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    While I probably go along with "Wiki features" because I'd like to see [wiki-style note links] and page transclusion and Categories - and to be fair Wiki Categories might answer your Advanced Tags request - but I do have to ask: what exactly are you looking for? Evernote's mission (I believe) is to provide a generally available database with advanced functions that can be used for a wide variety of cases. If it enforces any kind of structure, it by definition limits the uses to which it can be put, because that structure will not be appropriate for some cases. And as to " I will switch to premium account if Evernote will have features for organizing large knowledge base." It already has those features - my database is 15,000 notes and rising, and it works fine for me.. and -100 points for mentioning the "I will switch to premium" promise. I don't think your single subscription would cover the cost of adding the features!
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    Just installed the Evernote 5 for Windows. Looks good, pretty feeling. like what I see. Some remarks on what I see: The word "Evernote" is not in the dictionary :-)Too much white space under the title of the note. I like my screen space and it should not be wasted too much.The note window as a stand alone window has a toolbar with too big buttons and all buttons are not useful. I will not use any of them. The toolbar cannot be hidden. Can that made to be an option? I have no problems with the toolbar in the main Evernote window. There the toolbar is in the same line with the Notebook choose menu and the add Tag button, which is not the case in the Note window itself.The Reminder button in the toolbar has no menu option (which should be useful if the toolbar could be hidden)I use the keyboard a lot. Using Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Rights goes through words, but with a nasyt twist. If there is a checkbox before a word, that word is skipped. And if you reach the beginning or the ending of the note, Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right changes to be "go to begin/end of note" instead of word.Is it possible to change the behaviour of a check box to the behaviour of a bulleted list? Leave the check box in the same position, but if the line is to long it should wrap like the bulleted list. Makes a list with things to do with long sentences better readable.When you hover the mouse over a button, there is no tooltip. Took me some tries before I understood what T stands for.
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    I was so impressed with the new Evernote 5 for windows that I wrote this on my Blog. The core message is in colour I'm not going to babble on too much about Evernote, those that use it, swear by it. When I read about the "new Evernote flat interface" I just smiled and thought "Here we go - everyone is jumping onto the 'flat design interface' and Evernote is no exception" I downloaded it any way because I was hooked by the new feature which automatically brings up related document as you type (in fact it's happening right now while I type this.) It will also bring up related documents during search. Simple enough, but this addition can too easily be underestimated. This function is a massive leap forward because the biggest change is not in the software, but in your brain. For the first time, software is now beginning to work like the human brain (by association) and the constant stream of associated / related snippets of information that present themselves to you as you work is going to turbo charge your own association ... and memory links. This is going to jog your memory, create cross connection, enhance creativity, and enhance intuition. When you start to see connections between things that you didn't realize before - that's an effective IQ boost. It's difficult to explain intuition and gestalt moments in words, but in a few months, I'm sure people will be talking about it. But I digress .. So I installed it under wine on my 6 year old Lubuntu desktop and when it loaded, at first there were no files. I thought that it was a linux-wine compatibility issue, but then I saw that Evernote was re-indexing my database for optimal performance - nice. And then I saw the interface - and after a bad week, this just made me feel so much better. Clean, nay more than clean, Zen-like - this interface is the very essence of sublime and understated elegance. Just pure simple off white and dark grey text with minimal dark grey icons. This, by coincidence is the exact them I use when setting up vim or any text editor to be used for long typing session. Well done Evernote, this is more than just a cosmetic change.
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    I'm also going to miss the favorites bar. It was nice to have the most used Saved Searches pinned up there, or may be a notebook or tag where it was one click away.
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    The new flat GUI, emphasizing large areas of gray, makes me want to keep the application window as small as possible: otherwise--when it is maximized-- the application transforms my screen into a depressing palate, an amateurish gray poster. Instead of using graphic elements to mark and weight the different views (left panel, note list, note panel), all views are given exactly the same (for me depressing) gray. With extended use, I'm finding that my eyes need relief from the unrelenting fields of gray. Here's a question for your UI design people. Isn't a prime responsibility of the GUI this: that it uses color and position to mark the importance and meaning of the different application views? If so, can they really say that this GUI is meeting its responsibilities? Many of us have a monitor which can display a variety of colors in order to help the eye find GUI elements! The insistence on a monochrome seems to privilege a notion of cool over practical usability and warmth, IMO.
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    If you backed up your v4 database before the upgrade it may be possible to go back, but I'd hold off upgrading if you have any doubts and raise this question with the support team to get a definitive answer...
