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    it's basically like finding that the new Ford car you just bought had no steering wheel and instead has a joystick. When you ask the salesman what happened, the following interaction occurs SALESMAN - "oh yea, we had to remove the steering wheel to make way for the new multimedia screen - it's really cool!" YOU - "Riiiight... but I'm used to driving cars with steering wheels - i wanted, and paid for a steering wheel" SALESMAN - "Everyone wants the new multimedia system, and there was only this way to fit it in!" YOU - "Well I don't want it... I'm not even going to use it - and anyway, isn't the way you drive the car more important than watching films when you're meant to be driving?" SALESMAN - "No of course not! This is progress!" YOU - "Erm.... it isn't.... Who's idea was this?" SALESMAN - "Sir, we had a poster up for a week in the corner of the showroom behind the large pot-plant, to tell people about the steering wheel removal - but no-one complained" YOU - "Well I certainly would have complained had I seen it, but I don't tend to hang around here... well I want my old car back now please unless you give me a steering wheel" OTHER CUSTOMERS - "YEA US TOO!" RANDOM GUY - MIGHT BE THE CLEANER - "If you guys had just hung around the showroom every day, and asked the salespeople constantly, read all the sales brochures regularly for changes, written to ford every week.... maybe the steering wheel would never have been removed" YOU AND THE OTHER CUSTOMERS IN DISBELIEF "....... but surely you can't be.... that's ridiculous.... i mean, i don't even know where to start........ yea we've all kind of got lives to lead sorry" SALESMAN - "Bye Bye!" RANDOM GUY - "I love Fords"
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    Dude, that is one of the greatest things I've ever seen on a forum (among off-topic stuff). Thank you for being a great example of showing a lot of class. My hat is off to you and I hope I remember to do the same if I post something I regret some day.
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    Since I started this GrumpyMonkey snark thing I want to apologize to GrumpyMonkey. I deleted my post about GrumpyMonkey's 'chastising ' a few minutes after posting it. My post was snarky and off topic. Unfortunately, GrumpyMonkey responded to it before my deletion....keeping it alive! I don't know GrumpyMonkey. He posts here a lot. He obviously likes posting in the forum. It is a service to the community, even if it can rub the wrong way. His dedication to the forums is obvious. GrumpyMonkey, I'm sorry for making it personal. What you do is cool. Thank you.
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    In my mind, if I don't have a local copy of something on a drive that I control, then I don't own that thing...I'm only renting it. The saying with hard drives is "It's not if it will fail, but when." Similarly, with information held by a third party, it's not if it will become inaccessible, it's when. Especially with billing statements -- over a period of a decade or so, the company gets a new computer system, goes out of business, merges, is taken over, etc. -- and either (1) older statements don't survive the transition process, or (2) someone in the new entity sooner or later says "Why are we keeping these 10-year-old billing records? Let's purge them." (And remember, as long as you use a desktop version of Evernote, everything you save there is on your computer.) Archaeologists learn enormous amounts about ancient civilizations by the bills and other minutiae they leave behind. I fully intend to supply the data archaeologists of the next millennium with a similar treasure trove from our age.
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    Hey everyone. I read a lot of books on the kindle app on my ipad and take notes in evernote. It's pretty clunky as it involves app switching and you can't copy/paste from kindle/ibooks due to DRM. If you highlight and/or make notes in the kindle app these are available if you log in to your amazon account through a web browser. Has anyone found a way to automatically sync these highights and notes to evernote? I see a lot of talk about manual solutions but nothing automatic. It drives me crazy so I'm considering building a solution (I'm a developer) that allows me to stay productive with hasslefree access to my notes and highlights, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if there's already something out there. Would anyone else find this useful? If so would you pay (something small) for it? Thanks. Nick
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    I recorded many audio notes on Evernote using a Motorola Droid X. The files were saved as .amr Now I have an iPhone 5 and I can't play back the audio notes. There is no error message, it just pulls up the note and starts the player at the top of the screen but sits and doesn't play. Is this a problem with the .AMR file type? Is there an app I can download that will allow these to play? Can I convert them if not? Thanks
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    The view where the note list was on top and the preview was on bottom seems to be gone. Is this planned? I really liked that view.
