon Web Services. I was highly motivated to figure out a solution to run Linux at home, on my laptop, and at work as my primary OS to think and work in Linux all the time. Evernote has been a priceless learning tool for me, but of course there's no native app for Linux. I hope the Evernote team develops a Linux version of Evernote. My suggestion would be to implement ads into the Linux application. That's how Google makes money with its services. A lot of developers implement ads into their Android apps to whet your appetite. Then you can choose to buy their paid app version to remove the annoying ads. This is just a suggestion. If Linux people don't like this option, then they don't have to download the paid version of Evernote. I recently did some testing. 1. Nixnote - It's not bad but it's built on java. It's a big bulky sometimes slow application. It does work. Sort of. I was using Nixnote a few days ago, when the sync failed to the Evernote servers. Now my data is stored locally and it will not resync to the Evernote servers. I've tried printing the note to PDF using cups, but for some reason the printer doesn't display. Other users have experienced this issue. I went down a long rabbit hole of troubleshooting this issue, and finally stopped after investing many hours. After this experience, it was hard to trust Nixnote again, but that's the risk you take using a non-official application. 2. Everpad - I didn't test after the Nixnote experience. My time is really limited. 3. Virtualbox + Windows 7 I setup a VM running Windows 7 32bit. I enabled the shared clipboard feature (using Host to Guest) and seamless windows. I rebooted the VM, installed Evernote, and took a snapshot of the VM. I copied and pasted a an image using Shutter and pasted the .jpg into Evernote! The seamless window feature is awesome; you have the Evernote application in its own application window. It almost feels like the app is running natively I hope this helps someone else.
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    Good luck with the task, and I'm sure any ideas on which you need some discussion can be raised here. Of course you might find it difficult to reconcile the occasionally wildly conflicting views of forum colleagues into just one view - there are those forinstance who advocate intensive tagging, and those who prefer to rely entirely on titles and searches.. One point - if you restrict notebooks to 30 notes, you'll run out of space pretty quickly - there's a max of 250 notebooks, so 7,500 notes and you're done. There are currently users out there with 60,000 - 100,000 notes. I have around 17,000, mainly in one notebook, although I maintain about 45 notebooks for general messing around and specialised uses like sharing.
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    Yes. If it is good If you could tell us what you see missing from the current ones and what you want to contribute, that might help.
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    It worked thanks. I had to just replace the entire Evernote folder under Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/ with my old Evernote folder which was under com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/. And it just pulled the old data in to my new laptop. Note: You might have to quit your application in order for this change to kick in.
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    if you restart Evernote with your former user name and password it should rebuild the database. If you exported to an ENEX file you will be able to re-import the local notes.
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    Data loss is not an acceptable outcome for our users. I'm very sorry that this has happened. Please submit a support request. In cases of data loss, we will provide the ability to get your note history if it exists on our service. Thanks for posting and letting us know. We'll follow up internally.
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    We live in a world of wonders, for true.
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    I have been using Evernote on my PC, iPad and iPod Touch for some time. Now I have added a Nexus 7 to the collection and I am so impressed with the way the data is synchronised across all four devices without my having to arrange or configure anything. I just downloaded the app to the Nexus and carried on as usual. So far this is the only app I know that makes it that easy on Android gizmos. Tell a lie, Amazon's Kindle app works well across them all. Linking Outlook files, for instance, to their tablet equivalents is a nightmare (I gave up after trying three apps), although the iPad can do it with iTunes. A couple of other Android WiFi linking apps failed or got too difficult to use. So Evernote (and Kindle) are magic in my book.
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    I store sensitive data in Evernote in local notebooks. Right now, in order to quickly see in the sidebar which of my notebooks are local notebooks, I name them ending in " - Local". It would be nice if Evernote displayed them (or gave an option to display them) in a different color so I wouldn't have to append " - Local".
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    By the way, don't confuse my restating of some numbers as support for Evernote as a business solution. I use Evernote a lot, personally and for work but I wouldn't even suggest using it in a multi-user environment. It lacks true collaboration and is actually quite expensive when compared with more fully featured solutions like Atlassian's Confluence.
