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    I figured out how to create a saved search for reminders in a specific period. E.g.: Reminders due today: reminderTime:day -reminderTime:day+1Reminders due tomorrow: reminderTime:day+1 -reminderTime:day+2 The "reminderTime" search field shows you all reminders due on the day specified or later. So looking at the search for reminders due today, the first part says show me reminders "due today or later", and the second part uses the "-" (NOT) modifier to say "and NOT due tomorrow or later". Look at the search grammar to see what other date/time values you can use in search (e.g. "week", "year", etc.). I also recommend looking at the examples under the "created:[datetime]" filter definition. As far as the reminder-specific search terms you can use (i.e. reminderOrder, reminderTime, and reminderDoneTime) - check out this page. Hopefully at some point they will update the search grammar page with the new reminder options, but in the meantime - I was happy to find out this is possible today after doing a little sleuthing on the forums and in the documentation.
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    Hi, I'm the developer of DropCircle. What's DropCircle ? DropCircle is the easiest and best way to insert files, large and small, into your Evernote account. To upload a file to Evernote with DropCircle, just drag it to the DropCircle icon. If it’s an html file (or Safari link), a true Evernote not will be created with all the images embedded in the note. Same things for mail. Simply drag and drop a mail for mail.app or from exchange and you'll have a good looking note in place of the .eml file created by the Evernote application. You want to backup your wordpress blog (or any other blog supporting rss) ? Just drag and drop the rss file with all the articles to DropCircle. DropCircle create a note for each post with all images embedded and with correct timestamp. Currently, DropCircle supports: eml files atom/rss files html files all other files are added as resource in a new note. You could download a beta version of DropCircle here: http://bit.ly/15WaTWo I wait your comments
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    Card mode on Mac sucks for viewing images. Please don't duplicate this design on upcoming version of the Windows program. This is what images look like on the Mac interface: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/08b25a17-56bc-42c6-8b6e-a79fcc8bc3bc/832c6f611339c5816adba8fd84cbaa58 This is the current Windows interface: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/df37b878-9a7d-4b8a-8ae2-2cc91615f99b/d1e4426d537bc1992ab845eaccf9f6f0 As you can see, the cards give a terrible view on the mac of the whole image, chopping off part of the picture. The thumbnail view is the far superior option for notes consisting of images.
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    Just a few days ago, the Evernote Marketing Manager, Andrew Sinkov, posted the following comment on the blog: "We're working on a big Windows update. Stay tuned." ...a big Windows update? Oh, oh... I don't like the sound of that. Will Windows user face the same downsizing of features that the Mac users are facing right now? Specifically, the Mac horizontal view was scrapped into order to squeeze in a new complex program called Reminders (not available on Windows currently). The 5.1.1. Mac users are now being chastised for not being vocal enough in the past about their desires. So as a Windows user, let me go on the record: I do not want the Horizontal view trashed. To be as clear as possible, I want the Windows version to maintain: 1.) the Standard Horizontal List View (Ctrl + F5) 2.) the Awesome Vertical List View (Ctrl+Shift+F5) 3.) the Snippet View (Ctrl + F6) 4.) the Thumbnail View (Ctrl + F7) The reason mentioned, by an Evernote staff member, for dumping the Mac horizontal view was to accommodate the new ponderous Reminder system. I have long preached for simplicity; just add the previously promised Due Date field. The Due Date field is simpler and easier to understand than the multi-tenacled Reminder add-on. The Due Date field could be used with all 4 views. An added bonus - 3rd party developers would have a lot more flexibility than with the bulky Reminder system. I realize that horse has left the barn, so I will just say that I told you several times. By the way, I've been burned by past beta releases and will not go down that road. My only other options are via the Support Channel and this forum. I hope the message gets transferred over to the decision makers in Redwood City. Sergeant Schultz has spoken. Search Code 47ER92
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    Before the last update to 5.1.0, the display pane for the list view was on the bottom. After the upgrade, the display pane has moved over to the right hand side. I don't mind the new list view with the display pane on the right on my desktop since I have a wide screen monitor. HOWEVER, the new arrangement is a pain on my laptop. I used to have ten inches to display the create date, a fairly complete title, the last update date, the note size, and a few tags. Now, I have less than six inches which means that displaying the created and updated dates leaves me with some titles that are so abbreviated as to be nearly meaningless. Is there some magical menu entry or keystroke that will: 1) Move the display pane underneath the list pane so I have the full ten inches for the list? 2) Get rid of the display pane entirely? or 3) Get a horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the list so I can scroll to see a complete title on my note?
