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    But lets not stop there. The internal encryption is one thing. Evernote could/should re-order the cipher suites as the above companies are to enable Forward Secrecy on the Evernote properties. Currently not the case: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=evernote.com&s= Or in a more clear form they could join this list at EFF.org https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2013/11/encrypt-web-report-whos-doing-what This in the context of the CTO's comment http://www.v3.co.uk/v3-uk/news/2259987/v3-hot-seat-evernote-cto-dave-engberg/page/2: What keeps you awake at night? Ensuring the integrity of Evernote customer data. I worry about ways that our users' data could get lost or compromised and how this can be prevented. Evernote can expect to be compelled to hand over their expired or current SSL private keys. Forward Secrecy is the antidote to that.
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    I've been a long-term user of Evernote and use it for everything from project and task management to storing quotes and ideas. I love the notebook analogy, but like all notebooks it has one major limitation. You can’t spread your notebook out on a desktop and see all of the pages at once. It’s difficulty to get the “big picture” overview of a notebook, so when I want to get really creative with my notes, solve problems, or plan a project, I've always found myself reaching for a stack of coloured, 3x5 index cards and going analogue. Unlike a notebook, index cards are “non-linear”. By storing my thoughts, ideas and notes on index cards I can lay them out on a desktop and get a clearer big picture overview of a topic. With this big picture it becomes easier to see patterns and connections between notes. I can group related notes together spatially or by colour and I can prioritise them. I’ve found nothing that gives me that same sense of organisation. In the past I’ve combined index cards with Evernote by taking a snapshot of my finished layout and then scanning the individual cards back into Evernote. In an attempt to digitise the above process, I've spent my spare time over the last year developing a web application I call CardDesk. CardDesk is simply my attempt to wed my love of Evernote with the highly visual, non-linear and creative benefits of index cards. Using the index card analogy, CardDesk allows you to access you Evernote notes and arrange them as “Cards” on one or more “Desktops”. Cards can be moved, resized, stacked and colour-coded. Cards can contain images and links to documents and web pages. They can also be edited using Evernote’s web interface. CardDesk is still in very early beta at the moment, but I've already used it to manage projects, create vision-boards, research products and capture and prioritise software requirements. It also works particularly well when used with the Evernote web clipper. I've been working on CardDesk in isolation and thought it about time I took some direction from the Evernote community. If any of the forum members have the time and interest I would greatly appreciate their feedback. Please feel free to try out and use CardDesk at http://www.carddesk.net If you experience any issues or would like to give feedback please email me at ashley.rawbone@carddesk.net and I'll respond as quickly as possible.
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    I'd like to request that the ability to indent text without bullet points or numbers be reintroduced to the iPad app (iOS 7). In previous versions, I was able to indent any text, but now it seems I can only indent when making a list with bullet points, number, or check boxes. Thank you!
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    Hi all, We have new beta versions for Chrome & Safari Clippers. Version with a rewritten Gmail clipping function. A few notes: - No longer need to expand the thread to get all messages in it. Please post feedback and report issues back on this thread - remember to post: - OS version number - Safari version number - URL where issue happens - Description of the problem and steps to reproduce it - If you're tech minded feel free to send logs to me in a PM, JSConsole and Web Clipper internal logs are usually most useful to us. -- UPDATE -- This has now been released as version 6.0.7. If you have been testing the beta version - please reinstall the production version from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/evernote-web-clipper/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc?hl to make sure you get future updates.
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    I have noticed that with EN v5, when I search for something and the results are shown, instead of highlighting the keywords in the found notes, the highlight boxes are placed in the wrong position and "float" usually an inch or 2 above the correct location. Sometimes I can "fix" this by scrolling up and down vigorously within the note. It's a glitch. Anyone else noticed this? Never happened on v4. Here's a screenshot: I opened a ticket #145277 on this, in case anyone from EN support wants to respond there.
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    Hallo Enzo, Super Idee mit dem deutschen Support hier, danke!! Ich habe gerade heute eine Anfrage an den Support geschickt, die du mir vielleicht auch beantworten kannst: Wen ich eine gespeicherte Suche erstelle in der ich zwei Tags suche und diese gespeicherte Such wieder aufrufe, sehe ich in der Suchzeile MEHRERE suchkriterien DOPPELT! (Evernote1.png). Diese lassen sich aus der Suchleiste auch nicht entfernen! Wenn ich daraufhin die Suche editiere, sind auch dort die Kriterien doppelt (Evernote2.png). Lösche ich die doppelten dort heraus und speichere die Suche, dann ist beim nächsten Mal wieder alles doppelt drinnen! Mach ich da was falsch, oder ist das ein Programmfehler??
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    I couldn't agree more. I feel very much the same. A full featured website is high on my list of priorities after I have completed the initial feature set. In the meantime a quick note on data. Any Evernote data that is stored locally to the application is stored on Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud servers that comply with key industry standards for security. Also, only those notes that are currently sitting on a Desktop will be stored on the server for performance reasons. Remove a Card from the Desktop and the application will with have no record of the Evernote note.
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    JB, I'm on the beta program and the speed of beta releases has slowed considerably. It is often weeks between releases.
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    Interesting concept, and I realize it is an early stage beta, but I always shy away from landing pages that have little to no information on the program. I'd feel more comfortable if there was a video and a FAQ section, along with some assurances on security of my Evernote data.
