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    > I now use Devonthink as my repository and at the risk of offending EN diehards, has far > more functionality on my mac than EN has. It's wonderful that you've found something that works better for you than Evernote does. Using an app that works well for you is a great way to be happier and more productive. I'm not convinced that continuing to complain about an app you find unhelpful, on forums devoted to that app, is a way to increase either your happiness or your productivity...but that's your choice, of course.
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    Is it really not possible to sync different Penultimate noteboks to different Evernote notebooks? Seems that all Penultimate NBs can only be synced to one and the same Evernote notebook. I'd really like to have this synced to different notebooks in Evernote. Thanks
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    So I started using Penultimate. It's great, but there's just one problem. When I go see the notes in Evernote (and Save As...) the resolution is really low. Zoomed in letters are pixelated. I thought maybe that was just the resolution and maybe my eyes were tricking me on my iPad, but I exported the note to the camera roll and it was a million times clearer. I assumed this is because my iPad has a retina display, but this makes no sense. If Evernote stores the pages in a low (non-retina) resolution they should also be pixelized when I zoom in on my iPad (I checked, they aren't). And if they store them in high resolution, why are they low resolution on my account (Web and PC). It's like EN exports a lower resolution size to your account (possible to save space), but why aren't the high resolutions available too. Or does EN not back those up, and they're just on the iPad? Or...are the strokes vectors or something? The workaround is exporting each note to the camera roll (PDF exports low resolution too), but I shouldn't have to. It's a dozen extra steps instead of a simple sync then saving the notes I want.. I was thinking of contacting support, but I thought this was more of a problem for the forums since I don't think it's a bug/error.
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    Maybe this will help. If I find a location in Google Maps that I want to add to a note. Right click on location (in google maps), select "whats here?". It will give Lat/Long, in decimal format, in the search bar.Copy it (ctrl c).Select the note in Evernote that I want to add a locationGo to "note info""click to set location"Select "enter manually"Paste coordinates (ctrl v)Hope that helps!
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    Go to Onlineconversion.com (then select mapping), they have a calculator to do just that.
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    Ok thanks. I thought Evernote was competing with OneNote but apparently the difference between them is big. Yes, they are entirely different services and applications with some minor overlap ing how they can be utilized. There should be a hotkey to create a bulleted list. On the mac its cmd-shift-u There's likely a window's equivalent.
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    If your payment doesn't arrive on time Evernote will downgrade your Premium membership to the 'free' version, but that doesn't mean you have to clear the server - you just operate under the lower limits of a free account until the payment issue is sorted out. If you want to revisit the issue I'd recommend raising a support ticket and posting the number here so someone can have a look at the situation. If not - apologies that you had a bad experience, but it doesn't mean that Evernote don't care about retaining customers. That would be a pretty short-sighted business attitude. They do take the view that it's up to the customer to make sure that a valid payment method is in place when the fees come due.
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    I don't think that either the Mac or Windows clients can do any of those things. The Windows client can't, for sure: no auto-capitalization, no preset header styles, and pressing the '*'or '-' keys just insert '*'or '-' into the text of your note (you use the Ctrl+Shift+B shortcut to create a bullet list).
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    Hi - welcome to the forums. Go to Evernote.com and sign in to your account. Click the drop-down by your name and choose "Account Settings". Look for Points in the left-hand tab.
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    The problem with the Notes app on a Mac (and iOS) is it doesn't offer any good way of exporting the notes. You can email each individual note into Evernote. You can convert each note to a PDF and drag and drop that into Evernote. You can export all of the notes to one PDF and drop that into Evernote.
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    ANOTHER BIG THANK YOU .. All it took .. Some QA work left at E-Note, Really fine product.
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    I also have to chime in. I received a jotscript for Christmas and have just spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out why my Evernote notebooks were not loaded into Penultimate - especially since one of penultimate's first screens says "Syncing with Evernote" It finally dawned on me that perhaps Penultimate doesn't load the Evernote notebooks - even though it implies that it does. And it is a reasonable expectation that it does load the notebooks. I had dreams [evidently foolish] that I could take notes In my existing Evernote notebooks without jumping through a bunch of convoluted hoops. In my opinion this is an Epic Fail.
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    Thanks, Johnny!!! I think I wasted about an hour or more on this until I Googled the problem and found your solution. Brilliant! And what a stupid error!!! David
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    A few hours later, rebooted and all is well! ? By the way, another thank you to Johnny.
