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    I really need to use the function where some text is appended to an existing note. By emailing is via evernote upload mail I'm writing a biography an want to add things as they occur to meUsing the syntax Subject line note name"+" All I end up doing is creating a new note. I thought that I had resolved it when I removed the space between the note name and the command to add"+" it worked once correctly I think but no more S I see other people have the same problem but didn't see any solution Can some learned person pls helpme. Thanks
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    I had set up a business account about 8 months ago and set up a couple of test accounts with the intention of rolling it out to a fair number of users. This was my second look at the business product. After seeing what a disaster it was on several fronts, and just how clueless EN is about business needs, and realizing there was no way I could trust them to have a clue after they tried to merge business and personal notes in Windows v5, I changed directions. I finally just got around to canceling the account. 1. After well over a year Admins still can't rename a notebook, and EN continues to make utterly useless and laughable changes to the business product without addressing HUGE issues like this. 2. Can't share stacks so employees can't see the context of the notebooks - laughable. 3. A completely broken tag system in V5 as reported by Ed for going on what, 3 months + now? 4. Before canceling I started to delete our notebooks. After deleting a Notebook I go to "manage trash". Hilariously, nothing is there! Evidently that only works for deleted notes I guess. I couldn't care less since I'm canceling but there's one more mission critical feature for business that doesn't work. I mean, why would an admin expect to be able to go to trash to find a notebook that was deleted?! 5. Users can't be changed. Let's suppose you have 20 users and need to delete 5 of them and add 5 in place. Guess what? The 5 you delete will run through the end of the month, and you're going to get charged for the 5 new users! And they're going to do this to you every time you need to change a user. Again, this is BIZ101, business routinely change users, and every piece of software I've ever used allows business to do that - except Evernote. I'm sure there is a ton more I'm missing. The most hilarious thing, and the real problem, is when you try to point out these huge issues, you get someone coming on the forum and explaining to you how not being able to rename a business notebook is a "feature", how that lets users give notebooks meaningful names, and how it could confuse employees is a notebooks name changed. So it's an absolute waste of time reporting these issues because they are not being fixed in a timely manner and the people involved don't have clue about businesses. Alternatively everyone is impotent and can't ever say anything (another case of having learned the wrong lesson), so no one will ever give you a clue if something is going to be fixed. In the mean time i participate on other forums where companies interact with users and say stuff like "oh wow, you can't rename a notebook, that's huge, we'll fix that", so you at least have some clue they recognize the issue and will be fixing it. This product is not ready for businesses in any way shape or form. As a product for individuals it works very well.
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    It's not hard to get yourself another account. Keep your private stuff in one account, and your public stuff in another. Use sharing if you want notes in one account to be visible in your other account, or vice versa.
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    I use notebooks sparingly (though not as sparingly as GrumpyMonkey). About 15 in total. My organizational rules of thumb: Use notebooks only if you must. The use cases: For local notebooks on a desktop device. These are notebooks that are never synced to the cloud. For offline notebooks on a mobile device. These are notebooks that are always available on the mobile device, once synced, so long as device storage allows. For sharing a group of notes with others. I keep a separate account for use at work, but it's convenient to share some personal notebooks with my work account (e.g. my software development notebook), and vice-versa (for when I'm working at home) Use stacks as a convenience. For ad-hoc searching (since you cannot search designated multiple notebooks unless they're in a stack) For convenience in managing your notebook list: it's nice to keep the top-level list to a small number (10 or less, in my case) for less clutter; less-frequently used notebooks go in a stack that's normally kept closed. Use tags for everything else. Tags are great because they can be used to search across organizational structures (notebooks and stacks), and you can cross-categorize notes, which you can't do in a rigid hierarchy.Evernote understands the traditional nested hierarchy model of organization, but they don't seem interested in providing it. They've opted for a scheme that's a lot more like GMail's. It works well for some folks, some others adapt to it, and it doesn't work at all for others. Personally, I don't miss it. I've traipsed up and down folder hierarchies for years, and truthfully, it's often wearisome. With Evernote, I can usually just describe what I want, and that narrows it down well enough to locate what I'm looking for. Not unlike the web, in some respects.
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    Chris, you're welcome. I also use SnagIT, and you can set it up to be MUCH simpler requiring only 3 steps to capture and paste into Evernote. You need to setup SnagIT to: Be activated by a global hot key (I use CTRL-SHIFT-C, but you can choose any you like)Auto copy the capture to clipboardSo, once you are on the web page of interest, the only steps you need are: Press the SnagIT capture hotkey Draw the rectangle over the area you want to capture Switch to Evernote and paste the imageOf course, if you are not going to edit/annotate the captured image in SnagIT, then it is probably simpler to just use the Evernote screen capture. I usually want to annotate the captured image, so I have setup SnagIT to open its Editor window immediately after capture (as well as copy to clipboard). If I don't want to annotate the image, I simply switch to Evernote and paste the image.