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    When you remove the EN app from an iDevice, it only deletes what's on the device. It does NOT delete your notes from the EN cloud. You do NOT want to go into the app, delete the notes & sync (as some people have done) b/c that WILL delete all your notes from the cloud. Having said all that, I would suggest any time you turn an iDevice over to someone else that you do a factory settings reset. That is the surest way to get any personal/confidential info off the device.
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    The view where the note list was on top and the preview was on bottom seems to be gone. Is this planned? I really liked that view.
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    I can't figure out what changes you're talking about.
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    This is why I've been wearing a tin foil hat for the last 5 years.
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    Please file a support request, and when you get the auto response include a forwarded copy of an example email that you are sending to Evernote that is not being processed correctly. We will then file a bug with our development team so they can work on processing it properly.
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    Glad this got bumped. Multiselecting tags in the sidebar is possible with cmd-click and selecting ranges in the Tags view is now possible with Shift-click/Shift-arrows.
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    I do ALL my (non-code) writing in evernote. maybe I should say I used to do all my writing in Evernote. I recommend it to everyone I meet. oh wait, I probably have to stop doing that too. it has really become useless as a writing or note taking tool. BRING BACK THE HORIZONTAL VIEW!!!!! yes, remove reminders. reminders don't really DO anything anyway. It turns the radio dish blue. or if you are in the "all notes" notebook it pops up the reminders section in the notes list. or it will pop up that section if you are in the notebook with the reminder note. but if you are in some other notebook, the only thing that happens is the radio dish goes blue.... not much of a reminder. But if you want to include reminders and a horizontal view here is one way to do it: 1) Add a reminder icon in the menu bar of every note, like the info icon..... oh look you already do that. 2) Add a "magic" folder in the folder column that will show only reminders. Make it blink and beep or something when there is a reminder. (the blue radio dish is nice, but I ignore it most of the time and it's such a subtle change) 3) let a person add in their phone number so the reminder can actually remind the person via their phone with a text message. I send emails to my phone all the time. all the big carriers have an email address for the phone number. 4) Add a pop up window for reminders.... like how calendars works on the mac. 5) Add a message in the little sync pop up when a reminder happens. 6) Make the elephant flash on the menu bar up by the clock. have it make a little elephant sound when a reminder is due... that would be cute! but really, I don't see why I must lose the horizontal view, where I sometimes write thousands of words a day on my 13" mac book, in my Evernote window(never full screen), because you need some real estate to display a reminder.... I mean, wow.... You couldn't just do a little pop-down or something? You couldn't add a persistent message down in the spot that shows syncing? And if I'm not in Evernote, but head down in some code in another application, how does the reminder affect me? It doesn't. it's really useless, but it doesn't have to be. so please, please, please bring back the horizontal view! and in case you are wondering why the horizontal view is so useful, imagine writing a reply to this forum, in list view. oh wait, you can't! This text edit box is actually specified to be really wide, and the list of entries are all above the box, just like the horizontal view that Evernote used to have.... ps. I actually had hoped reminders might be tied to todo like check boxes, but well, I guess not. It wouldn't be so hard to code. a special reminder xml tag (like a checkbox tag on steroids with date info), make an entry in a separate reminders db file (Evernote uses a relational db). any time a reminder is added or dropped from inside a note, update the reminder dbfile. then you could keep one file with lots of reminders in it... like a todo list... I mean this is xml. Evernote team, you could make up your own cool checkbox-todo-reminder tag, and searching all the pages for these tags is.... well it's what you do right? Evernote searches notes great. so yeah, reminders could be xml tags like chkbox or font inside notes, not extra data associated with notes. edit: this response should have been on the other discussion http://discussion.ev...missing-in-511/ where the Evernote employee asked if horizontal view was worth giving up reminders for (my answer is yes.)
