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    The Evernote search functionality is certainly limited, it's no secret: no support for full Boolean search, no regular expressions, no infix search, one search scope operator per query (notebook, stack), etc., etc. All of these are well-known to forum-goers here. So the search / filter described won't work as is; it's just not expressible in the Evernote search language. The troublesome bit would be the "Office OR Anywhere" term. There are ways to turn some OR terms into just normal tag searches using wildcards, but I don't think that this is possible here. So you'd need a single tag to add to any note that was tagged with "Office" or "Anywhere", (e.g. "OfficeOrAnywhere"). Then your search becomes easy. (notebook:Active tag:Now tag:OfficeOrAnywhere). That's about the best I can come up with for this case.
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    Local notebooks. But, it doesn't make sense (to me), if you have something in a local notebook if it's sensitive data, why you'd put the database in another cloud. OTOH, if one is using a local notebook b/c they are close to using up their EN monthly quota, then the entire database could be backed up in another cloud where they still have available room. Having said that, in the past, EN has said doing this real time can cause the database to be corrupted. So the better option is to fully exit EN, THEN backup the database. That's what I do.
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    Hi. Here are a couple places to start. http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=437 http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=425
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    I just passed my four year anniversary of using Evernote, and I passed the 10,000 note mark, so I thought I would take a step back and evaluate what I am doing so that I can optimize my experience. I was hoping I could hear more about what other people are doing in their accounts. Want to take a stab at one or all of these questions? (1) What do you wish that you had done differently over the time you have been using Evernote? (2) What are you doing now? (3) What do you plan to do in the future? ---------- (1) I wish that I wouldn't have dumped so many PDFs into my account (thousands). It would have been MUCH smarter to have stripped the text out of the big ones (books, journal articles, lengthy files), dragged those text files into my account, and saved the PDFs in Dropbox as necessary. Automator (Mac) makes this easy. This would have made all of the content searchable (just like the text in any note), even when offline on the iPad, would have reduced the size of my database by as much as 75%, and might have made all of my searches occur much more quickly. (2) I am pretty pleased with the YYMMDD + keyword method of titling notes. I am using one private notebook and one public stack (some shared notebooks inside). I only have a handful of notes in the shared notebooks. I have no tags. I have not been using templates as much anymore, because I am working with Android, and you cannot edit files with images and the like in them. This has probably been a good thing, as it further reduces the size of notes, and probably speeds things up more to use just plain text. I might add tags, notebooks, and templates back into the mix if the Mac interface picks up some of the features found in Windows (more sorting options, search explanations, etc.). (3) I am starting to focus more on making notes of "notable" things instead of noting everything. Jamie Rubin has got some good advice on going paperless (http://www.jamierubi...s-the-question/), and I think I need to move away from being a "completist" and more towards being a minimalist when it comes to scanning. Up until now, I have literally been putting everything into Evernote, and as cool as that is, I would trade my sense of completeness any day for faster searches and a smaller database. On that note (pun intended), I may delete a bunch of the PDFs and images I have in my account. It feels like a lobotomy of sorts, but it may just be the way to go (jbenson, for example, keeps his database lean by not putting photos in it). I will give it some more thought. Looking forward to hearing how other people optimize their Evernote experiences!
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    I used to be able to export a file as a skitch png so that I could edit a previously annotated file at a later date. This options seems to be gone. Is there something that replaced it?
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    Have you tried it? Just enter your word, without "tag:" in front of it, and you will find it. There probably are certain words that you can't search for (stop words), and of course it won't pick up misspellings. If you want to find a phrase, type in "this is my phrase" including the quotation marks. Then read section 08 in http://evernote.com/evernote/guide/windows/. Wow, some people are too fast for me!
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    Real undo would be good (especially after you just realize you accidentally hit delete on a note rather than info, simply by clicking a few pixels to the right). However: the deleted notes notebook has a special sort-by-deleted-date parameter. Getting them back if you realize immediately is not *that* hard.
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    is it possible to set up a signature on the email sharing function? Also will evernote remember email contacts for future reference?
