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    Hey, can I add my voice to this please. I've just noticed an issue (currently running the beta to try and sort out gmail clipping). The shortcut to launch the clipper is '. The problem with this, as I've just discovered, is that when writing an email, if I'm writing something like "it's", this launches the clipper and then sets it to screenshot... So basically I can't write a pretty basic part of English...
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    Lost all of my notes on ipad after ios 7 update. They still reside on Evernote.com. How do I get them back on my ipad. Syncing did not work. HELP!
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    Hey Everyone, I've been using Evernote for the past three years now and have amassed an eclectic collection that have come in handy in writing essays and giving presentations. While it's nifty when I'm reading things on my laptop, I'm at a dilemma with reading ebooks. I have the Kindle app for my Android phone and have found it nifty to read through books I have purchased through the Kindle store. However, I also have a few books that I have converted to the Kindle format using Calibre. I am familiar with the indirect way of uploading notes from Kindle books to Evernote using web clipper but find it tedious to manually enter every note with my converted files; I normally finish reading the file on my phone before going through it on my laptop and creating individual notes while thumbing through my highlights/bookmarks on the phone. Has anyone worked out a more efficient system? I'm considering purchasing a Kindle if need be but was open to any thoughts. Thank you for your help.
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    Is there a config option hidden somewhere that will prevent the "markup" panel from popping each and every time I take a screen capture? One use of Evernote that I use it for is generating screen shots of websites/software when producing user guides / manuals etc. It's a quick method of taking a number of screen shots which I can then either manipulate in an external graphics editor, or simply copy/paste into my user guides/manuals etc etc. After a recent update, each time I perform a screen capture, I now have this "markup" panel loading. There doesn't appear to be an option to change this under "Clipping Preferences". Another slightly weird behaviour is that selecting "Open Clipped note in a new window" doesn't actually open up a new window with the clipped note in it. Also, "Show clipped notifications" doesn't have any effect as a notification is shown regardless of this setting. Am not entirely sure what the "Do not show the "New Clip" dialog option should do either, as setting/clearing that option doesn't appear to have any effect. And one final funny with the "Markup" tool, when viewing images from within Evernote client, if I click "Markup" on any image I have created with the "screen clipper", all is fine. The markup panel is opened with the image displayed and I can make any markup changes to the image. Likewise, if I create a new "Markup Note", the screen clipper is then displayed, I take my clip and the markup panel shows my clipped image and allows me to mark it up. If however, I open up an image that was created using for example, the Chrome "Evernote Web Clipper" --> "Clip Image", when the markup panel is opened, there is no image displayed (just a blank markup panel). If you select "Evernote Web Clipper" --> "Clip Screenshot", then a complete image of the screen is saved which you can annotate/markup fine. This is what I see when I open up an image that was created by Chrome "Evernote Web Clipper" --> "Clip Image" And if I click the resize canvas, you get this slightly weird behaviour. In this instance, it's as if the markup tool doesn't know the note is of type "image".
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    Hello dear developers, thanks for making such a nice app, it helps me much with my study. Having been using it for a while, I think a reading mode is needed. The app is now easy to write notes, but not convenient for reading. I must pay high attention when I'm reading the notes I've written because if I touch the notes accidentally the contents will be modified. If there is a reading mode, that I can read the notes like ibooks, flipping pages using swipe, it would be great. I don't need to pay much attention to carefully tap the corner to get to the next page or accidently modify the notes. This will certainly make it very effective.
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    I hate to say this, but: everyone uses evernote to store valuable data. If evernote decides to stop supporting a particular OSX version, where there exists some users who cannot upgrade, that is equivalent to the situation where your hard drive crashed with all it's content - except that you can't restore the data unless you bought a new computer. Kashif Edit by Moderator for factual inaccuracy: Evernote will continue to work on 10.6. After we cease support, you just won't get any new features or bug fixes. We will have a stable release out that supports 10.6.
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    BnF, "heretical" comment wasn't directed at you or anybody in particular. I just find it somewhat odd and interesting that folks seem to get upset when the text-in-image indexing doesn't seem to work for them, when in reality, while it is an interesting application, it can often provide too much stuff back at you. Sometimes I wish I could turn it off. Like you, I think titles and tags are the way to go. But to each his own.
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    Thank you, I was able to uninstall and reinstall after creating a backup of the database. I didn't need it, though as it synched with the server just fine. Very strange behavior.
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    "-dog" (without the quotes) will bring back notes that do not contain the word dog.
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    Yes. The notes only reside in one account. (Hence the name 'shared'.) So if either the account owner or someone with write permissions deletes the note, they are deleting it from the account it resides in.
