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    Sounds to me like you're over-thinking this. If I understood you correctly, each note (of many notes) will be a significant passage from various books about one or another subject. So. I'd set up a tag for each book - "Archery_for_the_inept" or whatever, and make my first note the full beans on author, title, cover picture, ISBN etc. Then that and each subsequent note I took I'd tag with the book. When adding a title to my notes I would use a standard, easily remembered format like <date><topic><comments/ keywords> Date may be irrelevant, but the other elements are to capture any keywords that are not in the content. Remember Evernote has a killer search function, so 'stance' - if that's how it's referred to in all the books - may be repeated in the text anyway. It's reasonably unusual, so whatever other notes you acquire, a search for 'stance' will get you all the notes, from any book, that mention the subject. You can even save the search as another quick way to find that information. But maybe you use a recurve bow and the content is all about compound bows. So your title could be stance - compound so you can identify the specific note easily if it is listed in a search. If you need to come back to specifics later, "intitle:stance intitle:recurve" will find only those notes. Lots of experienced users don't use additional notebooks unless they have to - for local only or shared notebooks forinstance - and rarely use tags. Being smart with titles will get you a long way - but you do need to be willing to experiment. After your first 100 or so notes you'll probably know exactly how you should have constructed the titles... (It should be easy to tag each note because after a click in the tag field and an 'a' the rest should autosuggest.)
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    Just wondering if we'll ever get a "Print to Evernote" option/driver for Windows like there is on the Mac. I'd love to easily be able to easily copy the contents of documents from programs like MS Word, Excel, etc. to Evernote while at work. Simply embedding the document (as is currently possible) isn't always the best option, especially if I want to be able to access and view those documents while on my Android device. The ability to print to Evernote would be incredibly helpful in this way. One of my co-workers (a big fan of Evernote) recently had MS OneNote installed on his work PC, because this kind of functionality doesn't exist in EN.
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    Hello everyone! Late yesterday we published Skitch Mac 2.7.2 to our website for direct download and enabled auto-update for all previous direct download users. If you are a Mac App Store user this version has been submitted and we're waiting for their approval. This is a small-ish update that addresses some key bugs and adds some minor features, but does set us up for some some more future work. Things changed in this version include: Fixes for naming issues when submitting via FTPFixes for some crash casesFixes to address screen capture when multiple monitors are activeFix to a bug which were blocking some sharing services if you are not logged in (you should be able to use all non-Evernote specific services to share from the share menu now)Updated the annotation engine which has enabled PDF page rotation and deletionAnd a whole bunch of other bugs have been fixed.
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    Hi, I really think the business card scanner introduced to the iOS app will become a very valuable too to me, but it just isn't usable in its current form. Most business cards now a days have information on both sides of the card. Especially if you are outside of the US. In Asia, people will have English information on one side and Chinese/Japanese etc on the other. Restaurants and stores will have a map on the back side, to their location. I want to be able to at least store this as a picture when I scan a card! As it is now I cannot use it because I will have to use some other system for most of my business cards, which is a shame because I would love to only have to use the Evernote app. And it is a shame because it would only take adding the ability to at least scan and store the backside into the note. I cant even manually add a photo to a contact note. Also, it would be great if I could manually choose to add a contact to my phone's contact list. I don't want to either have to add ALL contacts I scan, or none. Thanks!
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    I think you hit on the solution in your last sentence. Use a sound editor to break your file into smaller, logical files, and put each into a separate EN Note. This would also make listening to the files easier, since you can start at a section closer to what you want to hear.
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    Thanks and sorry for the cheap irony...
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    Lol. I don't believe I'll accept that challenge Sir Gazumped...'cause I know I'd lose! p.s. I'm a girl.
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    http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/03/04/evernote-windows-desktop-gets-image-annotation-faster-sync/ It's now out! Please give it a try and let us know what you think.