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    Thank you so much for Evernote! So far, I like the V5 interface with a few exceptions -- I have been a heavy user of the left pane links for organization and I am not liking the way they now integrate my own personal notebooks and tags with Shared notebooks and other peoples' annoying tag systems. My preferred tagging method is to drap & drop my notes onto the tags in the left pane, but now everyone's tags in my Shared notebooks are cluttering up my nice list of personal organized tags! Also, clicking on "Notes" is now defaulting to All Notebooks. I would like this to default to My Notes only and have the Tags show only MY tags! Is there a way to do this? Thanks so much again. I like the new clean interface otherwise and thanks for Reminders & highlighting in the Windows version!
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    It's still in Beta Time of chat: 9/4/2013 9:43:29 AM Length of chat: 00:01:23 Your name: rob Chatted with: Shane 9:43 AM Shane: Hello, rob . Please allow me a moment while I review your question. 9:43 AM rob : Hey Shane 9:43 AM Shane: Rob, it is currently only available as Beta. 9:44 AM Shane: However, while we do not have a designated release date... 9:44 AM Shane: Version 5 should be coming very soon. 9:44 AM rob : Thanks Shane, great info 9:44 AM Shane: I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This transcript was delivered to you courtesy of Evernote.com
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    #Testy # No need to get your panties all twisted, lol. It's a public forum discussion. Obviously there's A LOT of confusion on the beta or non-beta status of V5, that's all. #Testy #SensitiveMuch?
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    Please consider adding notebook icons to the left panel. Shortcuts above include icons to distinguish between notes and saved searches, so it would be consistent it you add them to the notebook section below. Icons are included under the All Notes in the middle panel. I'm not a fan of this "color is bad" UI trend but at least with the gray icons I can tell local from synced from shared.
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    So, is there any chance that as a result of this jooining of forces between EN and Penultimate thatwe might see an Android version of Penultimate? Android tablets really need a good handwriting app and having something that integrates with Evernote would really be great.
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    I went back to V4; The Search Bar being moved way over to the right side was reason enough...I have a 27" LCD and that's a lot of mouse/head/eye movement.
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    I used the beta when it first came out but had to move back to the general release mainly because you can't multi select tags - and its still not fixed. you can't control click or shift click any of the tags. I like my tags to be nested in a hierarchical way as there is no way to do that in Evernote automatically I nest my tags and select all the tags and make sure that the all have the Parent tag.(selecting 'Any' for the search term) That functionality has been removed you can't multi-select tags. There does appear to be a clumsy manual way of doing it by using the select by tag filter but you have to type all your tags in - not great if you lots of subordinate tags.
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    There does not seem to be a dispute whether it's a private or public beta or even if it's an "official" beta. The email and the web page are not clear that the version it's linking to is beta at all. This has since been answered. Any version 5 is still beta. The email says V5 is "coming soon" but links to a download that is still beta. This is confusing b/c if it's "coming soon", why is there a download link? I may have overlooked something. But nowhere on that page did I see where it specifies V5 is still beta. So a user is left to wonder if the "coming soon" part of the email is incorrect. This would not have been confusing if the link specified it was to download the beta version. So if you don't want to be on the beta train, don't install it.
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    To the best of my knowledge, you can't handwrite in Evernote (iOS) itself at all. For that, you'd need Penultimate
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    There's a query in another thread about how to go back to V4 if V5 isn't cutting it for some people - is it still the case (if I remember correctly) that just reinstalling V4 will not have a happy result? Any suggestions for someone wanting a risk free try-out of the new features? (Apart from install a separate copy of the free one and play for a while...)
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    Tag your notes directly from inside Evernote. Bubbles is no more than a viewing app. When you've tagged everything you want, go back into bubbles and sync it. If you don't sync from inside bubbles you aren't going to see any tag changes. GL.
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    Thanks @dlu. What do you think about doing the "what's changed" a little differently - to clarify the changes in each beta and beta vs GA? Can't ask you for a commitment on it right now but please take the feedback on board. Thanks! (I accept there's a counterargument that non-beta users don't care about changes between betas but I think it helps those of us who are beta'ing figure out what we ought to look for as changed.)
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    I have found that closing Evernote and reopening it again sorts the sizing in the toolbar. Try Exiting via File -> Exit and opening EN again. I believe that there is a fixed minimum size limit though, so it wont be shrunk to nothing if you add too many things.
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    I REALLY don't like the location of the Search Bar. It also cuts off my Toolbar shortcuts. Very annoying and makes me have to click more. Less clicks = better please.
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    RobD, check the "Style" section of the right click menu, or Ctrl + Shift + H.
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    Why was the "Search Bar" moved to the top right hand corner? I preferred it where it was located in V4. Thanks.
