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    @Martin : you are not the only Martin Packer on the web. Google put you at #2 (counting duplicates) when I looked. But I'm sure you're trying harder...
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    Interestingly, I wrote a GreaseMonkey script (that unfortunately I don't think I can share outside my employeer*+) that allowed you to change the background colour. The point of this is that figuring out what that means is an interesting challenge: Items whose background is explicitly coded in the HTML (style attribute) probably shouldn't have their background changed. Or should they? In the context of the normal clients no element will have its background style set. In the context of web clippers and apps (such as vJournal) that set elements' background colours it's entirely possible for this question to become real. * Copyright is their prerogative, not mine. :-( + If you want to know who they are (irrelevant as that is) look me up on the web. :-)
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    Hi Not sure which client you are using but if you use a web client,you should be able to log out and make sure not to use "Remember login" Safari feature for instance. This topic may help http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15654-howto-log-out-outdated-as-of-310-beta-2/
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    It is not as straightforward as this, unfortunately. All of your evernote notes are stored in a single database file nestled deep in your hard drive (the exact location depends on what operating system you are using). All Evernote content MUST reside in the same place. This means you cannot selectively move some notes here and other notes there. While Evernote offers some basic functionality for storing images, it does not offer a lot of flexibility, and if you are talking about a large quantity of large images, you start running into other hurdles. I recommend that for more robust management of (a large quantity of potentially large) photos, you use a dedicated photo manager such as iPhoto (Mac), Aperture (Mac), Picasa (Mac/Win), or whatever Microsoft has on offer. Most of these applications allow you to store files wherever you like, or in multiple locations. The downside, of course, would be that most photo management applications do not offer any form of synchronization. Additionally you would need to ensure you have a proper and robust backup scheme for your content outside of Evernote.
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    To the designers of the new Windows Evernote app: the interface is awful. I will give it to you that it is no where as bad as Office 2013, but it is awful. Its grey, grey, grey and everything just merges with everything else. In this day and age with modern screens that have pixels so small the naked eye cannot see them, why oh why, did you not make the most of that? 16 million colours and we get .... GREY. What about 3D icons or giving them colours to make it easier to find etc etc. Thank you for an otherwise fantastic product and I hope you find the above to be constructive criticism
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    Thanks Andrew! Those are great feature requests. I will make sure that we talk about these. Lester
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    @jefito I know. One is an academic and I'm just married to one. :-)
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    Wow, that's really neat! Didn't expect the process to be that "aware", but it's great to know!
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    At least if they hope to be around for more than a year or two...my "lifetime" membership to a now, long defunct gym springs to mind.
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    While I already said that EN's pricing is really reasonable to me, there may be another aspect to this. I, for myself, try to avoid recurring costs (abos) as much as I can. I prefer to pay a higher one time price to comitting myself to a low recurring price. I usually find other solutions if companies try to pressure me into a "leasing" model. Just recently, I dumped MS Office for this (not a big problem, OpenOffice is just as good) because I did not want to change to there 360° Model. I also used to be an avid Adobe user, but now - not so much (I do miss Photoshop, but I am definitely not willing to pay monthly to use it) (fortunately, Lightroom is still available as standalone version). Today, EN is one of only 2 software solutions I am using despite the recurring payment model. There are three reasons why I accept the recurring payments in this case: 1 - the price is absolutely reasonnable 2 - storage costs and uppload limits are understandable reasons to ask a recurring fee 3 - I can pay per year (if it was monthly only, I'd probably find another solution, no matter how much I love EN)
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    HI, welcome to the forums. Sorry but what you see is what you get for the moment. Evernote are looking into improvements - I had a survey yesterday asking (amongst other things) about how bullets and checkboxes could be improved - so we should some more features; but meantime all you can do is add spaces to balance paragraphs (which usually leads to tears if you change or copy the content) or use another app for the formatting and copy/ paste that output into Evernote.
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    Thanks! Just commented on that thread. You should only see those options for "Contact Notes"
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    Right, it's almost certainly the browser (whether through an add in or not). So YOU have to be responsible for managing that bit. In my work environment (and many others) shared computers require individual logins. I'd be more concerned that wasn't happening in your case.
