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    Just install the application on the PC in DE, log in, and sync.
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    Getting back on topic.... So the curent evernote client options for Linux are: Everpad - It's OK if you have a few notes I guess but as already mentioned, this just dumps all of your notes into one big mess. No stacking, no filtering by notebooks. On the positive side, there's a unity Lens for Ubuntu users. Nixnote (formerly Nevernote) - Of the 2 native clients, this is the best choice. It's pretty much has all the featues and even allows you to edit the HTML. However, my experience is that this thing is VERY slow. Also, the GUI is simply ugly. If there are any UX designers out there using Linux, please donate some time to help out with this. There is a new v2 alpha release which does have an improved GUI but I couldn't get it to sync my account. I always keep an eye on this app but so far, it hasn't been up to par with the windows client. Windows client running through WINE - In my view, this is the best way to use Evernote in Linux. If you need help installing in WINE there's a lot of help tutorials on this - just google it. If you are a complete noob to WINE and want the simplest way to install it, I would recommend purchasing the comercial version of WINE called "Crossover". It's what I use. The biggest downside in my view is that it occasionally crashes on start. If this is the case, you have to kill the wine process and restart the application. One other downside (for people not using MS Office) is that it doesn't seem to integrate with LibreOffice - this means that if you have a word doc in a note and click it, LO or whatever you are using for doc/x files will not open (same for excel and powerpoint). In Crossover, I just installed MS Office along with Evernote. EDIT: there was talk in the past about Evernote releasing an offline webapp. It would be great to see Evernote release a packaged app for Chrome. I think this could then replace alll of the above Update: Since version 4.6.6.xxx was released, I have had MAJOR issues getting Evernote to run in WINE More often than not, it crashes at start. Previously, this was only occasionnal behaviour. I really wish Evernote would just expand the Web client to allow offline editing, then we wouldn't be discussing any of this. UPDATE 2: the kind folks at codeweavers suggested I run the application in a separate bottle ( I had Evernote installed in my Office 2007 bottle). After doing this it's working again.
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    My car has fin like appendages (nothing like the old days, but definitely taking inspiration from them) and I wear crocs every day (there are a lot of fashionable ones besides the original clogs). Some designs just take a while to mature. Black on white text never goes out of style, though. When Windows folks get gray on gray, we'll know that the end times are near, and that the prophesied convergence is nigh!As for overkill (BNF mentioned), no way. The more info the better, and now we have something to link to when users ask. Of course, mobile folks might not know they can't do this, and that needs to be written up somewhere! But, one thing at a time
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    Hey Evernote team, any idea of the ETA for the availability of the new reminders functionality for Windows Desktop Client (current version 4.6.6) ? Thanks.
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    Those nice folks at MUO have published a quick guide to various add-ins that might be of interest... http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/7-tools-to-improve-the-way-you-use-evernote/
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    It would be great if I had the ability to highlight text in a note and turn it into a link to a new note in the same notebook with the text highlighted as the title. This could be added to the link context menu or Add... dialog. Thanks!
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    I deduce that you (with FastEver) like me (with QuickEver) are using the apps for the same thing? That being, the *very quick* taking of a simple bit of text to be shipped off to Evernote? Is that right? (I *really* appreciate, as I suspect you do, the way the app opens lightning quick to a very simple typing space. I truly hope the developer doesn't try to fancify it and thus slow it down.)
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    I called it out accurately, impolite or not, it needs to be called out, as I know it has been done many times before by others. I am amazed that EN allows it to continue.
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    I prefer to hold off on software upgrades for a few weeks until the dust settles. I'll let the more adventuresome souls find the landmines first. Here is how I use Evernote to help in the upgrade process: If I ran into a problem, there is no way I could remember that the update failed while "Updating environment strings", so I take screen captures during the installation process. Then I merge them together into a single Evernote note. Now if I have a problem and the Help Line asks technical questions, I have a detailed step-by-step description of what I did. And if necessary, I can email them the link like this one: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/9deb6224-75c5-4820-9c29-b21f5cfceb39/adfe193e7f78f62e3a93bf9e6805c126
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    Or perhaps they don't work on the Saturday of a holiday weekend? gbarry has been quite involved in the threads on reminders. But even Evernote employees deserve some time off.