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    Also, you may want to check if you have Tools -> Import Folders. This note could have been created automatically from the file that was placed in your import folder. Thanks, Max
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    I don't quite understand what you are trying to do. I don't know whether the Kindle platform would be of use to you or not. Further, I do agree with previous posters that you might get more information about what you are trying to do at forums of ereaders. Let me tell you what you can do in the Kindle system. For Amazon content you can highlight material on your reader. You can also do so for articles or PDFs you upload to the device. You can use the calibre software to convert existing PDFs to mobi files which Kindle uses as native. For books that you buy through Amazon, you can go to a special page for your account and see all your highlights and bookmarks. You can view this for all the books in an endless backward rolling list or you can search for individual books and view the material for just that book. From these pages you can use the Evernote web clipper to grab those quotes and put them in Evernote. What this will not do is restore highlights to a book that gets scrubbed clean. However, Kindle remembers your highlights and if you remove something from your device, it will still have your highlights. I have read it does this for content that did not originate from Amazon, too, but you can't view those highlights at the online website (and I've not verified that claim).
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    I think your ideas sound good. The only thing I'd want to keep is to put the title and author in each note if you do them separately. That way if years later you read this note, you'll know where it came from. You might also want to take cover shots of the books, as sometimes I remember books by color of the cover over title or author. I'm afraid I do the reverse and each book I take notes on has long, and cumbersome notes that cover the whole book. Your plan sounds good.
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    Thanks Jeff, that works I just wanted any way to find tags in my kinda complex tags tree and this is enough. Greets!
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    Ah yes, eating my words as I type here. (Except this doesn't point out that free users can make one editable shared notebook, or that there is a global notebook limit for free users and premium users and that these limits are different, or that presentation mode isn't available on all clients, or allow users to evaluate the difference between premium and business [granted that is a rather small subset of users.]).
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    Thanks for post Phil - really useful. I had completely overlooked the right click options (prob not helped by me using a Mac!). Also good to hear your pragmatic solution to stack colour issues etc. Best wishes, Danny
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    That was implied, but yes on the value add. Fine work on the pull back there.
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    Hey, I'll cop to not cottoning to the idea that the original poster "got it" with respect to the taxonomic tag strategy, and maybe I could / should have stopped responding to the topic drift occasioned by his (or her) responses, but didn't. Actant, if you're still there, and the multi-concept tags work for you, then I think that that's great, and sorry to for my part in letting things get sidetracked. So, cwb, how about we both agree to stop "adding value" to this topic, what say?
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    AFAIK it's only Office documents so far - DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX etc. However you can save OpenOffice files in that format (I believe) and the indexing should work on those files.
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    In the interest of broadening worldviews, and exposing how not only is there space for a query such as Actant's but a broader debate which has been going on for almost a century... Some optional background reading from Wikipedia: grab your popcorn... Taxonomy, the practice and science of classification: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxonomy_(general)Categorization: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CategorizationSome opposite camps: Structuralism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StructuralismPost-Structuralism: where the wild accusations of radically relativistic or nihilistic abound! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-structuralists
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    -1 for hyperbole. There's no recursiveness in evidence. I imagine a practical person may not create tags for notes not yet in evidence. Both camps will no doubt only add as much framework as sufficient for the immediate or anticipated near-term requirements. http://www.intellogist.com/wiki/US_Patent_Classification_System#Searching_Using_US_Classification As with Evernote there are multiple ways to search something. Search is not the same as a classification system. And classification system is not the same thing as a tag or a keyword, by default. I think what he's getting at (as to a lessor degree me, or perhaps on a separate parallel track) is one can elect to organize simple tags/keywords into a classification system. It's both/and, not either or (unless your tags have no classification system). Evernote Elegantly supports the use case. Moreover it supports it in at least two ways. The least effectively, I argue, by visually nesting them in the tag tree. But more effectively by putting the structure in the tag name itself. But your patent system query, no, I think it's fairly well established that the patent system is in a mess because of what's approved not how it's classified. Garbage in Garbage out, even if it's easily findable garbage. They can query/find (per the article) patents back to 1790, which is a bolder claim than I'd make about my Evernote collection (with certainty). But an absolute no, when I was using single keyword tags rather than a hybrid classification system in my tags. NO! 100% wrong, and counter evangelist. Or even just not reading/understanding posts here and elsewhere. Evernote has always supported (not enforced) the desire for a strict hierarchy. It works fine. It scales past my hundreds of tags with no more burden than in the past. Can we stop needlessly campifying, and sending users away from the platform saying it doesn't fit? If one cannot/will not understand the end users use case, or take to time to grok how Evernote may already encompass that use case, not only is there no value in a reply, to do so in error is harmful to the ecosystem/userbase. This thread and others like it can debate the usefulness of various approaches for intellectual satisfaction. But it's not about wether Evernote fits one or the other, or not. It merely doesn't with notebooks, and that was asked and answered at the outset.