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    And make sure it's not your browser (or an add-in) auto-filling in your login information. And if it's possible / feasible, you should consider having separate accounts for different users of your computer.
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    Ok, I'm back with business, now I'm making sure with a support person my premium is back on track and that I have been a member since Jan. 2013, not just this year Thanks again for the support & follow-up -
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    Not only that, your colleagues are probably rather unimpressed with Evernote's crappy print rendering... Not really good PR, or a great way to gain users/customers by word-of-mouth. Unbelievable they let this stand (but as you said, bug-fixing isn't fun or sexy). P.S. Yeah, it was I who posted a link to this thread on their FB feed.
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    Thank you Sir. I guess I ought to have realised that, but the old grey matter is not as perceptive as once it might have been. Think I will stick with OneNote - it rarely gives me any problems. Gerry
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    My Evernote Web Clipper is not working either for Google Chrome Version 32.0.1700.76. If I click on the elephant icon nothing happens. This happens for numerous websites including www.wsj.com, www.espn.com, www.cnn.com and I'm sure many others. I tried re-installing Evernote Web Clipper for Google Chrome but it didn't fix anything. I also re-installed Google Chrome, but that didn't work either. Can you please provide some help?
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    I think this is just a shortcoming of Evernote's PDF and Annotation integration. As someone in academia, annotating PDFs is my bread and butter. Evernote is pretty bad at this if the PDF is more than a couple pages, and 100% of the PDFs I encounter are more than a couple of pages. Needless to say I pretty much never use Evernote for PDF related tasks. I think this comes down to a few things: 1) Current PDF and annotation handling works great for a particular workflow which is providing feedback on screenshots and PDF-ified versions of things not exceeding a few pages. I think, in this case, it works very well. This is not my personal use case, however. 2) PDF-related tasks in Evernote and especially on mobile are relatively new addition to Evernote's featureset. As such, we can expect that these features will be refined and perhaps expanded over time. However, until this happens, Evernote is not a great tool for multi-page PDFs. I recommend a combination of Dropbox (or other cloud service) and a dedicated PDF reader. On iOS, my favourite is (my personal favourite) PDF Expert 5 from Readdle ($9 and worth every penny). The same company also makes the app Documents (Free and really great if you don't need to do things like sign your PDFs). These allow for basic (both apps) and much more advanced (PDF Expert) PDF annotation and editing features, real-time sync with cloud services, and both perform very well with large documents. Others are GoodReader, which is more complex from a UI standpoint (without any major functional benefits over PDF Expert). It is also a well regarded PDF reader and annotator with cloud tie-ins.
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    Since Evernote is a cloud service, any notes sync'd are in a cloud. Putting your Evernote database into Dropbox doesn't do anything different, unless you have local/non synced notebooks. If you have local notebooks, then unless you encrypt your EN database before putting it into Dropbox, you are defeating the purpose of local notebooks. I do agree one should keep backups of your EN database. But putting it into Dropbox as a disaster recovery step is redundant.
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    Yours is the argument always used to respond to critism of software, and sometimes it's valid. The problem is it's also now the standard excuse for bad software design. Windows Vista sucked, the problem wasn't with users not liking the learning curve. Windows 8 has been a disaster, the problem wasn't that it required a learning curve. Similarly, EN V5 was supposedly a year in the making, and it sucks. Of course that is my opinion (as well as that of a lot of others) . Personally if I owned or was involved in a company and software releases started being widely blasted instead of received with excitement, it would be a cause of concern for me.
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    So happy to have found and reverted to v Have never been so disappointed with the new version of any software as to revert back to an older one. Ever. http://www.filehippo.com/download_evernote/15615/
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    I hate the new scrollbars. They're flat, they blend into the background, they're thin. What's wrong with using the default Windows ones?