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    Hi - don;t know the process for Business accounts, but I'd be very surprised if your notes are lost. You clearly need to get the account reconnected quickly - I'll flag this for someone's attention!
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    Since as Jeff mentioned, EN does not do boolean searches, tags could be "Now - office" & "Now - anywhere". Then do an "or" search on both tags.
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    Thanks GrumpyMonkey. Here's an example: I don't know if you're familiar with GTD, but I have a notebook called Actions that has notes tagged with a Time (eg, Now, Next) and a Place (eg, Home, Office, Anywhere). I would like a saved search that returns notes in Actions tagged with Now AND either Office OR Anywhere. Now I suppose I could put all the other Place tags to my Anywhere-tagged notes, but that's not ideal. I'm open to any suggestions -- including changing my process if it's simple enough. BTW, I do appreciate the offer to help, even if there's no good solution. GTD can be tricky, especially when used in combination with TSW, which has a pretty specific set of features that need to work well (sometimes, updates to the app impact this kind of workflow, depending on your operating system). Jefito has the best workaround, I think. Perhaps one of our GTD users will weigh in here with their workflow. I think you might be able to put something together with Spotlight on the Mac using the "or" operand, but I don't think it will recognize tags in Evernote, so you might need something like random character strings in your notes (I use these for organizing). You could search for "2340siue" and "fiodfl89w" (common words might produce false hits, but the random codes are unique, so they don't). The problem is that text (a random code) in a note is a lot less flexible than tags. Again, no good solution from within the app for that particular use-case. Sorry.
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    Second request to Evernote: I know these people are "not affiliated with Evernote," but they seem to part of some Evangelist program that you either sponsor or at least tolerate. If they are serving in some official capacity, please monitor them more closely (or just kill the program). The comments I've seen so far are unhelpful and almost seem designed to elicit nothing but bad will.
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    The F6 search suggestion small menu popup covers my IME, and first matched note title, quite distracting and annoying. You know, as soon as you hit F6 hotkey or click into the search box, that popups out, crazy. I suggest the Evernote dev-team not to pop it up until user presses DOWN key, or, a toggle button at right end of the search box to enable/disable this suggestion feature. Check my image to get this: Is there a tweak or workaround not to pop that up? Evernote
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    Leaving aside the arrogance of keeping paying customers in the dark - is there any sign of a fix to this?
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    thanks for the reply, Scott! I got the point how it works. And it is a helpful feature indeed, but only if you strictly follow your calendar planning, which is not my case. The weather forecast subscription was on my Mac, but for some reason it no longer works, saying "server responded with error" So everything is all right now
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    This is definitely a bug with the OSX version, and not a problem with my local search database: - The problem occurs on two different macs (my Macbook Air at home and my iMac at work), and each has all notes stored locally; - The problem doesn't occur on my Android tablet even when using offline search (all notes are stored locally on the tablet); - The problem doesn't occur when using the web app. I'm going to contact Evernote and file a bug report.
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    I use Evernote Premium on a 16GB ipad (with about 400 other apps on it). I would only suggest carefully considering how much offline content/notebooks to do. Not just for space, but for performance reasons. If you just sync in the default online manner, it doesn't use much local storage. Just a cache of the meta data, and recently accessed content. I have a 5 year old account with a good mix of note content, about 5000 notes. The app itself takes up 60MB, and the data another 80MB.
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    Hi. Well, the solutuion of PDF displaying automatically: Right clck on the PDF and select 'VIEW AS ATTACHMENT' appearing right at the bottom of the selection. The PDF will shrink and display as an icon. Hope this helps! Cheers!
