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    You should have more than enough food (sorry) for thought by now, but just two recent practical examples from me; We have a nice narrow bookcase in one room that we thought might be useful in another. A quick search got me the receipt and an exact description of the item including its website and purchase code. Now we have two. I'm considering upgrading my digital camera and currently have a notebook with several articles, reviews, sales links and comparisons - whenever I see something on a prospective new toy I throw it in there with a view to getting a balanced view of the correct item to buy. In a previous life that would have been a growing pile of magazines, scraps of paper and leaflets...
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    That's a good point; that reminders cannot be viewed in list view in the Windows client is a flaw that should be remedied, in my opinion. This was noted in the early reminder betas. On the other hand, Windows isn't the only client used (and the OP didn't specify): for example, reminders appear in all views of the Android client (can't speak to Mac or iOS, though). And list view is not the only note view available on Windows. Again, what reminders do accomplish -- when they're available -- is, as I said, the ability to put certain notes up at the top of a note view regardless of how the view is sorted, mucking around with created date, or artificial titles/tags/whatnots, *plus* if you don't want to see them, you can just roll them up with a click. Since I use and prefer snippet view, this works well for me, and the workaround mentioned doesn't work at all (not to mention that it's a use that destroys the note's original created date, which I prefer to maintain). For those who use list view in Windows, or who don't care about created date, that's a different story. If the original poster is Windows client user and prefers list view, then reminders won't help them accomplish what they want, so the workaround is the next best thing. As far as I can tell, so long as the original poster can use them in their normal Evernote workflow, reminders are the best way to accomplish what they asked for. Sure, content is king, but in my experience, too much (or the wrong) content is the devil.
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    here are my requests: add 'mouse-over' description to all the icons andupdate the knowledgebase with current icons by platform
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    While it is true that it is hard for anyone who is not an Evernote developer to know exactly how hard it is to implement a specific feature, it is possible for a person who has substantial experience as a software developer to make a reasonable, educated guess concerning the relative difficulty of making a small change. In this case the change is NOT about setting some internal field which tells the software which image to use as a thumbnail. That has already been done. And, in fact, the developers have already discussed in these forums the very complex logic which is used to select the image to be used. I, for one, believe that it is reasonable to assume that it does not take a huge amount of effort to add a menu option to the right-click (context) menu to allow the user to select the image to be used. I can say this because, as a develper, I have written code for this type of UI many times. It is also clear that the current complex code that is used to select the image does something to set the internal field. So, the only real change that is needed is that which allows the user to select the image. All off the remaining code that processes that result is already in place and should be able to be used with little effort. But I digress. It seems to be of little value to raise objections to a user's request simply because the user thinks it may or may not be difficult to implement. That is not a question that we can settle here. So, IMO, the best course of action is to ignore the user's opinion of difficulty of implementation, and focus on the usefulness of the requested feature. Frankly I can't imagine why anyone would object to this feature. Today's web pages contain 10's, if not 100's, of images, especially when you remember all the ads that are so commonplace. IMO it is highly unlikely that any algorithm could determine which one of these many images is most relevant to the user who captured the web page. So providing for a user selected image for the thumbnail is most logical.
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    If I may make a suggestion, it's ultimately a waste of time to poll users of a product or service to ask if they feel the price is fair or not. No company is going to make changes to its pricing simply because of complaints on the internet. The only reason any properly run company will make a change is if market conditions necessitate it -- for example, if a company sees itself losing customers to a rival with lower pricing, that would logically motivate a change in their pricing structure. The other problem with this discussion is that some of us are pre-supposing that we know Evernote can afford to lower its pricing dramatically. Because Evernote is a privately held company and their P&Ls aren't public, we have no way of knowing whether Evernote could drastically drop its pricing and remain profitable. If the free version isn't enough to meet your needs and the Premium service pricing isn't acceptable to you, find another product that does what you need and is at a price point you like. The thing is I suspect you won't find a product that does what Evernote does at a significantly lower price. While I have had my gripes about Evernote, the fact is I have not found a program that does what Evernote does, as well as it does. Evernote allows me to capture content from a variety of sources, organize it easily, and find it using amazingly robust search features. Moreover, Evernote has an intuitive UI, and it just works. Just saying, no one put a gun to my head and forced me to subscribe. Instead the people behind Evernote created a great product that fills a real need and made me WANT to subscribe. To me, it's capitalism at its finest. I feel the price is fair, and if I didn't I wouldn't post about it here. I'd walk away. Which isn't going to happen because Evernote has become the locus for most of my productivity needs.
