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    I agree that the shortcuts on the toolbar at the top were readily accessible in the Win version. However, I like the ability to have many more shortcuts in the left panel - the top panel will eventually run out of space, but was very useful for the shortcuts I used commonly. This included quick links to certain notebooks, searches that I use commonly, etc. So, Evernote, please can we have both?
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    What always amazes me about these discussions (and there have been many, many more over the years) is Someone wants a specific feature addedEvernote read the posts here, so the suggestion will be noted; but they don't typically comment on if, when or whether said feature will (ever) be addedEveryone chimes in to point out work-arounds - though sometimes it can sound a bit overly defensiveOriginal poster strongly objects to not getting own way immediately, wants to know why* feature can't be implemented*Answer: because they own the product, don't have to defend or comment on every decision they take, and (sensibly) do things that fit in with their long term plans, without getting distracted by requests for 'easy to implement' changes. I've got my own little list of things that I'd like to see added, plus a much longer list of things that need to be improved. Since I do have a day job though I'm going to continue using my workarounds - and quite a lot of other software - while Evernote do their development work. I'm on the Beta track for both desktop and PC because that's where the newest features are - but some of my workarounds are safety belts in case things go sadly wrong. (Don't try this at home kids unless you're a Data Professional like what I am.)
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    Just like a browser, Alt + Left/Right should work. At least, it works here. Does it work for you?
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    The PC version allows to sort by tag. This is very helpful if using the GTD (Get Things Done / thesecretweapon.org) to prioritize tasks. The Android client has View Options of Sort by create date, update date, title, city, county and notebook. My request is to add Tag. I am keying an identical request for the web/Chrome client. Thank you, AndyP
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    Checking off boxes in an Evernote list on an iOS device is one of the most consistently frustrating things I do with my phone. Tapping a checkbox requires a great deal of precision; worse, if you miss the box, the on-screen keyboard appears, which you then have to tap to dismiss before again trying to tap the box you were aiming for. I have average or perhaps slightly smaller than average fingers, and average or perhaps slightly greater than average dexterity, and yet it is not uncommon for me to miss the checkbox I'm aiming for 2, 3, 4 times in succession (My all-time record: 7 consecutive misses.) And keep in mind: Missing a checkbox 4 times means tapping a total of 7 times just to check an item off a list. Now extend that problem across a 30-item grocery list, and the result is that my most common interaction with the iOS version of Evernote is a consistently miserable experience. There's a simple solution: Please make checkboxes bigger. Ideally, allow users to adjust checkbox size themselves.
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    I must sort my notes for a folder by Title and in reverse order each time I open the folder. Suggestion: Program Evernote to remember how I last sorted my notes and in what order, for a given folder. The only time I should have to do a sort is when I want to change the way Evernote remembered it. Little things go a long way.
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    It launches, remains unresponsive for about 1 minute then crashes. What is going on?! Anyone else got this? S
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    Actually, clearly you've misunderstood what's being said here. For me, this is not a "religious issue", it's a matter of practicality. Evernote has chosen an architecture for their product -- that's their business, not mine (a user of Evernote), except that I do need to understand the facilities that they offer in order to 1) use Evernote effectively, and 2) help others to use it in ways that fits for them. There is no "passionate denouncement" of hierarchies (though they are problematic in some ways). Again, for me, they're just not necessary, and Evernote are perfectly allowed to make those choices in the design for their product. So whether they have or don't have a purely hierarchical organizational system really matters very little to me. I don't have a stake in Evernote's choice, except where it comes to being able to find my stuff in their system. I've certainly used a great many hierarchical systems over the 30 years been a software developer, and I can tell you that I'm pretty comfortable and experienced with hierarchies, and I recognize that they can be useful; on the other hand, they're just not necessary for lots of situations. This is one, for for my usage anyways (GMail is another, apparently, and what you said about them actually reinforces the notion that it's not a lot different from Evernote in that respect). In Evernote and GMail, I don't really care how things are stored, just that I can locate things effectively, wherever they are located. So, it's OK, but not ideal, but that has nothing to do with lack of a full-fledged hierarchical organizational scheme. I do, however, have issues with the search capabilities, particularly