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    On Finder integration: Here is an AppleScript that will create a desktop shortcut to an Evernote note. This does not save the content, just a link. The links are, however, fairly sturdy things in Evernote, and can survive re-categorization and editing. http://blog.nik.me/post/44311282771/create-a-desktop-shortcut-to-an-evernote-note Regarding the "lock-in," this is totally mis-stated. The advantage of these "junk drawer" applications is that they add functionality that isn't available in the Finder. These include cross-device syncing, rapid search, OCR, clippers, etc. Furthermore, it is anything but locked in, and is in many ways more open than virtually any other file format. First and foremost, it is a desktop application, not just a web service, and will be usable for some time after the Evernote service might end. (Given that I'm still running OS 9 apps in an emulator, this could be a very, very, long time indeed.) Secondly, the Evernote file format is well documented and easy to parse (it's XML/XHTML based) and it has a powerful local API for batch actions. I can export the data into a variety of formats without any loss of fidelity/metadata beyond the limitations of where I migrate the data to. (Yes, even the OCR results are available in the XML format!) Thirdly, Evernote has proven itself to be a conscientious and trustworthy company, so I have every expectation that my data will not be locked in any time in the foreseeable future. In all ways, Evernote is actually an extremely open and future-proofed document format. More so than any other rich formats on the Mac (RTFD is a proprietary standard, PDF is basically inaccessible without helper applications, and I don't begin to know how to do something with a Safari web archive). Unless you're going with plain text, you can't do much better.
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    Grumpymonkey is not the enemy. My take on this forum is that GM has been engaging in a balanced way with the user community. And GM's perspective is what I think most of us would want: give the user choice to set the display as he or she wants. GM - I appreciate your inputs. (And by the way, this doesn't mean I don't want horizontal lists back).
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    I think it's all a matter of personal preference. When you store files in Evernote, you get to annotate them and search within them. When you store files in Dropbox, you get file storage that works with Finder. I use both.
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    If anyone is looking for the original(?) inquiry from Evernote staff about horizontal vs list views, you can find it here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34709-horizontal-vs-vertical-list-views/ 7 people responded before May 24th. The first two were Jefito(8,270 posts) and GrumpyMonkey(7,714 posts).
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    It's tempting to use Evernote for everything, but although it's central to most of what I do, there are a lot of other packages that I use from publishing to design to mind-mapping. I might keep project files in Evernote - in fact I usually do - but I wouldn't expect to see all the functionality of my other specialist apps available there. I prefer "horses for courses". And it doesn't stuff Evernote with code that's irrelevant to lots of other people, complicates the menus and overall slows things down.
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    Have a look in your 'scanning mode options' in Scansnap Manager. Is 'allow automatic image rotation' ticked?
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    Evernote tells me it has a new update. Fixes:Misc bug fixes for editing notes across various Evernote clients I pray this is the one that fixes the lack of highlighting........ No, it's not. I swear, they are never going to fix this. In fact, I think they've hired a guy whose only job is to make sure this never gets fixed. If he catches someone even thinking about fixing it, he steps in. I wish I knew his name.
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    I am not crazy and I am not alone .... Hurrah. Evernote, PLEASE give us the HORIZONTAL view back
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    Hi Alex, It is a third party app that needs to be linked to Evernote. Basically you would give permission to Evernoted to access your Evernote account. Once you change your Evernote password that permission will be lost so you will have to go into Evernoted and give permission again. Best regards Chris
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    Even though the list view has changed you can still view and sort by tags. Go to list view. Right click on one of the column headings and make sure tags is turned on. Now you should be able to tap the tags heading to sort, tap again to change the sort order. Note you may have to shrink the note view by dragging the bar between the note view and the list entries in order to make room for all your columns to show.
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    Hi jbignert, tried the manual install fix and it's been working continuously and well for several days. I don't know yet if it is affected by a restart because I haven't needed one. I am glad I did not have to restart my browser and risk losing tons of open tabs (reboot/restart is always an extreme measure that should if possible never be recommended by a supplier). The attention to detail you've displayed in attending to this issue merits a warm congratulation and thanks. Yours, Alejandro Pisanty
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    Hi dekekincaid, Thanks for the thoughtful list. Let me try to address these below… Thanks. We're working hard, but realize there is still low hanging fruit to go fruit ninja on. We're working on this now. Resizing your canvas should be easier, soon-ish. Also working on this. We've some bigger plans here, so this is taking a little longer but will make things nicer and easier in the short and longer term. This is coming very soon. Also coming very soon. Coming very soon. Can you describe your workflow for this? Some improvements to zoom and dragme that are coming soon may make this obsolete/less-needed Eraser is a little tricker, since with 2.0 we moved to an "object" kind of model which gives the benefit of resizable arrows, shapes etc. It's definitely something I'd like to do, but would like to understand more about what you'd like to achieve. Also on our to-do. Are you after the 1.x style 'erase all drawing' here? This is the first request I think I've seen for that, so I can put that on a todo. So far we've gone with the single san serif font approach to maintain the document appearance across platforms. Is this important to you? More and better text control is definitely on our to-do Faster interactions with shape properties is on our to-do. I hope this helps, and welcome any more feedback, particularly as nicely listed as this. It's tricky for me to be more exact about timing, but almost everything you've listed is on our radar, if not being worked on as we speak.