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    I love Evernote and Penultimate, but there are times I'd really like a few more pen choices but for sure I'd like the ability to have a highlighter option to go back through notes and highlight certain things. I hate to compare products but Bamboo Paper has these features, it just doesnt integrate into Evernote as well so I am sticking with Penultimate even without these features. Any plans to add these? thanks
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    Hi Pierre, Much good advice here. To help my students use Evernote academically, I have assembled some webpages that might be useful to help you think about your own strategies. For tagging the fruits of your research: http://evernoteaturi.wikispaces.com/07+Tagging+for+Scholarship For summarizing what you find so that it will be of use to you later: http://evernoteaturi.wikispaces.com/06+Building+a+Literature+Base Finally, for synthesizing across your collection of courses about a particular topic: http://evernoteaturi.wikispaces.com/Synthesizing+Across+Notes I look forward to reading others' ideas along these lines. Jay F.
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    Hi there So, you are adding to my notebook huh? First off, don't worry about you adding anything to my notebook. The note will never get to my notebook. If you look in your activity log after syncing you should see something along the lines of "Skipping note..." You are not the first to do this, and probably not the last. I will have to find the response I wrote to the last person that had this trouble and post them. (I think it may boil down to copying your note out, so you can keep and edit it, and then removing and re-adding the notebook) Your 4 questions: 1/3. This may depend on how your scanner works, and I can't be certain since I don't actually use a scanner here. You could try changing the setting in Tools -> Clipping Preferences or you could try setting up an import folder in which the scans are placed and you can specify where the imported scans go. 2. It seems that there are ways to place an item in a notebook you don't have access to, which EN doesn't realise is not supposed to happen. (For instance, I think you can just drop notes in them) But once there, it realises that you don't have permission and doesn't let you then do anything about it, thinking you are trying to modify someone elses data. 4. Since it is not ever going to reach my notebook I am not sure if this would be necessary. Though I wonder about notebooks in which someone has access, there could be some vetting process? Not sure. Will post when I find the comments I had previously when I find them Scott
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    The new table of contents feature is also handy. Here is a short video clip of how to do it, along with other videos. http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=488
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    You can also create quick home pages of links to notes, which are then instant, rather than waiting for a search, and are a snapshot of your content in time (useful to academics). Any time you have a selection of notes, drag that selection into a note to have a nice list of note links created for you (in a desktop client, not on mobile AFAIK). I got this tip from listening to Phil on one of the Evernote podcasts - he uses it in combination with reminders to have quick home pages at the top of notebooks.
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    I am reminded of the G. Saxe's "blind men and the elephant." You may use En for 5 records, 500, 50,000, or 50 x 10 tothesixth. Each filer of documents can find a solution in en for all of the above. Color Coding, however, is not for filing of records but can help solve the problems of mis-filing of records. I file just fine til I don't - ergo - I am in favor of viewing all records by color, by stack, by notebook, by tag, and by date. -fwiw bnp
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    A lot of those links are excellent, and probably better than mine, but if you go to the use cases I have collected, it will pretty much answer all of your questions -- everything from accounting to working out. http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=462 For food, see: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/04/09/lauren-atkins-home-cooking-ambassador-shares-tips-for-cooking-with-evernote-and-evernote-food/
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    Doxie can't scan and OCR at the same time. You need Adobe or some similar product to carry out that function exactly as you do now. I don't know whether Doxie can automatically OCR when scanning, but that's stunningly slow even on my S1500. I also scan to folder, retitle and tidy up my files there, then batch OCR and file everything.
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    UPDATE: Uninstalling the app and reinstalling (from the app store) did the trick. Thanks for the feedback. Carlos
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    When my older version Evernote crashed I was unable to restore due to ITunes only retaining the later version for my other device running IOs7 after much to and from from Evernote I was told not possibe to restore on older machine.This information from Evernote is wrong. To restore simply go to http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/09/17/apples-ios-app-store-now-offers-last-compatible-versions-of-apps-for-older-devices and down load. Note only use App store on the device not through ITunes Thanks to my son for the info.
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    Whether it's a piece of cake to implement is not something you can speak to unless you are intimate with Evernote under the hood & how it behaves on the various other platforms. Additionally, there are a lot of feature requests by the 60+ million users. The fact that *your* feature request has not been implemented is no indication that EN is not listening to their customers. Sometimes a feature is simply something EN has decided to not implement at all. Or perhaps it's a lower priority than a lot of other things.