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    I guess the assumption is that most people will look at the benefits of going premium before parting with their money.
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    Thanks Jefito. I did test moving notes with reminders and they stayed intact but I wasn't sure if converted notebooks would exhibit the same behaviour. I suppose I could have created a small test notebook to try it out. Thanks for your input.
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    Evernote has a well documented and apparently easy to use API. Anyone can sign up and create an Evernote client that accesses the service. Generally it seems that Evernote prefer not to build these integrations themselves.
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    As a long-time premium subscriber, I want a stronger commitment from the Evernote team to Firefox. We're not talking about a niche browser - this is *Firefox*. That said, I understand the challenges in coding for 2 different rendering engines. Prioritizing a Webkit version means Evernote can cover Safari, Chrome, and Opera Next with minimal modifications. But Evernote seriously needs to ramp up development for Firefox/Gecko. At least give us a beta to play with at our own risk...
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    We've moved Ink for Android out of alpha and into beta testing, available here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/104510054128618368971 You'll need to register and be approved if you want to have access to the beta. Essentially takes Penultimate functionality and moves it directly into the Evernote experience on Android. To create a handwritten note: select the pen button on the note editor to insert handwriting in a note. You can select different width and colors, erase, cut and undo / redo. Again, this is in beta, so it's going to have some rough edges that need smoothing out, but if you'd like to try it, it's available.
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    Lets also remember that a typical Chrome book starts with about 9.8 GB free SSD space. That assumes a primarily online mode for data storage. At best you might have space for something similar to the mobile clients. But agreed that would be useful for a Chromebook user. This would give (taking from the ipad experience): The ability to create notes offline and have them stay cached until they can be synced over a data connection.Recently viewed items would be cached and available offlineItems marked as favorite/shortcut kept cached locallyNotebooks can be marked as available offlineNote that offline notebooks on mobile devices are a Premium feature, so most of the benefit would require a premium account, something like 1-2 users in 10 (granted perhaps much more so in the Chromebook demographic). So how much development effort does that slice of the pie warrant? We're at something like 1.5 million Chromebooks sold, compared to (what I can glean from Apple filings and wikipedia): 450 million iphones and 170 million ipads, both of which can share substantial portions of the same codebase for Evernote. Chromebook is going at a good sales clip but it's perhaps a little early in the game to hope for native client and advancing on feature parity.
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    Whatever I do I can't make the clipper work. I am cancelling my Premium account and looking for an alternative app. I can't function and run my business the way this is now. I certainly won't be recommending Evernote to anyone now like I used to do. After many years of working in the IT and design industry this is the worst implementation of a so called upgrade that I have ever come across...and I have worked on multi-million pound contracts! An e-mail is on it's way to Phil Libin. Not that I imagine he cares. Any decent company after so many complaints would at least put out a news release apologizing for the problems that people are having and saying that they will get it fixed ASAP but from Evernote...nothing!
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    And on 2007 MacBook under 10.6.8 the new clipper simply doesn't work at all. Well done, Evernote, well done. I'm back to mailing myself URLs. Can I get a refund on my premium subscription, because you have rendered it completely useless?