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    When you upgrade from free to premium, your refresh date is set to 30 days after the day you upgrade. But when you add additional gigs, the refresh date remains the same. If you're getting close to using all your upload limit & it's near your refresh date, you can always add notes to local (non-sync'd) notebooks & move them after your upload refreshes. Additionally, upload does not carry over. IOW, if you have an annual premium account & only use half a gig in January, the other, remaining half does not carry over into February. Most (all?) of the Evernote clients allow you to see what your remaining upload limit is.
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    Sound is critical to reminders. Nice job implementing reminders, but please implement a nice loud SOUND!
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    Is the lack of sound notification on iOS devices a bug?
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    I'll just add my voice in as well. I'd also like to see either a return of horizontal view, the ability to hide views altogether (not my preferred option, but I'd do better without that extra column). On my MBPr, I have Evernote displaying in all spaces, and only taking up the right half of the screen so I can use it in conjunction with all of my other programs. I write a lot of product documentation for software development, and having my notebook take up that much more real estate and/or reduce the size of the notes/document space I have to write in is far less effective for me. I've only visited the forums a couple of times to figure out how to do a couple of specific things in Evernote (like highlighting text). A few minutes ago I updated the app and was surprised to see horizontal view disappear. I spent about 20 minutes fumbling around trying to figure out how to get it back, then came here, found this thread, and learned it was by intention. I'm going to try as a few others have suggested and use Time Machine to find the previous version of the app - hopefully that works. Thanks for listening.
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    Just downgraded until the horizontal view is restored. Longtime Evernote user (since it was just one big evernote without note titles), and been a premium user since it became available, not because I need any of the extra features (I really just use a ton of basic text notes), but because I want to support the company. I've seen hundreds if not thousands of UI changes in Evernote, and this is the first one that really broke my workflow. I use fairly long titles for my notes, and I can't even read them in vertical view without taking double the horizontal space. This is literally my first time using the forums since I started using Evernote in 2005 or so.
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    Thanks gbarry, not sure we'll get closer in philosophical agreement, but I do appreciate and respect the response, and I'll conclude that tangent. In other news, since I brought it up previously as a sub point in needed authentication transparency, with Google references, I'm very happy to see the xauth bits and the Applications tab in Evernote.com account settings. That's exactly what's needed. Nice work EN. Unless I missed other progress, that just leaves web authentication login activity as outstanding. We can currently see Evernote browser plugin login activity, which is great. We just need to be able to see logged in and recent browser sessions now. So hopping that's part of the 2factor work.
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    Here is how to downgrade (upgrade) to a previous version: 1. Backup your database 2. Go here: http://mac.filehorse.com/download-evernote/2755/old-versions/ 3. Download version 5.0.7 (latest version with horizontal view) 4. Profit. To the EN team: please let me know when the horizontal view returns. I will gladly upgrade then. The reason I prefer the horizontal view is that I frequently work on a small laptop screen with multiple windows open. My limited screen real estate makes this view much more useful and intuitive.
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    Now that I have both downgraded Evernote and quashed my displeasure, and have also read all the comments. I can act like an adult. I don't think I did, before. I want reminders. I was pleased to see the implementation and it does work, but it cuts my screen real estate in half. LIke many here, I think the missing view is essential and is a default position for visualizing one's data. That's what I miss about the view: I cannot see the picture of things I need to see all at once any longer, yet I use EN for everything, so everything I do is affected. A solution is to add the view back in, but that is hard to do and keep reminders. I propose adding the view back in without reminders. I'm a Mac users, we all are, in this part of the forum ( I think) so there's an app for that: Reminders for Mac/iOS. We can use that, or if not, switch views. But first there must be a view to which we can switch. I think this works: Put in the view without access to reminders and if the user wants reminders the user can switch to get it. But some may say "But then it won't be available everywhere!" No view is available all the time, one must switch views to see a particular view, that's why they exist: so that the user may have different perspective on his data. Allow us this default perspective please.
