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    BTW, I know everyone likes to rag on the evangelists. But this is my theory on any software or hardware. When it comes to crucial things, don't be an early adopter & make sure you've thoroughly tested to make sure it works the way you think it should. That just seems like good, common sense to me.
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    Two quick feature requests: Have a "Remove Date" button or option for reminders - vs. removing the reminder all together, then retagging the note as a reminder Add a "Today" button to the "Add Date to Reminder" menu option (right now, I just see "Tomorrow" and "In a week") And here are the standard motivational phrases / thinly veiled threats to get your PMs to make this a priority (choose your favorite!): I am a free user, and if I just had these features I'd totally become a premium member. I'm currently a Premium member, but the lack of these simple features is astounding. If these aren't built I am totally leaving Evernote forever. These features should be easy, based on my obvious visibility into your code and roadmap. I could churn it out in 5.4 nanoseconds myself. I know your team works hard and has a lot of requests. You guys are doing a great job! And I hope you can get to my features. And I hope if I empathize with you, you'll feel a sudden obligation to keep me happy. If you build these for me, I'll totally be your biggest fan ever and tell my friends/family/strangers about Evernote (note: adult version of "If you do this I'll be your best friend!"). I would totally pay more for these features if that shows you how valuable and a priority these features should be (so long as any pay increase is purely hypothetical). I will try to be funny and appear like I'm not trying to motivate you / make thinly veiled threats, in the real hope that - er, never mind on this one. Cheers, xmasmoneky (sic)
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    Im sure this isn't the first time this has been mentioned, bur Evernote for iPad really needs some basic font control. Nothing fancy, just some way to vary size and perhaps bold and italicize selected text. Example: sometimes content pastes microscopically. Don't know why, but it's a real pain to manually fix this.
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    Well, I guess it's a pretty darn great compliment to Evernote if customers want to use Evernote so badly for everything that they get angry when they find that they can't.
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    Hi Jeffrey, I understand your hunger for the new reminder feature in EN Win. I am just as impatient and eager to use it. But as B+F said, it is good business principle to roll out things when they ARE ready and not when they are only half baked. As you will surely know, there are tons of "Software Betas" out there that are not useable and/or do have serious flaws and glitches. EN wants to avoid that (as much as possible) and therefore a more cautious approach has been chosen where solidity comes before speed.
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