with respect to a search language that is relatively inexpressive in a number of areas (exploiting the hierarchical organization of tags, for example), yet is arcane in other areas (the attachment search stuff). I have much stronger opinions about search than I do about the storage scheme. So my defense of Evernote's current system is not that hierarchies can't be useful (they are undeniably so), it's really that they're not necessary. They are problematic in a number of ways: for example, they can lead to over-complicated workflows ("great, another depth-first search through someone's idea of a "lush hierarchy" that doesn't help me to find what I'm looking for") and they force you to put items in exactly one place in the tree where they might reasonably go in more than one place. I find nothing transformative about them, nor do I revel in the joys or rediscovering the hierarchy as I trawl through it -- that's just a bookkeeping detail that I'm going to forget ten minutes after I've found what I'm looking for, unless I spend a few moments thinking "why did I/they organize things *that* way". So yeah, they're useful, but sometimes dealing with them is just... so... old. Since they're not necessary, then I have no problem with the fact that Evernote doesn't use them. I don't miss them in the least. And when the latest bright spark comes along and says "why doesn't Evernote have hierarchical storage? That'd be brilliant. It's so obvious. It's such a no-brainer. Etc., etc.", my thought is that, hey, Evernote are smart folks and if it was so obvious, simple to implement, useful and necessary, don't you think they would have done it already? Anyways, given that context, Evernote works for me in a lot of ways. I don't need hierarchies (though stacks are occasionally useful, thanks to a quirk of the search grammar where you can search only the contexts of all notes, a single notebook or a single stack), indeed, I keep my notebook count to a minimum: my rule of thumb: use notebooks where you need to (e.g. offline notebooks, local notebooks, sharing), and use tags for everything else. It's not all perfect (search language), but it works for me. I understand that it may not work for all, but ultimately, it's up to Evernote to make the determination of how much the effort to add this sort of functionality is worth to their business.
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    The biggest thing is menus. I can drag "Personal Folders" to the toolbar and now I have a dropdown to quickly navigate to other notebooks. Same with Business Notebooks. Plus, the toolbar is visible 100% of the time. Shortcuts are only visible if the left panel is visible and you are scrolled to the top or wherever your Shortcut section is. You are correct that with the toolbar you are limited by the width of your screen. I've never advocated getting rid of the Shortcuts in v5. Just bring the toolbar back (it was there in very early builds) to restore some of the functionality lost.
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    No inside info, but I've been around for a while and reading between the lines it's a decision based on the architecture of their storage/processing and their own design choice. Given that they are a private company and one of many who offer note/data capture it really is a case of "their way or the highway". There is no user right here to have Evernote work as they'd like it to, this isn't a service where all users are equal. By Evernote's own admission, this is an app that the company writes the way that it believes to be best and that works the best for it's employees first. I quite like it, so I use it a lot, but I'm also realistic enough to know that Evernote is far from perfect, doesn't fit everything I need to store, most likely isn't anywhere near being really a 100 year company and is always going to have bugs, problems and things that annoy me. My advice, use it as it is if you find it useful, use it for the things it is useful for now and don't spend lots of time agonising about a $50 a year software solution.
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    FactMan and Marepinta, exactly! My work habits involved 4 shortcuts that I used, not just daily, but constantly. 1.) Shortcut to position cursor on today's most current note 2.) Shortcut to find notes in my default inbox Notebook 3.) Shortcut to find notes with unchecked checkboxes 4.) Shortcut to find Evernote search grammar rules
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    there is the million-dollar-question ... no one is saying, please remove any changes ... please take away the left panel. What we are saying is this: If this has been the subject of discussion for quite some time ... why can't we have both? The space where the favorites used to be drag-able is now empty. Why can't we choose to put whatever fits into that space? If you don't want to use it, don't. But why is it so important that all users be forced to change their work habits?
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    Perfect! I'm warning you already that I've Evernoted this post & the next time this issue comes up (b/c we know it will), I'm going to link to this post.
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    I'm not sure I understand how this is related to Evernote. Can you explain a bit more?
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    Whether or not it was "tongue in cheek" is irrelevant. It was inappropriate, uncivil and rude. The denigration of large groups of people for the sake of humor will not be countenanced. Perhaps because they don't agree with you?