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    I got that email yesterday and I downloaded off that link. Mine says version Is this beta? Not that it matters for me. I'm loving it right now.
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    My rule of thumb is: use notebooks where you must, use stacks for convenience, and otherwise use tags. Scenarios where you must use notebooks: * You wish to share a number of notes with someone else: you can only share individual notes or whole notebooks. * You wish to keep a set of notes unsynced to the Evernote cloud: you must use a local notebook for this, on clients that have this capability (the desktop clients). * You wish to make a set of notes available to a mobile client when you're offline: you use an offline notebook for this case.
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    It's rare that Evernote staff will comment on upcoming features, so I wouldn't expect anything on that score. About the only way to accomplish any pinning at this point is to utilize the Reminders feature, available in all but the current Windows client (but coming soon, I think). The downside of using a reminder for this is that the notebook that the reminder note resides in must be part of your current note view context.
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    I'm confused too since the link previews "Win5Beta" at the bottom.
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    Sorry but this is a user forum, so you're not really making your point to the correct group - though various Evernote employees do read posts, their intervention might not be as timely as creating a support ticket. Please see below for the link.
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    Really odd way to showcase a major release. Is it beta or official? #sheesh
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    It's doubtful EN will add sub-notebooks anytime soon, if ever. You really can organize a large number of notes more efficiently using tags, descriptive titles & keywords. IMO & IME, the more notes you have, the more limiting relying upon sub-notebooks becomes. (IME, this also happens when you rely upon sub directories for organizing files on your hard drive, which explains apps/functions like Spotlight (Mac) & Locate32 or Everything (Windows)) Additionally, EN limits you to 250 notebooks. There are several threads on this topic. Please search the board should you want more info.
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    The mail I received today titled "Coming Soon: Evernote 5 for Windows" leads to this[1] link, which offers the beta download. This is not good, I had to warn my evernote business collegues not to download EN5Beta. [1] http://evernote.com/evernote/whats_new/windows/?utm_source=silverpop&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=090313_windows_announce_en
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    In general I think Evernote should be working towards migrating as much of its functionality to mobile clients as possible. In the not-to-distant future, its likely (it seems to me) that the majority of users will only or chiefly be using mobile platforms. If the mobile client(s) seem lobotomized compared to the desktop version, or even if it merely appears that the mobile versions are being less well supported, that is going to turn off users. Not nagging here (I hope), just stating the obvious. We shouldn't have to advocate for each desktop feature we'd like to see in the mobile versions - it's in Evernote's own best interests to keep them in step. Also I'm going to guess it will be less expensive, long-term, to support versions that are more similar than dissimilar.
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    agreed. Needs a quick and easy visual way to differentiate by colors.
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    I'm not sure I fully understand. Are you asking for a toolbar item (similar to New Note, Sync, etc) that brings up your Shortcuts? That's it exactly! It would allow me to maximize the focus on my content ... the idea came to me while I was watching the video announcing the new version.
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    Feature suggestion: since all our shortcuts are now moved to the left panel, can we have a link/dropdown option in the toolbar? We do for the new note options, so it shouldn't be impossible?
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    I am betting money that he didn't delete it. I bet he is using it right now.... Yeah, you know you are....
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    The longer I use Evernote, the more I am starting to resent it and this Reminder feature is a great example why.... Why would deleting a reminder delete the entire note? I accidentally hit "Reminder" button on a note with my dogs vaccination schedule. I did not even realize that it deleted the entire note, until 3 weeks later when I went to look for it and to my horror find it missing. Thankfully it was in my trash, but come on Evernote! Do you use your own product? Or your entire company conforms to whatever your developers decide correct work flow is? On top of this, show me a single application that does not let you simply delete a reminder. Argh!
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    I replied on this post some time ago. Time has passed and, unfortunately, I must bid farewell to Evernote. Please understand: People who use evernote have a motivating REASON behind why they sought out a dedicated platform for organizing their notes. These needs are complex. If evernote tries to cater to "everyone" to increase their market share, they will gain a plethora of random, inconsistent users. Or, they can cater to the customer base that was their inspiration in the first place. These people will never leave them if provided a note-taking application that is truly comprehensive. I was going to pay for evernote premium, but now I can no longer wait on a company who has complete disregard for the needs of an avid taker of notes. Now instead, I use Sublime Text 2 for taking my notes. All of my notes are in text format. Sublime Text has excellent search functionality and is NOT subscription-based. With sublime text I get all the syntax highlighting I want including a way to view markdown in a browser. Sorry evernote, you've lost a customer. I am not just one. There are many out there like me who cannot use your service because you're making the same mistake Microsoft did. You're trying to be everything for everyone, thus diluting the power of your original platform. You're model is ever shifting from lean to bloated. Your strategic planning needs to incorporate the understanding that a market base can support your business if you understand that market and cater to it. But you, like Microsoft and Windows 8, have completely disregarded the signs of the market and needs of your users. Some individual might say that evernote is doing their best with the features of the Trunk. You know what the evernote Trunk is? It's an assortment of appendages to a weak base. Sure, have fun with the add-on products, but NOT before you really have a flagship core that is rock solid DYNAMITE for the avid note-taker! Only then can you comfortably branch out and cater to business individuals seeking a conferencing service... people who want an easy way to send their invoices to evernote... and people who want to obsessively record where they are each second of every day, etc... These are excellent apps and functions, but without the core, they fall over IMHO.