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    I would think a Time Machine backup/restore should do the job. Just take these precautions: Make sure you are running the latest non-beta version of Evernote. Make sure you do an EN Sync AFTER your last EN changes and PRIOR your backup. Record the total number of EN Notes, and the number in each Notebook (a screen shot might do) If you have any very important Notes that are irreplaceable, you might also EXPORT these Notes from Evernote both as HTML and Evernote XML format to an external drive. Quit Evernote app and Evernote Helper (from the menu bar). Make Time machine backup of both Evernote app and data (see below for data location). Confirm a successful TM backup, by at least viewing the BU, and to be sure do a restore (or partial restore) to another location, maybe even on a different hard drive. If you want to be extra cautious, in addition to the Time Machine BU, copy all EN app/data to an external drive. Don't make any changes to your Evernote account AFTER you have done the Backup of your current OS. Make clean install of Mavericks. Disconnect your Mac from the Internet so that Evernote cannot sync. Now do the Time Machine restore of the Evernote app and data. NOTE: I think a restore of the EN APP should work fine. But, if you encounter any problems starting up EN, you may need to download and reinstall from the original source (EN Web site or Mac App Store). Start Evernote and confirm that the total count of Notes and the count for each Notebook is the same as prior to backup. Review a sampling of Notes (especially any key/important Notes) to make sure they have been restored intact. If all looks good, connect to Internet and do an Evernote Sync just to confirm everything is still in sync. EN should NOT find anything to sync. Reconfirm Note countThe location of your Evernote data folder depends on where you installed Evernote from: Direct download from Evernote/Macintosh HD/users/<your user name>/Library/application support/evernote Replace "<your user name>" with your Mac login nameThe "Library" folder is normally hidden. To see and go to this folder, hold down the [OPTION] key and click on the "Go" menu in the FinderDownload from Apple Mac App Store~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote Please keep this in mind: I have NOT actually performed this type of backup/restore myself, so while I believe this should work, I cannot guarantee it. Please review the process I have outlined and make sure it makes sense to you. If you have any doubts/questions, ASK. Make sure you have a good backup/copy of your Evernote data before starting the clean installation. I really wish Evernote would publish and up-to-date article in their KB on exactly how to do this, and on making Mac backups/restores in general for Evernote. Good luck, and let us know how this works out.
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    EN is very versatile but for starters just a few hints. Just think of a big bucket you can throw things in. That bucket has the capacity to remember everything and instantly. Just think of this: You are doing your taxes and this super-important bill of your house renovation is nowhere to be foundYou forgot the serial number and the password of your software installationYou visited a great restaurant before, but don't remember the name or the location, nor do you have the phone numberYou remember that your neighbor was serviced by a great repairman and you took a picture of his van, with address, phone numbers, but it is long gone and your neigbor movedSomeone sent you recipes for exotic Thai curry and you are eager to impress your girlfriend with your cooking skills but can't find the recipesYou want to make a to do list for that particular project of yours (or any other list) with due dates to remind youYou are finding some super-useful info on the Internet and want to clip it instantly, making sure you will find it again for sure. Just a few ideas. The list can go on endlessly. In each and every case, EN will come to the rescue and within seconds you have what you are looking for on your computerscreen (Ipad, smartphone) EN may not be instantly useful for you, but will be in a relative short time and it will become your trusted system and 2nd nature after a while. Just to get your fantasy going. Wern
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    Many of those links will give you just that...
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    Were you asking about Evernote Food in particular or Evernote in general? If the latter, there are quite a few use cases on the Evernote site plus some extensive blogs, etc. that various users have posted. I have adopted Evernote because after quite a bit of research, I see the potential for far superior organization and far less cultter in my life by going paperless, to say nothing of the reduced space currently occupied by lots and lots of paper and the ability to find information quickly. I'm just starting out and in process of developing my workflow for various information so I have no expertise to share. For starters, check out postings by jbenson2Grumpy Monkey http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=462 Use cases: http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=462 and http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=363 and lots more in his public shared notebook on the subjectBrad Farris http://www.enmast.com/2011/04/how-i-fell-in-love-with-evernote/Michael Hyatt http://michaelhyatt.com/how-to-get-your-stuff-into-evernote.htmlthe lifehacker site: http://lifehacker.com/5964285/whats-all-the-fuss-about-evernote-why-do-people-use-itspgscott: https://www.evernote.com/pub/spgscott/evernote5help#b=8879f6ff-b336-40f1-8fc2-9f43af568ebe&st=p&n=a215e27f-a89d-40c1-89fe-94afa217773clan1h https://www.evernote.com/shard/s15/sh/be42981b-6fe4-4dc5-ad52-d71274f4ab80/058d57387c69436a46aa84c14ec15909Mark O'Neill: http://www.makeuseof.com/pages/how-to-use-evernote-the-missing-manual-full-text?utm_campaign=newsletter&utm_source=2012-09-03David Allen re: Evernote and GTD AfterTheBook.comhttp://www.thesecretweapon.org/Ruud Hein » Evernote GTD How To http://ruudhein.com/evernote-gtdgeoffstaplesrsweetlandDavid Sparks’s Paperless Field Guide
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    Please add me to the list of Premium customers that want the option to remove the "Sent from Evernote" footer from emails sent by the Evernote desktop client. Thanks!