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    Admittedly, my workflow is a bit anal/OC. But I don't see it as overly complicated or complex. I'd guess saving to my hard drive & copying to an import folder probably adds about 5-7 seconds to each document. (I also preview the document before this step, to insure the scan was a good one. But again, this adds only seconds to each scan & IMO falls under the category of "insurance". Nothing worse than thinking you have a scan of an important document only to find out it didn't scan properly & you need it & it's already been shredded!) My hard drives get backed up each night to Jungle Disk (my cloud backup of choice for my hard drives). My workflow stems from ~2.5 decades of thinking I have a good backup only to find out the verified backup tape will not read when I need it (HP Colorado Trakker circa 1996) or the hardware is not compatible with new computer (back in the parallel/serial port days pre-USB) or the software to restore is not supported on the new OS or the CD is scratched, etc, etc, etc.. I've run the gamut from backing up my personal/home computer from the aforementioned Colorado Trakker to Zip drives to Jag drives to CD to DVD & finally to the recent ~seven years of USB hard drives & clouds. So as much as I love & use Evernote & have confidence in them as a company, I simply don't want to have Evernote be the only repository for important information. I have to admit that a lot of notes I make in Evernote or screen caps exist only in Evernote simply b/c it's easy to create/edit them in EN & I'd have to manually do an export or print-to-PDF or screen-cap-saved-to-file to get them out, since they were generated in Evernote. As an inherently lazy person, I do not do that. But I DO backup my Evernote database regularly, so I've got that going for me. As far as files being out of date, since I've been using scanners, digital cameras, MP3 players & digitizing home movies for over 15 years, a large majority of what I keep (and consider important) does not change. IE scans of documents, photos, home movies, music, etc. I just want to be able to get a copy if/when I need it regardless if my home computer is turned on or not or if I'm home or not or if I can access Evernote or Jungle Disk is up or not. This was useful for me yesterday. I was doing some personal business at the bank & needed a document I did not anticipate needing. I had my iPad but Evernote on iOS for my main Evernote account is unusable b/c my main account is so large. Clever is often helpful but it has its own issues. So I used Logmein on my iPad to connect to my home computer where I was able to send myself an email & attach the hard drive copy of the document I needed. I could have done basically the same thing by using Logmein to use EN on my desktop & email the document from Evernote. But I like having the various options. Plus, I've occasionally run into situations where a file gets munged & you don't realize it until it's backed up. Another reason I like having a couple of copies of important things. This just happened to me a couple of days ago. My Neatreceipts database got munged. A few days later, when I tried to go to a particular tab, it kept giving me "out of memory" errors. I restored from my most recent backup & same thing. I ended up uninstalling NR, reinstalling it (so the database on the hard drive was new & in a different location on the hard drive) & then restoring from my backup & everything was fine. I know one must draw the line somewhere. But I figure disk is cheap. So between having a copy in EN & a copy on my hard drive & knowing both of those get backed up & both have versioning, I figure I'm pretty well covered. If I lose something in spite of all that, then I guess them's the breaks. IMO, when it comes to important stuff, redundancy is good & a girl can never be too rich, too thin or have too many backups. Another phrase I use regarding my backup system is that over the decades, each time I've lost data, my backup system has improved.
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    Even the forum editor has the capability to indent a list. Outlining Helps Group Similar ideas Indenting lets you understand parent-child relationships another child [*]This is a basic feature in most editors This is major oversight in evernote EverNote should implement this feature - low hanging fruit
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    I too would love to see some improved outline capability, but I don't think we need a huge new "mode" or a plug-in or anything. The current tool is very close. In my opinion all it needs is to have a few things: 1) the tab key indent (*****-tab reverse indent) instead of instead of inserting 5 spaces. 2) when indenting a numbered item is should include the "parent" number e.g. "1.1" or "2.3.1" instead of just "1." -- the bulleted list is smart enough to pick a new kinda of bullet, so the numbered list could do that. Heck..already the numbered list is smart enough to renumber the lines the next level up! 3) The ability to select indented lines of text and cycle between bullets, numbers, and nothing. Currently it can't do that...it just gets very very confused... I think that is all that is needed...am I wrong?
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