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    I'm been a Premium user almost since Evernote started. I accept that the company has a perfect right to develop a desktop client for Linux or not as they choose. Nevertheless I'm very disappointed that they choose not to. For at least 5 years I've resisted a permanent switch to Linux only because I haven't been prepared to abandon Evernote. Now that EN have changed from "no intentions at this stage" to giving the full finger to Linux users I'm abandoning my Premium account and making the switch to Linux. It would be interesting to find out how many other potential Linux users are not boosting the open source OS numbers purely because of Evernote. Evernote, please reconsider. I can't believe that it would be a huge job to produce a Linux client for a team which produced one for UNIX based OS X. Is the reluctance because Linux users are considered unlikely to pay for Premium services?
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    I've been using the new interface (Windows 7 client, 20" very good monitor) for several weeks now.. and it is not only not growing on me, it has added a degree of difficulty to using Evernote that was not present before. As I work in a room with windows and the ambient light changes in my office, the gray-on-grayish interface turns to visual mush at various times of day. As I can't get around using Evernote (I used to love this product) I have adjusted the contrast/brightness of my monitor to accomodate EN and that of course effects my use of other applications. My opinion of the new interface: It wasn't broke, and didn't need fixing. The new user experience based on the UI and the notchy performance and changed process-flow is less pleasing than the prior version.
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    However you want to phrase it, I see a need to enhance the “saved searches” of Evernote into something more dynamic that could be used to elegantly re-envision organization within Evernote. I’m thinking of something that is already utilized by anyone familiar with iTunes playlists and Aperture smart albums. You could allow for every notebook to have smart folders or smart bundles. Numerous potential criteria could be utilized as possible filters to dictate what is shown or not shown in relation to that particular folder. Items to consider for criteria: Note Date Range (any notes created between the following times) Note Name Tag(s) Media Attached Images Audio Documents PDF [*]Checklist Present (quickly pull a list of all notes with action item checklists) [*]Links [*]Location (by radius to a given lat/lon marker) [*]Location (by region... example all notes that pertain to a city, state, country, etc.) This could drastically enhance the organization potential for Evernote users with copious notes without having to rely upon constantly setting up search criteria or relying saved searches.
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    this completely white new interface is a real eyesore. i know you guys like to worship apple but could you just take a tip from adobe for a second and notice how in photoshop you can pick varying shades of gray, so a large bright monitor with completely white software doesnt eat my eyeballs. like many others, if the windows 7 evernote interface doesn't aesthetically improve, i'm gona have to discontinue my premium account payments. ****WINDOWS SKINS PLEASE or i'll have to stop premium**** EDIT: i am delightfully back to 4.6.7 i suppose we will keep on eye on the forums until things are better.
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    I'm older than Bill's grandmother. I remember how we all welcomed the "shades of grey" monitors, rather than simple black/white. We've gone back to shades of grey. The next version of Evernote will be black/white. That's "progress" Another forward step backwards is that there's no scroll bar in the notes. Actually, there might be, but the difference in colour is too faint for my rather elderly eyesight. To balance things out, they've used the old scroll bar in the notes list Just like Windows 8, but worse.
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    Murraybarn - I couldn't agree more, the user interface change is awful! I signed up to the forum purely to make the same comment, but pleased to see I'm not the only one. Your comment about everything being grey and merging together is absolutely spot on. To me it's a case of over-engineering, the UI team have got too much time on their hands. The previous UI attracted me to the application because the different elements of the application were clearly defined, the new interface turns me off. Evernote be warned: even though the functionality is great, a UI like this could have a serious impact on new sign ups and customer retention... never mind my enjoyment of the app. Come on other forum members, speak up and maybe we'll get some colour back in our lives!
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    Very disappointing in most of the new versions. It was such a great product, and I have based many business and personal things around using EN. Now, not so sure I want to do that as now I don't trust it nearly as much and that is the basis for which I made it my go to app. This is a nightmare.
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    Both Everpad and Nixnote (Nevernote) suck! In addition, Evernote native client sucks under wine. After trying these, I use Evernote's slow web client (website). There is a HUGE community of Linux users, many of them using Evernote (some of them like me, on a daily basis). I really think Evernote should respect all of its users. It's a democratic world, not an authoritrian one where you dictate your users which OS they should use. We really want it dear Evernote!
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