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    Did a little research on this. Try the following: Try to uninstall Evernote, then reinstall it. Is your S4 rooted? If so, use a file manager to uninstall Evernote, then remove all traces of it from your phone. Then reinstall from the Play Store. Worst case scenario: Do a factory reset on your phone. (Please ensure all your contacts, pictures, and other data is backed up before you do this! Evernote data is likely already backed up unless you made a note that didn't sync before this happened)A factory reset is the most likely successful fix for the problem (based on googling your error), so you may just want to go ahead and do that. Good luck!
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    Actually, Evernote is free. Every upgrade is free. Forever. That is the difference between it and OneNote or the other software offerings in the days of yore. If you want Premium, then you can pay for it. However, there is certainly no need to do so until the $45 a year feels like it is worth it for your particular use case.
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    Thank you for the explanation, but the I still want Evernote knowledgebase employees to understand that: 1.) there is no mouse-hover-over feature on the icon 2.) there is no short description next to the icon (when it is black) 3.) there is no version 5.0 icon info in the Knowledgebase, even though they are "routinely asked to define exactly what these icons mean"
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    I was going to start a new thread, but this seems close enough to tag onto. Is there any way to disable the prompt/reminder I get every time I start the page camera? I have no interest in buying a Moleskine, the normal page camera is good enough for my needs not to use the additional features. I don't need what's effectively an advert every time I need to capture a page!
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    I believe this problem may have something to do with a hardware/device check on the device you are using -- in this case, a Mac with a device UUID. I was getting this exact error. Since I was using two factor auth on Mac OS X 10.9 (on a Retina 15) I thought I would turn off two factor auth. No go. Since I could log in with other computers running 10.8.x and devices, I figured it was device specific. I deleted the app and reinstalled. I killed the data in ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/*. I used AppCleaner to make sure all was gone. No solution. So I turned on the log and watched as I attempted to log in with my known good email and password. Here is what turned up: 2013-11-04 20:14:44 main [ENVideoLoginWindowController] INFO: Making login panel key and front.2013-11-04 20:14:46 [ENAuthenticator] INFO: Authenticating email_account@gmail.com/Evernote to www.evernote.com2013-11-04 20:14:46 [ENAuthenticator] DEBUG: -[ENAuthenticator doAuthentication] authentication error. hardwareUUID:3********************************************3computerName: 2013-11-04 20:27:02 [ENAuthenticator] INFO: EDAMUserException(errorCode:2,parameter:"deviceDescription")2013-11-04 20:27:02 [ENAuthenticator] INFO: Unknown EDAMUserException. [Timestamps are off because I copied a previous failure... ugh] And then it gave the dreaded error noted in the title. So I went into System Preferences and renamed my laptop (because my device -- in this case a MBPR15) had a null value (a space) for Machine name (this was on purpose). So I gave it a new non null name, and the app immediately logged me in and requested a sync of my notes, which finished properly. There is a device auth going on and it definitely doesn't like a no name value.I'll turn two factor auth and report back if I encounter this again or other.Hope this helps people out.
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    Hi Martin and welcome to the forum, As long as you have basic text and no documents or tick boxes etc you can select the text, right click and then click 'Encrypt Selected Text' add a password and your done! Regards Chris
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    After looking at the downloadable paper and the images of the stickers online I started playing around with Evernote this morning. I downloaded the pdf paper and printed a few pages up. I looked closely at the images of the stickers available online and noted that they are a little less than two squares by two squares in area. There are six colors of stickers and each sticker has an icon in the center. Immediately I suspected the icon in the center is not important. If the icon were important the Molskine company would have merely printed the six icons in black on a white background and saved themselves the cost of the colored ink. The Evernote program is really looking for a square of color a little less than two squares by two squares in area. So I wrote a note on the paper I printed and pulled out my colored pencils. I colored in the squares with my colored pencils in the six colors of the stickers. I managed to hit two right off the bat and my note was tagged with the tags for travel and work. I need to experiment a little more with colored pencils and felt tip pens, but I suspect I'll be able to get the color right for all six tags soon enough.
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    workflowy is a great free multi platform outlining tool. it doesnt inter ate directly with evernote but you can email your outlines.
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