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    I also strongly request this feature. For business it is essential as during the day we may have different note taking information in different note taking penultimate notebooks (e.g. meetings, notes, activity lists, week, monthly plans....) that will be later organized and tagged into different topics. Just to put an example: A back to back meeting day: I have a penultimate meeting notes notebook that I use to keep track and record the minutes of my meetings. One my day is over, during my daily review I would like to attach those meeting notes and minutes to the notebooks (i.e. work projects) they are related to with corresponding tags if they need to be sorted by priority, etc.... I am keeping all my notes together as I really hope you guys can do it!!!! Thanks!!!!
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    Adding one more to the "thank you" pile. I had this same problem, and signing out (null) and logging back in seems to have fixed it. Weird bug from upgrading versions, I guess. Couldn't tell you what my older version was but I hadn't used the desktop app in months.
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    Thanks Johnny! I was about to delete the app because it was so buggy.
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    I downloaded EN today (5.4.3 (402231)) and it isn't. I was upgrading from 2.3.0 (160287) (which doesn't let users know that they need upgrades, otherwise I would have upgraded sooner). Once I logged out from that null account and logged back in with my own account, the notification stopped popping up. Clearly missing a few null checks. JohnnyJohnster, you're still a hero and you deserve a pony!
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    I just created my user profile on this site specifically so I could post a THANK YOU to Johnny! I had the same upgrade/error-message issue as everyone else. What an absolutely infuriating bug to experience; so happy there was a quick and easy fix.
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    Wahooo and Booyah! Thanks Johnny. Problem solved. Now... to retract my request for support about the problem.
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    I had the same issue and the signing out of "null" corrected the internet connection issue but now it says there is synchronization failure. I imagine that in addition to the brilliant suggestion by Johnny, their servers must be down. Will wait patiently.
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    Thanks Johnny!!!!!! I had the same problem. It's not just an error message. It wouldn't sync and so basically I couldn't use it. Kind of ridiculous to disable your software with an "update"...
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    I had the same issue but the sign out and sign in fixed it. Thanks Johnny
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    Until Penultimate is fully integrated into Evernote I continue using Noteshelf. You can sync to various EN notebooks. Mailing to EN works also perfect. And the pencils and palm protection is way better than Penultimate. Penultimate is nice but it has to be integrated into EN. Handwritten notes mixed with typed text would be great. Like NoteSuite but a better. And as soon as you can tag and add reminders to handwritten notes, EN would become a real notebook replacement. At least for me.
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    Not a perfect solution, but you can email pages from your penultimate notes to your evernote email. Give the page a name in the subject line, add @notebookname, and voila.
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    Yes!!! Come on, Evernote!! How is this NOT an option. I'm taking notes in three different grad school classes at a time - I want to be able to either set each Penultimate notebook to save as an individual note in an already created Evernote Class notebook OR have the ability to MOVE the Penultimate notes/notebooks to different notebooks in Evernote. HOW IS THIS NOT AN OPTION?! Can we get a response from Evernote???
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    I could not agree more and lend my full throated support!
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    There's also the "value added" aspect. An iPhone with no apps is just a camera phone. But given that I can deposit a check to my checking account, pay my AMEX bill, renew prescriptions, tether my iPad to my iPhone or send info to my Evernote from my iPhone gives my iPhone more value. Back in the "olden" days, when you'd migrate from one PDA/smartphone to another, there was quite often the painful experience of migrating your data. However, Evernote has added value b/c I can use it on iOS, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Android or just by using the web client. Five years from now, I'm expecting Evernote to be there for me when I'm using whatever my computer/device is & no migration headaches. I'm no longer "locked" into say, Palm OS, like I was for many years.
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    I agree. I cannot justify the cost of buying an iPad and using Penultimate if I cannot encorporate my handwritten notes into the proper topic notebook. Ultimately, it would be even better to be able to put a Penultimate page within an Evernote notebook. In reality, the functionality of Evernote should always strive to mimic real life. In real life, I could have a notebook that is full of handwritten pages (Penultimate pages) mixed with printed pages (PDF's attached to Evernote notes) and some of my own typed pages that may have images (normal Evernote notes). This would make Evernote/Penultimate/Skitch quicker to use than doing all this in real life. Right now it is a bit sluggish and cumbersome to structure notes/notebooks given the inability to mix notes of different types (Skitch, Penultimate, classic Evernote) in one notebook.
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