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    @Martin : you are not the only Martin Packer on the web. Google put you at #2 (counting duplicates) when I looked. But I'm sure you're trying harder...
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    Interestingly, I wrote a GreaseMonkey script (that unfortunately I don't think I can share outside my employeer*+) that allowed you to change the background colour. The point of this is that figuring out what that means is an interesting challenge: Items whose background is explicitly coded in the HTML (style attribute) probably shouldn't have their background changed. Or should they? In the context of the normal clients no element will have its background style set. In the context of web clippers and apps (such as vJournal) that set elements' background colours it's entirely possible for this question to become real. * Copyright is their prerogative, not mine. :-( + If you want to know who they are (irrelevant as that is) look me up on the web. :-)
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    Thanks Andrew! Those are great feature requests. I will make sure that we talk about these. Lester
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    @jefito I know. One is an academic and I'm just married to one. :-)
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    Thank you Sir. I guess I ought to have realised that, but the old grey matter is not as perceptive as once it might have been. Think I will stick with OneNote - it rarely gives me any problems. Gerry
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    My Evernote Web Clipper is not working either for Google Chrome Version 32.0.1700.76. If I click on the elephant icon nothing happens. This happens for numerous websites including www.wsj.com, www.espn.com, www.cnn.com and I'm sure many others. I tried re-installing Evernote Web Clipper for Google Chrome but it didn't fix anything. I also re-installed Google Chrome, but that didn't work either. Can you please provide some help?
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    I think this is just a shortcoming of Evernote's PDF and Annotation integration. As someone in academia, annotating PDFs is my bread and butter. Evernote is pretty bad at this if the PDF is more than a couple pages, and 100% of the PDFs I encounter are more than a couple of pages. Needless to say I pretty much never use Evernote for PDF related tasks. I think this comes down to a few things: 1) Current PDF and annotation handling works great for a particular workflow which is providing feedback on screenshots and PDF-ified versions of things not exceeding a few pages. I think, in this case, it works very well. This is not my personal use case, however. 2) PDF-related tasks in Evernote and especially on mobile are relatively new addition to Evernote's featureset. As such, we can expect that these features will be refined and perhaps expanded over time. However, until this happens, Evernote is not a great tool for multi-page PDFs. I recommend a combination of Dropbox (or other cloud service) and a dedicated PDF reader. On iOS, my favourite is (my personal favourite) PDF Expert 5 from Readdle ($9 and worth every penny). The same company also makes the app Documents (Free and really great if you don't need to do things like sign your PDFs). These allow for basic (both apps) and much more advanced (PDF Expert) PDF annotation and editing features, real-time sync with cloud services, and both perform very well with large documents. Others are GoodReader, which is more complex from a UI standpoint (without any major functional benefits over PDF Expert). It is also a well regarded PDF reader and annotator with cloud tie-ins.
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    Since Evernote is a cloud service, any notes sync'd are in a cloud. Putting your Evernote database into Dropbox doesn't do anything different, unless you have local/non synced notebooks. If you have local notebooks, then unless you encrypt your EN database before putting it into Dropbox, you are defeating the purpose of local notebooks. I do agree one should keep backups of your EN database. But putting it into Dropbox as a disaster recovery step is redundant.
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    I'm been a Premium user almost since Evernote started. I accept that the company has a perfect right to develop a desktop client for Linux or not as they choose. Nevertheless I'm very disappointed that they choose not to. For at least 5 years I've resisted a permanent switch to Linux only because I haven't been prepared to abandon Evernote. Now that EN have changed from "no intentions at this stage" to giving the full finger to Linux users I'm abandoning my Premium account and making the switch to Linux. It would be interesting to find out how many other potential Linux users are not boosting the open source OS numbers purely because of Evernote. Evernote, please reconsider. I can't believe that it would be a huge job to produce a Linux client for a team which produced one for UNIX based OS X. Is the reluctance because Linux users are considered unlikely to pay for Premium services?
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    However you want to phrase it, I see a need to enhance the “saved searches” of Evernote into something more dynamic that could be used to elegantly re-envision organization within Evernote. I’m thinking of something that is already utilized by anyone familiar with iTunes playlists and Aperture smart albums. You could allow for every notebook to have smart folders or smart bundles. Numerous potential criteria could be utilized as possible filters to dictate what is shown or not shown in relation to that particular folder. Items to consider for criteria: Note Date Range (any notes created between the following times) Note Name Tag(s) Media Attached Images Audio Documents PDF [*]Checklist Present (quickly pull a list of all notes with action item checklists) [*]Links [*]Location (by radius to a given lat/lon marker) [*]Location (by region... example all notes that pertain to a city, state, country, etc.) This could drastically enhance the organization potential for Evernote users with copious notes without having to rely upon constantly setting up search criteria or relying saved searches.
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    Both Everpad and Nixnote (Nevernote) suck! In addition, Evernote native client sucks under wine. After trying these, I use Evernote's slow web client (website). There is a HUGE community of Linux users, many of them using Evernote (some of them like me, on a daily basis). I really think Evernote should respect all of its users. It's a democratic world, not an authoritrian one where you dictate your users which OS they should use. We really want it dear Evernote!
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