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    Laptop Magazine did a nice review of four note taking apps for the iPad. You can find it here: http://blog.laptopmag.com/best-note-taking-ipad-apps?slide=2 The review included Evernote, Notability, Note Shelf and one other. Very detailed descriptions of each and very helpful. Try Notability, which has both handwriting recognition (script to text) and audio to text features. I use that to take notes, convert them to text, and then move and store them in Evernote.
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    Geneo, Totally agree with you. Evernote took a head-scratching step backwards, not just for scanned attachments but for notes in general. Bring the sticky title back. It was easy. It was fast. It was obvious. Now with version 5.03, when scrolling through search results, the title frequently disappears and then I have to hunt around on the left panel to figure out which one is the correct title. Sure, a partial view of the title can be done, but... It is no longer easy. It is no longer fast. It is no longer obvious.http://goo.gl/DuIxJ7
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    The only thing I can think of would be to create "dummy" notes with a title like ---------------- and inserting those as shortcuts to act as seperators. I don't expect we'll see official dividers because I don't think evernote expects many users to amass shortcuts (which would defeat the purpose). Unfortunately for users like yourself, this workaround will have to do!
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    Whaat? No way of scaling images within notes? The answer would be like in Google Drive documents. Just grab the corner and resize. C'mon, we need it fast as half of my notes info is based on refrence pictures! Cheers!
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    Thanks for reporting this, we have trouble reproducing it but are working on it. 1) If you see this problem please visit the Web Clipper's Options page and at the bottom there is a 'Collect support information' button. Please click that and either submit a support ticket or send the logs to me in a private message. 2) Another possible workaround would be to make a manual re-install by completing these steps: 1. Type about:support in address bar 2. Click "Show Folder" button in Profile Folder row 3. Navigate to "extensions" directory 4. Close Firefox 5. Remove "{E0B8C461-F8FB-49b4-8373-FE32E9252800}" directory After that please restart FF then install the latest version from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/evernote-web-clipper/ Let me know if this helps.
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    I was going to start a new thread, but this seems close enough to tag onto. Is there any way to disable the prompt/reminder I get every time I start the page camera? I have no interest in buying a Moleskine, the normal page camera is good enough for my needs not to use the additional features. I don't need what's effectively an advert every time I need to capture a page!
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    Yup, bit of a pain that the print button is missed off the new design...hope they remember to slot it back in. If you right click on the note title in the snippets or list pane then there's a print option
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    I was wondering if there are any products or solutions (Evernote only, a mix of Evernote and something else...or I guess a non-Evernote product would work too!) for annotating and having a text based list of your annotations. To be clear. I want to: 1) Write on pdfs, or pictures, or whatever and be able to see a list of what I have written in a high-light/copy/paste-able format. Some e-Readers offer this. 2) Be able to highlight passages and again have a list of what I have highlighted in a format I can copy & paste the actual text words (that is, not just an image of the highlighted text). I'm a Windows user so I don't have the new pdf thing with my Skitch but even so, when I viewed the videos, it looks to me like the summary page that is added contains images of the annotations, not the actual text in a highlight-able format. Could someone please confirm this for me? Are there any solutions?
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    agreed, plz add reading only mode for mobile device.
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    This is the pop up I get every time I try to paste a link to another note: Note link warning You are pasting a note link into a shared notebook from a different notebook. Viewers of the shared notebook will not be able to access the note associated with this link. - ya sure, it is good to know this. But please stop reminding me every time I post a link in a note. I use this for lab work and need to link to protocols all the time. It gets very annoying having this pop up every ten seconds
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    Although I've had my Evernote acount for several years, I have never truly used it to its potential. Often I would flip back and forth between OneNote and Evernote to keep notes or information that I did not want to forget. I have also tried several to-do applications, trying to accomplish more that what I am putting down. Recently, I've decided to jump in and use Evernote for both my remembering and my to-do with the goal to go paperless. Ultimately it comes down to Evernote's ability to be access from all my devices. I know the basic functions of Evernote and the general ideas behind GTD. I've included The Secret Weapon (TSW) in the tags because I know nothing about it and could have benefits for my productivity system. I can't put my finger on it, but I've always struggled with getting a GTD system running. It may be that I haven't read the book or that in my case it just won't work. Coming back to Evernote, I wanted to set up a GTD system because I've always heard the benefits of that methodology. I purchased the Evernote GTD ebook by Daniel Gold which helped me understand much more of the GTD methodology and specifically how to apply that to Evernote. However, looking over Daniel's blog, I came across a very interesting article outlining the productivity system of Grumpy Monkey. Immediately his system made sense to me where GTD always seemed to allude my understanding. I was able to quickly implement his system without worrying where I had to be to do such a task or what project this task may fall under. Don't get me wrong, GTD has some wonderful ideas that I intend to use. For example, just do a task if it will take under two minutes. This alone lets me get so much more done. So here I am, trying to set up my personal productivity system. To learn more, I ask you, "What do you use?" Is it a self made system? GTD? TSW? Or some variation?
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