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    It looks like such fine-grained setting is not available. I also had a similar issue where I had an all-day event that spanned 2 months, so every note suggestion was simply the title of that event! Evernote tries to use your "location, calendar, and other information to suggest note titles", I guess making very basic decisions about which source is most likely to be relevant to the user. Using calendar information as a first choice for suggestions makes sense, because if the current event is "party planning committee meeting", there's a really good bet your note will be related to the part planning committee meeting! However, Evernote is not smart enough to know that "Overcast 4C/1C in St. Petersburg" is not the same as "party planning committee meeting". I think a setting that allows the user to select calendar, location or both as sources for suggestions would definitely be helpful. Do you use that weather calendar on iOS at all? Or is it mainly something you use on your desktop? For the moment, until/if Evernote decides to improve this feature, you may consider un-ticking that weather calendar from your iOS device's calendar settings, which should prevent Evernote from interpreting that event as important (but also preventing you from seeing it on your iOS calendar...).
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    This makes it all the MORE IMPORTANT that Evernote (and all developers) CLEARLY identify that the NEW version works ONLY with iOS7. You said "Given that more than 60% of all iOS users are now on iOS 7, that sorta speaks to the folks still on iOS 6 being tech "laggards;"". I could not disagree more. First of all, how do you really know that "60%" have upgraded to iOS7???? Second, many of us, or at least me, WAIT for a while (> 2 weeks) AFTER an upgrade is released BEFORE applying the upgrade. I don't call this "laggard". I call this "wise", based on how often the updates of ALL software have significant, and even MAJOR BUGS. Unless an upgrade/update fixes a MAJOR bug that you personally are experiencing, then the wise course of action, IMO, is to wait a while.
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    I suggest a 3rd party utility to give you "pin on top" capability. DisplayFusion is one, there are many others. That assumes you are using windows.
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    Feel free to make your case for the changes you want to see in the client (Business or otherwise), but this is an open forum, and we encourage everyone to contribute to the discussions regardless of their perceived proficiency/knowledge about the clients. In fact, I think it is probably safe to say that very few of the developers have experience managing thirty employees using Evernote Business. It wouldn't help your case to exclude them from the conversation. And, after all, why would they (or many other users) have that experience? You are a relatively rare individual with a unique viewpoint. Please do express it, but when doing so, I encourage you to address the points raised (by Jefito and others) not the person raising them (otherwise known as ad hominem attacks). It isn't an ad hominem. I didn't attack the user. There are some real and serious issues with EN5 for ENB users, and while I often respects Jeff's opinion on many matters related to EN, he has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to business usage. He doesn't have 50 screens of tags that are a mess. he doesn't have users that can inadvertently drag corporate data to personal notebooks, which may be shared with friends and family. Who knows what is going on in EN5 notebooks? They all look the same! I do all sorts of workarounds to overcome deficiencies in all sorts of programs, Evernote 4 included. There are no workarounds though that fix what En5 broke. If there were, I'd use them. I don't think apologetics will help here. What we need is a real discussion with PMs or developers to fix the issues. I'm not telling anyone how to fix them, though it is easy to say "make it like EN4 was." I am open to new ideas. But I'd appreciate it if those ideas came from someone that has experience on what does and doesn't work. I took Jeff's initial post a few days ago as just that. After that though, once he started arguing on what does and doesn't work, having not actually used it, it really ceased to move the conversation forward. If these issues don't affect you, great! Stop apologizing and offering workarounds that don't offer a solution though. I and other EnB users don't want Evernote the company to think thinks are ok. They are NOT.
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    Multi-selecting tags in the sidebar is a high priority for us. Thanks for all the feedback so far. It's been noted until here. Keep it coming!
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    I am not going to get philosophical with you. I trust our employees to not intentionally store corporate data in a personal notebook. EN5 makes this too easy to do. If you want to go get a business account, set 20-50 people up on it, populate it with about 20,000 notes and 20GB of data, set up a a dozen notebooks and a few hundred tags and then see how it works with it all in one big commingled mess, please do so and then we can discuss. If you don't want to do that, then the separation of business and personal won't affect you at all. I am not going to pontificate this based on how someone things this could work with no real world experience in it.
