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    I'm surprised to hear 30 photos put you over your limit. I'm guessing the size of the photos must have been really BIG. When I converted my recipes from pulled magazine pages to documents for Evernote, I used a scanner and had them saved as PDF files. My scanner also converted the images in them to readable text so I can copy and paste out of them (handy for making shopping lists). I think you might be wise to consider switching to scanning recipes over taking photos of them and see how that goes.
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    Hey there - great question ... and 100% I continue to practice what I preach and rely on Evernote for tasks, projects, and all of my actionable and non-actionable reference related materials. With respect to RTM, TaskClone, or any other 3rd party app that hooks into Evernote, I find all of them exciting and interesting. As everyone knows from my blog post about the Reminders, on Google+, and all of my excitement and multiple exclamation marks in the beta group here, I think that the Evernote dev team nailed it with Reminders. Absolutely nailed it. It further bolsters the methodology that I set forth in my book and reduces the need for extra tags such as "!Today" or "This Week" or "Next Week" or even "Later". There is so much going on with Evernote in beta right now that I believe later this year may be a better idea to begin re-writing my book for everyone. Now, that being said, I think RTM nailed it too. What I have wanted for years is a way to surface up just those notes that I need to be reminded about that I want to accomplish Today, Tomorrow, This Week, and later. I just want a list. Nothing else. I don't want notes - just a list I can check off. RTM, with its bi-directional syncing ... and I should add like freakishly fast ... like Usain Bolt fast syncing, you'll always have your Reminders up-to-date (and a link to the original Evernote note) no matter whether you do it in RTM or Evernote. I 100% respect the developers over there because they addressed a need I've been looking for in the marketplace for awhile and candidly, I think it's worth the $25/year subscription. They somehow took this document and figured out how to get it right and I truly respect that. Once in RTM, you can easily set up contextual tags and project tags, create smart search lists, etc. I do think its a good option for some folks One of the other white spaces I see for app developers to capitalize upon is taking checklists within the body of a note and surfacing that up as individual tasks. Peter Tamte figured that out when he developed NoteSuite (which, I believe given who he is and another year's worth of user feedback will be a true fighter against Evernote). I also think that Troy from TaskClone saw this and that's why he's been developing his app. His app gives folks the ability to use a task manager of their own choice and not only extract those checklists and put them in their task management app, but also pulls due dates and hooks into a calendar. It's ideas like this, that Peter already has in NoteSuite, that I think will ultimately get rolled into Evernote's native app. This may have been a bit longer than you were expecting, but get me at 5:38 AM with my cup of espresso, and look out ...!! I hope that helps some, friend. Cheers!
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    I would just create a single notebook for each client & use tags rather than more notebooks. That's pretty much the recommended EN method anyway.
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