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    This was one of the options which makes Evernote so useful - please bring back the option to insert links. I will have to start now using again my netbook.... A little bit of topic but at the end related to this topic - with every new version of the Windows, Android, iOS or web version the capabilities and user interfaces become more and more different - I work currently with all 4 versions (Windows = Home PC / Web = Work PC / iOS = iPad for travelling and for meetings / Android = cell phone) and handling their different user interfaces is becoming more and more a nightmare if now in addition important features are streamlined this is neither acceptable nor understandable for me as a premium user...
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    Thanks for the suggestions Chris. Deleted 2 new notebooks recently created on the Windows app and deleted the trash on the web. This then solved the sync issue. Will create new notebooks via the web in future. All the best.
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    That's the reason for the quote marks – it's a work-around, not a real way of sorting.
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    Agreed. As a premium user I have no desire to see a market tab or announcements (desktop, web, or mobile/android. btw, I am one of those who did turn off the ads). It very well might be nice things and higher end prices, but the products seem hit or miss. While there might be some things with the organizational theme, I don't get a lot of what is in there in general. A quick browse of the marketplace turns up socks that cost as much as two years worth of a premium subscription (5 pairs). https://www.evernote.com/market/feature/socks?sku=SOCK00106 Actually, the marketplace makes me wonder if they are having revenue issues. (right or wrong, that is the impression. No offense intended). I have a lot of notes and would prefer a stable company and this seems like a weird grab at revenue. Many of us use EN like a utility in a lot of ways and expect it to always be available like house electric.
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    Thank for the help, Chris. I appreciate the value you add to these forums. I fixed the problem by deleting the database from the folder you mentioned and re-downloading all of the content. Must mean the problem is client side and not server side. Very strange. I wish I knew a way to keep it from happening. Very annoying to get a message saying, essentially, "can't sync." Not very useful. Again, thanks for contributing. Kenny
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    The manual sort feature gets suggested occasionally, and there is existing discussion in the forums. Not much input from Evernote on the topic if I recall. I can see its usefulness for some scenarios, not sure that I miss it myself. I can see some potential messiness with specified sort order across multiple notebooks (basically you'd need to pitch it, I think), but none of that is up to me. @Factman: there's no sorting in a shortcut as far as I know, just filtering. You need to set sorting yourself.
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    Thank you, will wait for the ticket, but a solution could be let us export the note to iTune in future updates or let us copy and paste audio notes between notes.
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    I agree that syncing and reviewing of previous notes was something I rarely ever did on my iOS devices, and only occasionally did on my Macs. The decluttering of skitch so that I don't have to deal with it syncing every time I load it is huge. And on the rare occasion that I do need to go back and edit an annotation, I'm fine doing it inside of Evernote anyway. It almost makes it easier to find because I can organize the note in Evernote, whereas with skitch 2.x, it only showed by date created. I would appreciate the ability to control where in Evernote skitch saves to though. Maybe a quick drop down menu that allows me to select a notebook and add tags before I save it to Evernote. That seems like a great compromise for the people complaining about the lack of syncing and those of us who love it. So to sum up all of my comments, my ideal skitch would include PDF markup, but not worry about syncing and editing previously made annotations. The auto save feature sounds like a good idea for people who miss syncing though I would not use it. I would prefer to be able to control where individual skitch documents go instead of Evernote though instead of my default notebook, and be able to tag notes if I need to. However, I do not use skitch with such volume that if I have to manually move notes from my default notebook, it's a problem. I would also prefer selecting what notebook each skitch document goes to instead of having a default skitch notebook like in 2.x. I use skitch for lots of different things. From annotating receipts to marking up a website so my mom can figure out what on the amazon page I actually want for Christmas. I would file these things separately in Evernote, so having the ability to select where they go straight from skitch would be nice. Again, this is my ideal skitch. 3.x has already gotten us a lot closer to this, and I'm super thankful for all of the work that has gone into making this (free!) app fantastic. Thanks for working hard on this, and being open to listen to user feedback.
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    . I can't even start to imagine why this essential (basic and simple) feature isn't there anymore! In fact, I can't even think about someone thinking about it, it doesn't make any sense from any point of view.
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    This is one of the features that has been 'streamlined' away from the iOS version ;-) Let's hope it will come back one day.
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    The new version is horrible! I use skitch every day to mark thinks at iOS screenshots and archive them to evernote. Now the workflow for this is horrible and I can not access the screenshots from my camera roll (only some photos are shown without any organisation)! Pauli
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    Notebooks are not, and should not be 'tags'. That just confuses the differences between their individual concepts: * Notebooks are used to partition your notes into separate sets of notes; tags do no such partitioning: a note belongs to a single notebook, but can have multiple tags. * Notebooks are the basis for sharing of groups of notes, offline note storage on mobile devices, and local note storage on desktop clients. You cannot perform these useful functions with tags at this point. * Because you can apply multiple tags to a note, you can do cross-categorization that is just not possible with notebooks. * Notebooks contain; tags describe. Tags are not conceptually that difficult to understand, given good description and ties to, yes, 'physical reality'. In the realm of physical reality, we have and use tag-like concept all the times. Do your physical notebooks have labels? Those are tags. Do your users use adjectives? Those are tags. Tags are tags. Notebooks are notebooks. They do different things. Let's not conflate them into some confusing blob concept/facility (that really isn't because they are, in this proposal, secretly and magically, convertible back and forth).
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    I'd also like to see this ability, but if you use the top or side list view, you can change the sort with one click. If the list views will work for you, then I recommend giving them a try, because they solve a lot of the problems. http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=106 On Windows, the command for getting the side list view is hidden. Try Ctrl+Shift+F5.
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    Evernote...what have you done!? I was drawn to Evernote via the "The Secret Weapon" manifesto and fell in love with the tagging and notebook functionalities. Every note taking application allows you to store information but if I can't retrieve it quickly then its back to the old Filofax. One designation (tag, notebook, date, place) is not enough. You MUST be able to use a combination of either. Evernote did this really well! Example: I want all the items tagged "Now" AND "Home" and "Me" in my main "Cabinet" notebook. I don't want items in the "For Reference" or "Complete" notebooks. Now I have an EVERNOTE SHOEBOX. Evernote was designed to store EVERY note forEVER but how am I supposed to find the CURRENT notes if my view is cluttered by EVERY note. The Evernote 5 upgrade was a big improvement in layout but please add this feature back in on the iPad and iPhone before the noise of elephants stampeding becomes deafening. Cheers!
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