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    At this point, as a collaborative tool, I couldn't recommend Evernote. The big problem we are having is sharing of stacks and notebooks. 1. You can't share stacks--to me a big drawback in any organization (again, this is not for personal use) 2. Your only option is share separate notebooks. This might or might not work for you. We had a case this week where we wanted to share 10 notebooks with a colleague. In order to do that, we would have share each notebook separately---a royal pain in the neck. If Evernote would address these issues, I could wholeheartedly recommend it as a business tool
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    We had been using EVERNOTE premium to run a small construction company. It worked pretty dang well. When the Evernote BUSINESS option came out I (made the company) jump on it. For some reason I believed EN would have it all well thought. Unfortunately, after seven months trying to get EN Biz up and functioning on a limited scale, I have found only personal frustration and absolutely dumb limitations of EN Biz. It is as if Evernote's understanding of the usefulness of Evernote extends no further than using it to collect recipes, neat pictures and useful code. For example, this morning I am trying to copy or move ( I'll take either) a number of notes from a folder that EN generated ( for some unknown reason) and named "Unsynced Notes". After trying to dragging/dropping them to move them; then right hand click to move; then right hand click to copy...I find that the files -once seemingly moved/copied -- immediately revert back to the "Unsynced Notes" folder ( yes...multiple iterations of sync'd interspersed between these move/copy efforts). I know. It does not sound like big thing. BUT, it IS emblematic of the numerous inconvenient/dumb/non-nonsensical issues that you WILL encounter once you transition to EN BIZ ( and you will find out at a less than conveninet time) Another example, also from this morning...In order to "manage" TAGS in BIZ, you must use the EN WEB interface. Once you go to the manage TAG tab, you will have a list of TAGS that you can, delete or re-name. BUT...it will not let you just "edit" the TAG. NO, you will be required to RE-TYPE THE ENTIRE TAG...hopefully you will get it right(otherwise you will have to re-type again). Again..not a big deal, perhaps...unless you have a BUNCH of TAGS that you really are trying to "manage". OH...and we recently went thru about four weeks of back and forth with EVERNOTE online tech support as we tried to get all Notebooks to sync ( For the love of god, do not try to move very many notebooks or files at any given time without multiple syncs in between, else you will find that EN can not longer keep track of them). NO. EVERNOTE Biz DOES NOT OFFER a pay option that would allow a business to pay money to actually obtain quick one on one assistance. You will go thru multiple rounds of canned responses that are non-responsive to the information that you provide to EN...before, at some point, actually getting someone to take some useful steps to respond/help. That said, I am a VERY GIGANTICALLY BIG FAN of Evernote...but, I would not recommend EVERNOTE BUSINESS to a friend at this time. You might want to try using Premium...in which case, it works great...provided everyone using it understands how to use it and how you have things structured. Good luck.
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    That is the way to vote Susan. We are considering alternatives here too. I haven't seen an improvement to ENB in months. I honestly wonder if it is still being developed.
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    I'm not trying to ridicule your comment. You and Jackolius are the two most responsive Evernote staff on this forum and I certainly appreciate it. I've been using Evernote since 2008 and have a bucket load of these types of questions. You might not think it is fair, but there are a lot of other Evernote users who bring up questions like this on the forum which could be addressed more effectively with proper documentation. Many of us resort to capturing comments from other users in an attempt to fully understand the changing landscape of Evernote. But I and others read it, and will reference good documentation when it helps out other folks on the forums here. The majority may not find it at first glance, but they can find it if nudged in that direction... Sure, I don't mean to suggest that we don't get better at writing documentation. That is definitely something we'll be working on and I don't mean to say it isn't valuable. Perhaps I misread what Jbenson was saying, but it seemed to suggest that "if an overwhelming amount of Evernote users don't understand how a feature works, then some better instructional info is needed from your documentation / marketing department." And in response to that, I wanted to point out that the additional instructional information by itself would only reach a small proportion (albiet very beloved) user base. We'll have to work on it from both sides. You'll start seeing more education and documentation about our products as well as seeing us refine the product themselves to be more intuitive
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    Hmmm... So Evernote staff knows what it is and how it works... but an overwhelming amount of Evernote users don't? Sounds like some better instructional info is needed from your documentation / marketing department. Oh be fair jbenson, you know that most users wouldn't (and don't) read that type of stuff anyways. Not that we shouldn't be doing a better job of it, but it isn't going to be the solution for the majority of users.
