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    Agreed. Here is how that would look in EN4. I cannot help but notice too how EN4 makes it crystal clear where the note's borders are and you can easily distinguish between notes. EN5 blurs that considerably IMHO.
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    There should be no " read only " lock on skitch documents. I NEED to add TAGS to my skitch documents or what's the point ?? Tagging is essential to Evernote yet skitch an Evernote product , you can't tag. Either inside skitch or inside Evernote .... I need to be able to add tags !!!! I shouldn't have to save my skitch as a jpeg then upload to add tags. Evernote is about convenience, not being able to tag skitch documents is unreal !!!!!
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    Hello folks! We're excited to announce the beta, there is plenty of new and exciting updates. We're looking forward to everyone's feedback. I may not respond to ever single post, but rest assured that we'll be reading all of them. And of course, we're not done yet. We're working on addressing early feedback, even more new features and tidying up. Thanks for trying it out! cheers!
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    This is an awesome visual example of how a user actually uses the program, that I have to guess the developers might not even be aware of. Hopefully that type of feedback will really help. I can't imagine any reason they wouldn't want a note title on the header bar, so you have to wonder if it's not one of those things that just got dropped because it was a major rewrite and can easily be put back in. Personally, I don't think I'd be opening all of those windows at once like that, but it's not my place to weigh in on everyone's workflow. On the Mac we have the titles at the top. I think in terms of consistency among the clients, it would also be a good idea to put it into Windows. It isn't a typical part of my workflow either, I confess. Was consolidating a bunch of notes on a topic and found myself in over my head! As someone involved in UI design, I've seen many cases in which a sort of tunnel vision sets in, and even the worst designs start to look 'normal.' On balance I like the beta. But note titles are more important than the design accommodates.
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    Agreed. Here is how that would look in EN4. I cannot help but notice too how EN4 makes it crystal clear where the note's borders are and you can easily distinguish between notes. EN5 blurs that considerably IMHO. Great example mcluff and EdH! That makes it crystal clear how bad the EN5 design is. You know, strange as it seems, I really get the feeling that most Evernote employees are NOT EN Power Users. I could be wrong -- I have no facts. That's just how it seems to me based on their designs and questions on obvious Use Cases. I've wondered about that many times . I also want to know why every single time I see an EN demo video, it looks like the person giving the video has only has about 80 notes total .
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    Jeff, I can't be sure this is the posters point, but in past versions a note opened in a separate window and with focus closed with "esc". You didn't need to take your hands off the keyboard. It no longer functions. It was useful if you used ctrl-alt-N to pop up a quick note, then simply "esc" and your are done. Regards, Gary
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    While I love the flat design, I'd like to lobby for having the note titles in the toolbar for opened notes. (Apologies if this is a frequent request.) Here's an illustration of the problem. Today I've been working on a lot of notes, but it's tough to know which is which without using a workaround:
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    1) Try it the other way around. Ctrl-click on Tags in the sidebar and choose 'Show Tag List'. Then you can drag notes from the note list to the tags in the sidebar. 2) There are two ways to do this. Similarly to tags, you can drag notes from the note list to notebooks in the sidebar. Alternatively, instead of dragging, you can just choose a notebook from the popup in the note editor. I hope this helps.
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    Hi, What would be awesome is the possibility to assign a clip to a person and assign a date: I would drop my to-do app (do.com) in a heartbeat! What do you think? Is it planned? Best Youssef
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    Reminders integration in the Web Clipper is in the works. Stay tuned.
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    I've just downloaded the beta and it looks good. However, unless there is some option I'm missing, the search no longer allows words to be grouped. In the V4 I used to be able to put two or more words in quotes to form a search term and only those notes matching the full term would be shown. In V5 each word is treated as a separate term even if they are included withing quotes. For example, in V4, "user manual" would show only those notes with the phrase "user manual" in them but in V5 it shows notes that have both user and manual in them but those words could be separated by pages of text. I know there is a "matching any" and "matching all" option but that would only make things worse, the latter showing notes with either of the terms. I used this phrase search feature regularly in V4.