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    Thanks for the tip. Due to support issues with ACDsee Pro, I am looking for an alternate. Do I need to use the IE browser to operate the program? The following statement raised some warning flags for me: "XnShell is a powerful Shell extension for Windows ™ Explorer, allowing you to preview and perform various operations within Windows explorer context menu." XnView opens in its own window; the shell is an option you can avoid if you prefer - it just means XnView pops up in your file manager's (Windows Explorer's) right-click menu. IE is not involved..
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    The mobile site became (somewhat) inactive a while ago. I posted about this on my website and we discussed it in the forums. http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=169 Today, it seems to be back (this was news to me). Personally, I think making un-announced changes like this to the service is a bad policy, especially when we have major bugs in the mobile app (October 2013 was pretty rough for me on the iPad) and we need a reliable way to view notes.I'd recommend saying something when they make changes -- even a tweet would be appreciated. If they had little traffic in recent months, that's probably because we all thought they had abandoned the mobile site for mobile (weirdly, it would work from the desktop). In my experience on the iPad, the regular evernote website doesn't give you a mobile-friendly interface. It feeds you the regular web version, which is un-usable (as it always has been). The only way on the iPad (that I know of) to make use of the regular website is to install the Puffin browser.
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    Yes, you can sort your notes alphabetically by title. Evernote also has excellent search abilities.
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    You must have started awfully early, since Wikipedia has the Linux kernel being released in 1991... It's very basic, but if you need to get under the hood (I don't often), you can either use the ENML Editor that or export to Evernote format, edit that in a text editor (one that's actually made for editing code), and import it back in. As I say, it's a rare day that I need that, but it's good to have in the toolbelt.
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    I'm a long-time Evernote user, but this event is my first time posting to this forum. It just never occurred to me that my post could be confused with someone else's. Yes, we are different people, but our posts do have something in common in that it appears that EN's Windows client "disappeared" some of the data in both our accounts. That's why the first post caught my attention, because I seemed to be dealing with a very similar problem, in the same timeframe. And my astonishment at finding my data missing is only exceeded by my astonishment at not receiving an explanation and help from Evernote after so much time has elapsed (Monday will be the 12th day after reporting the problem.) I can really appreciate the first poster's frustration.
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    To me, a request to improve what is apparently considered a minor function (text editing) of the larger program constitutes a feature request. But whether you call it a feature request or a request for improvement strikes me as mostly a semantic quibble. And, yes, of course it's a legitimate request. Whatever you call it, yes, Evernote is, no doubt, aware of it though I won't speculate whether or not it's on their list. Best of luck.
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    One additional point. There is another reason why the nested tag functionality that is being proposed in this thread is so important. It allows folks to develop their own semantic taxonomy standardization in a very quick and simple way. Without going too deep let me briefly explain: Lets say that I'm a project manager at a large company. Lets say I have developed my own personal way of categorizing projects. However incorporated into the 'semantics' of my categorization are my own personal 'standards' for how to handle things like project lifecycles and the time dimension. Here would be an example tag tree: (wild example - not much thought) Project A Governance Phase Steering committee New Fiscal Investment proposal Prep Review Final This hierarchy would mean certain things to me. So for example if I want to look at all Steering Committee actions across all Projects that have new Fiscal Investment proposals that are at least in the Prep phase I would click on Steering Committee - the dialogue box would pop up and I would type in -2. EN would then return all notes with the Steering Committee, New Fiscal Investment proposal and Prep tags. Or, let's say that I wanted to give a new project only the following tags; Governance Phase, Steering Committee, New Fiscal Investment - then I would drag the new note to Governance Phase and type -2 in the dialogue box. These are very simple, straight-forward actions but it allows me (and others) to manage the semantics of their own personal taxonomies. I personally believe that this is a very very important part of content management. Because as our lives become more and more digital - the only thing that will separate organized folks from unorganized ones is the level of detail with which they develop their personal semantic taxonomies and the rigor with by which they apply them. Another way to think about it is the following; your personal semantics and taxonomy becomes equivalent to the Cloud but instead of a Cloud for content it is a Cloud for your idea-organization-system. The ability to create these then frees you from being locked into any one tool because once you develop the taxonomy you can implement it in almost any tool. However, the tool where you create, manipulate and store the taxonomy will end up becoming core to your life - THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE EN WANTS TO BE - IT WANTS TO BE CORE TO OUR LIVES. And this is why expanded tag functionality has a lot more value underneath the covers than might be initially apparent. BLAZE THE PATH EN - BECOME OUR PERSONAL TAXONOMY ENGINES.