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    Unless you've done metrics to determine what percentage of users want notebooks mixed and what percentage of users want them separate (which we both know hasn't been done), that statement bears 0 weight. Furthermore, if you want to cater to business users, you'd want to also get metrics from business admins/decision makers. Whatever the case is, this is now my last post on this matter, and I'm not waiting around hoping it'll be fixed. We had set up a test account set up and were hoping to roll it out to 70 users, now we're running away as fast as we can. We have to do business with a company that has a clue about the needs of business users. The only proper response here should have been "we understand, we've requested this be corrected and we'll try to do so as quickly as possible".
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    Excellent work, Windows team, with Version 5 so far. I have a couple of usability issues to report.I believe having the shortcuts in the sidebar is a good idea. What would be even better though, would be to also restore the ability to pin notes/saved searches to the Toolbar again. Here's why: Power-users tend to have a large no. of notes and/or complex notebook or tag trees. For me (and I suspect many others) a brilliant way of working easily with that complexity was simply to drag whatever tags/saved-searches you are currently working with onto the Toolbar. This forms a kind of 'temporary workspace' or 'virtual desktop', where you have at hand all that you need for your current work context without the distraction of everything else. This was so useful. Please, please, please bring this back.Having the search box a distance away form the search results (ie. the notes list) is very awkward. Maybe it's only power-users who will struggle with this... but the normal process of building a search query -- particularly one with complex search parameters -- is to experiment, using the feedback from eye-balling the returned notes to fine tune the search terms until you arrive at what you want. In other words, it's an iterative process where your attention (and your mouse) is on both the search query and it's results simultaneously. This becomes incredibly difficult if the input and output of your interaction are in different locations.Minor nit: The rightmost scrollbar appears to be a couple of shades lighter than the leftmost scrollbar, and its lightness makes it difficult to see on a large monitor.Reminders: Could you include the Reminder related fields (isReminder, reminderChecked, reminderDate ??) in the list of fields you can select to include in the List View please. The List View is an incredibly powerful tool to manage the meta-data of large number of notes together. It would be shame not to maintain that. Finally, a question: Where can I find information on the new search terms/parameters for Reminders?I hope this feedback is useful. As I said, nothing but admiration for your efforts so far. Thanks again.
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    Here is my initial feedback about v5.0.0: When viewing a long note that has a vertical scrollbar present, dragging the scrollbar doesn't work correctly to scroll the note contents. It moves very reluctantly in very large steps and only once you've made a big dragging movement. Compare that to the scrollbar for the notes list, which is much more 'direct-drive' and moves much more smoothly. Some notes have just a single line visible as their border at the bottom, while others have a weird double-line. When switching between notes of different lengths, the rendering that has to occur to figure out where to place the bottom border is very distracting. You can see it happen in stages as it initially renders the bottom border in a certain position and then re-adjusts to accommodate the length of the note. This flashing/re-rendering as you're moving through notes doesn't look good. If you have a notebook selected that contains a note that is also in your Shortcuts, if you then select the note in the Shortcuts section, the notebook you were previously on stays highlighted. So you have two things highlighted simultaneously in the tree on the left: the note and its associated notebook. If that was the intention, then why, if you select the note beforehand without first selecting the notebook, does the notebook not get highlighted. Inconsistent. 'View -> Show Unassigned Tags' appears to do nothing. This option can't be toggled off. 'Search all notes' is non-intuitive. I expected it would search all notes, not just the ones in the currently selected notebook. When my cursor is in the search box, I expect that when I press Esc it will clear my typing and reset the search. But this doesn't happen. The biggest irritation of all (and which has been present in all previous versions): When a button or other UI widget has been clicked that results in a dropdown becoming visible, then I expect that when I click a second time on the button the dropdown will disappear. But instead, to make it go away, I have to find something else on the screen to click on.
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    I see EN5 was officially released today. It's going to be entertaining reading the posts from business users who upgrade and discover all their notebooks are now mixed up. Should make a lot of business admins thrilled too. I am sure when it happens EN can pretend shock that anyone is upset. I guess the problem is I don't think any of us knows what that means, since you won't/can't commit to making any statement at all that EN is going to reverse course based on the feedback here. And now here it's been officially released with no changes.