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    Enzo, Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated. I'll certainly take on board your suggestions for the next release. Business Folders are are new to me, so I'll get up to speed on them and see what's involved in supporting them. How hard can it be? Did you discover that clicking on the "elephant" icon on the card or double clicking on a note in a notebook will open it directly in Evernote's web client? This makes deleting and editing a little easier.
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    Hello AshleyR, I have tried CardDesk, and first thing I realized, is that it does not read my Business Folders. I have a magazine project running right now, and I immediately got hooked on your idea. the card desk is something I have wished for for some time. However, I have all the material I would want to want to display in one of my Business Folders. A vision board for my upcoming articles would be a huge leap forward. Do you think, you could add Business folders? The second thing that caught my immediate attention was, that i do not have the option to sync manually. I have added several notes on the desk but could not find a way to delete them from the folders. It is nice, that I can delete from the desk but then the note is still in the folder. I have to go back to my EN client and delete the notes there. This is very inconvenient. So instead of using the developer option which allows your web app to read only, I would prefer you wrote it to read and write for full access to adding and deleting notes from the EN notebooks. To sum it up: add – Business Folder support add – ability to add and delete notes from the folders. ask – Evernote to integrate card desk into their UI !!!It is a genius App (Thank you)
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    Hallo Enrico, Vielen Dank für Ihrer Information, schade daß ich Ihren Bilder nicht sehen kann, aber ich hab es sowie so verstanden, auch wenn Ihren Antwort in Deutsch geschreiben ist. MfG Mike Scheerer
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    We're resolved - thank you for your professional care, much appreciated. M
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    If you have a search around the forums you'll find that Evernote is not usually recommended as a picture library. Occasional photos and illustrations fine, but other stuff probably not..
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    I have not talked with support. I am not a premium member. It is my understanding I will not get help from Evernote support without being a premium member.Please read my sig.
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    Tom, have you talked to support? If not, I'd recommend submitting a support request.
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    The Evernote Widget will also live on your home screen and display various options including a specific tag / notebook / recent changes..
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    Did you accidentally delete all the text? I have done that on occasion, but realized soon enough to press CTRL-Z to undo the deletion. Another vote for the ability to lock editing of notes ...
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    I am updating my database on my previous laptop. Once done I will install V5 and see if I can get on with it. The features are awesome, but I am concerned that mixing my Personal and Business Notebooks may prove to be a problem. Dlu, is there any chance this will change in the future? I can sort of see why some would prefer them mixed, but am going to guess that the 'majority' would rather they stayed separate as in V4. Best regards Chris
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    OK - you select a tag, and even though you're in a notebook, it goes to the "All notes" page. OK, then I go to the All notes drop down to pick a particular notebook, and it clears the tag. Why would this work this way? And then you can't just to a multiselect for multiple tags in a particular notebook. This is very clunky. Clearly no one at the EN team has used it for GTD / TSW... I absolutely hate this flat colorless look that everything is going to - Office 2013, Gmail, a bunch of others... and no way to customize it. You get your pick of grey or white (if you get to pick anything). HATE IT!!! I don't mind the "announcements" section, but it would be nice to have an option instead of either having it there or not, having it show up only when there are unread items. Overall it's not horrible, but I need multi-select tags back, and I need an easy way to just pick a particular notebook and then find tags for notes in that notebook. So far unfortunately I don't see any reason to move to EN5. Clicking on the "Tags" or "Notebooks" piece is completely useless, but maybe someone likes it. And the shortcuts area is not important to me - seems very limiting. I'd rather be able to star my notes and find them. Reminders might be the one real add over EN4. But otherwise I honestly don't see the benefit of the new version. It is quicker, but it seems like that must have more to do with the back end, which could have changed without the UI changing so much. Anyway, those are my two cents.
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    Why on earth did EN "F" with a winning formula? I fell in love with EN4 last month. EN5 is unusable as-is for me. Very disappointing and frustrating. very.
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    Version 5: Hiding unused tags seem not to work any more. Even when I click on "Darstellung" → "Nicht zugewiesene Schlagwörter anzeigen" all tags are shown at any notebook/stack. How can I disable the search history? I don't want to see a search-history of my private notes shown in the search-box when searching in a business environment (while my colleagues watching me using evernote). Please don't make the same mistake like Google Docs and mix all notes together while searching. I need a strict separation between private and business notebooks at all places, even in the search-box. Maybe you make the content of the search-history depend from the settings "search all notes" / "search actual content" like the search. But the best way for me woud be an option to completely disable the search history.Thanks. Marcel.
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    To me and my usage scenario, v5 isn't a big change. One thing I miss from v4 and one thing I expected but not seen yet. 1. I really want to have a "All notes" button in the upper left or in the top bar. I don't know how I can show all notes now. 2. I like the reminder comes to Windows desktop. Thanks to the team! But I wanted to set a recurring reminder (like weekly, monthly, etc.). With that, I could remove another tool I'm using now. Please consider it in the next round.
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    Hey friends, A few folks have asked about when the Mac client is going to get a word count feature (similar to what's available in the Windows client). As I understand it, this is a planned feature for the Mac client. In the meantime, though, I wrote a very simple AppleScript to count the words in a note; it's attached to this post available for download here. The typical caveats apply — this isn't an officially supported thing and it might eat your dog (not really). I'm posting it here in case anybody finds it useful. Enjoy
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    I wrote a new blog post today discussing how I "Use Evernote as a surrogate memory; or answering the question: 'When did X happen?'" that may be of interest to folks here. I include it under the "paperless" forum because the methods I describe help in part to eliminate my need for a daily diary.
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