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    Yes, correct, my description could have been clearer. In my proposal you would only drag notes to the tag tree if in fact you wanted to add tags to the note. If you don't want to add tags then simply clicking anywhere in the tag tree would pop-up the same dialogue box where you could enter things like +3, -3, etc. (e.g. +3 would mean all tags up to three levels above the current tag and -3 would mean all tags up to three levels below the current tags) and EN would only display notes with those tags. Actually, this is a great UI design- because it frees the user from needing to do queries when they have something quick and simple that they want to do. Remember my philosophical point - we should give folks plenty of ways to do stuff. This would certainly not complicate the UI but in fact make it simpler and more usable. Also keep in mind that you have also agreed that you are for expanding the functionality of EN - my proposal would certainly expand the functionality of the sub/super tree UI but in a very simple and intuitive way. There is nothing in my proposal that complicates the UI. Let's see: 1) Folks are already dragging notes to the sub/super tree UI so no changes there. 2) Folks are already very familiar and adept with friendly easy dialogue boxes so no complications there. Hmmm, I guess I fail to see the complications that you are referring to - on the contrary I only see enhanced functionality provided in a very consumable, easy and user friendly fashion. Regarding your other points about labels in Gmail - I think we're basically on the same page and essentially saying the same thing. We both agree that there could be more functionality to both Gmail labels and EN tags. Where we disagree is that you are still not certain that expanded functionality (for tags) is necessary whereas I definitely feel that it is both necessary (more ways to skin the cat) and that it would be a huge market win for EN.
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    There is an over-arching philosophical point in this thread that could be getting lost. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. I like many of the approaches and themes laid out in this thread. The point is - we are all different and even if were all the same - we all have the need for a different 'tool' for different jobs in our busy lives at varying points in time. There may be cases where we only want to look at the notes with tags in a tag tree. There may be times we want a simple way to add the tags in a tag tree to a note. There may be times we only want to add specified portions of the tag tree to a note. The point is - we need this variety of capability available to us. It's really very simple. Think about a spreadsheet. Spread sheets used to just do simple math. But as we all know we now can not only do simple math but statistics, trigonometry, advanced financial calculations and so forth. We sometimes tend to limit ourselves by thinking that one person is advocating ONLY for a particular solution, when in reality we need a broad selection of capabilities available to us. Nested tags (with all of the functions described above) is one such very important tool-suite that we need in our tool-kit.
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    Software for mind-maps seems to miss the point. I usually draw mine on paper, and then scan them as a PDF, and the mark-up the PDF with comments that Evernote can make sense of....
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    I'm old school. I like to mind map with a pen in my hand, so I just do it on a big whiteboard and snap a picture of it. With larger ones I'll use freemind.
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    Persn'ly I'm with Phil. I'm quite a long way down the road to achieving my ambition to be the World's Laziest Person, and just reading the process above used up most of my attention span for this week.. My to-do process is: dump everything into Astrid/ Wunderlist (I'm kind've between apps at the moment) and let it nag me when the next item(s) come up. I can do recurring tasks, long term reminders and wish lists, and I can complete jobs that will automatically re rescheduled for a set period after the completion date, not the due date. Someone else has engineered all these functions so the app will push jobs at me without my having to look for them. I can monitor projects and people, assign and share tasks and keep all that up to date from any platform I happen to be near. I'm a firm believer in spending the minimum time on administration and the maximum time on doing - with suitably generous allowances for sleeping and eating thinking and planning time. It is definitely possible to adapt Evernote processes to do (pun intended) all of that, but the potential fails I see are all in my specialist area - I would have to remember to check notebooks and items, transfer things around and assign tags - and find the time to do it, even if I'm traveling around. El Elefante Grande is, I feel, of similar mind and wants a to-do app that will 'do' more, hence the comments. As with most things connected with Evernote however, the abiding principle is 'whatever works'. So if you're currently running a to-do or GTD regime that could translate to Extropy's system, good luck to you; you have my respect and admiration. I'll stick this post in my app and check back in a year to see how the discussion plays out. OK - done. See you then?
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    Unless you're changing the default from time to time, the way to change the default in Android is - wait until you can do it on a PC. If you really need to spread notes around, try setting up an 'inbox' folder as your default, then when you're at your laptop, browse this folder and reassign notes as you require. You could put the required folder name in the document name so you can search later and reassign blocks of notes to the right notebook.
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