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    It's not a question of whether we all agree about what these were called. Or whether Evernote actually intended to remove the favorites bar cross-platform. The real question here is ... now that Evernote is aware of how many of us really preferred that little top bar ... why not add it back? What reason caused it to be deleted? Something important ... like ... it was causing coding conflicts or the like? or was it just some developer/designer's idea to take it off because it looks 'cleaner' and duplicates the left sidebar? Because ... if that's the reason ... bring it back and make it optional. Make us --- the customers --- happy! This is an app I PAY for ... I am a premium subscriber because I believe in supporting the work of projects I like. This goes both ways ... show me you value my opinion by either making an effort to provide my requests, OR, give me a reasonable explanation of why it can no longer be accomplished. Never once have I had e a crash in Evernote. If this silly little top favorites bar isn't causing issues ... what possible reason is there for not making the users happy?????
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    残念ながら、私はiPadでEvernoteのサムネイル画像を選択する方法があるとは思わない。私は私が変更をバック願って、アプリケーションの動作が変更されたと思います! 今のところ、私はそれだけで理想的ではない、これランダムに画像を選ぶと思います。 I don't think there is currently a way to choose a thumbnail image in Evernote for the ipad. for now, I think it just picks an image at random, which is not ideal.
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    @idekay Sorry for the late reply, I thought I had subscribed to this thread. Skitch does indeed copy the URL when you upload to FTP. It is the last option on the FTP settings page. Mine says: "Clipboard: Plain URL". The problem is that the filename in the URL is wrong. It ends with _png instead of .png (basicly what @DirkVos said). (In the previous version it also uploaded the file without the file extension since it also replaced the filename with _png – but that seems to be fixed in this version. It is only the copied URL that is wrong) The steps I do is: 1. Keyboard shortcut. Take screenshot. 2. Press on the share button and select the FTP account I want to use. (I really want a shortcut for the different sharing options, or the option to set the default sharing option so I could use the default cmd + shift + m) I have also tested this on two different FTP servers on different hosts. Same problem on both. I am not logged in. I only use Skitch with FTP, so I have no need for being logged in. But it could be that logging is an easier bug workaround than adding and removing a dummy FTP account. Because this is clearly a bug.
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    Actually, it can be a problem: my last crash happened before Evernote synced with the cloud so, yes, I lost data. It was a choice between hoping Evernote would magically un-crash or sacrificing a note in order to continue working. The note was an audio recording so it was significant and the crash was such that I couldn't get in to the note to try doing anything. Not sure what I could've done, really: I'd have copied-and-pasted any text from the note but presumably I couldn't have copied out the audio. It does mean that I am a little wary of recording anything into Evernote; I'd rather do it elsewhere and drag it oh than risk another crash. No idea if audio caused the problem, but whatever did, I lost my data. So Evernote's cloud syncing isn't a panacea.
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    Same here. Just crashed 3 times in a row. Just a half hour ago, clipper just crashed, then Evernote Windows just crashed, and now my iPad version just crashed. I'm starting to suspect that these are related because of the heavy traffic on Evernote servers - along with hyperlinks and other unique practices of certain users (which should not cause a crash).
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    Same here. Just finished downloading the 2Gb + data, too. Man, Evernote, why do you keep letting me down like this? I've just written a glowing review about how great it's been going after all the problems with earlier versions, and now this. Great. Time to re-visit plain text, I think.
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    I had issues with Web Clipper in Chrome and ended up re-installing the old Web Clipper. Here's a link provided by an Evernote employee to download the old Web Clipper: http://t.co/hjJ0Gsnn0H (Above download link was provided in this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42123-any-way-to-go-back-to-old-clipper/) Even with the old version, I still find that Web Clipper in Chrome isn't as reliable as in Firefox. I find Notes clipped in Chrome often have messed up formatting (e.g., elements of the web page are misaligned or cutoff). I often open Firefox to clip a web page... a bit of a hassle. My browser versions Chrome: Version 30.0.1599.66 m Firefox: 24.0
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    Things have improved 7.0 ->7.0.2 ... but they are still not perfect. Now on my iphone, *sometimes* it freezes and crashes when I search... Still got work to do guys. My business relies on this amazing tool, please reorganize priorities, I'm all about new cool features but stability is key.
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    I am having the same problem on iphone 5s at 7.0.1. I have deleted and reinstalled 3 times. Problem keeps coming back. I wonder if it is related to offline downloading. This time I will not turn that on and see if I still have the problem. Definitely a buggy release.
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    If it isn't possible to make checkboxes bigger (and I can't imagine why it wouldn't be) another (worse) solution would be to provide an option to temporarily disable the keyboard so it does not pop up.
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