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    Hi, I'm the developer of DropCircle. What's DropCircle ? DropCircle is the easiest and best way to insert files, large and small, into your Evernote account. To upload a file to Evernote with DropCircle, just drag it to the DropCircle icon. If it’s an html file (or Safari link), a true Evernote not will be created with all the images embedded in the note. Same things for mail. Simply drag and drop a mail for mail.app or from exchange and you'll have a good looking note in place of the .eml file created by the Evernote application. You want to backup your wordpress blog (or any other blog supporting rss) ? Just drag and drop the rss file with all the articles to DropCircle. DropCircle create a note for each post with all images embedded and with correct timestamp. Currently, DropCircle supports: eml files atom/rss files html files all other files are added as resource in a new note. You could download a beta version of DropCircle here: http://bit.ly/15WaTWo I wait your comments
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    This is why I've been wearing a tin foil hat for the last 5 years.
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    Glad this got bumped. Multiselecting tags in the sidebar is possible with cmd-click and selecting ranges in the Tags view is now possible with Shift-click/Shift-arrows.
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    Organization is certainly a preference. I prefer to set up notebooks for each child and make a stack for the entire class (like a book shelf). This is helpful when writing about a particular child. You can see each of the notes you have made about that child on the left side of your screen while creating a new note about the child on the right side of the screen. This is especially nice when writing progress reports. If you have everything in one notebook and sort by tags, you don't have the opportunity to write and review previous notes at the same time.
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    I Just finished two degrees at University. Are you kidding me? A 'no technology' policy? Yes, technology can be a pain. Yes, technology can be distracting. But given that Google has just built a massive data centre costing 1.6 Billion in Redmond, I don't think cloud computing or technology is going away any time soon. I worked with some younger (MUCH younger) students who wanted to write everything by hand. That is dinosaur thinking. It doesn't enable you to cope with the real world where you are expected to be able to use and interact with technology in the appropriate ways. Use of tablets removes the annoying sounds that are associated with notebooks and laptops. Rather than a 'no technology' policy, maybe a frank discussion with students on enhancing their learning would be more appropriate. BTW I am 52 and din't learn to use computers until I was 41. I am old enough to have used and remember carbon paper, gestetners and typewriters. You'd have to be mad to want to go there again. Kath
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