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    I couldn't get the same thing to happen. Does the newest note need to have a tag or something in it? No, it does not. To test, I created a new note with a title and one line of text in the body. I then created another new note and immediately double-clicked it. The new note opened in a new window and has the same title and body as the note I previously updated. I did a screencap of this in action. Here is a link to it (I could not figure out how to share media directly in this forum with limited time.) http://www.screencast.com/t/oyh2o5uWpxo
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    ^^^ THIS ^^^ In fact, other than search ahead, which is nice, I couldn't identify a single meaningful new feature that will enhance my workflow in any way. Frankly the discovery of the hidden Shift/Ctrl/F5 in the current version, has proven about 100x as useful as anything I am seeing in this beta. That's a real change that affects my workflow. Enhanced tables, highlighting, note zooming, better bulleting, et al, nowhere to be found.
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    As a heavy business user, I am not sure it is possible for me to more strongly disagree with this statement. See discussion and reasons here.
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    Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere, my eyes were starting to bleed from reading through the posts. I do like the concept of co-mingling the business with the personal as it makes scrolling through lists of notebooks easier since they are sorted but there needs to be a visual cue of some sort differentiating the types. AND- Why when I'm adding a notebook to a business stack is it created as a personal notebook? That's just plain not smart. Flat is fine, but how about we offer a darker theme and please do something so we can tell types of notebooks apart. Oh, and bring back the ability to put shortcuts on the toolbar. I have hundreds of notebooks; having to scroll to the top to get to Shortcuts is not smart design.
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    I agree completely. The same is true about the new EN Mac Ver 5. A new coat of different colored paint, moved some of the furniture around, but the main function remains the same. Two notable exceptions with EN Mac V5: Added Highlighter and Reminders. I would expect both of these to come to EN Win V5 before too long. The other major disappointment is that, AFAIK, none of the Search bugs have been fixed, and maybe some new one's added. Evernote, IF you have fixed some of these bugs, please list them so we can test/confirm.
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    I've only just got round to trying out EN5, had to sort out a new VM, new account etc to avoid the risk of trashing my existing notebooks. The new look is ok-ish, but I do wish you'd just stick to a native style. I'm using Windows 7, but you've forced a Windows 8 style on me. Even then it's inconsistent; a strange mix of styles, horrible thin vertical scroll bars which are barely visible and far too easy to miss, normal horizontal scroll bars (in list view). The less said about the menu titles in SCREAMING CAPITALS the better Dialogue boxes haven't changed one iota and remain resolutely native, clashing with the main window style: the new look is all purely on the surface. I agree with other comments here about the blandness and flatness of it all, it's very difficult to work out which parts of the interface are active. Some colour in the icons is all it would take to brighten it up a bit. Having the note title scroll away out of view is absolutely infuriating. It's right back to the way EN2 behaved! What's happened to the note author field? It's gone completely. Maybe the author name is added automatically (hooray if it is, this is one of my irritations with EN4), but if it is, it's not displayed anywhere, not even in the note's Info pop-up. I've found a bug in the pop-up window for changing a note's Created or Updated Date field. It doesn't close once opened and it's necessary to kill EN5 and restart it to get control back. My main massive disappointment with this supposedly major new version though is that after all the requests on these forums over several years, there is no change whatsoever to the note editor. I'm almost dumbstruck that you've apparently put so much effort into a UI redesign but have done nothing at all about the many shortcomings of EN's basic functionality. I'd really hoped that this version was going to offer image resizing, better table editing, better tab handling for example. On a positive note, the Shortcuts area on the left side seems much better than the favourites bar in EN4. Really sorry to be so negative about this, I appreciate that somewhere a lot of work has gone into this. I'm a big EN fan, it's been my most used application for six or seven years now, but this is really disappointing.
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    Thanks for posting. Hopefully I can clarify this a little. Unlike the highlighter in Clearly, highlighting in the Mac client is not a tool, it's a text attribute (Like bold or italic). It follows the following rules: - If there is a selection, the highlighting icon turns "on" or "off" to indicate whether the current selection is highlighted - If there is no selection, the highlighting icon turns "on" or "off" to indicate whether anything you type from then on will be highlighted. I hope that helps.