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    Well it is up to each of us to decide what the value of a tool is to us. But Evernote compares quite well to others I am using. Here are some tools I use every week. Evernote - $45 per year CRM (Nimble) - $180/year Project Management (TeamworkPM) - $588/year Webinars (Adobe Connect) - $588/year Compared to these other tools, Evernote is a bargain! And it is just as important to my work and life as the other ones.
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    Add me to the list of people wanting basic outline features. This would make Evernote a huge force in education.
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    I've used WorkFlowy's outlining system in the past, and I've also bought NoteSuite ($10 total for the iPad and Mac versions). One key thing I really like with NoteSuite is the outlining feature. Whether you use bullet points or checkboxes, you can expand/collapse outlines and move items (and all of the sub-topics under that item) around the outline. This is a very, very good feature, and one Evernote should really implement if at all possible. I can use indented bullet points for my article/book/presentation outlines, but having a feature like this in Evernote would allow people to use one less tool (i.e. WorkFlowy or OmniOutliner) in their workflow. I think competition is good for everyone. Hopefully, NoteSuite's introduction can introduce some ideas on which the Evernote team can increase development.
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    I'd like to bump this as well, to add that I am considering using evernote for school when I go back in a week, but the lack of outlining functionality may be a dealbreaker for me.
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    GENIUS, I was saving to Dropbox anyway but then creating a new note and attaching. Now its all done in less effort, all I have to do is tag new note. THANKYOU, you just restored my faith in EN. That import folder sync thingy is so useful, but not widely known about?
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    I received email from evernote yesterday gloating about penultimate and iOs. It really sounded like evernote is not interested in android at all. Perhaps it is time to find someone pro android and move my evernote content to a supplier who doesn't rub our nose in its iOs achievement as if there was nothing else!!!!! Ps evernote's inability to do bullets and numbered lists properly is well overdue for repair!!!
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    It's been some time since I checked in on this topic. I've always figure that it's something they'll eventually get to if enough folks find the feature to be of value. In the meantime, I've been outlining in Word and then pasting into Evernote when I need depth or special format. That seems to work pretty well as a stopgap. As a writer, the format I'd most like to see is: I. A. i. a. II. ...
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    I totally agree with dnim. I don't want to have to go to the hassle of having ticked off a reminder - only to go and have to delete the note as well. This is very cumbersome and frankly confusing. In my mind checking of a reminder should send the task to a completed folder that i should be able to search - end of story (its important for me to be able to verify that I've completed tasks at times). Surely this is just common sense or am I missing something? Any help with this or fix in future versions would be really helpful. Many thanks,
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    Please do add this feature - it's long overdue. Lack of L2R is really preventing myself and countless others from fully integrating this amazing tool. I'll have to explore using OneNote to create my notes in the meanwhile..though I'd love to use the Evernote Interface Thank You
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    Same request here; been using outliners since forever. If Evernote wants an idea how to do it right, start with: http://outliners.scripting.com/ and be able to import and export them. http://outliners.scripting.com/more31.html has one you can take and try -- this is my notion of as good as they got (sigh) Read about it: http://tidbits.com/static/html/TidBITS-198.html#lnk5
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    I have based my En + GTD system on TSW (The Secret Weapon) and am very happy with the result. In support of Grumpy I have simplified the structure a bit. (Just one Notebook) but the who, what, where, when format makes good sense to me. I have spent some time on their forum and can say that A) I hate their forum software, but They just want to share what is working for them as a group. The majority of their company uses the system. EN + GTD is intensely personal, any pre-made structure you pick up needs modifications to "work for you". I started with Dan Gold's structure, found TSW and now I have a hybrid design that I really like. I would love to see TSW gain some traction and become popular because it deserves it. Don't worry, nothing fishey going on they just love the system.
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