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    I'm curious about this as well. All in all, the reminder implementation in the web version is brilliant, better than I'd have expected. I am going to be using these a lot, can't wait for it to hit Windows desktop
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    They generally don't give out ETAs, but I'd have to figure out that it won't be too long. I'd guess we'll be seeing them in the beta stream before they hit the general public, so keep an eye out for that.
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    Nope, not in the Evernote clients. That would require some sort of rule-based action system to be available and Evernote doesn't really have that, at least not in a general, user-configurable package (I've been wanting this for a long time). Probably the easiest way is to have a simple way to identify and order the notes in your collection and just select them and make an entirely new table of contents. Not optimal, I know. Yeah, a feature like that could be useful. Not sure if it's in the cards any time soon, if at all, though.
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    Been a premium member for a couple of years now. I don't use the forums unless I'm having a problem with Evernote, so I didn't see any post about removing horizontal list view. Please consider this backlash. The new vertical view is a terrible waste of space for me. I use (and pay) for Evernote because it's a great program for writing, reading, and searching notes, not because of reminders or other frills. I'm all for adding new functionality but not that affects the core purpose of Evernote! Could someone please explain how I might go about downgrading from 5.1.0?
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    I've managed to get it mostly working in Wine on the current Centos - although I'd love a native client, Nixnote has been a bit of hassle. One thing to note is for it to work you will need to be aware of the following: * Selinux - this blocks a "low_mmap" thing that prevents evernote/wine from working. Unfortunately the automated bug reporter to alter defaults for the wine/evernote app didn't collect info properly, but I've allowed the eception locally. You'll need to do so too, or disable selinux (it does improve security, but comes with a hefty usability tradeoff). * IPtables - Evernote requires ports 80 and 443 to be open. * Winetricks- install the tahoma font for things to look correct. Se tthe winecfg so the app is started with a windows 7 config, and it should then work. I even get the evernote ads.
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    John, I have the same exact problem.....webclipper won't install on the same exact system,i.e. Mac OS 10.8.2 and Safari 6.02. I've tried everything to no avail. Time for a Scotch!!! :P Mike
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    I tried all of the 3 party apps. They cant compare to the real evernote app. I didnt pay for premium because of the extra feature, but for support En But there is allways another app for note using. Someone wrote something about money, En is now have millions of users, i dont thing it is money Steam is being ported to Linux now, maybe they thing there is a new market for users
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    Im not paying up for a membership next time in lack of a En linux client
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    As a PhD student, Latex support in Evernote would make it a fully capable lab research notebook for me, whereas now I only use it for simple web clipping. I really hope the evernote team takes a serious look at this
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    LaTeX and/or MathML would be killer in evernote. Most hardcore math users (scientists, students, teachers...) would probably opt for LaTeX because the expressions are much (MUCH) shorter than MathML, but one could argue either way. But having math, real math in notes is central to people who use math. As for implementation, don't reinvent the wheel. Check out mathjax (http://www.mathjax.org/). Open source. JavaScript. Handles LaTeX or MathML and interprets it to html for webservers. Even available as a WordPress plugin. The heavy lifting is done. You run it on your server, it reads the math codes between your delimiters, it spits back inline images of the math. Loverly. You can leave the actual creation of the codes to the user. If they are sophisticated users, they just type in the codes as they go. If they are writing complex expressions with unfamiliar math or are more casual users they use any of the many good button oriented editors available free or for fair fees. Or dump the codes out of their favorite math programs. Could happen. Really could... Getting off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening.
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    So I skipped over the argument on the method of implementation, but, Yes this would be an EXCELLENT feature.
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    I would also love this to see this feature. Without it Evernote is hardly usable for my work. I'm surprised that MathJax hasn't been mentioned yet: www.mathjax.org
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    +1 for latex .. Nerds lives will be much simpler with it As for implementing it, wordpress already has done it and it renders on all platforms! The disambiguation is solved by using a slightly complicated (but usable) tag: $latex \alpha^2=\gamma $
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    yes ! It is a very nice suggestion. I think there're many people want evernote can use Latex, it is extremely useful for students and scientists. I hope this will come true in future.
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    Control-Command-Shift-4 http://guides.macrumors.com/Taking_Scre ... n_Mac_OS_X
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