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    Although Evernote is now claiming that it's only five years old, well before 2008 the application it had the ability to resize images exactly as many of us would like to do today. Recently we regained the ability to rotate images. Hopefully before too long, Evernote 5 may get released and start to offer a few more of the useful features that we had in Evernote 2 which got dropped along the way. For the nostalgics amongst us, here's the old image dialogue from EN 2. Seems quaint by today's standards, but extremely sophisticated by for EN :-(
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    @jillianxenia - Thanks for the feedback. We currently lock the document in order to protect the Skitch image and the meta-data required by Skitch to understand that this is a Skitch image. I'll add your request to our feature list.
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    Speaking for myself, I would like two things: (1) Conflicting Modifications notebooks generated on all clients (not just the desktop ones) (2) Highlighting of discrepancies between two conflicting notes Why? The bibliography for my dissertation (several tens of thousands of words) encountered a conflicting modification back in September, and what iOS does in this situation is to paste the conflicting note onto the bottom of the original without any notification. I went along for a long time making corrections and changes to both versions until I discovered that the content had been doubled (without my permission, of course), and in the middle of my note was a message saying there were conflicting modifications. It would have been bad enough to go through the note line by line to figure out where the conflicts were, but now that I have made changes as well, it is a daunting task.I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent on sorting this out, and it may well take me several more months to deal with this one note (I actually have several other conflicting modifications -- I seem to get a few a month now). An additional problem is that the note is now inaccessible on the app that created the problem in the first place. It now takes fifteen seconds or so to open the note, and so far, no amount of tapping in the text field allows me to edit the note. Basically, when I am on my iPad, the note I use the most has now become useless. It is a tragedy of Greek proportions! And, since I do most of my work on the iPad, it has has quite an impact on my daily work. I've lost no data. I'll live. However, a couple of simple features (simple to imagine, but maybe difficult to code) would have enabled me to recognize the conflict had happened, compare the two notes, and get on with my work. What's the solution for now? Because, I don't think we are likely to get either of these feature requests answered soon, if at all (I imagine it is not a high priority). This is my advice: break up long notes into shorter ones. This will make sorting through the conflicts easier, and you'll avoid the problem I encountered. This was actually my policy for everything, but over time the bibliography just kept growing, and I never spent time to break it up. Now, I have one master list with note links to 26 notes (one for each letter of the alphabet) containing my bibliography. Of course, this occurred in September, and by the time I got this set up and running, the Mac version lost its back button, and that made my "solution" untenable. This might explain my grumpiness about the missing back button, but that is griping for another thread
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    I obviously think that it is stupid, for the simple reason, that Evernote advertises its product as an organizer and productivity enhancing tool, which essentially means that Evernote is a time saver, and avoids redundancy in work. The lack of an logical extension of a feature , hence forcing a user to look for an external resource, is an obvious waste of time, and am sure many would agree with that. If you've had no more than 3 in four years, then good for you. There are people out there, who have slow net connections ( even dial up/GPRS connections that take 5+ minutes to load a webpage at times when they are on the move) , or no net connections, all the time. { Please don't get started up with saying that Evernote is not designed to work for people who have dial up or no connections most of the time } Note conflicts form a major portion of their Evernote daily life, and one has to be extra cautious ( means invest more time ) to ensure that they don't delete a note , therby losing precious data. When i complement Evernote for being a wonderful software and acknowledge that it is an integral portion of my life, then i guess that i have the same rights to criticize and crib it at times for pissing me off, thanks to thier shortcomings, which would only have been logical extensions to thier existing features. I believe that it is one way, people would respond to my posts, and people at Evernote will have a look at their shortcomings.
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    The purpose of coming to Evenote is to bring all information that you read across various places in the web, save and concentrate content to a single organizing and archiving center. If Evenote has been around for so long and has versioning of notes, then the obvious logical step would be to have an integrated version comparing system within its own framework. Exporting notes out of Evernote to make a comparison is nothing but plain stupid and i must say that for the lack of this feature, i simply have to give EN a thumbs down.
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    Yup. Deleting, thanks for the catch anjoschu!