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    Been a premium member for a couple of years now. I don't use the forums unless I'm having a problem with Evernote, so I didn't see any post about removing horizontal list view. Please consider this backlash. The new vertical view is a terrible waste of space for me. I use (and pay) for Evernote because it's a great program for writing, reading, and searching notes, not because of reminders or other frills. I'm all for adding new functionality but not that affects the core purpose of Evernote! Could someone please explain how I might go about downgrading from 5.1.0?
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    I agree viewing content is a poor experience now ... Also, having to open notes in a new window to get a "good" viewing experience is very annoying.
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    Horizontal view needs to be returned. Viewing content, especially saved webpages, is a very poor experience now.
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    I agree that the horizontal view needs to be added back as an option. With that view missing the screen real estate has been negatively changed and it limits the number of fields you can see on the screen at the same time. Thank you.
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    There was nothing in that post that indicated the merest possibility that a horizontal list view would have to give way to a vertical list view. I don't think anyone in their wildest imagination thought this would ever happen. Unless there was some other post with a poll, I missed. I can assure you my own post had been vigorously defending the horizontal list view if I had thought its life was on stake. I feel confident, I am not alone. By the way, I fail to see how reminders have anything to do with the lists orientation. Care to elaborate on that?
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    Yes, please give back the option for the horizontal list. I have billions of programs for reminders, but only ONE I use for my notes. I NEED the horizontal list. Thanks.
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    Seriously? This just killed usability for me. What is the point of having options to turn on all those columns if I can't fit them on the screen??? For years I've been using the horizontal view. I show created date, updated date, title, notebook, and tags. Come on guys stop messing with us and let us choose to keep the horizontal view.
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    Agreed! I installed today's update (yeah reminders!) and when Evernote restarted my bottom preview pane was gone. WTF! Please bring this back. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
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    +1 I loved the list on top / note on the bottom view. Please, please, please bring it back! Thanks.
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    When I updated this morning and saw this, my first thought is that it was a bug. I really hope it's just an "oops" and not a deliberate change to remove functionality. I'm sure I _could_ get used to having the preview pane on the right, but by forcing it to go there, Evernote just took away 50% of the horizontal real estate. Now any notes I have with long titles (e.g. many things clipped from web) are cut off. I agree 100% with JMichael. This is a horrible UI design choice.
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    Evernote has a bad habit of tying two separate features together. In this case: View Type (List, Snippet, etc)View Location (Top, Side)So previously the List view was on TOP of the Note contents panel. We had been asking for Vertical List view for years. So, when they gave it to us, they MOVED the List view from TOP to SIDE. Poor UI design, IMO. They should give us a choice of location independent of type.
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    That's the view I use, or did use, also. Is it gone?
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    I second that ... That was by far my favorite view ... Looks like it's gone.
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    Organization is certainly a preference. I prefer to set up notebooks for each child and make a stack for the entire class (like a book shelf). This is helpful when writing about a particular child. You can see each of the notes you have made about that child on the left side of your screen while creating a new note about the child on the right side of the screen. This is especially nice when writing progress reports. If you have everything in one notebook and sort by tags, you don't have the opportunity to write and review previous notes at the same time.
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    I Just finished two degrees at University. Are you kidding me? A 'no technology' policy? Yes, technology can be a pain. Yes, technology can be distracting. But given that Google has just built a massive data centre costing 1.6 Billion in Redmond, I don't think cloud computing or technology is going away any time soon. I worked with some younger (MUCH younger) students who wanted to write everything by hand. That is dinosaur thinking. It doesn't enable you to cope with the real world where you are expected to be able to use and interact with technology in the appropriate ways. Use of tablets removes the annoying sounds that are associated with notebooks and laptops. Rather than a 'no technology' policy, maybe a frank discussion with students on enhancing their learning would be more appropriate. BTW I am 52 and din't learn to use computers until I was 41. I am old enough to have used and remember carbon paper, gestetners and typewriters. You'd have to be mad to want to go there again. Kath
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