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    +1 I use at least 15 apps regularly. The EN model which assumes I will visit the user forum for every app every couple of days to see if the developer is going to destroy the UI is nonsensical. If you want my opinion on something, you have my email address. Remember? You send me invoices for my Premium Group with that email address every month.
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    I've always thought of this from two ends: searching, and explicit tagging. I have in the past proposed search extensions as outlined above. The reason I proposed extending search (by adding new search grammar that takes into account the tag hierarchy) is that I believe that there are cases when you don't want to search hierarchically. At least I don't, since a fair number of my tags are not strictly hierarchically organized, and cannot be because I reuse tag name that could go equally well in one or another hierarchies (but cannot be in both, because tag names are unique). So my idea is to make the option to search hierarchically or not to be expressed in the search grammar, with the default remaining as it is, so that existing saved searches are not broken. The other thing I've proposed is a way to force the tagging operation to tag a note up the tree; that is, if A is the parent of B, and B the parent of C, then a special mode to make it so that applying the tag C automatically applies the tags B and A. So you wind up with explicit tags, and the tag searches need not change. Again, I wouldn't use this often, or at all, but I understand that some folks might want to do this. I cannot tell how this relates to the scheme that's being presented here, though, since I don't know what the "ranking" operation entails.
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    It's possible that this is actually a bug. I'll check on it. Confirmed - it has been changed by design. Metadata changes (like tags) are no longer considered material changes as far as modification dates are concerned.
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    Well, I don't think you would find that Evernote would work very well as a complete replacement for the finder. Keep in mind that Evernote is not really a file manager per se, it's really more of an information manager that can also store files. The key thing is every time you edit a file in Evernote no matter how small the change, it's going to re-upload the entire file so this could really cut into your monthly upload allowance. What I would recommend is that you use a combination of Evernote and Dropbox. Use dropbox for those files change frequently. And use Evernote for files you want mainly as a reference perhaps mostly for a reading/searching. The great thing about dropbox is that it works seamlessly with your Finder. For more details and other views, do a Google search on "Evernote dropbox". Good luck and HTH.
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    great so now "it's because you're using it wrong". The application is for note-taking, and i use it for taking notes. The list, surprisingly, is a list of notes. So, tell me what I'm doing wrong in that then? This thread is turning into a complete farce. My opinion is that reminders are nothing to do with note-taking. It's an additional feature. The core functionality of note taking is still there, but Evernote has made the core purpose of the product significantly more difficult to use for many people. It really is as simple as that, and there is no sensible justification. There might be a technical reason, but to be honest - I don't care about it. Reminders are of no interest to me, and I am sure many others; but it's not even about that - a peripheral feature has been introduced at the detriment of core functionality, and that is just poor. You're also getting confused about giving feedback. I don't tend to spend an hour talking through the menu with my local cafe, and giving my views on which meals enjoy and wouldn't want them to take off the menu, whilst a huge queue builds behind me of people wanting to do the same. Obviously that's ridiculous and impractical - but that's essentially what's being said here. In a cafe, if something is good, I will say so and tip (in the UK tipping is not expected, and is purely based on merit), and if something is bad I will complain. This thread IS the complaint. So Evernote - my food was cold - what are you going to do about it? Oh it's my fault because I asked for the wrong meal, or because I failed to tell you I really wanted something you've taken off the menu, or now - because i'm eating it wrong. This thread started as product feedback, but the some of these responses coming out of the woodwork are considerably more annoying than even the list thing is.
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    Hi. That would be me you are talking about? If so, I don't blame anyone for anything. In fact, I did speak up for horizontallers and the view still went away. It's not anyone's fault. It was a design decision that was probably made with a lot more factors in mind than we have at hand, and maybe if I had been in the meetings, I would have agreed. Who knows? At any rate, I encourage users to speak up any time, because the developers need to hear from you. I simply said that if you care about something enough that you would miss it if it were gone, then let someone know before it is gone. This goes for people and apps. Even if you communicate and they know, it might not change the end result, but at least they will know your thoughts and consider them. Is that so bizarre? In fact, I just got a five year anniversary email from Evernote asking for feedback about how the service has affected me. Evernote is reaching out because it wants to know your thoughts. Is that so bizarre? Aside fr Don't wait five years, though, to share your thoughts with people. Send an email and let the developers of all your favorite apps know what you like/dislike. It only takes a few minutes and could make a big difference. That's my advice. If it seems too bizarre, then feel free to disregard it sorry but that's the most idiotic thing i've ever heard. You are seriously suggesting that for every application we use, we should ensure that we let the author know every feature we would not like to be removed in future? Is that actually what you are saying? Aside from that being completely impractical and just entirely completely the wrong mindset let alone approach, often users won't know how much they have come to rely on something until it's gone. Basic functionality is assumed to be a core pillar of a product. If you change something quite fundamental that affects so many users, and the whole usability of the product, to the point where users are downgrading, talking about stopping using the product entirely you MUST rethink. I don't think most of the affected users ever thought something like this would change, because authors just don't do this type of thing. It isn't something a user might expect to happen. Someone needs to go and read the usability hall of shame, before they end up on it.