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    Searches for my friend Ting-Yu failed to bring up the relevant notes. Instead, Evernote searched for Ting NOT Yu. Oops
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    Trust me, this topic has been revisited many times (search the forums for "hierarchy", etc.). To date, Evernote has not seemed interested in providing notebooks that contain notebooks or stacks that con stacks or any other arbitrarily nestable organizational constructs except for tabs. That's not to say that it wouldn't be useful for some users, nor that it won't ever happen, just that it's been requested before.
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    Stacks cannot be nested & notebooks canot be nested. Stacks can contain notebooks but not other stacks. Notebooks cannot contain other notebooks or stacks. For more intricate organizing, you can use tags, descriptive titles and "keywords". Hey all - AND WHY IS IT that stacks can't contain stacks?? It would be a powerfull feature. I know EN want us to have the business edition, then you can have multiple accounts, and in that way have another dimention to EN, but EN is in competition with OneNote in businesses, and because OneNote has several more layers it wins. I like EN because it supports all my platforms: Android, Windows, FireOS, IOS. If OneNote were to be available to all platforms, I think because of lack of layering, nesting and so on EN will loose the battle in businesslife by far. That would be a shame. If stacks were could contain stacks and they were colored if containing stacks, it was easy to oversee. Maybe EN development can see the potential?
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    Are there any plans to allow searching on special characters, specifically @, #, and $. I'd like to collect lots of notes that contain tweets and web pages with stock symbols that are usually prefaced with $, like $C (Citigroup) or $T (AT&T). And no, tags won't help. I don't want to tag every note I collect. I just want to see every note that I've clipped that contains $C, etc.
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    If you are on a Mac with the direct download version of the app, I believe that Spotlight will be able to find everything for you. I just did a search for hashtags and a bunch of my notes appeared. I haven't tested every special character, but you might want to give this a try. If you need help getting the direct download version (or knowing where to look for your notes), see this post: http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=135
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    I'm been a Premium user almost since Evernote started. I accept that the company has a perfect right to develop a desktop client for Linux or not as they choose. Nevertheless I'm very disappointed that they choose not to. For at least 5 years I've resisted a permanent switch to Linux only because I haven't been prepared to abandon Evernote. Now that EN have changed from "no intentions at this stage" to giving the full finger to Linux users I'm abandoning my Premium account and making the switch to Linux. It would be interesting to find out how many other potential Linux users are not boosting the open source OS numbers purely because of Evernote. Evernote, please reconsider. I can't believe that it would be a huge job to produce a Linux client for a team which produced one for UNIX based OS X. Is the reluctance because Linux users are considered unlikely to pay for Premium services?
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    Stacks cannot be nested & notebooks canot be nested. Stacks can contain notebooks but not other stacks. Notebooks cannot contain other notebooks or stacks. For more intricate organizing, you can use tags, descriptive titles and "keywords".
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    Hi everyone, This is my first post, so please bear with me. I'm using Evernote 4.6.1 on Windows 7 64 bit. I'm trying to create nested notebook stacks, but I haven't found any menu option that enables that function. Is it possible to do what I want to accomplish? Thanks
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    I actually feel that this should be a granular permission - like "share with modify/edit", "share with modify/edit/delete". There are some pretty scary repercussions currently when users share with modify access and another user deletes things, doesn't check their activity stream to notice that deletion, and then empties their trash in their "daily cleanup". The note is gone forever, and there's nothing we can do to retrieve it on our end, and the "sharer" didn't necessarily realize that they were giving full access to deletion of their super important content to other people. So, we're treading very very carefully on the issue of the delete button.
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