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    Chris, it seems what you're doing - and what appears to be working correctly - is to let the web clipper identify the region on the page for itself. What LogosCatalyst is trying is to select a specific portion of text, then clip. I've used this method myself when the clipper has trouble identifying what I'm after, but it seems to be slightly broken on that site!
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    I have the old sponsored group, and Moleskine redemption doesn't work there. But I might be compelled to jump to business if I get 3 months free with each notebook. Will it work, or is the 3 months only for the regular premium?
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    We'll take a look and see if we can improve that. Appreciate the report.
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    Here are two previous posts describing what works best for me: Me too. I think people new to Evernote have a tendency to over tag (I did) and not utilize the EN search engine. I have hundreds of documents in my EN & almost never tag them. But I'm diligent about using an accurate title. I always include the date of the bill/letter in YYYYMMDD format as well as the company or the name of the sender/recipient (if it's something I sent). So if I need to find the Cox cable bill from May of 2007, I'd simply do this search: intitle:cox 200705* and boom...out of thousands of notes, the one note I'm looking for pops up, no matter what notebook it was in. And no tags involved. I agree that can happen. Another reason I don't like using too many tags or worry about which notebook to put something in. (Although I do use more notebooks than some of the other heavy users.) And I think it's probably easier if someone has background in organizing physical papers/notes/documents before jumping into Evernote b/c I think it's too easy for someone to blame EN (or any digital organization tool, perhaps) b/c they can't find something. OTOH, if you've been filing paper for a while, sooner or later you realize you need to have structure in your organization so that you always know to look for your AT&T cell phone bill under "AT&T" rather than "telephone" or "cell phone". Or however you decide to file it. It just needs to be consistent or else you spend time looking for something you already "filed." I think this post by John Pierce (jmpsfs) is accurate & well thought out & applicable to this thread, too. (I Evernoted it.)
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