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    Evernote team is notorious for coming up with bad design ideas. So now Evernote itself goes on my list of "Never to be updated" applications after Skitch. (I'm keeping a newer copy on the machine that I rarely use, to check up on the updates, but so far things are not any better.) @GrumpyMonkey I'm using about 200 different applications. Are you suggesting that I must go to every single vendor forum and keep track of what's going on there? Really, I have lots of far more important things to do. Don't forget that programs are just a tools (like hammer or screwdriver) that help us to do what we need to do. There is no program that has a value of its own. Should I keep up with each vendor and _preventively_ post "Please don't break the good tool you've created"? Moreover, should I try to imagine every possible way of ruining it and post "don't do this" or "don't do that"?! That's ridiculous! I would not suggest to developers what to do, just note that this is not first time when something is wrong with your design. Maybe you should hold designer responsible once in a while?
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    I am one of the ones that loves the new vertical view and requested it, however I never dreamed it meant users who preferred horizontal view would have to lose that, and wish they hadn't. BTW, I find some of the posts in this forum sort of half-directing blame at complaining users for not knowing the road map and not speaking up to be one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen on a forum .
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    Now that I have both downgraded Evernote and quashed my displeasure, and have also read all the comments. I can act like an adult. I don't think I did, before. I want reminders. I was pleased to see the implementation and it does work, but it cuts my screen real estate in half. LIke many here, I think the missing view is essential and is a default position for visualizing one's data. That's what I miss about the view: I cannot see the picture of things I need to see all at once any longer, yet I use EN for everything, so everything I do is affected. A solution is to add the view back in, but that is hard to do and keep reminders. I propose adding the view back in without reminders. I'm a Mac users, we all are, in this part of the forum ( I think) so there's an app for that: Reminders for Mac/iOS. We can use that, or if not, switch views. But first there must be a view to which we can switch. I think this works: Put in the view without access to reminders and if the user wants reminders the user can switch to get it. But some may say "But then it won't be available everywhere!" No view is available all the time, one must switch views to see a particular view, that's why they exist: so that the user may have different perspective on his data. Allow us this default perspective please.
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    I second that ... That was by far my favorite view ... Looks like it's gone.
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    That's untrue. Please go back and re-read my post. Nowhere do I claim that Evernote is great; my feelings about Evernote are irrelevant to what I posted. Here are the highlights: Point A was that I would like to have the feature. Point B is that it takes longer than some people think to produce the feature. Point C was about my belief that Evernote does listen to their customers (more on this shortly). The fact of the matter is that it's in the Evangelists' brief to try help people out with their Evernote problems, not to proclaim how great Evernote is all the time. Sure I like Evernote, and use it every day, but all of us Evangelists have at one time or other expressed frustration/annoyance/disagreement -- publicly -- with Evernote's policies/implementations/documentation/what-have-you. Evernote users have asked for lots of stuff for years, and validly, too. As far as I can tell, Evernote appears to have a large backlog of feature requests that take time to plow through, while they are attempting to execute some strategic features of their own choices. Whose idea of what feature is basic/critical/no-brainer should have highest priority? Yours? Mine? No, the choice is really up to Evernote, the people in the best position to know the costs of implementation *and* whose livelihood depends on them making good choices (if they ***** up, then maybe Google Keep/Springpad/OneNote eats their lunch). No -- listening is just listening; it doesn't imply immediate action or talk. Note that some folks get offended when Evernote staff say things like "Evernoted" or "Thanks for the request" without further discussion. Sometimes it's best to just say nothing. By the same token (and company policy) that they Evernote doesn't typically reveal their roadmaps, they also rarely explicitly slam the door on feature requests, that is, they rarely say "we're not gonna do that". That seems like a sensible policy in my book (particularly, as DigitalScribe and others note, it's been available on iOS for some time, and it's demonstrable that some people do want highlighting, so that kind of statement would be silly on its face) -- policies and priorities change, time passes, and stuff gets implemented. Here's hoping that highlighting is one of them.
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