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    I am wondering how long we have to wait to find out what's going to happen here. From the looks of the beta it's not even close to being released, or if it is there's going to be a ton of angry users. We were writing and moving all of our content from our previous knowledge management system so we could roll this out to a bunch of employees. Now we're afraid to further invest the work and make the switch, if the entire system is going to be bastardized with business and personal notebooks mixed up. I'm close to just using EN for my personal use, and throwing in the towel on the business product and just moving to a true business product where I don't have to worry about this stuff.
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    Yep, both you and Ed noted the tag issue and that is equally huge. Under no circumstances should the tags between personal and business notebooks be mixed.
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    In addition to directly signing off to ZZZ's post above, I would like to state an additional key concern with the combining of Business and Personal notebooks: There are no more owner contexts. Let me explain that (not that the Evernote Team needs this explained): When I'm looking at my own personal notebooks, the tags list on the left pane shows only tags from my personal notebooks. When I'm looking at notebooks shared to me by another Personal user, I see only their tags. When I'm in a Business notebook, sure enough, just Business tags. Now they're all mixed. I'm drowning in tags Also, a note to the rock stars at the Evernote Windows team: We complain because we love Evernote. Thanks again for everything.
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    Per DLU's request, here is a list of reasons why it is critical that business and personal notebooks be kept separate in the windows Client (and that separation should be added to the Mac client where it has always been missing). 1. First off, the very fact that all EN business users also get a personal notebook that they get to "take with them" if they leave the company will eliminate EN from consideration of tons of businesses. But for those of us who are OK with that, we at least expect a clear demarcation point between business notebooks and personal notebooks. We don't want our employees accidentally putting business notes in personal folders and visa versa. 2. This concerns also exists equally from a personal perspective. I keep highly personal notes in my personal notebooks. I don't want to take any chance on putting those notes in business notebooks and I want a visual separation of them that makes me feel comfortable, I don't want to have to constantly be on "high alert" not to make a mistake. 3. EN is first and foremost a personal information manager. The very essence of a PIM such as EN is that it allows users to structure their information (notebooks, tags and notes) in a way and order that is meaningful to them. Business notebooks on the other hand will be structured in a completely different way, often decided on by an admin*. Mixing the two destroys BOTH structures! *And if you ever allow business admins to employ/propagate stacks, as many business admins have requested, you can be assured that feature will be further used to employ a consistent business structure, for instance "Opportunities Stack", "Projects Stack". 4. Per above, as a business admin, I want to structure our business notebooks in a way that is meaningful to the business. If my employee has 100 personal notebooks good for them, but I sure as hell don't want them being distracted by those 100 personal notebooks every time they are working in a business notebook. 5. People may even have personal notebooks with the same names as business notebooks. And stacks with the same name. For instance, a personal stack named "projects" and a business stack named "projects". As long as the business and personal hierarchies are separate that's a non-issue. But if they are mixed, now someone once again needs to start adding extra descriptions and workarounds to avoid confusion. And what happens if EN ever lets admins dictate the name of a notebook and the employee can't rename it (which is another must-have for businesses). So now the admin needs to hope the employee makes sure all their employees always give their personal notebooks different names to avoid accidents? See attached screen-shot showing how two notebooks can have the same name, I'm guessing this never even occurred to whoever drove this change! Having listed all these, the big question is why in the world would you want to mix the two?! What possible benefit is there?! I'm going to take a wild guess - some GUI person thought it would "cleaner"? Am I warm? No need to answer, that's a rhetorical question. Please note - please don't fix this with some silly UI change such as making personal notebooks a different color. Keep them separate!
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    IMO, the lack of full Boolean searches in Evernote is one of its main limitations. This has been discussed numerous times in other threads. Evidently some people in Evernote think these type searches are too complex for most users. Anything beyond a simple text search may be too complex for some. But I think some good, clear documentation with examples would go a long way to educating users to the power and benefits of Boolean searches. Currently the Search engine instructions/documentations is embedded in the Developer's API document, which is NOT very end-user friendly.
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